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Just because of that angst art meme, how do you think Henry would handle being an ink being?

I think Henry would have the frame of mind to last reaching Joey, assuming Joey is still human, or just generally solve the mystery of the studio, but not long enough to make it out.

And he’d be so angry, sad, and mentally unstable by that climactic point that Mr. Drew (or anyone else in the general area for that matter) might be in deep trouble.

I picture it going down like the scene in the Coraline novella, when the Other Father slowly starts to lose his kindness and last shreds of humanity in front of Coraline before attacking her like a mindless, formless beast. And trust me, that particular scene in the book is remarkably sadder and scarier than what happened in the movie. He doesn’t want to fight, he doesn’t want to hurt anyone, but he can’t keep what made him human together enough to fight his anger and bloodlust.

…that being said, I think he wouldn’t hurt the Toons. He’d probably fight it out with them for a while, mind a blank and only thinking of how unfair it is that he’ll never see home or his family again, not even remembering what a Family or Home is but just wanting it so very badly, but then he’d stop himself from hurting them at the very last second. And then he’d run off into the depths of the studio, instincts screaming at him to not hurt them. That he should be ashamed. But he can’t remember why. He just can’t remember.


Nearly every year, for the past thirty years, Frances Goldin has gone to New York City Pride holding a sign that reads, “I adore my lesbian daughters. Keep them safe.” (x)

“Since the beginning of the parade, I’ve been going and waving my sign,” Goldin said. “It sort of hit a nerve with people, particularly those whose parents rejected them. The response to the sign is always so great — it urges me to keep going.”

“Everybody would come running up to her and cry, kiss her, and say, ‘Would you call my mother?’ or ‘Would you be my mother?’” her daughter, Sally, explained. 

“She’d take down names and addresses and write letters to these kids’ mothers!” 

When asked about all the young LGBT parade-goers who have begged her to speak to their own mothers, Goldin replied, “I think I changed a few people’s minds and I’m glad about that. Everyone should support their gay and lesbian children, they’re missing a lot in life if they don’t.”

We as humans are composed of both positive and negative energies. It’s impossible to completely eliminate all negative energy, for we are only human. However, we can choose which we project onto the rest of the world. We can choose which one we allow to drive our life. We have this decision. Sadly, we will never be void of all darkness, but we can choose how we let it effect us and our personal growth.
—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin

raise your hand if you’ve ever felt personally insulted that there is such a large group of people who misinterpret rey’s character SO BADLY that they actually think she would ever be romantically involved with the man who not only abducted, tortured, and tried to kill her, but also murdered her mentor/father figure and tried to kill the only friend she’s ever had

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