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Because I am a recursive spiral of artistic inbreeding, I decided that the most necessary thing for me to do was to do a (quick) redesign of some of the original digimon. 

I know some of the charm of Digimon is that it makes no sense how they move from form to form, but I prefer a little more consistency. 

I did Palmon and Gatomon because they were my favorites of the original series. I tried to make Gatomon a little more imposing (and detailed) to make her make a tad more sense as a champion, and I brought some of the cat influence into Angewoman because what is better than cats. (Also I tweaked her outfit because Angewoman’s outfit is a trainwreck of anime design and at least now it is a symmetrical trainwreck with less belts). 

I gave Palmon a cactus theme because it was a tad less generic. I was sad to loose the Palmon head-flower but the flower buns were too cute to ignore. I also gave Togemon and Lilymon a bit of a western theme to go with the Cactus theme because why not. 

Anyway. I should probably go back to doing Tarot Cards and Disciplines or one of the six other Fandoms I am supposed to be making digimon for, but here we are. Hope you enjoy!

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Layer in 23 and Iris in 22 ?

The “Wonder what would Zero think of it” squad

Is Jack Ticklish?

Septiplier - [Jacksepticeye x Markiplier] About Septiplier, I know it’s not an actual thing. It’s called fanFICTION for a reason. Just enjoy the story and its characters.

Summary: Mark’s scrolling through Twitter for questions for a reading your comments vid after coming out about Septiplier. One asks about if Jack’s ticklish so Mark has to investigate… for the fans! [WARNING: THIS IS A TICKLE FIC]

I love feedback! Critique is greatly appreciated! This one’s long. In my book long = better in most cases. LONG AND CUUUUUUUTE. I’m in a lee mood so I’m actually writing again. Like a lot. Also my god this is cute (at least to me) like for fucks sake i was blushing the whole way through writing this. aND ALSO I STILL SUCK AT TITLES

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Warding, a PSA

Due to some problems we’ve come across with this shop, we are adding a new requirement that you must meet before adopting a companion:

Knowledge of warding and protection both physically and astrally

The knowledge of these two subjects are imperative to have in order to keep both you and your companion safe. Diving into spirit work head first without any protections set up is basically telling everything around you,”HEY! OVER HERE! FRESH MEAT!” This is how you attract malicious spirits. 

A malicious spirit can not only harm you, but potentially your companion as well. Just because your companion is a spirit, doesnt mean they are immune to other spirits. Inviting them over without any wards puts them at risk, which is unfair. It is like calling over a friend to your ‘house,’ but not having any walls set up to protect them from the elements. 

Here is a post that gives a little info on wards and gives some examples on what you can do to ward

You must set up physical AND astral wards. 
“But J! I don’t know how to astral travel yet! I can’t set up astral wards if I can’t astr-”
Yes you can. There are plenty of ways to set up astral wards without astral traveling. Visualization is your friend. If you can think of it, you can use it. Go all out with your camouflage, anti teleportation, invisibility, etc when you’re setting up your wards. As long as you have a strong intent, the wards will be strong. Granted, some wards don’t prevent some spirits, so you will have to tweak them sometimes. 

Do not forget to maintain your wards !!!!! Check up on them weekly at least so they are at their strongest. Make them super mega thick with super mega layers. Make them rubbery so nothing can crack it. Do anything you want.

The way I set up astral wards without astral traveling is super simple.
Look at your physical room (or wherever you spend the most time/feel the most comfortable). Follow the lines of where each wall meets another and visualize white light trailing in the wake of your vision. Follow the lines of one wall first, and once you make a square with your white light (or whatever shape your wall is), visualize the square being colored or filled in with your wards of choice. Continue this procedure until all of the walls, floor, and ceiling is warded. Then, expand your wards out to the rest of your house to keep every room and everyone inside safe. Use your intent to make sure it is impenetrable. 

If this method doesnt resonate with you, make up your own! There are no rules, really. Be creative. There are plenty of warding methods that you can find on tumblr as well. Try looking here if you want

Physical wards are another layer of protection to keep you safe. For physical wards, I use:
- witchy jars
- plants
- salt
- sage
- incense
- sigils
All of these are filled with my intent to keep me mega safe, because lord knows i don’t need any more trouble. 

