keep her fed keep her happy

A very well fed and happy Sarah Vixen (by Samael)

An adorable commission done by the amazingly talented @samael

It is very important to keep Sarah well fed and happy. She’s a sweetheart, but when her tummy gets a rumblin’ there isnt much you can do other than feed her. Just hope you have plenty of food around to keep her happy, or you might end up like the wiggling bulges she’s sporting right now. Who’s in there? Some cute bunnies? Chris? You? Who knows! They’ll just be Sarah pudge in a good few hours. Might as well get some cuddles in while she’s sated. Just be careful, she’s known to get dessert sometimes~


I loooove seeing Sarah drawn in Samael’s style, she looks so cute in it! Been a good while sense I’ve gotten anything with her, happy to see her still up to her silly vorish antics ^_^

For niggas ready to find love.

Step 1: Find a girl you’re interested in.

Step 2: Offer to take her out.

Now we do have some prideful women. She may want to pay for herself. That’s fine, just show her a good time.

In the event of a curve, embrace it and try again with more credentials or another time or another approach if you’re still interested.

*Limit 3x a year*

Step 3: After the date, if you’re actually interested in her like that let her know and if you’re not then try another date or just stop there and settle for either friendship or if she’s with it fuck buddies.

If you’re actually interested in her, be mindful of having sex early. Believe it or not waiting does matter. Men tend to degrade a woman in their mind if she’s willing to have sex on the first night and that’s a fact. Whether you show it or not. It’s better to wait. Protect her from your tendencies even if she’s willing.

Step 4: Fuck Her Right In The Pussy.

Real shit, make sure you satisfy her in every way that you can that simultaneously keeps you happy and satisfied. For the most part she may do her part. A woman tends to reward a good man. You must keep her satisfied in all aspects.

Physically satisfied: Keep her fed.

Mentally satisfied: Share perspectives on life with her. Teach her things. Share your information and experiences with her.

Emotionally satisfied: Show her that a lifetime of conforming to the gender roles of a man that teach that emotions are weakness won’t stop you from showing her who you really are in the inside. Bring her comfort knowing that she’s not the only one that’s emotionally invested in this.

Spiritually satisfied: Be God fearing. Humble yet strong. Connect with her soul and make sure she knows exactly who you are and what you’re about.

Sexually satisfied: You gotta become the only being on this planet that can bring her to the highest level of ecstasy. Play her body like your very own instrument. She’s your Queen, your Goddess, remember that satisfying her in this aspect is one of the most rewarding of them all.

Step 5: Put a ring on it.

Nah if you wanna get married and she does then full support. Realize that the wedding plans are most likely out of your hands and she may already have it down to a science but besides that only get married if you want to.

Marriage doesn’t solidify anything. Remember that. But if you’re going to get married, divorce should never be an option.

Step X: If things don’t happen to work out try not to be bitter. You may not be the right one for her but you will be for someone else. Stay strong homie. Learn from everything from your point of view to hers. Regardless of what she does that no longer matters since it’s just you now. Don’t shame her and the things she did while she was with you. Just find closure, close the book, and open a new one.

Any questions?

Home is where your cat is

Rating: General Audiences

Fandom: Teen Wolf

Pairing: Peter Hale/Stiles Stilinski

Tags: fluff, cuddling, cats judging you, pre-slash


“That’s a cat.”

“An adorable big, fluffy, cat!”

“It’s fat.”

Stiles gasps and smoothes down the cat’s big fluffy ears with his free hand. “Don’t say that! You will hurt her feelings! Don’t listen to the mean wolf,” he coos at the cat in his arms and plasters it ’s head with exaggerated smooching kisses.

The cat looks about as done with him as Peter feels.

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(Happy early Mother’s Day, B&tB fandom - have some headcanons - )

