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Twenty One Pilots Handshake Tutorial

Slow motion video: (x)

Start with your right hands!

Hand Pair 1: Both right hands

Hand Pair 2: Both left hands

  1. Slap (Hand Pair 1) palms together
  2. Slap (Hand Pair 1) backs of hands together
  3. Slap (Hand Pair 1) palms together twice
  4. Vertical fist bump twice (Hand Pair 1) (KEEP THUMB FACING VERTICALLY)
  5. Hook thumbs together and clasp them (Hand Pair 1) [SEE BELOW FOR A MORE DETAILED VERSION
  6. Clap your (Hand Pair 2) hands on your (Hand Pair 1) hands, clap above them, clap below your (Hand Pair 1) hands, and finally, clap them on your (Hand Pair 1) hands
  7. Hook pinkies and bring them up, down, then up again (Hand Pair 1)
  8. Once you bring your pinkies down, clasp spare hands together (Hand Pair 2)
  9. Bring the clasped hands, which are Hand Pair 2, down, use the other pair of hands to clap twice above the clasped hands (Hand Pair 1)
  10. Slap partner’s forearm (elbow area) once (Hand Pair 1)
  11. Pat your own forearm (slightly above the wrist) once (Hand Pair 1)
  12. Clasp hands together again (Hand Pair 1)
  13. Unclasp the hands from 11 (Hand Pair 2) and put it around your partner as if it is a one-armed hug (Hand Pair 1)


1) Face both hands upward

2) Interlock your hands by hooking your thumbs together, still faced horizontally

3) Move both hands so the backs are touching

4) Roll your hand under your partner’s while they roll their own hand over yours (YOU NEED TO UNLOCK YOUR THUMBS FOR THIS STEP)

5) Lock thumbs together again as your hands are in a hand-shaking position

Helpful tutorial if you’re still confused: (x) 

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Because of you I found strength. Because of you I can smile again. . Because of you I can laugh. Because of you I can live. Because of you I’m a better person. Because of you I experienced love. Be someone’s reason to be.

So the test fire went g r e a t

*gets 7 splats 0 deaths with the dualies*

Me: Ay, thas pretty good

*gets 9 splats 1 death with the charger*

Me: Oh wow, I don’t think I can top that

*Gets 21 splats 0 deaths with the roller*

Me: Oh, now I remember why I’m a roller main

Kassian glanced at Sin, trying to keep his expression as neutral as it’d been when he looked at Boyd. “What about you, Vega?”

Sin barely looked at him. “My lack of care is phenomenal.”

= In The Company of Shadows by Santino & Ais - Interludes

Iconic ICoS Quotes #1/?


One of my favorite processes in HE_Mesh
1) Start with container mesh
2) Divide the container in Voronoi cells using a regular or irregular 3D arrangement of points
3) Randomly discard half of the cells, glue the remaining cells back together, fix non-manifold edges and vertices, keep largest connected submesh
4) Remove the boundary faces
5) Smooth the resulting surface
6) Shell the surface to give it some thickness


pros of dressing fab: looking fab

cons of dressing fab: gross fuckmen yelling at an underage girl on the street

Christmas in York

Anders had drawn the short straw. The rest of his family were home in New Zealand spending Christmas at a beach resort while he was in the UK doing family business. It was presently beset with a historically dangerous ‘weather event’ breaking dykes and bridges and causing massive flooding.

Being a God and all, Anders felt compelled to help the people. So many were elderly and frail and in complete shock. They were trapped in homes that had always sheltered them. Some even during the Second World War. After 3 days of working to get people out, into boats or onto trucks with soldiers to take them to higher ground, he was exhausted. But he badly wanted a hot meal and something to drink. If all he could get was piss warm ale, at this point he’d take it.

In his muddy slicker and thigh high wading boots, he climbed onto railings and window sills and tried to keep his 'vertically challenged’ frame above water as he searched for a dry pub or inn. His own rather posh old hotel was on the other side of town. Too far to go back to on foot.

He was leaning off the edge of a fire escape, looking the situation over, when he caught sight of a very tall but gorgeous man with very wet long black hair, in a black leather jacket, motorcycle boots and jeans, trying to light a cigarette in the pouring rain. Anders cupped his hands to his mouth to shout.

OY! Hullo! Can I ask you a question?

He tried to clamber down to the man.


Soooooo… my long-awaited, feels-like-it-was-preordered-forever-ago Beth Greene action figure finally arrived via UPS today. Yay!!! 😄
I obviously couldn’t wait to “reunite” her with my Daryl Dixon action figure and do this photo shoot. LOL! I’ve had a lot of fun and experience with posing my daughter’s Barbie dolls, etc. for taking pictures so I thought this would be a breeze. 👍🏼

Well, these action figures are actually a bit tricky to manipulate. For example, the “serious piggyback” was somewhat of a challenge as far as twisting their limbs into just the right position and then I had to balance them. But the grass was very helpful in keeping them vertical. I also recreated the famous come-from-the-back Bethyl hug and of course I couldn’t resist taking pics of them in cute embraces, gazing into each other’s eyes, and of course *giggle* a little kissy-kissy action–a Beth and Daryl kiss that we Bethylers have been sadly deprived of–because, well, I’m such a GIRL… as well as a big ol’ dork. LOL! 😝

The “action shots” with them brandishing their weapons were also kinda hard to do because for one thing, Daryl’s crossbow strap is not long enough to slip it over his head and under one arm so he can carry it securely on his back like he does on the show. But at least his tiny hand can grip it pretty well. Beth’s even tinier hands can barely grip her pistol or her knife. There are teensy-weensy short pegs–one on the inside of each of her palms–that are supposed to fit through itsy-bitsy holes in the handles of the weapons in order to attach them to her hands. Well, this is great in theory except that the pegs are made out of a more flexible vinyl that I had a bit of a hard time squeezing through the teeny-weeny hole in each weapon because they kept bending. I finally managed to make her somewhat grip her weapons, but Daryl’s bigger, claw-like man hands are way better at holding her gun and her pistol than her demure little female hands are. Plus, unlike Daryl, she doesn’t have the familiar brown leather holster on her right hip to hold her iconic knife. So I will just let Daryl carry her knife in his holster when she’s not using it (LOL!), which is appropriate, seeing how he currently has her knife on the show anyway. ❤️
Plus, it’s all okay anyway because I don’t think I ever got the knife that was supposed to be included with the Daryl figure because I bought him secondhand so he wasn’t in packaging. So now he has a knife for his holster. Wow… that really sounds like some reverse sexual innuendo there, doesn’t it??? 😋

And not to be TOO picky, but the height ratio of Beth to Daryl seems to be a tad off. Beth is approximately 4 ¾" tall while Daryl is about 5 ¼" tall. The top of Beth’s head is pretty much level with the tops of his shoulders. At 5'10" tall, Norman Reedus only has 5" on Emily Kinney. But the action figure Daryl is about a whole head taller than Beth–definitely more than 5 inches in real life. But no biggie really. 😊

But aside from all of that, they are both very detailed and realistic… as Todd McFarlane’s action figures usually are. My hubby has some KISS (the band) McFarlane action figures that I bought him about 16 years ago and they are also awesomely detailed and intricate. And it’s really not a huge deal that their facial features aren’t an exact resemblance to those of the actors, but not many action figures bear a striking likeness to their real life counterparts anyway IMHO.

It’s just so adorable to see them together again… even if it is only just their toy likenesses. And my daughter can’t wait to play with them. 💘