“But J! I am a closeted witch! I can’t do any of those thi-”
Yes you can. There are hundreds of tips out there that are for discreet witches. Sigils are easy to hide. Use an oil diffuser with essential oils that correspond with protection. Light candles with corresponding intent. Plants are inconspicuous. So is salt. I carry a salt packet in my phone case. Hoard all of those salt packets from restaurants. No shame. 

You can do anything if it makes you feel safe. Does hopping around on one leg in circles make you feel lighter and the room clearer? Then do that. Does making snow angels in the carpet make your room feel safe? Then do that. There aren’t any rules. Do whatever if it makes you feel safe, no matter how silly it may seem. Does that necklace that you found at the playground when you were younger just seem to hum with protective energy? Bam, use that. 

As long as you have measures set up that are supposed to keep you and your companion safe, you should be okay at first. Of course, you will have to renew them and tweak them every once in a while to keep them in their best shape. My dedicated day to ward strengthening is every Sunday on cleansing day (which is also an important thing to have, but that post is for another time), but if need be, I fix them through the week as well. No protection is too much protection. 

Stay safe, my friends.


The White Mountain Chapter 1

Collaboration with @alexboehm55144, he will post the next chapter.

Chapter one

Cars went by. Summers passed with each unique heatwaves. The ZPD working endlessly to keep the mega capital city in control. With accidents and incidents occurring wherever and whenever. Nick and Judy were within the hustle and bustle, working so hard to show their worth, waiting for a promotion or something to say; ‘you have done so well.’ Yet, no one shows appreciation for them, for he seem to be wondering around the city endlessly, waiting for the next incident. Accidents were not making Nick any happier as he does not seem to like the sight of blood very much or dead bodies in some cases. When they do parking duty, Judy tries so hard not to take the negative comments about the tickets to her heart. Despite all the noise and wild emotions, the platonic love between the fox and the bunny is still going strong. They both could see with such clarity, that they were both feeling the same about their job as each other.
There came a day when Nick was not at work. He did not fill the empty space on the chair. Where was he? Has something happened to him? Judy texted him. Nothing. Even Bogo was secretive. Whenever she asked the boss where Nick was, he elaborately evaded the question. Judy had a flicker of an idea that Nick was either with Finnick, or planning a hustle on her. Apart from not seeing Nick on that day, she rather enjoyed it. Mainly because she got into some action. There was an underage koala driving a car, there was a rhinoceros trying to use a toilet in Rodentown which seems impossible and quite beyond me, turns out that he was on parole from a psychiatric ward. She also closed the case of a dodgy judge who was bribed to allow a criminal roam free. As she drove to her home, she felt content with her job but yet, she felt a sense of emptiness. Her fox was not with her. Orange fur with chocolate brown hands and muzzle. That smell. The smell of home. Home was on his fur. Blueberries, earth and fresh summer air. She was at home whenever she was with him.
After unlocking the door to the apartment, she found a note.
“Carrots. Go to the bathroom.”
After rolling her eyes and letting out a short sigh, she made her way to the back of the apartment. In the shower was another note;
“Go back the way you came from.”
A frustrated grunt was given and she marched to the front door where she found him. That green shirt. Triangular ears. Emerald eyes and that cheeky grin. The hairs on his tail stirred in the windy draft within the corridor. His hands carefully moved from behind his back to reveal a cake with message, written in blue icing.
'Happy birthday, Carrots.’
There was also a cute smiley face just below the text.
“Blow the candle.” Nick said with that smile that makes you fall in love with him. Judy let out a quick blow of breath from her nose in humour and blew the candle. Then she looked at him, leaned on the doorway and tapped her right foot.
“Where have you been?” She said,
“I’m sorry, I just had to sort a few things.” Nick replied,
“What things?”
“You will find out soon enough.”
“I better find out. Get in and cut the cake.”
Judy had to splash water on her face. Thoughts entered her mind. She thought of all the time she has spent with him. Has 3 years passed so quickly? Or has it been 4? The reflection of herself stared back. The mirror reflected a lot of things since they moved in. Fights. Love. Sadness. It’s funny how emotions allows love to grow. She smiled at her reflection, took a deep breath and walked out. After sitting down, she saw that Nick had two small pieces of paper, each with a black sign in the shape of a plane.
“Nick?” She says,
“Are those… tickets for a flight?”
“Oh. I’ll miss you.”
“You really are a dumb bunny. You’re coming with me!” Nick exclaimed. Judy squealed and threw herself onto him. They laughed and kissed in utter joy.

