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During Jack and Bitty’s 2nd summer together...

So Jack is in Georgia for a couple of days, right, and he comes back from a morning run to find both Bittle parents in the kitchen eating breakfast (Bitty slowly dragging is ass out of bed, he can hear the bathroom upstairs). 

Suzanne greets him with a smile, Coach with a nod, Jack sits down to eat. Usually, there’s a fair amount of chatter- even without Bitty- because Jack is comfortable with both parents, but now they’re eating in silence. Throwing furtive glances at Jack. At each other. At Jack again.

Jack’s stars feeling the tingle in his fingers that announces his anxiety. He counts the seconds until Bitty leaves the bathroom- no, that was the sound of the shower. Alright then.

Suzanne places her mug back on the table.

- Jack, sweetheart, we need to talk to you.

Coach takes a sip of coffee and sits back straight.

- …Alright? says Jack.

- We’ve seen the way you look at Junior, says Coach in a matter-of-fact voice.

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insparamotion  asked:

Hi, so let me just start with saying how much I love your blog!! It's prefect really, especially the way you explain everything so good. I recently got more into astrology and even got my flatmates into it shshs. But I also have a question, do you know how to make the best first impression on them based on their signs? Also thank you for the astrology help tag, it's so useful!! Keep up the great work!! : ))))

how to make a good first impression? hmm. i think i’d look to their venus signs

jin: be competent?? LOL i’m not sure how much sense that makes but i’ll explain. capricorn venus men like people who are ambitious and look like they can get shit done. i don’t think he’d mind someone who makes a move on him first , you know how much he loves to be called handsome

yoongi: him. he has an aries venus and rising, which means he’s attracted to people who exhibit similar traits as him, that makes him feel comfortable. he even once stated that he’d like to be with someone who also likes music, and who speaks the same language etc. kinda copy his mannerisms and vibe. basically: be a yoongi clone. 

hoseok: be passionate. idk why but i think he’d love someone who is completely dedicated to a hobby/activity/craft. his aquarius brain needs to stay stimulated so someone who can teach him about a topic he’s not familiar with would really intrigue him

namjoon: be real. this boy (being a virgo with a scorpio rising) sees right through fake smiles and attitudes so just keep it one hundred. call people (including him) out on their bullshit if you spot it, it’d definitely make him laugh. be a lil savage, it’d have him whipped instantly

jimin: be..mysterious? that sounds like total cliche because of his scorpio venus/mars but really, don’t reveal too much. he needs a partner with lots of depth and intensity. keep him wanting more

taehyung: stand out! his aquarius venus wants someone who’ll leave such a strong impression he’ll be thinking about you for days after. be yourself and be unique. also, don’t fall into his charms too easily, play hard to get

jungkook: be kind. this is a bit hard to explain, but this boy is always observing from afar before making a move (that analytic virgo sun) i think if he sees someone being polite others, helping those in need or cleaning up, it’d make him really see them in a good light and open up a bit easier. first impressions have a strong impact on him so just try your best to make it positive!


Hey! Sorry, I know it’s been a while since I posted a one-shot! Believe me when I say I have a lot of stuff in the works… school has just been kicking my ass.

This is for this prompt, requested by @legendarylangst.

So Lance and Keith are neighbors - their bedrooms share a wall - (apartments) anyway, Lance gets sick - like rlly sick - so he stays home and tries to sleep it off, but in his sleep he moans ans groans because even in his sleep he’s in pain. and Keith thinks he’s getting off,, and bangs on the wall ans then when it doesnt stop he goes to the door and pounds on the door until Lance answers while in a blanket

Hope you guys enjoy!

Lance hated being sick.

Not that he’d ever admit that he was, but he despised it all the same. It wasn’t even the symptoms that bothered him the most, even though those sucked. It was the feeling of not being able to do anything. There was nothing Lance hated more than being useless.

Still, despite his protests, Hunk had decided that Lance couldn’t possibly go into work that day. The guy was usually a big pushover, except when it came to his friends’ health. Then all bets were off.

