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jessica lucas is beyond beautiful in real life, like, she’s really pretty in gotham and in all the pictures we see on social media, but my god it does not compare.

and this was all from seeing her at a slight distance or having her walk pass me a couple of times <3

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So in an excellent transition from fluffy to sinful... at the end of the day after Bucky read to the kids in the library you are locking up and turning out the lights when suddenly he pulls you between the stacks out of view of the cameras for some serious making out and maybe a bit more...?

He moans loudly as you kiss under his jaw, “Bucky, shhh it’s a library” you say trying to keep a straight face 

Sinful Sunday™


Mark: *scared to the point when he feels dead inside, probably won’t even realize you are holding hands*

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Renjun: *finds you very cute, holds your hand tightly so you will feel safer*

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Jeno: *tries to keep straight face but likes it A LOT*

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Haechan: *teases you* “Are you looking for a reason to hold my hand?” *holds it tightly when you get embarrassed and try to let go*

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Jaemin: *can’t believe how lucky he is, wants to watch scary movies more often*

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Chenle: *his dolphin screams scares you even more so you let go of his hand, regrets it his whole life*

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Jisung: *tries his best to act normal, fails miserably*

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I will never get over Niall and Zayn's reactions to the Mario Kart interview. Niall is grinning so hard he looks like his cheeks are going to explode because we know he does that when he gets anxious, and Zayn looks like he's going to turn as red as his suit from sheer shock and secondhand embarrassment so he straight up hides. Then there's Liam, with his typical "Really, guys?" face. Harry and Louis can keep a straight face, but the others gave it away every single time. I love it. - Mal 💚💙

I know! You can tell their media training was still in progress, that whole interview is a delight. Love them!

Being married with Kathryn Janeway would involve:

  • You must be equal to or greater than how much of a nerd Janeway is. Science nerd, literature nerd, history nerd all apply
  • She is very strong-willed and stubborn. Do not expect to win many fights with her. You’ll have to be a little stubborn yourself. She wouldn’t want to argue but I think she’ll need the discourse sometimes
  • Workaholic Kathryn Janeway needing to be forced to go to sleep, eat some food, relax on the holodeck. She’ll need someone who will keep her straight about her health because she barely listens to the Doctor
  • Long moments of silence because you both are reading or working on something
  • But those moments of silence are nice because you’re sitting on the couch always touching one another
  • If there’s someone she’ll open up to, it’s her spouse. Be prepared to be a sort of emotional rock for her
  • She comes home late at night because she was working so long. Waking up in the morning finding Janeway asleep with most of her uniform still on
  • Making her have more than just coffee in the morning and she eats just to indulge your worries about her

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Pregnant Lindsay: Evolution - Part 2 of 2

Congratulations to the whole Jones crew and their loved ones during this special time. Special shout out to @lindsayjones for being a badass build-a-baby machine for the past 35 weeks. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful pregnancy with all of us; we know that you’ll be the best kind of mom. 

Shitty knows way too much about housing codes and property law.  He initially learned property law to save the Haus from being condemned, but then he realized that reading archaic, flowery law opinions while high was the most fucking hilarious thing ever.  Everyone at his law school is confused by and a little afraid of Mr. B. Knight, because while no one else wants to touch all those old, mostly nonsensical British common law cases, Shitty eats that shit up

i’m just drawing things out of boredom at this point?? still love these boys tho

Today’s Third Years : Challenge

Kentarou: Hello! 
Everyone: Hi.  Hi!  Hi. 
Kentarou: So… for today!  We thought we’d introduce ourselves in English.

[queue their attempts at English]

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listen up heteros!! idgaf how much you try to convince me, fishing is boring af. like i dont care if “it gets exciting once you catch a fish” it’s the waiting 3 billion hours for the fish to come part that is boring i dont have the time for that! i have a million of other things i’d rather do than wait for some dumbass fish to put his little ass stupid ass mouth on my tiny ass fake ass worm and then struggle to reel the poor guy in and see that he’s only a scrawny ass mirco fiber sized mackerel fish it’s just not worth all the effort!! 

Lesson n°1 : How to keep up a straight image while having never actually been with a boy or been interested in one by Camila Cabello

So I rewatched the Power 106 FM interview and there’s a few moments that are very revealing on how Camila manage to go along the “straight image” game while at the same time never lying about her actual personal life and the fact that its boy free and actually full of Lauren (theory, don’t get all up my ass please).

Okay the first time boys are brought up in the interview is when they talk about whether or not Sinu is meddling in her love life. Of course the interviewer jump straight into the heteronormative ship (no pun intended) and brings up “friend’s sons” and whatnot. Camila’s response is pretty clear, Mama is out the door, when the person she has a crush on is in the room.

Next stop, the other interviewer, a girl, brings up her own experience at being set up with boys by her mom. Camila comments on it and when she talks about the situation she has a certain gesture :

She points to the girl when she says “with him”, like bitch let’s be clear I’m talking about your story, not mine.

Camila keeps the game up by saying that the “boy situation” is the sahara desert at the moment, no lies there. (p.s : I think that desert is gonna stay empty her whole life)

Also what’s up with that little tilting of the head Camila? Is there something funny? Do you know something they don’t by any chance?

Back to Sinu and how she would discover everything about Camila’s relationship with a boy through her album :

And of course the now iconic Gaymila response :

Another interesting fact is that Camila says right after that Sinu “knew” that she was going through a hard time - might the reason be because Sinu has been on tour with Camila and Lauren for the past 4 years, and that she had a front row seat to witness their relationship? Just a theory.

More boy talk follows (how boring) and the interviewer is still using “him” and “boy” in every sentence - they talk about crushes, and again Camila never specify the gender of these crushes.


The only time she directly mentions liking boys is when she’s talking about her childhood, and obviously most kids think they’re straight before anything else.

Again after that the interviewer asks what she’s looking for in a “boy” - Camila never once use a masculine pronoun in her answer, it’s always gender neutral.

She never once used the words “boy” or “guy” directly or use a masculine pronoun - it’s always the interviewer who brings out those words and all Camila does is go along with it, and just like that she fits into the straight box that people put her in (it apparently never occurred to him that she could possibly like girls - fucking heteronormativity) without having to lie or reveal personal detail about her relationship and who that relationship was with. Smart girl Camila, smart girl.