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we wuz tawking quaintly - chemical change happens in an instant - electric (my fingers keep typing eclectic) impulse brain a millesec - we only have a moment and a glimpse of the infinite - some never notice - thinking love is a suspect to be interrogated into confession - detention shackles - a life sentence w/o syntax - or an illusion - avoided costly - anti matter - i was talking w a crow - a new one - he gave me a look like - wtf human - but still listened and let me get close - i knew better than to even try - a photo - eye enough - memory - enough - remember love is always


My challenge for this evening: a dinner summary post in the style of @yourtrashyhipster. They’re not having restaurant week here this summer, so instead a number of restaurants are doing “Food Week.” Echoing Darin, we basically told them to bring us the whole menu, since there were three choices each of starter and main. Also echoing Darin, 14 tried absolutely everything. But after he and I got her to try roasted bone marrow, she might as well keep on being brave and eclectic.

So: lamb meatballs with house-made hummus (an add-on), shaved Brussels sprouts with lardons and bleu cheese, flank steak with fried garlic chips and roasted potatoes, locally sourced pork chop in a sauce with coffee and sorghum done with a gratin, and a play on shrimp and grits with the grits done as a cake ala polenta. (Not shown, the lobster bisque and dessert.) We discovered Albariño at a tapas place in San Francisco back in 2006. It’s a wonderfully light, slightly fruity and minerally white that’s good with almost anything in summer.

Tomorrow night is band camp kick off, which means functionally summer break is over. This was a heck of a finish. Onward and upward.

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Hey. I keep seeing "eclectic" in witch blog descriptions. Is that a special term for witches or do they mean it just in the normal sense?

Normal sense, for the most part. Eclectic witches don’t follow one specific path but pull from many different paths. Many modern witches are eclectic in some sense, really.

The Thing with Common Magickal Correspondences

Lists of magickal correspondences are a dime a dozen and exist in practically every beginner-intermediate pegged witchcraft book you could find, are on every witchy website, with at least a hundred similar variations here in the good ol’ witch community of tumblr. And that’s fantastic; how else are we supposed to learn that black is an excellent color for banishing negative energy, rosemary can help with sleep spells, and opals can boost creative energy? Common associations give a solid guideline that can keep most of the eclectic practices in the community on the same page and help us trade help and advice. 

But, at the end of the day, magick is as different for each witch as each witch’s mind, heart, body and soul are. At some point, you are probably going to start realizing that you don’t really actually associate that color or stone with that goal, but just used it because someone reputable wrote it down. One of my personal realizations of this recently was when I was working with storm water-which is usually associated with chaos, cursing, and power- and found that touching it naturally soothed, cleared, and revitalized me. Now, I can still associate and charge it for extra power in cursing if I wanted to, but mostly I use it when I need to calm down or reconnect with myself. Don’t get me wrong, I do think that certain herbs, stones, colors, foods, scents, sounds, times of day, sources of water, whatever, have more specific energy surrounding it in general that can be more useful to certain goals. But at the end of the day, witchcraft is often about your personal relationship with your energy and the energy around you. If you feel something off about the ingredients of a spell, potion, whatever, change it! It’s totally within your right.

And just to add; sometimes the lists won’t always agree anyway. I’ve seen candle colors for friendship range from brown to yellow to blue. Smokey quartz has been calming to one author and a boost for sexual drive to another. It seems like basil can be used in just about anything that can be considered “Light Magick.” You have to decide what make sense to you.

Howeverdo not take this as a pass to bother learning about common correspondences at all. You need to study and understand the basics to have a firm foundation to build upon, or else you’ll be floundering around trying to find your groove for much longer than you would be otherwise. Learn what correspondences are commonly used, understand why, then that way you’ll be able to make knowledgeable judgements for your own work. Study and personal experience are both very very important for your growth.

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Have fun exploring, ya’ll.

the senshi as described by their piece in Holst’s The Planets Suite

Mars: Complex, compelling, and actively tries to make life difficult for everyone

Venus: Priorities include being the prettiest; often features solo work

Mercury: Moves too fast for everyone, but doesn’t expect them to be able to keep up

Jupiter: An eclectic mass of joy, elegance, grandiosity, bittersweetness, and adorable tendency

Saturn: Constantly straddles that delicate line between pleasant and creepy

Uranus: Tries very hard to be mysterious and commanding but cannot hide the goofy dorkiness that lies within

Neptune: Presence is literally accompanied by a choir of heavenly angels

Pluto: What’s a Pluto