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There is a lot of fear and uncertainty in the world tonight. When I feel scared, I try to take a step back, close my eyes, and feel my place in the universe instead.

The problems and challenges we face are indeed intimidating and significant, especially when some people fear for their very lives. But there is a future worth heading toward. The universe is so immensely vast. It will endure. And so will we.

“I believe in humanity.”

Only Love Can Hurt Like This (Decode Part Three)

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Twenty three days. Five hundred and fifty two hours. Thirty three thousand, one hundred and twenty minutes.

That was how long it had been since you’d felt Spencer’s touch. That was long it had been since you were alone together in private. That was how long your heart had been broken into tiny pieces that threatened to pierce through your skin at any given time.

I tell myself you don’t mean a thing,
And what we got, got no hold on me

You tried to tell yourself that it was over between you and him. You couldn’t end it with Paul even though you knew you should. It was like you were waiting for him to do it, so you could blame the break up of the marriage on him. Then you weren’t the bad party, the one at fault. But he didn’t seem to want to, even though you and he were barely speaking.

Which in turn meant that Spencer wasn’t speaking to you either. Except when he had to in order to remain professional. And you weren’t overly speaking to Emily, except of course when you had to in order to remain professional.

This sucked.

But when you’re not there I just crumble
I tell myself I don’t care that much,
But I feel like I die ‘til I feel your touch,
Only love, only love can hurt like this.

Yet you knew you could resolve it. All you had to do was be honest with yourself, be honest with Paul, and be honest with Spencer.

You felt so incredibly low right now. And you felt like you couldn’t turn to anyone. Emily was judging you, no matter what she claimed otherwise she was. And rightly so. You couldn’t tell the others in the team because, well… you couldn’t.

Say I wouldn’t care if you walked away,
But every time you’re there I’m begging you to stay,

And the one person who you knew would make you feel better wouldn’t see you outside of the office.

You ached to be with him, not just for his physical touch or his kisses. You missed his words, his scent. The way you felt when you were around him, like you were the only two people in the world.

Why did it hurt so much?

You could feel Spencer looking at you sometimes, feel the burn of his eyes on you. But when you’d glance up, he’d avert his gaze quickly. You constantly touched your collar bone, a spot he’d always paid particular attention to when you’d been together, you just wished you could feel him there again. He’d take away this living hell that was your life right now.

When you come close I just tremble
And every time, every time you go,
It’s like a knife that cuts right through my soul
Only love, only love can hurt like this

“Y/N. You okay?” You bumped into David Rossi into the hallway outside of the bathrooms. Your eyes were red, you’d been crying again. The case the team had returned from yesterday had hit you hard and reviewing and completing the paperwork back at HQ had triggered a minor emotional break down and you’d scurried off to the ladies to ride it out.

Most of the team had gone, you’d been hiding for around an hour, not feeling able to face anyone.

“I’m fine.” You forced a smile to your face, seeing your older colleague study you and then take your arm and lead you into his office.

“Sit.” Rossi gently pushed you into one of his chairs and opened up the small refrigerator he had in his office. “Seeing as office hours are technically over, whiskey?”

You shook your head. “I have to drive.”

Pouring himself one, he handed you a can of cherry coke, knowing you consumed the stuff like it was going out of fashion.

“Talk to me, La mia dolce ragazza.”

“I’m fine Dave. Honestly. It was just the case.”

“We both know it’s not just the case now. Come on, you’re talking to the king of relationship troubles here. I mean, how many marriages am I on now? Even I’ve lost count.”

“I think it was eleven last time we checked… ” You tried to joke, your words coming out flat.

Rossi looked at you sadly.“Bella, you’ve lost your glow, your zest for life. I haven’t seen you smile properly in weeks. I’m saying this to you as a friend. A friend who’s been where you are right now and can recognise the signs. You need to do what will make YOU happy. No one else. Stop thinking about what other people will think of you. Staying in a marriage which is making you miserable isn’t right.”

How much did Rossi know exactly, what signs could he recognise?

“No one in my family has ever gotten divorced. My parents are still together after thirty years. And my grandparents were married for sixty.” Your words were a whisper, you struggling to keep them from shaking.

“I’m sure your family will support you in this. They’ll want you to be happy right? And he’s not making you happy. Some one else will. We both know that, Y/N.”

The intense look in his eyes make you certain he did know, and you could feel the walls of the office closing in on you.

“I need to go… ” You stood, ready to leave.

“Alright. I’m here if you need a friend sweetheart. And Lord knows my house is big and empty enough if you need somewhere to go.”

You choked out a thanks and walked as quickly as you could to your car, driving to the only place you wanted to be. The place you’d not been for twenty three days.

But it’s the sweetest pain,
Burning hot through my veins,
Love is torture makes me more sure
Only love can hurt like this

He opened the door to you immediately.

“Have you done it?” Spencer asked you, failing to keep the hope out of his voice you.

You shook your head and he started to close the door.


“I told you not to come here.”

“I know.. I know. I just…. I need you. Please.” You pleaded with him, the desperation obvious in you voice.

“Haven’t I given you enough? Offered you everything to get nothing back.”

“I know…. And I know I’ve hurt you. But please. I need to feel your arms around me. I need you to tell me that everything will be okay.”

