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Tome Kurata, the only girl in the city who gets neuralyzed thrice a week 

she manages


Once upon a time almost a year ago I started drawing a comic about the adventures of Inquisitor Anders. I had all the plans, let me tell you, but then I lost my motivation and well

I figured I could at least post the two pages I got done, since I just found them again.

I miss having the energy to draw comics.


The Six Thatchers // The Adventure of the Yellow Face (aka the story where a woman has hidden her child from a previous marriage and keeps her a secret from her husband, and where Holmes needs everything to be clever and has a wild theory about what is happening while the actual reason is the most fundamental of human emotions: love)

When I first met you I thought “Oh, this girl seems really cool. I wonder if we’re gonna become friends.”

When I first saw your eyes light up when we talked about things we both loved I thought “I really enjoy being around her.”

When I first hung out with you, just you and me, I thought “I never want this night to end. I want her to keep telling me her secrets, her regrets, her life stories.”

When I first held your hand, I felt a million jolts of electricity fill my veins. I thought “Don’t let go- not now, not ever.”

When I first held you in my arms, your breath feeling warm in contrast to the chill night air, I thought “This can’t be real. Is this a dream? Is this really happening?”

When I first kissed you, I felt such a rush of excitement, nervousness, and complete utter adornment towards you. I thought “I want to feel this girl’s lips on mine for the rest of my life, hers and no one else’s.”

When I first told you I loved you, I could see you smile because you knew I really meant it, and I thought “I want to make this girl smile every single day until the day I die.”

Now whenever I look you, I think “I’m in love with her and everything that she is.”

—  To my darling @colourlesskiss

Sure Kara. Use your GLOWING LASER EYES in a crowded open floor plan office.

So I headcanon that everyone in the office knows Kara is Supergirl. And there has just been this unspoken agreement to keep her secret. Because Kara is always so nice to everyone, knows all their names, and the names of their children and/or pets, and genuinely want to know how they’re going. She cheers them up when Cat is too demanding, or talks to Cat on their behalf when they’re too scared of how she will react. Kara has always been their office hero and if keeping her identity as Supergirl a secret is important then dammit they’re gonna do their part. 

They’re going to look the other way when they find a pile of Kara’s discarded clothes, or pretend they didn’t overhear her too loud conversations with Winn and James, oh and the fact the girl they see every day looks just like Supergirl and warms Cat’s coffee by firing FRICKEN LASERS OUT OF HER EYES.

fun story so in class today we were exchanging vday cards and a classmate I don’t even know/never talk to wrote on her card to me “happy vday! hope tyler and josh make your year full of surprises” and that made my heart warm

so i don’t go here at #tjlc i’m just emily’s friend who’s been watching from the back of the room but i’ll pipe in here with a quick observation since we’re talking about the clue reference in the episode. 

when sherlock was in the hospital talking about the murder at the house with ten guests, and each one was guilty? that was clue. the true ending of clue is that all the characters were guilty. there were ten named suspects in the cluedo game (miss scarlet, colonel mustard, mrs. white, mr. green, mrs. peacock, and professor plum were the original six; miss peach, monsieur brown, madame rose, and sergeant grey were added in the mid-eighties)

also two more things that are maybe interesting, maybe not;

  • clue has three endings: in the first, miss scarlet (a dominatrix/callgirl) is the killer who killed everyone to keep her secrets safe. in the second, mrs. peacock is the killer, having been bribed by foreign governments to sell state secrets from her senator husband. in the third, true ending, each of the characters is revealed to be equally guilty, with each having murdered one character apiece. the butler then reveals that the mr. body that was killed was actually the butler, and he’s the real mr. body, having strategically planned everything so that all his accomplices would be murdered, allowing him to escape scot-free. he’s foiled, however, when mr. green reveals that he’s actually undercover, and arrests mr. body for his crimes (in this case, the victim is actually the killer)
  • this kind of peaked my interest because of the “everyone stops looking after three” line, but clue actually has an unused fourth ending, where the butler did it and poisons everyone (i think the line about the poisoner might have been a reference to this? idk it’s like 4 am and i don’t want to go back to the laggy pbs hellsite let me live)
  • +1 bonus interesting thing: in the clue movie there’s one gay character, mr. green, who’s big secret is that he’s gay and if anyone finds out he might lose his big important state department job. at the end of the movie, however, he’s revealed to have orchestrated everything in a complex sting operation, and then he reveals that he’s not gay and it was just part of the plan, saying, “I’m going home to my wife!” i think it’s kind of interesting that mycroft, the obvious mr. green parallel portrayed by a gay actor and the character you might expect to be gay is, in an episode referencing this movie, revealed to be unexpectedly straight… possibly before a character previously established or assumed as straight is revealed as gay?