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You can dislike her, hate her, feel whatever you feel about Paige but let’s be real for a second, ya’ll. Let’s keep it one hundred. Paige had many, many paths she could have chosen to walk down with this Addison vs Emily allegation. When approached with sexual harassment claims against Emily and even pictures with Alison, Paige immediately questioned it and didn’t jump onto the “I hate Alison/Emison” train to distort her way of thinking. She took this incredibly dangerous situation, dug deeper, and diffused this situation herself to not only clean Emily’s name, stop any rumors to start against Alison, AND got Addison disciplined by the principle and her parents. And to top it all off, she saved Emily from seriously chewing this girl’s neck to the point where she could have really gotten reprimanded if anyone else saw.

She might not be a likable character for whatever reason you pick but she damn sure earned some respect from me tonight, as an emison shipper, I’ll tell you that because she could have been REALLY PETTY if she wanted to. Paige came through tonight.

imagine the damage andrew minyard could have done at the beginning of tfc with a vile of veritaserum

Harry Styles Blurb/Request #3

This was the last one requested by the lovely @imaginesyouwilllove. Thank you so much for your requests, babes! I had a lot of fun writing them :) I’ve also got requests to continue the “Fancy seeing you here.” blurb as well as the “Me and the boys will handle it.” blurb, so those will probably be up in the coming week. 

Enjoy :)

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14. “How do I even put up with you?”

Normally, Y/N was more than happy to spend an entire evening cuddled up on the couch with her boyfriend and watching a film before going to bed. And for how much Harry had expressed in the past that he liked being the little spoon, he spent a lot of time being the big spoon because he liked running his fingers through Y/N’s hair, and having her laid across his chest, and feeling her face burrow into the crook of his neck, her little breaths puffing out as she got relaxed. She always smelled so good, too, like coconut from the shampoo she used and lavender from her body wash. He especially loved when they took a bath together before settling into the couch. Y/N had originally made fun of the large collection of bath bombs Harry kept under his bathroom sink, but now she nearly begged for a bath so they could use one. They always made her skin so soft and smell like whatever was in them. 

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Start your novel (easy process)

So, in this post I’ll help you through coming up with a story idea, outlining and writing the first chapter. Not only that, we’ll also take an easy approach to every step. If you are stuck for months (or years), today is the day you start! 

Originally posted by letsdiscussaboutsherlock

Let’s divide this process into three steps: Story idea (first step), outline (second step) and first chapter (third step). This is, pretty much, all we need right now. 

Story ideas

With your favorite genre and subgenre in mind, create storylines for the following types of plots. You can either choose one plot at random, or try out many of them until you find a good one. This is just a brainstorm, so be open to craziness. Here are 50 simple plots.

1. Hunting monsters

2. Becoming a monster

3. Going on a journey

4. Poor becomes rich

5. Rich becomes poor

6. Good person becomes bad

7. Bad person becomes good

8. Revenge

9. Rescuing something/someone

10. Story of reincarnation

11. Hunted by group/government

12. Attacking a group/government

13. Free persons becomes prisoner

14. Prisoner becomes free

15. Escaping from enslavement/imprisonment

16. Learning a craft

17. Winning a competition 

18. Overcoming a disease

19. Training

20. Group surviving together

21. Becoming famous

22. Investigation of a mystery

23. Escaping from police/justice

24. Survival games

25. Trials

26. Unrequited love

27. Starcrossed lovers

28. Partners in crime

29. Redemption

30. Becoming a family

31. Growing up

32. Generations of a family

33. Surviving wild/apocalypse/disaster

34. Love turns hate

35. Hate turns love

36. Rivals turning friends

37. Friends turning rivals

38. Love triangle

39. Developing superpower/mutation

40. Groups/rivals at war

41. Finding/going home

42. Becoming human

43. Completing a mission

44. Going undercover 

45. Happiness to tragedy

46. Tragedy to happiness

47. Outcasted

48. Creating an ideology/religion 

49. Opening a business

50. Understanding life

After testing the plots above, choose your favorite storyline.

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You’ve managed to pick a plot and a storyline. You already have the hardest part sorted out. Choosing is the hardest part. Now we are developing your story idea. The tip #1 of outlining is…. keep it simple. Don’t try to fit one hundred scenes, and arcs, and fillers to make your story complex. Instead, answer the following topics:  

- How should my story begin?

