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Okay guys so I have a theory about Steven Universe. In the episode Monster Reunion while Centipeetle is giving backstory to what happened to her being corrupted, Steven says “You stopped. You heard something. From the sky. A…song?”. If you listen to the background music there, it is EXTREMELY similar to the diamond themes that we have heard. You can listen to the themes here. The song that plays when the flash of light comes down in Centipeetle’s story is not on their soundcloud just yet, but what if that song that we’ve heard play for the all of the Diamonds is the song that they use to corrupt the gems. What if when white, blue, and yellow diamond all sing together, their voices combine into the song that corrupts the gems. In same old world, we see a visual cue to this. When the gems flee to the warp pads and the flash of light appears, it is a blend of the colors yellow, blue, and white. The yellow and blue have combined to make a green and teal color and again, we hear the same theme of the diamonds.I do not think this is a coincidence. There is no way.

Also, as another side note, I saw a youtube comment which said that it is possible that pink diamond was not present later is because the other three diamonds had her exiled since she was the only gem who was able to heal corrupted gems with her voice. (This is my speculation now) Pink diamond’s court was full of healers. That’s why Rose had a shield and healing powers, but she was never able to fully heal corrupted gems because Rose didn’t have the ability to astral project. Gems do not sleep (aside from amethyst), which is why Rose never discovered her powers to go inside of the minds of other gems.  

Greetings, my devoted followers.  Many of you have been wondering with your senpai has gone in this time of extreme weirdness.  Mysterious earthquakes, UFO sightings and chunks of fruit salad washing up on the beach have all been seemingly ignored by this online encyclopedia of unearthly oddities.

But fear not, because I HAVE been documenting ALL of the things keeping Beach City weird for my latest project - a Keep Beach City Weird BOOK!  This is what I got so far.  

Pretty good start, right?  Now all I have to do is write that chapter.  And then a few more chapters.  And then find a publisher.

Look, making a book is a lot harder than I thought, and it has been sucking up all my time.  Not only have I neglected the blog, but I have had to cut back on my shifts at the Fry Shop.  So until those book checks start rolling in, I have decided to bring in some big name sponsors to Keep Beach City Financially Solvent.  So please enjoy this sponsored content courtesy of… sigh… GUACOLA.


I know, I know, you’ve already heard the World’s First Guacamole Soda advertised on every podcast out there, but I’m here to share my personal endorsement of this… ugh… “extreme soda snack that is not at all whack.”  I’ve tasted Guacola and I can confirm that, technically, it is edible.  Although sometimes you have to chew it.  But I’m sure Guacola has lots of other great uses, like mortaring in a brick wall or clogging a drain that runs too smoothly.  

So do your throat a favor and order a case today!  Guacola will ship a case right to your door (provided your door is not in one of the 17 states currently involved in the lawsuit against Guacola Inc, a subsidiary of Gluggman Industrial Adhesives).

Guacola.  It’s a soda that pays people to say they like it, so you know it’s good.


Can we take a moment to respect how awful Ronaldo has it right now?

1. He hasn’t been able to blog

2. He called the pretend relationship a bad idea from the start

3. He did all this pretending for his family and friends anyway

4. Of all the times he could have been seen by his very real girlfriend (because his friends and family doubted his word) it was also that time 

5. His attempt at chasing after her failed miserably and that’s not what’s eating at everyone else. They’re sad in the photo because of the failed attempt to end the war, which is valid but I think Ronaldo deserved an apology for being made to take part in a plan he wasn’t comfortable with from the start

6. He’s been trying to communicate with her nonstop

7. At the end of the episode when everything is resolved, his problems clearly have just begun

And they have been visibly together. They were watching the race in Beach City Drift. That may have been where they met.

Ronaldo hasn’t been perfect, but we’re seeing him be less destructive in his wanting to be a part of something special. That’s a start. He’s also starting to form better interpersonal relationships and he’s found someone who shares his interest. Peedee tries to support Ronaldo, we see it in Keep Beach City Weird and Rising Tides, Crashing Skies, but it’s not the same as having someone he can engage with with the level of interest he has. And she seems really nice. I’m really sorry her feelings were hurt, but I think Ronaldo’s relationship was brushed aside for the main plot of this episode. This is an arc I need to see develop 0.0 

I just want CN to make a series of short episodes about Peridot exploring and discovering different things, such as trying foods for the first time. Or maybe just a series about her blogging or tweeting. Forget Keep Beach City Weird, Peridot should have an official tumblr account.
- Anonymous

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