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Would Frisk need a bathroom in the Underground? They were mostly eating magic food down there, right?

Oh yeah. I guess not then. That must’ve been weird for them. I mean… Monster food will definitely keep a human alive for a good long while… if a bit malnourished.

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A mikosaru scenario where mikoto saved fushimi pls (can be either before or after he left homra whichever to your liking)

So maybe go for pre-betrayal here, where Homra goes out to fight some guys making trouble in their territory and Fushimi gets in trouble. Like say it’s winter and there’s been issues with this new gang that showed up and is causing all kinds of trouble on Homra’s turf, like they’ve even beaten up a few weaker Homra members and of course everyone’s all hyped up to find these guys and teach them a lesson. Yata’s probably especially ready to just go kick some ass and show them what happens when you mess with Homra. Fushimi rolls his eyes and doesn’t see the point to it, sulking in the corner of the bar. As everyone’s discussing the situation Kusanagi gets a call that the bad guys have been spotted like near a park and they figure this is a good time to go after them, it’s late at night and the place should be pretty empty, plus it’s a wide open space which makes it easier for Homra to surround them and take them down. Mikoto himself gets up to go, Yata cheers because Mikoto-san will show those guys and Fushimi just slides off his stool all sulkily as he follows the rest of the clan outside.

They all end up in this big brawl in the park, the bad guys actually trying to separate as many of the Homra members from their King as possible, probably figuring that maybe they can ring Mikoto and take him down by sheer numbers, not realizing the true power of a King. Fushimi’s mostly staying near Yata but maybe he’s sticking kinda close to Mikoto too, just keeping an eye on him, because unlike Yata he doesn’t think Mikoto is invincible and Fushimi always likes to keep full control of the situation. But then maybe Mikoto’s Sword manifests and the power released makes Fushimi’s knees a little weak, his opponent takes advantage of the slip to try and escape. Fushimi clicks his tongue, annoyed, and follows the guy. The guy decides to take a shortcut across a frozen pond and with some irritation Fushimi follows, not wanting to be the failure who lets his own opponent escape. He manages to pin the guy with his knives but then maybe as he’s going to retrieve his knives from the other side of the lake the ice cracks beneath him and he abruptly falls into the frozen water beneath.

Yata catches up to Fushimi just in time to see him fall and yells his name, that gets Mikoto’s attention and without even looking at the guys surrounding him Mikoto uses his power to just scatter them and runs past Yata, diving into the water after Fushimi. Yata’s super panicking now, since Saruhiko and Mikoto-san have disappeared, Kusanagi comes up behind him all tense asking what happened and where Mikoto went. That’s when the Red Sword of Damocles manifests again above the lake and everyone stares as the entire surface of the lake melts and the water is nearly boiling. Mikoto’s head breaches the surface, expression totally flat but still breathing noticeably harder as he climbs out of the lake with Fushimi in his arms. Despite Mikoto boiling the lake Fushimi’s still freezing, shivering in Mikoto’s arms, and Kusanagi worriedly notes that they need to warm him up. Mikoto looks around at the rest of the group, noting that most of the bad guys have been defeated, and tells Kusanagi to take care of the rest and that he’s going back to the bar. Yata’s still staring at Fushimi in concern and Mikoto puts a hand on his head, telling him Fushimi will be fine before walking off still holding Fushimi close.

Mikoto gets back to the bar and he just sits down on the couch like usual except he’s got Fushimi wrapped up in his arms. Fushimi’s unconscious and breathing a little slowly, his face paler than usual, and Mikoto sighs as his own body starts to glow red. He adjusts his position so that Fushimi’s like wrapped in his arms almost and just sits there rubbing Fushimi’s back and letting the red power warm Fushimi back up. Eventually Fushimi stirs, raising his head and there’s Mikoto right there in front of him, arms still around him and Fushimi’s eyes probably open wider, wondering what the hell is going on as he tries to pull away but somehow his limbs still feel really heavy. Mikoto just sighs and is like ‘rest, kid.’ Part of Fushimi is terrified being so close to Mikoto but he’s also warm, so warm, like he feels comfortable in a way he can’t quite explain and his eyes slide closed again, body relaxing noticeably as he falls asleep in Mikoto’s arms.

A very very VERY rough first sketch of a Dr Robotnik redesign for Underground Remixed (Holy shit I am not used to drawing Robotnik/Eggman I need to fix that.)

Basically I threw together a bunch of different design aspects from various incarnations of the character. I think there’s even a little bit of Heavy King in there.

My main concern with remaking Robotnik for this project is to make him pretty scary/ an actual threat while maintaining a (slightly morbid) sense of humour to keep him entertaining.

Don’t tell me to post things for you and your friends and then proceed to treat me like my feelings and ownership of my own content is irrelevant.