Belle’s mother:
- her name was Heloise
- from her earliest days she was a beautiful child, but goodness was she willful
- “willful” was indeed how she was often described, the most complimentary way to put it
- she learned how to dance and walk and speak with poise and ride a horse and comport herself with a proper woman’s grace, never once did she look down upon the act of being a lady
- but she scoffed at the idea she had to confine herself to it
- her family was well-to-do, not of noble blood but truly respected in society; she was presented at court once or twice in her youth though of course she was nowhere near important enough to interact with the royalty
- the older she got the less restricted she became: outspoken, seeking out every literary salon, never bothering with a hat when she was in a hurry, riding too fast down the street and sometimes not even sidesaddle
- the other girls teased and giggled and whispered
- she heard them and never cared
- she was like a pirate queen in a romantic novel, the kind of woman easily pictured wearing men’s trousers and brandishing a pistol to defend herself
- eventually came the day when boys became young men and the willful beauty with the flashing eyes who dominated every literary debate in Paris was all that they could think about
- then suddenly those giggling whispering girls did their best to be more like her
- but it’s hard to imitate such a genuine article
- her family knew well what type of young woman she had become, so when she fell in love with an artist they merely threw up their hands in resignation
- her life with Maurice was very different from her wealthy childhood and youth
- but she never missed what she didn’t have, never complained and never cared
- despite the pain and fear and sorrow at her passing she felt no regret for the life she had chosen, no regret at the end, for she died in love and having known the happiness of loving
- no regret, that is, save one: that she would never see her baby grow up to become a young woman

Adam’s mother:
- her name was…rather long, quite the mouthful as she was a noblewoman
- but you may call her Apolline, good sir or madam, and it please you
- she was always a quiet girl, a quiet woman, dutiful but intelligent
- she did flawless embroidery and read books of poetry and paid careful attention to her servants and carried herself overall with a queen’s grace
- when she did speak her voice was always calm and firm, when she spoke she always had something important to say
- and men and women without fail listened
- her husband was a not a good man, but then she had never expected to marry one; her heart had always been resigned and practical
- she left him to do what he would, she respected him for the fact that he kept out of her way, that they as good as had separate households within the castle
- once she bore him their son she asked that he come to her bed no more, and to her inner relief he listened
- she did not meddle in how he dealt with his subjects, it was not her place and she knew it would do no good to speak out or try 
- but silently where she could she tried to offset his behaviors by distributing alms and charity
- she was a good Christian woman as became a noble wife, said her prayers every night and visited her confessor regularly, though she did not know in all honesty if she believed in a God that was always looking out for his children
- the closest she ever became to being fierce when was it came to her son
- she kept him near and oversaw most of his education herself, and when her husband tried to take the boy away, the only time in their marriage she resisted
- and he who scoffed at so much she otherwise said and cared about, saw something in her eyes that made him back away silently
- her illness was a long and wasting one, she knew her end was coming well before it arrived
- her greatest fear was not where she was going but what she left behind
- she worried what might happen to her son, and she prayed that someone would come along after her to love and to protect him

LeFou’s mother:
- her name was Felicite
- alas she was well named, she was from the start a doe-eyed girl, a dreamer
- not the kind of dreamer that leads to curiosity and adventure, the kind that sits all day looking at clouds and gathering flowers and humming little songs while the cows go un-milked and the eggs un-gathered
- she was always happy but it was an empty type of happiness, telling stories to escape, so cheered by those stories she was mindless to the possibility of anything better
- her parents and her elder sister tried to toughen her up, tried to protect her, but she remained naive
- the young man who came to town wasn’t all that handsome and had no money, but he was charming and a good singer and it was too easy to be-spell a bright-eyed farmer’s daughter who still wore her hair in braids
- she was lucky enough to have family to intervene, they made him at least marry her first
- after the wedding night he was gone, left town and traveled far away
- she thought not of it, he’d told her he was a merchant
- for five years she repeated that story with a happy smile: her husband was a merchant, he had to travel far and work so hard, but someday soon his travels would bring him near, he would come home again
- when he did he would kiss her tenderly, he loved and missed her so, her darling Jacques
- when he did he would finally meet his son, the little boy she had named after his father
- she never got out of the habit of dreaming, never really learned to work hard, and though she loved him she was too absentminded to mother her son properly
- she had to stay with her elder sister, already married and widowed, and her sister’s children, by living together they made something of a household
- every few months her husband would bother writing a letter and she’d sigh over it fondly
- she would get one of her nephews to tell her what it said, repeat all the sweet words and reassurances, for she never learned to read
- no one was surprised when she caught a chill one year and wasted away, it was as if her dreams had finally taken her
- her last words were “Jacques, my love” but everyone knew she meant her absent husband; in truth her thoughts lingered rarely on her child

