keep it real challenge

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I would actually like to see Kuro from Servamp with one of those evil expressions so Kuro and an expression of your choice :)

One of my choice??? :D This is a first! I will choose an expression no one picked. (this is A1)

A morning warm up~  It’s always weird to do these kind of things for generally “expressionless” characters… :0

Now I shall be off to post my zine piece later~ FOR REAL NOW. I keep getting distracted fuuuuuuu

Evil Smirk Challenge~! Requests currently closed!

The fist fight was more about Mick letting his feelings out than anything else. It was Len allowing Mick to use him as punching bag to let out all of his frustration and anger and hoping to hell (and trusting) Mick won’t beat him to death. Based on previous episodes, I have no doubt that Len is adequately skilled at hand-to-hand combat. Last night, he didn’t even try. He took a few weak swings at Mick and let Mick just beat him to the ground. I don’t know if it’s guilt or trust that made Len do this, but fuuuuuck I have so many feelings about them. On top of that, Mick stopped himself and it says a lot about his feelings for his partner and it’s making me so goddamn emotional

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Not settling a very tough one. Try brainstorming what you want career and personal. Keep them separate while doing so. People effecting both is the real challenge. Network with others employed in something appealing. Weigh the pros and cons carefully. Being mindful what makes you happy. A very delicate balance. Sell yourself hope from the pros. Prepare yourself the best you can and then have faith. The last two lines a medley from Napoleon and Joe Namath. Research and keep yourself in mind :)

The future is just so terrifying. Being a 20 year old psychology major in college there is just so much in front of me. As silly as it sounds, seeing so many people making bank off the internet just makes me want that future so badly. But the chances of that working out are so, so slim.

The desire for harmony can lead a Libra personality to be a bit of a PollyAnna, avoiding conflict and real challenges by trying to “keep the peace,” come what may.
—  Ruth Hadikin 

In the spirit of the Keep it Real Challenge, I give you an awesome parody of Photoshop.