- How should my story end?

- Define five basic scenes that must happen for my story to go from beginning to ending.

You can either freewrite the answers, or speak to yourself in front of a mirror, or meditate about it. Find your best approach. Once you have the main structure done, you can fill the blanks as you write.

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First chapter:

Wow!!! Congratulations. You are awesome. You’ve made through the hardest part. Really. I promise. Because writing is fun. So, here comes the fun part. Starting the first chapter is always a challenge, especially for the perfectionists. So, instead of going straight to the beginning you defined in the previous step, try something different: Start your book before the beginning. One or a few scenes before.

By the time you reach the official first scene, you are already in the flow, you’ll have a certain intimacy with characters, you’ll know them better, not only characters, but also the fictional world and the plot. So, start before the beginning. When editing time comes, you can either delete or keep it.

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So, are you ready to start??

I’m so upset right now, I don’t know what to do.

Yesterday my five year old (read that again, I said five… it’s important) and I were in the car and learning about directions. North, South, East, West. My rear view mirror has an indicator in it and every time we turned we talked about which way we were headed. She seemed like she was struggling to remember even after getting it right several times. She’s been doing this more frequently with a lot of topics she knows backwards and forwards and it’s frustrating but I try not to let her know I’m frustrated. We turned again and the indicator changed to SW and she immediately shouts out “South West!!” I get super excited and congratulate her because YaY she gets it but then I hear a muffled “Oh No.” from the back seat and look to see her covering her mouth with her hand like she said a bad word.

After a lot of questioning about what the heck just happened, she finally admits.

“I didn’t mean to be smart. Girls aren’t supposed to be smart.”

Y'all. I almost broke down into tears right then and there. I asked her what she meant by that, girls are smart! Mommy is smart right? My FIVE year old was getting so upset because she had let it slip she knew things and I didn’t seem to be able to make any difference. Eventually, we got to the kicker….

“But boys don’t like girls who are smart.” She tells me, clearly distraught.

“Fuck boys.”

This, at least, gets the little light of my life to laugh again. She knows mommy has said a bad word and it always makes her giggle. I’m seething in rage that she has been taught to hide her intelligence already, but at least I’m not keeping her mood down in the dumps… I guess.

I’m not one hundred percent sure where to go from here. Honestly, I’m not even ten percent sure. I let the topic drop yesterday because I was too upset to make rational decisions and we went home and played Snipper Clippers… a game that requires you to think… and worked on the puzzle she got for Easter.

And then I read her a story about a bunch of puppies trying to feed themselves while their owner is sick because she is FIVE and can’t read on her own yet. She can’t read, but she knows boys don’t like girls who are smart.

We try so hard, to teach her to think, to problem solve. We encourage her when she’s interested in ‘brainy’ things like the set of gears she loves to tinker with. But I can’t control every aspect of her life. I work. My husband works. In a few months she will be in kindergarten and around even more people and children of various ages than she is now at day care.

And I can’t help but think about this child, who KNOWS boys don’t like girls who are smart…

What else does she know?

Part three of Halloween AU.

Somehow, for all that his mother warned him, Steve is not prepared to face one of the fae.

She’s beautiful, in that eerie, perfect way that all fae are beautiful. She’s got pale skin, red hair, green eyes. Her ears are round like a human’s but that only means that she’s very old and skilled at glamours. She’s got freckles. Steve doesn’t know why he’s surprised that she has freckles. It seems almost too human like they would be seen as blemishes among the fair folk. She’s tall, too, willowy, almost. Steve’s certain that if it hadn’t been for her glamour, she would have brushed the ceiling.

“I’m looking for Steve Rogers,” she tells Kamala simply, and Steve sees the teen’s mouth moving in a silent prayer as she turns from the register, eyes round with fear. He doesn’t know what Muslims believe about the fae, but he’s certain what they believe probably doesn’t matter when they’re finally faced with one. His mother had whispered fears and cautions about the fair folk in his ear ever since he could remember, and he hadn’t been prepared. He doesn’t want to go out and speak to this fae.