How is that convincing me to do anything for you? Let alone entertain you with things I made for myself.

I create for myself and my friends. I create for fun. I’m not here to entertain people I don’t know, certainly not people who are mean, rude and treat me like an entertainment machine. It keeps happening.

I’m human too.

what if the reason nobody can tell fred and george apart is because they really are interchangeable

not in a ~it doesn’t matter~ way but like. molly and arthur used to worry that fred and george might turn out to be squibs because they weren’t doing any accidental magic as children, but they were, THEY TOTALLY WERE, it just wasn’t anything flashy, instead they were just like idly switching bodies all the time

and like sometimes it doesn’t make much of a difference, whatever, wake up in the opposite bed you went to sleep in, but it gets like dangerous and weird if you’re on a broom or in the pond or letting your mum teach you to cook or trying to be mad stealth, so for a long long time everybody presumes they’re clumsy maybe-squibs and that they’re doing their twin lying thing when they try to explain what’s going on, so they learn to handle the issue their ownselves

they just. don’t go anywhere without the other. they start each day deciding which body is going to be which (because at this point they really don’t know which body is technically fred and which is technically george), and they learn to reorient FAST when they switch, and what things set them off, and eventually they learn how to act like nothing’s up even when one of them’s in the air and one’s on the ground or whatever, and then they burn past that til they can finish each other’s sentences – til they can switch midsentence – til they can play beater together – til they can switch in a split second in the middle of a game – til there’s room for other kinds of accidental magic to start showing up

at hogwarts they keep each other awake in history of magic by switching back and forth. in potions they take turns brewing and keeping lookout for the slytherins. in transfiguration and charms they keep their grades up because one of them will always get a spell right on the first try so they switch and make it look like both of them do and then they practice on their own later in private. it keeps the mystery alive.

at first they thought lee was just a lucky guesser but no, lee can always tell one twin from another twin – it’s not exactly telling fred from george, because while they are definitely two distinct personalities neither one of them feels like fred all the time or george all the time – but lee knows who he argued with yesterday or who he lent his notes to or who’s best to ask for help in astronomy and who’s best at runes. 

the weasleys are pretty bad at it for the longest time, but then bill comes home from his first year cursebreaking and he can tell, and over a holiday he teaches his trick to charlie so charlie can tell. alicia and katie and angelina can tell. the twins honestly don’t know if oliver can tell or not; so long as they’re doing what they’re supposed to on the quidditch pitch he doesn’t really care about much else. harry can tell. luna can tell. tonks can tell.

the problem is there’s no way for this to end happily


Nearly every year, for the past thirty years, Frances Goldin has gone to New York City Pride holding a sign that reads, “I adore my lesbian daughters. Keep them safe.” (x)

“Since the beginning of the parade, I’ve been going and waving my sign,” Goldin said. “It sort of hit a nerve with people, particularly those whose parents rejected them. The response to the sign is always so great — it urges me to keep going.”

“Everybody would come running up to her and cry, kiss her, and say, ‘Would you call my mother?’ or ‘Would you be my mother?’” her daughter, Sally, explained. 

“She’d take down names and addresses and write letters to these kids’ mothers!” 

When asked about all the young LGBT parade-goers who have begged her to speak to their own mothers, Goldin replied, “I think I changed a few people’s minds and I’m glad about that. Everyone should support their gay and lesbian children, they’re missing a lot in life if they don’t.”

As a human being, you have unlimited potential. Think about it. We are the only species that is able to shape our lives with the power of our decisions. So use your mind, use your heart, and create your masterpiece.
—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin

Sooooooooooooooooooo I MADE A HUMAN ZIMMER for that Species Swap AU Everyone’s done!!! Inspired by @peabnaut ‘s human Zim @w@ (do YOU SEE HIS FACE IN THE BOTTOM /////)

-Prankster, even at the age of 19/20, he likes to TP houses and throw poprocks at people. Very loud, very in your face but still very smol (5′0). Will fight even if he loses.

-A delinquent with his lil teen bro Gir (14). They do EVERYTHING together. Zim is very dependent on Gir’s presence while Gir is actually pretty much his own person but doesn’t mind tagging along. Mostly cause Zim’s a lonely fuck with no friends. Gir is scene, inspired by @poopcola ‘s scene au v/w/v

-Irken!Dib is possibly a scientist explorer that’s rather tall for an irken and is checking out Earth for the empire. He gets distracted cause wow dat Zim is really pretty wtf. Awkward and flustered alien boy does not know how to talk so they probably fight. Of course. 

-I made them mixed kids cause… (black/japanese) it’s cute… hello/. Zim also wears shirts/jackets too big for him cause he thinks it’s cool. But it does not help him look any taller. Tight pants to show off the leggie with knee/thigh high boots always.