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Honestly, though, if it IS fake it would be the ultimate throwback to the very beginning because what happened when all this started? They filmed a pilot that never got aired. There are two versions of A Study in Pink. The episode where Moriarty’s name is revealed and everything that has happened since is set in motion. Seems fitting to have two versions of the end of that arc as well.

i know the big fight is coming up in this book and i’m just gonna take a minute and sit quietly before i start. try to get my shit together. try to think happy thoughts. you know before jyn comes at cassian like ???? you tried to murder my dad! don’t look at my with those intense eyes! and cassian is like YOU’RE IN SHOCK AND VERY PRETTY BUT ALSO SHOCK YES AND LISTEN DONT BE MAD BECAUSE I TOO LEARNED TO MURDER AT A YOUNG AGE WOW WE’RE TRAGIC SOULMATES 

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Do you think they'll have Splatoon 2 ported to the Wii U? It'll suck if they don't ;- ;

THE DOWNSIDE IS I don’t think they will 8( They’ve stopped production of the Wii-U as far as I remember hearing, so they may be making a full change to the Nintendo Switch

IT’S DOUBTFUL BUT…You never know!

Master List of My Jemily Fics (Updated)


What Makes a Home
Summary: JJ and Emily talk about their first date at a Katy Perry concert and other memories with Penelope.

The Disposition of Emily Prentiss
Summary: When JJ spots a beautiful brunette in a bar she employees Derek and Penelope to help her win over her new crush.

Piccino Merlo
Summary: Emily is undercover as Lauren Reynolds and meets a seductive blonde arms dealer

Change Your Mind (Drabble)
Summary: JJ and Emily wager their first ‘wife bet’

The Mutt (Drabble)
Summary: JJ rescues a dog from traffic and begs Emily to keep her.

Breakfast (Drabble)
Summary: Emily finds her hands full of a certain toddler

Love is an Open Door (Drabble)
Summary: Henry helps Emily on a secret mission

Nine Years (and Three Days) (Drabble)
Summary: Emily and Jj have been celebrating their anniversary on the wrong day

Gravity (Drabble)
Summary: JJ comes home to a very drunk, very miserable, Emily

You Picked Me (Drabble)
Summary: Emily has a hard time expressing how she feels and the team comes over for Thanksgiving

Imagine Me and You (Drabble)
Summary: JJ sees Emily with a baby and gets to wondering

Breathe (Drabble)
Summary: Emily comes ot the rescue when Henry is sick with a cold

I and Love and You (Drabble)
Summary: Emily gets wedding day jitters

Mother’s Day (Drabble)
Summary: Henry helps Emily prepare a Mother’s Day surprise

Dreams Do Come True (Drabble)
Summary: Emily takes JJ and Henry to Disneyworld for their first family vacation

London Calling (Drabble)
Summary: JJ makes a rash decision and calls Emily in a panic

A Series of Unfortunate Events (Drabble Collection)
Summary: How each member of the team found out JJ and Emily were dating

300 (Crack!fic / Drabble)
Summary: The 300th episode of Criminal Minds finds Emily and JJ in a precarious situation.

The One Where JJ Reads Fic (Crack!fic/ drabble)
Summary: AU where the team is on a reality show about the BAU


Speak Now
Summary: Rossi and Hotch take bets on which drunken member of their team will make the biggest fool of themselves at JJ and Will’s wedding. However, they are surprised when the least likely person stands to object in the middle of the ceremony.

As It Seems
Summary: JJ is falling apart and desperately wishes she had someone to talk to.

Come Around to Me
Summary: Emily plans to leave for London as JJ plans for her future

The Secret Life of Lauren Reynolds
Summary: JJ finds Emily’s passport under her alias, Lauren Reynolds

{Text} Blackbird.
Summary: A series of text messages between JJ and Emily exploring their feelings for each other


Summary: After the plane crashes on the way home from the case the team must ban together to survive

The Five Horsemen of the Silent Chasm
Summary: An in depth look at JJ’s PTSD after her minor break down in The Forever People. (This story has 2 ending options)

Into the Light of the Cold, Black Night
Summary: An alternate ending to 200

Summary: Emily gets Penelope’s phone call in “Lauren” and comes home

Save Tonight
Summary: JJ finally gets the courage to tell Emily how she feels but is she too late?

1000 Times
Summary: JJ visits Emily in London, hoping to pick up where they left off

Summary: JJ finally breaks down about her abduction

Ashes and Wine
Summary: Emily’s emotional insecurities threaten to tear her relationship with JJ apart

I Will Follow You Into the Dark
Summary: JJ tries to piece her life together after a crushing personal loss

Hotel Celiing (Drabble)
Summary: It should have been their six month anniversary


Luck of the Irish
Summary: An alternate version of Lauren

The Call
Summary: Emily gets a call from Spencer and becomes worried about JJ’s well being


Unsubs and Handcuffs
Summary: JJ finds herself at the whim of her captor after being bound and gagged.

Coming Home
Summary: When Emily returns in It Takes a Village JJ has a hard time restraining herself.

Take it Slow
Summary: JJ is nervous about her first time with Emily

First Orgasm
Summary: Jemily enjoy a quickie in the car


Pandora’s Box
Summary: After a drunken confession JJ and Emily take their relationship to the next level


Summary: When Emily finds out Will has become abusive she helps JJ get out of the situation safely. 

Words Left Unsaid
Summary: When Emily’s sister arrives in DC she is faced with traumatizing news and JJ has to face emotions of her past

To Catch an Unsub (WIP)
Summary: Emily and JJ go under cover in a rural Alabama town to catch an unsub.

It Was Always You
Summary: As JJ prepares to leave for her new position at the Pentagon, Emily makes a huge confession which changes everything.

THINGS YOU SAID (Drabble Collection)

Things You Said When You Were Crying
Things You Said Under the Stars
Things You Said Over the Phone
Things You Said With Too Many Miles Between Us
Things You Said When You Thought I Was Asleep
Things You Said When We Were On Top of the World
Things You Said When I Was Crying
Things You Said When You Were Scared
Things You Said After You Kissed Me
Things You Said That I Wasn’t Meant to Hear
Things You Said Through Your Teeth
Things You Didn’t Say at All

UPDATED: Decmber 25, 2015

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What do you think I should when I've been eating shitty these past three days because of my parents and family but I make sure to keep the calories under 300 every day yet I still feel so bad? :(

keep doing exactly what you’re doing! if your body is alright with you eating under 300 calories per day that’s okay, but i’d definitely encourage you to increase the maximum just so you have enough energy to metabolise and keep your body going. making somewhat poor choices in food is alright for a period of time, don’t get down on yourself for making an effort not to worry your family!