But when a fae asks for you by name, you answer.

The fae looks him up and down, and Steve can’t help but straighten his shoulders and puff out his chest defiantly. He is what he is. He’s used to being found lacking. He owns it. The fae’s eyes meet his finally, and he wavers for a moment when the glamour hazes, like there’s suddenly a wall of heat between them, and he sees skin white as snow, eyes completely awash in green, hair like burning fire. But he keeps meeting her eyes, because he’s not a coward.

The haze fades immediately, and Steve almost stumbles when he realizes the fae is smiling at him. It transforms her face entirely from the blank, judging mask it had been. Her eyes crinkle at the corners and she has laugh lines and dimples. She’s very pretty.

She tells him the name she is called here is Pepper.

“Jim told me that Tony came here, after he was attacked” she says over a cup of coffee after the diner is closed, as Bucky putters around locking up and wiping tables and mopping. Steve’s fingers tighten around his mug. “Yes. I found him in the supply closet.” “He must have sensed that Jim had been here,” Pepper muses. “Jim has been his safe place ever since they met.” Steve wants to ask when that was, and how that happened, because he can’t imagine people taking a grown man, let alone a vampire, befriending a child very well. “You must have been safe, too,” she adds thoughtfully, and Steve sits up a little straighter. “For him to come here directly after he was attacked.” “He asked for a cup of milk,” Steve explains, feeling a little stupid as soon as he says it and this beautiful fae stares at him. She purses her lips, trying not to smile, and mostly fails. “Tony despises milk almost as much as he despises blood.”

That’s an eye-opener, Steve thinks, looking down into his coffee. A vampire that despises blood. No wonder he was always hungry. No wonder he looked so scared after having someone force their blood upon him. “Tony’s very old,” Steve offers after a moment, searching, seeking, but Pepper doesn’t answer. She looks amused. Fae folk usually were when humans tried to trick or outsmart them, though. “That’s—quite a long time to despise blood, when you need it to survive.” Pepper shrugs one delicate shoulder. “Tony’s a bit strange,” she says, as if that isn’t the biggest understatement of the century.

Steve sends her off with an entire cherry pie that had been leftover that night, feeling a little stupid. She’s fae. She probably had much better things to eat, things humans didn’t dare for fear of being stolen into their world of trickery and deceit. He refuses payment when she opens her purse. Pepper looks entirely too amused. “It’s not considered a deal when I’m paying for merchandise, Steve Rogers.” “I was raised Irish Catholic,” bursts out of Steve’s mouth before he thinks better of it.

Pepper stares at him, mouth opened in a surprised ‘o’ before she throws her head back and laughs. On top it sounds like bells ringing in its beauty; underneath, the fae part he knows is there sounds like broken glass being ground together. “I have always been absolutely delighted by the Irish,” she says when she can speak without giggling. “Catholic, Protestant, it’s never mattered. You’re all the same at your core.” “Please don’t ever say that to the devout Irish people,” Steve tells her. She laughs again and leaves carrying her pie. “Do you think she took me seriously?” Steve asks into Bucky’s chest later. “I think if she ever talked to an Irish nun, they would immediately break their vows and commandments to punch her in the face,” Bucky replies sleepily.

The next day, Steve gets no orders except for three meals for the first two hours of opening. It’s very strange. He peeks into the dining room.

Tony, Pepper, and Colonel Rhodes are sitting at a booth, talking, laughing. The sight of a fae at ease fills Steve with a terror he does not completely understand. Still, he manages to snag Bucky’s attention from where he’s wiping down the counter. Bucky tilts his head the way he does when he’s listening but doesn’t want to take his eyes off what he’s watching. “What the actual fuck,” Steve whispers as quietly as he can. Bucky shrugs. “You useless animal I don’t know what I see in you. You’re the worst. The worst. I can’t believe I put my dick in you. I can’t believe I let you put your dick in me.” Tony spews his Coke all over Colonel Rhodes.