Gaston’s mother:
- her name was Athalie
- to call her so would have left her flustered, she most her life was “Madame Bûcher”; what name to her but as her husband’s wife
- she did not have many friends anyway, even when young she was shy, head down when addressed, speaking softly
- the woodsman made for them a little house on the farthest side of town, practically among the trees
- her world was to keep this house clean, keep her husband fed, mend his clothes, rub his back when he came home from a long day’s work; she did this well and it made her happy
- they wanted children and they tried for many years
- then they gave up, content with each other despite their silent sadness
- then when she was old, and he older, they had so unexpected the healthiest, most beautiful baby boy one had ever seen
- a boy who grew bigger and stronger, despite that she was small and frail, and her husband though stout and strong was otherwise average
- they knew not where he came from, this blessing they had so longed for, and they marveled over and adored him
- she was a faithful woman, superstitious, rosary always with her, despite her meekness insisting every Sunday her family make the journey into town to sit for mass, anything less was unthinkable
- she called her son, born to her so late in life, her “miracle from God”
- she marked his jumps in height against the front door’s frame, she went hungry so he would have everything he wanted to eat
- every time he left the house she would stop him, wipe off any speck of dirt and smooth his hair, admonish him never to hide such a handsome face
- she would send her boy to town with a list she made with symbols on a scrap of paper, praise him when he carried back the shopping one-handed
- her greatest happiness was to watch him grow, her fondest dream for the day he became a man, took a wife, started his own family
- her son’s fourteenth summer a fever swept the countryside; he was off hunting
- her husband fell ill, as she did her best to nurse him she too succumbed; together they died the same way they’d done so much else in life, unremarked and quietly

MysteryPearl Week Prompt 1: Firsts

When Pearl regenerated, she had about thirty seconds to enjoy her new form before she was attacked by something. The something doing the attacking was Sheena, thankfully, rather than the pain-crazed gem monster that had damaged her in the first place—Pearl just managed to stop herself from drawing her spear, and curled her arms around her girlfriend’s warm back.

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anonymous asked:

WHAT would the rfa be like if they had pet rats??? v and saeran too if u wanna but u dont have to!! !!

Thanks for this request! I didn’t include pictures because my laptop was being way slow but I did write the type of rat I had in mind if there was any specifics


-Would buy girl rats! Maybe only 2, gotta keep the costs down, but they need the company.
-Wouldn’t mind what they looked like! Would get whichever ones they had in the pet shop at the time, but would choose the two with cute little markings if he had a choice.
-They’d keep him company at night when he’s gaming.
-He’d name them fantasy kind of things!
-Would love to give them new toys to adventure around the cage.
-When they are a little older he would try and take them to college. They were too frightened and he nearly lost one.
-Never tried that again.
-Generally they love to be in his hoodie pocket during the day if he’s home!
-He’s always forgetting to make sure his headphone cables aren’t in chewing distance…
-Absolutely hates cleaning the cage at first but then decides it’s his quest for his precious friends and actually kidn of enjoys it, especially them running around in it once it’s clean.
- Doesn’t tell his mum for ages that he has them
-They always steal food from his plate but he doesn’t mind much as long as they aren’t chewing his cables and they are happy.
Thinks they are the funniest little animals.


-Probably would buy girls because them running around at night while she’s working late helps keep her spirits up. 3-4 of them to keep each other company even when she’s busy.
-Probably likes the black and white ones, like the black hooded kind the best, thinks they are ~classic~ but not super fussed.
-Would buy at least one albino one and name it after one of Zen’s characters.
-A big cage, probably doesn’t like to let them out and about on the loose much because she’s worried about them escaping or getting lost or hurt but will happily take them out to stroke them and hold them every day to destress.
-Learned very quickly that they loved to pull paper into their cage if they could. Stopped leaving paperwork anywhere near them.
-Loves to sit and have coffee and just watch them run around once she’s fed them dinner.
-Shuts them in her room is Jumin makes her cat-sit, and is super tense the whole time.
-Researched a lot into the best foods to give and avoid to keep them healthy and happy.
-Got them a range of things to keep them intellectually stimulated even when she isn’t there, such as puzzles to do to get treats.