Only love can hurt like this,
Only love can hurt like this,
Must have been a deadly kiss,
Only love can hurt like this,

You stepped closer to him, pressing yourself against his body and wrapping your arms around his waist. He stood there stiffly, his arms hanging limply at his sides.

“I need you to leave, Y/N. You can’t be here anymore, you should have never been here in the first place.”

“I don’t want to leave. I can’t stand being away from you.”

Spencer gently pulled your arms from around him and stepped back from you.

“Then you know what you have to do. And I can only wait so long for you to do it. Like Emily said, you’re not the only one this is hurting here.”

Only love can hurt like this,
Your kisses burn into my skin,
Only love can hurt like this,
Only love can hurt like this,
Save me, save me,
Only love, only love,

He closed his door again and you turned around, leaning your back against it, not realising Spencer was doing the same on the other side, tears running down each ot your faces.

You needed to make the pain go away. To stop the hurt.

For everyone.

Cause only love can hurt like this
And it must have been a deadly kiss

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Day Four Hundred Seventy One.

i keep erasing,
back spacing
words and swallowing them whole.
how can i try to paint a perfect picture
when my muse is nowhere to be found?

stumbling, crumbling, tumbling 
through a fog so thick
all that’s left is clouded vision,
bad decisions, 
and me,
alone with my thoughts
once again

“badge714: that, ladies and gentlemen, is the end of the ride. The final playback of the final episode of "Pretty Little Liars” is complete. Number one hundred and sixty, if you’re keeping score. The last ten episodes will start their run in April, 2017. Don’t worry, we still have a few surprises left.“

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Vernon tweeted that he didn't have a green shirt, so he borrowed Jack's shirt. Thought you'd like to know.



I’m Only Human

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Part Five - Starting Over

Master List

Pairing: Castiel x OFC
Word Count: 1,274
Warnings: language probably, usual SPN stuff
A/N: If you’d like to be tagged let me know! Hope you guys like it! Anyway, feedback for this is awesome! :)

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OH MY GOD ! Your new fic Money shot is just pure perfection. I was not ready for that. Are you trying to kill us somehow ? I seriously didnt want it to finish, i wish it was 100 thousands words. Honestly your writing is just so good, i love it. I love how powerful victor is in ur fics , because thats my weakness really. Everything about him screams power, perfection and gentle. And you write it in such a good way! Im so excited for your next chapter. Keep up the work, you're amazing.

Aaah thank you. 😭 and one hundred thousand words omg not even Masquerade is that long yet XD I am trying to push myself to write more in the same amount of time so hopefully I can improve some more.
Yeah, I love powerful characters, but I love the gentlemen’s touch too. Most of all I like balance between a pairing. I’d never ever make one character completely helpless while the other has all the power. Just not my thing at all.
Thank you for this lovely message 😭😭💕

Imagine that the stories about Loki and his kids are true and he really gave birth to Sleipnir. He and Sigyn hear about mother’s day and all the kids determine that they both get presents on the holiday. Hela think it’s funny to get him a horseshoe every year. Eventually, each one gets nicer than the last and Loki keeps one on him at all times. He’s got hundred of them, though.

An alien comes to your house, and hands you a parcel full of salt. He says if you manage to keep it for one week, he’ll give you hundreds of pounds of gold. You accept it. One hour later, you are wanted by the Intergalactic Police for drug-smuggling.

As The Blood Flows (1/1)

Title: As The Blood Flows
Rating: K+
Genre: Canon Divergence, Vampire AU
Word Count: 2788
Pairing: Nine/Rose
Summary: Rose Tyler had a secret. A secret she thought she’d have to keep forever. Until she met the Doctor.

Notes: Happy Halloween! This is just a little thing that’s been bouncing around in my head, and figured it was time to actually post a story on this account. Enjoy!

Rose Tyler had a secret.

It was a well-kept secret, one she’d had for over two-hundred years. One she would continue to keep for the rest of her life.

“Don’t know why you keep that job,” Jackie commented as Rose made her way into the kitchen, whipping open the fridge door.

“Because daytime telly is awful,” Rose informed Jackie, finding the bottle of blood in the back of the fridge and draining half of it in one sip.

“Hey, save me some, not gonna be able to get more until next week. And the telly isn’t that bad.”

Roes rolled her eyes. “Yeah, right. I’ll see you tonight.” She swooped in to kiss Jackie’s cheek, then she was on her way. It was overcast today, thankfully. She could take the sun in small doses — the time it would take her to get to work wouldn’t do any damage. But she liked cloudy days better anyways. They made being outside actually enjoyable instead of just something to get through.

God she missed being able to enjoy the sunlight. It was always the small things, the tiny, insignificant little details that most people took for granted. Like sunlight.

It had been two-hundred and thirty-two years since Rose had been turned by a careless vampire who hadn’t managed to kill her. Two-hundred and thirty-two years since she’d been found, nearly starved to death, by Jackie, who took her in and showed her that there were ways to survive without killing.

Two-hundred and thirty-two years since she’d become a vampire.

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“Clearly, you’ve got a soul. You just have to work harder at keeping it clean.”

Jason Dean, are you absolutely one hundred percent sure you’re qualified to tell people they need to work harder at keeping their soul clean? Are you one hundred percent sure that you should be telling people that.
might want to take your own advice there, buddy.