keep holding on

The first step in becoming successful is believing that it’s possible. You, above everyone else, must know that you truly have the power within you to accomplish anything.
To everyone who feels like a failure in the eyes of society and/or their parents...
  • You do not need your parents’ approval to live a fulfilling life
  • You do not need to use society’s definition of success to be successful
  • You do not need to be ‘successful’ to live a fulfilling life 
  • You do not need a romantic or sexual relationship to live a fulfilling life 
  • You, as a person, are enough. You define success. You determine what will fulfill you. You can carve your own path for happiness. 
  • Approval from others is nice. Approval from parents and society are nice. But they are not necessary for fulfillment or happiness. So don’t let them hold you back