keep her fed keep her happy

Oh how I love a bit of strategy and let me tell you I saw more than thoughtless retweets by Sam and Caitriona here!! Clever little sneaky sneaks these two and from one sneaky sneak to another I must say I’m proud of their efforts today! Pure gold! So the boys have given Shatner quite a bit of attention the last few days- you know the drill…keep him happy, keep him fed and he behaves until he’s hungry again. But from Caitriona as usual…crickets. So what does the old bastard do? Tweets a promotion for Child Cancer just as she returns from her WWC promotional visit. How in hell is she supposed to ignore that! As a patron to WWC she’d be mad to miss the opportunity to create a link between WWC and secure support from his millions of followers…and he knows it! So how can she do this without directly associating herself with the mad bastard? Well…through her hubby of course! Sam retweeted first and she retweeted HIS tweet and in doing so gave Shatner some ‘watered down’ attention, enough to keep him happy. At the same time she gives her charity a link to him and his followers likely knowing he may promote WWC to gain more attention from her. From her side it looks like she is supporting Sam support Shatner…now you can’t tell me these two aren’t a team…a bloody marvellous team! A retweet that allows her to keep her distance yet serve WWC’s interests. And right there is an example of clever business Lassies…so please don’t take her retweet out on her…she’s doing it for WWC and all those little kiddies that desperately need support. I’m feeling such love for them today…😩😩😩❤️