On the day, they both went to the airport. As they watched Zootropolis shrink from their small double glazed windows, they smiled, anticipating their next expedition. Ready for some time away from home. Ready to uplift their spirits.

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Even though they promise to write to each other, David's s/o tears up when he explains that he's going to take a gap year to study dragons. Even more so if the year he takes off is supposed to be their 7th year: he won't be there to graduate with her, and she won't be there to graduate with him. But she wipes away the tears quickly before he feels bad, putting on a brave face: This is what David wants to do, and it'll make him happy. Therefore, she's happy for him. ...Right?

how dare you

how very dare you

he realizes a few weeks before he’s due to leave that she’s upset. she hasn’t been showing it, not saying anything at all like what an upset person would say- she’s encouraging him to go, really! but she’s been distant, and she seems to be spending less time with him, and it makes his heart ache. so he takes her aside and holds her hands, looking into her eyes.

“tell me what’s wrong,” he murmurs gently.

“nothing’s wrong! i’m fine, davey.”

he shakes his head. he knows her too well to be fooled. and he’s obstinate and headstrong, so she knows he won’t relent until he susses out the truth.

“david, you know… you know i want you to be happy. and i know that you want to do this. and i want you to see those dragons, and study them, and follow your dreams. that’s all i want. but… i’ll miss you.”


“it’s going to be a whole year of not seeing you, and you won’t… you won’t be here to help me through the NEWTs, and you know how i get during just the OWLs-” he nods, sadly- “-and you won’t be there when we finish school and i just… i need you to go, because if you stay, i’ll know i’ve cost you your dream, but i wish there was a way that we didn’t have to be apart.”

he nods and pushes his forehead to hers, bumping noses and closing his eyes. she can’t come- she needs to be here, and god only knows she’d not mesh well with lizard sixteen times her size- and he can’t stay… so they sit in silence until david gives her a long, slow kiss.

“i’d stay,” he says, softly. “if you wanted.”

“you know i want you with me, but more than that, i want you to do this. you need to do this. you’re meant for it.”

“i’m meant for you, too,” he replies.

and that makes the whole room go still.

“marry me.” his voice is firm. “that way, you’ll know i love you. no matter what.”


“i mean it.”

the silence grows, but david stays strong, despite the quivering in his heart, the fear of rejection. but when she smiles and kisses him, pulling him in close, rubbing her nose on his cheek and hiccuping with tears, he knows he has his answer.

“of course, you beast.”

later that year, she recieves a picture of him. he’s standing in a forest, a baby dragon scamping up his arm. the little him in the frame moves, meeting her eyes and waving, silently blowing kisses and mouthing “i love you”s to her. on the back, in his slow but still scrawled handwriting, is a note.

“to my wife;

thinking of you always. dragon’s name is allen. he likes peanut butter and napping on my belly. makes me miss bear. makes me miss you. i’ll be home for christmas; expect kisses.

yours, forever


(ETA to fix some wording because I got interrupted literally 2987349827342 times trying to type this post)

Groot can and does talk at California Adventure. If you turn my video up really loud you hear him say “I am Groot” a couple times. 

(Link to keep this post from getting mega-long)

It kind of bugged me a little that the staff member was talking to him like he’s a little kid. I, personally, didn’t. My voice gets kinda high pitched and I talk a bit like a little girl when I get really excited or happy, but that happens no matter who I’m talking to at the time.

And gosh darn it, Groot bit my Tangle! His mouth opens and shuts a little and I watched him open it and bite down. I couldn’t see if there were teeth or not because there was too much glare from the sky, but I bet he did. 

Groot poked at my Tangle right before he 100% BIT it because he thought it looked like a tasty treat. :) The staff member was like “Don’t eat it! It’s not for eating!” (Groot nodded yes, “arguing” with her lol) and she said “Nooo…we just gave you a bouquet of flowers.”

[Groot examines my Tangle with his fingertip first.]

[Then he leans over…]

[…and BITES it!]

[It’s IN his mouth! LOL!]

The reason I get so excited to remember that moment is it’s something autistic!Groot does in my fanfics. He doesn’t think everything is food, though; puts things in his mouth to figure them out because his teeth are better at figuring out texture than his hands are.

Mega charizard X is prepping a giant snowball for this snowball fight commission piece I’m working on.

I’m gonna try to post more or at least post once a day on all social media and be more interactive and available for my audience on these platforms. I’ve been slacking in my art and that’s not okay so it’s time to step it up and keep working!