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 Yo! I understand times are tough and sometimes things don’t go as expected. So with that being said, if you’re one of those people who, in the end, can’t go to an event for whatever reason and you have to sell your ticket to a festival, don’t try to financially rape your rave-family by selling it to them for like 3x the price of face value!

C’mon! You’re already getting your money back. If need be, charge a shipping fee if you’re selling it someone out side of your area.

Hey everyone! 
I would just like to thank each an every one of my awesome followers for helping me reach my first thousand! <3

No, I won’t stop making gifs, but I am definitely busy with school, work, and shenanigans in this thing called “life”. H'WAT IS THAT?! 

Welp! I will be making more gifs in the future, but please enjoy and appreciate all the gifs these other great gif-makers have in store for you!

Peace. Love. Unity. Respect.


Love you all, 

Don 8====D~~~