Steve belatedly remembers that Tony has excellent hearing. Steve slinks back into the kitchen and doesn’t come out until after the trio has left. “Can I keep this?” Bucky asks of the crisp one hundred dollar bill he holds up. Steve snatches it out of his hand because he blames Bucky for everything wrong in his life.

Steve screams when he steps out of the diner to find Tony there. Oh God. What if he thinks Steve is secretly a racist? What if Tony’s a homophobe? Steve will fight but now that he knows that Tony has a fae backing him up he’s a little worried about how she could make him suffer if he hurt Tony.

Tony looks… hurt. “I thought you weren’t scared of me,” he whispers, as if he’s crushed to find out the opposite is true. “He’s not,” Bucky replies, slinging an arm around Steve’s shoulders. “He’s scared of your girlfriend.” “I don’t have a girlfriend,” Tony says in confusion. “Or—does that mean something different now? Language keeps changing. I guess Pepper is my platonic girlfriend then. Does that make Rhodey my boyfriend?” Bucky makes a wheezing noise like he wants to laugh but even he finds it inappropriate. “The word hasn’t changed,” Steve explains quickly. “Oh. Then Pepper isn’t my girlfriend. I’m actually kind of terrified contemplating Pepper dating or having sex because the fae are so creepy.” “Thank you,” Steve exclaims. Tony frowns at him in confusion. “…You’re welcome.”

Eventually, after staring at each other for a while, Steve asks, “So did you need something?” “Rhodey says I should get your contact information,” Tony answers after some thought. “In case I need help while he’s deployed.” “Oh,” they say, touched, and Bucky begins, ”That’s so—” “He says if you let anything happen to me he’ll drop everything to come back to the states and murder you.” Tony smiles guilelessly when they stare at him. “He wouldn’t do that though. He just talks a big show.” Steve and Bucky smile weakly as they take Tony’s phone and put their numbers in. This precious lamb actually believes that his friend wouldn’t murder them.

“Did they ever catch the guy who assaulted you?” Bucky asks as Tony takes his phone back and squints at the screen, tongue poking out adorably. Tony looks up at him, frowning, then looks back at his phone. “Pepper only stopped by that first time because she was going to follow the trail from your supply closet to find my attacker. I don’t know what happened to the lady that attacked me but I assume that Pepper made sure it was terrible.” “…If she only stopped by that first time to follow the trail, why did she come back?” Steve asks after a moment.

Tony lifts his gaze to stare at him in contempt. “She liked your pie, Steve.”

anonymous asked:

I remember watching one of your very old videos. I was obsessed with them then like 5 years later I found you and I just found out you were the one that made them. Improvement is great, keep it going!

these kinds of asks give me the most intense whiplash because the only videos you could possibly be referring to are either these

or these

and there’s like a 1% chance that someone who remembers them still recognizes me today. i mean i really appreciate the message but my mind is always boggled at how often the odds are beaten

Trans/genderqueer musicians

Against Me!
Angel Haze
Antony and the Johnsons
Ashby and the Oceanns
Ashley Etcetera
Aye Nako
Ben Wallace
Black Cracker
Ezra Furman
For Everest
Genesis P-Orridge
Geo Wyeth
Gerard Way
Imaginary Hockey League
Jake Edwards
Jayne County
Joe Stevens
Joshua Klipp
Justin Vivian Bond
Kieran Strange
Le Tigre
Little Waist
Mal Blum
Mya Byrne
Namoli Brennet
One Hundred Year Ocean
Rae Spoon
Ryan Cassata
Skylar Kergil
Spectacular Spectacular 
The Cliks
Told Slant
Tunfe Olaniran
Vaginal Creme Davis
Wendy Carlos

** I included your suggestions and it’s hopefully more complete now @ryancassata​, @insert–sarcasm–here​, @anotherindiequeer​, @for-everest​, @chazmoe​, @ashleyetcetera​ **

I hope the list keeps growing!

Dirty Little Secret //Draco Imagine//

Requested by: @ignitorwriter

Request: Hi, I just wanted to tell you that you are a really talented writer I am so addicted to reading all your content. Can you do a Draco Malfoy imagine where the relationship between him and a Hufflepuff is a secret. Then after Slytherin wins the championship he kisses the reader in the stands and the aftermath. Lots of fluff and sweetness please! SUPER BIG hug and thank you if you write this!