Hilma af Klint (Swedish, 1862-1944)

Tree of Knowledge, 1913

Hilma af Klint’s paintings are diagrams of a spiritual plane that underlies the visual world. She was a member of a small group of women who would meet to access religious spirits with knowledge of the afterlife.

Gregor, one of the spiritual masters she contacted during these meetings, said to her that the paintings represent “All the knowledge that is not of the senses, not of the intellect, not of the heart but is the property that exclusively belongs to the deepest aspect of your being […] the knowledge of your spirit.”

Hilma af Klint wanted to keep her paintings secret from the public until 20 years after her death.

More on hideback

Ok but does Kara know that Maggie knows she supergirl or is she just really bad at keeping her secret identity a secret

Because I seriously like want Alex to like just not say anything and then Kara gets super dramatic about it and does they whole thing she did with Lucy but more dramatic and Maggie and Alex just can’t stop themselves from laughing and she’s just a confused puppy and Alex is like “come on do you think my girlfriend’s stupid or something” and Maggie just kissed her cheek and Kara’s just a puppy the whole time

Happy late holidays and new year, secret worlders! <3 May the year be filled with beautiful old lesbians. :D

This image inspired a new headcanon for me: Miss Plimmswood is very good at acting more drunk than she actually is. When she hangs out with Templars, she uses this as an excuse to get away with little “improper” things she’d otherwise get in trouble for. She is actually better at holding her liquor than Dame J is.

i love that not only is pike keeping her bae a secret from vox machina, ashley is also keeping it from the whole cast of critical role and they’re DYING to know who it is like i’m pretty sure even matt is in the dark and he’s sooooooo not used to not knowing what’s going on just look at his face during the girl talk in episode 57

like he gets super focused when pike brings up her mysterious crush again and you can almost see the glimmer in his eyes of “oh my god new story telling possibilities and character progression”

and then keyleth and vex try to coax it out of her and all the boys are like “omg” and matt is like “omg” but then she’s like “i don’t know” and the girls are like “okay if you don’t want to” and matt just

starts eating his hand?? i’m laughing so hard at this absolute dork i love him


Ok I usually stay quiet, but I really want to touch on this subject. Iris told Barry and Wally that she wants to prove her life matters. If she’s leaving this world then by god she will leave her mark. The thing is, we know she matters. She matters to us. 

There are very few women characters in a superhero genre that I have seen this well written (in terms of DC and live-actions). I love some of the other women on the show like Caitlin and Linda, but Iris… Iris is alive on the screen. She can be forgiving and she can be angry. She can hate people for lying to her and keeping secrets. She can keep her own secrets. She can love and be loved. She can be funny and sarcastic. She can be overwhelmed. She can cry. She is human. You know how much I love just listening to her talk? No matter what is going on in my life, chances are Iris has gone through it and beaten it. She is someone to look up to. 

Personally, she has inspired me in more ways than one, particularly with my self-esteem. I’ve said this before I’m sure, but I’m white. I also am on the heavier side and have been since I was a kid. So most of my life I wore things that hid my body. I was ashamed, ya know? I didn’t feel worthy of letting people see me so I hid behind jeans and loose t-shirts and jackets. Anything that covered me up. Seeing Iris the last 2 ½ years has helped me so much. Like look at this woman:

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Like she holds herself with so much power and strength that no matter what she’s wearing, it works. And Candice Patton is a GORGEOUS woman. I mean stunning. If she has helped me get over a lifetime of body issues then I can’t imagine what she’s done for other people. For other girls, in particular women of color. I was lucky growing up, I know that, to have lots of pretty white actresses to look up to. But Candice Patton as Iris West teaches confidence rather than beauty.

That is the mark that Iris has made. She made it day 1 on this show. No matter what happens, Iris Ann West has made her mark. She does matter. 

My headcanon for Supercorp

I know that Lena is really smart and Kara is terrible at keeping her secret identity a secret but I really like the idea of Lena actually not figuring it out on her own.
I want her to fall in love with adorable, dorky and cute cub reporter Kara Danvers. The girl that doesn’t treat her like a Luthor, her first and only true friend in National City. And at the same time I want her to feel attraction to the mysterious, confident and strong Supergirl.
I want her to be so confused for her feelings about both women.
Then I want Kara to trust her with her secret in a similar way she did to Lucy.

Happy Holidays @waifre! – From Your Secret Santa.

Who says you were just a cover? | Bellarke ‘Mr. and Mrs. Smith’ AU

Clarke Griffin is a contract killer, and a good one at that. Concealing her true profession from her husband, she lives under an elaborate cover involving a house in the suburbs and truly insufferable neighbours. She keeps her secrets, she kills her targets, she lies to Bellamy, and she lives her separate lives.

Until she is assigned to kill Cage Wallace, and discovers her husband has been given the same exact assignment. After failing to assassinate Wallace, Clarke receives a new target: Bellamy Blake.