Warnings: none

Pairing: Draco x reader

A/n: this request is adorable!! I had so much fun writing it!! Thank you for requesting it!! I tried really hard on this one so I hope it shows lol! Also thank you so much for reading my imagines and complimenting my writing!! It means so much to me!! Thank you thank you thank you thank you!


Most people hide their secrets in the darkness. They push them into the corner of themselves where the shadows and blackness consume them. They hide them in places no other would think of, somewhere only their imagination reaches and there, they are safe. They are unnoticed, untouched, and invisible. Unlike most people, you only had one secret. One dirty little secret that was better off left untold. And unlike most people, you hid it in the light. You hid it in the places people thought of daily, the brightest corridors and rooms and yet somehow, you managed to keep it invisible to everyone else. As risky as it was to keep such a secret out in the openness of the light, you couldn’t bare to push it into the darkness. You couldn’t bare to see something made of light itself, succumb to the darkness it was expected to live in. It didn’t deserve that. He didn’t deserve that. Your secret was a bit more complicated than most but that made it all more of a secret. Your secret had a heart, lungs and two eyes that sparkled like the water of the ocean. He had hair like ice in the winter and lips as soft and pink as rose petals, and his name was Draco Malfoy.


A soft glow of light shone through the glass of the Slytherin boys dormitory and illuminated the room in a silky golden glow and in that light, was your dirty little secret, right where he should be. He laid beside you on one of the hunter green beds, propped up on his elbow with his ocean blue eyes glued to your less vivid ones. His slender finger wound a strand of your silky hair around it and without breaking his courteous stare, he pushed it behind your ear and let his fingers trail themselves down your jawline until they hung at your chin.

“You’re so beautiful.” he spoke, the words barely even escaping his lips but you heard them. You always heard him, even when he wasn’t talking.

“You’re not so bad yourself.” You replied, lifting your palm to his cheek and running the palm of your thumb over the lips you knew so well. A smile pulled at the corner of his lips and you felt him sink into your touch, his cheek pushed against your palm and his eyelids fluttered closed, a content sigh barely brushing through his nostrils. “Draco?” Your voice was soft and for a moment you didn’t know if he had heard you or not but after a second, he opened his eyes again, a soft hum rattling in his throat. “Have you ever– do you ever want to tell people about me?”

“Do I ever want to tell anyone about you?” Draco bit the inside of his bottom lip as he pushed himself up only to let himself back down with each of his hands on either side of your shoulders. His disheveled hair fell towards you and into his face as he hovered over you. “Do I ever want to tell anyone about you?” a quiet laugh echoed in his throat. “Baby, I want to tell every single person I know. I want everyone to know that you are mine and I want everyone to know that you are the happiness behind my smile and the twinkle in my eye. I want to scream it to the entire world. I want every single person alive, muggle or not, to know that I am in love with Y/n Y/l/n.”

Draco lowered himself to your neck where his lips attached themselves to your soft skin and his alabaster hair tickled your chin. Your fingers wrapped themselves into his silky white hair and your eyes fluttered shut as he tenderly took your skin between his teeth and sucked a bruise no bigger than a quarter onto your clear complexion. He lifted his head, a smile plastered on his pretty lips. “Mine.” was all he said before letting himself fall once more, this time onto your own lips. He tasted sweet and warm and like everything you wanted to taste. When he pulled himself away, the warmth of his lips lingered you felt it in every inch of your body. Even your fingertips flared with the warmth he had given you.

“Will you come to the Quidditch game tonight? I know you don’t usually like to watch them but it’s the championship and it would really mean alot to me if you come.” Draco rolled himself off of you and sat beside you. He rested his hands in his lap even though he wanted nothing more than to run his fingers over every square inch of your body. You propped yourself up on the pillow and sighed.

“Yeah…I’ll come. But that better mean you win.” You warned him and Draco laughed.

“With you there, I have no doubts.” Draco smiled and leaned forward, placing a quick kiss on your forehead. “I have to go get ready for warm ups…You’d better get back to the common room before people come back.”

“Okay….I love you.” You kissed the corner of his lips as you slid off the bed and moved the the doorway, a soft “I love you too” following you out.


A cool breeze brushed past your red cheeks and even with your Hufflepuff hat on, your ears were still cold. You had buried your fingers into your sweatshirt and watched with anticipation as a Slytherin chaser zoomed towards one of the goal hoops. You held back a cheer as it went passed the Gryffindor keeper and flew into the hoop. You could see Draco, high above the others with his fist in the air and a cheer on his lips. You could only imagine how pink his cheeks were up there and how red the tip of his nose may be.

About two hours later, Slytherin was losing by a lot. Gryffindor had a good keeper and two determined beaters and Slytherin just couldn’t seem to keep up.

“Looks like Gryffindor is about to take the steal again! Just like first year, remember that Y/n?” Hannah laughed and you nodded.

“Sure does…” Your breath hung in front of you as you watched the field intensely. You sucked in a quick breath as all of a sudden Draco began diving towards the ground, his blond hair flapping behind him and his Quidditch robes flew wildly in the wind.

“Oi, what’s he doing?” Hannah spoke again but this time you didn’t respond. You gripped a handful of your sweatshirt in your fingers and bit your lip, watching as your secret boyfriend pulled his broom flat.

The stadium was filled then with the loud roars of cheering and howling of witches and wizards and in the middle of all of it, was Draco, the golden snitch clutched tightly in his fingers.

“Slytherin wins the championship!”

The players descended and Draco was engulfed in the arms of each and everyone of them as they thanked him and applauded him.

“Look, they’re running onto the field,” Hannah pointed to the field where you saw a crowd of people, some from Ravenclaw, some from Gryffindor and even some from Hufflepuff running towards the players. “It’d be a shame to miss out on the fun. Come with?” Hannah moved towards the stairs and after a second, you jogged after her.

You followed as Hannah flew down the stairs and towards the field. You sometimes wondered how it was she ended up on Hufflepuff. Surly she belonged in Gryffindor more than Hufflepuff for her outgoingness and sense of adventure.

The air seemed even cooler once you got onto the field and instantly you felt your cheeks flush red. You ran after Hannah, your black and yellow scarf dancing behind you and your fingertips all but forgetting the chill in the air. You could see Draco from where you were, surrounded by his teammates who were still in the process of congratulating him and patting his shoulders, smiles obvious on each and every one of their faces. Draco’s was the brightest.

It wasn’t long until he spotted you and his smile grew twice its size. You furrowed your eyebrows as he began pulling away from his supporters and pushing other fans to the side.

“Draco, what are you do-” your sentence was cut short by Draco’s frost bitten lips colliding with your own and his frozen fingers embracing each side of your flushed cheeks. You didn’t move at first, afraid he had made a mistake. Surely he wanted to continue keeping this a secret, right? After a moment you knew this was one hundred percent intentional and so of course, you kissed him back. You kissed him with every ounce of your soul. You kissed him until your lips hurt, until the only thing you could feel was his hands on your face and his warm breath on your lips. You kissed him until the warmth in your lips was enough to warm your entire frozen body, and when he pulled away all you could think of was him him h i m.

“I can’t do this anymore Y/n,” Draco stroked your cheek, his sea blue eyes lost in yours entirely. “I love you and I want to be with you. Screw everybody else. As long as I have you, I don’t care what anyone else says or thinks…just you. I want the entire world to know that you’re mine and that I’m yours and I want to hold your hand and kiss you whenever I feel like it, I want to show you off and make all of my friends jealous. I want you, Y/n, and I don’t care – I don’t care about anyone else Y/n. Not my mom, not my dad…just you.”

You were completely oblivious to the gaping faces beside you as you stared at the one in front of you. His mouth hung open just enough for his breath to escape and hang in front of him like a small cloud and his chest heaved as it would as if he had just ran a lap around the field.

“Screw everybody else.” You threw your arms around his neck and pulled yourself back to his waiting lips and for the second time that day, the stadium erupted with the cheers and howls of the many witches and wizards.