-Absolutely fell in love with an albino rat so definitely at least one of those
-Probably also a Siamese? I think he’d find them very sleek and beautiful. -Both top eared rats for maximum beauty!
-Would probably get girls so he could teach them tricks and they would be more active.
-I imagine he also found that a male rat needed a good home and was neutered he’s adopt it straight away. -He loves how lazy and cuddly the boy can be, but also how active and super smart the girls are even as they grow up!
_-If he was rescuing a rat he is in no way fussed by how it looks. Goofy as you liike, he loves it.
-If they fight he’s always like, a bit personally offended. I didn’t raise you lthis way??? How dare you posh my gorgeous first daughter? they grow up and learn quickly though and only have the occasional tiff. He learns to ignore it but is still defensive, especially if he thinks there is ANY kind of bullying going on.
-Spends a lot of time letting them roam around freely, he taught them to come back to their names so he trusts them to run round his room/the living room at their leisure.
-probably 3-4, but would adopt more if they needed a good home up until about 6 so he could train them to behave!
-He definitely takes his boy in his pocket, if not one or two of the girls too, especially if he’s just nipping out to get something!
-Often sit on his shoulder or snuggled up under his hair, (or against his chest under his shirt if he’s sitting down).
-SO many photos and videos of his girls doing tricks for treats and his boy(s) snozzing on his bed on the sofa, in his sleeve, on his script…
-Loves to let them lick smoothie or other rat friendly treats from his finger.
Thinks they are beautiful and so smart and gentle.


-Would get like, the finest pedigree rats from a private breeder.
I think he’d like russian blues!
-Would get males I think, just to see them sleeping during the day and because he thought he was too busy to engage with girls who want more attention.
-Would get a pair of them.
-They’d probably have a huge cage, and be kept in a room that he reluctantly didn;t allow elizabeth 3rd in.
-Wishes he could take them to work but doesn’t trust them since he doesn’t feel he has the time to train them enough.
-Sometimes has them come to the office in a slightly smaller cage to hang out at his desk, and insists it helps him concentrate.
-Definitely interested in rat business ideas.
-Does let them and Elizabeth 3rd meet once they are bigger and they don’t get into any trouble, but he would not want to leave them unattended.
-Absolutely adores them
-You thought pictures of the cat were blurry? The rats move faster, usually just these grey-blue blurs or bits of an empty cage.
-He loves them though and thinks they are adorable a a dignity about them when they stretch up or when they sleep.
-Has the chef prepare a rat friendly equivalent of his meal for dinner at least once or twice a week so they don’t get bored,, but mostly feeds them the top and most expensive but nutritionally balanced food.
-Strokes them a lot inside the cage or lets them come onto his lap and get some affection. He likes it when they crawl inside his suit jacket and curl up, but he wouldn’t tell anyone that.


-Boy rats for sure! He loves to have them laze around on his lap or his desk when he works.
-Rex rats I think? The extra curly fur and messy whiskers really amused him.
-Dumbo ears too!
-He’d let them go wherever they wanted as long as they didn;t start eating stuff but he would do his best to rat proof the wires and teach them not to.
Lazy boys weren’t such a problem though anyway!
-Always in his hoodie with him, basically never go into their cage unless they choose to themselves.
-They probably have the most ridiculous names, usually a title and then a first name and a surname.
-Honestly best friends. -Vandewood is unimpressed to find them scurrying around but kind of falls in love too.


-Would only take on rescue rats.
-Loves lazy boys for snuggling with!
-Probably would love a husky rat, and maaybe a double rex?
-The husky is super super fluffy and the double rex feels so different and changes the patter and feel over time,
V loves the little babs snuggling up in bed with him, and how much affection they love to have.
-He gets really pleased to come in to see them and they all run up to greet him etc.
-Always has them out on the bed.
-Always giving them treats.
-Handfeeds them and takes them on walks with him with them love under his shirt or something.
-Loves loves loves to just have them climbing all over them and giving him little licks.
-Takes so many gorgeous pictures of them.


-Would love to let them climb all over him.
-Inseperable. You rarely see him without a rat on his shoulder.
-Would get maybe 3?
-Would want a naked one I think because everyone thinks they are ugly but he wants to give one love. The others would be fluffy so he could stroke the fluff and feel calm. -Definitely lazy snuggly boys.
-Absolutely best friend for the rats, 11/10. He adores them and prioritises them and their needs.
-Definitely takes better care of himself because he has them to take care of.
-Loves snuggling them when he can’t sleep or is anxious!
-Takes them everywhere. I cannot express this enough. If someone wants to tell him he can’t, he’ll kick up a fuss about it.
-Really finds them peaceful and interesting and loving!


The horror of Muffet’s battle occurs in the real world, clans of spiders working together exist in nature. Together the spiders can build huge webs that cover trees, and can capture more prey, and larger prey.

You see, what happens is that when a large prey, like the bats or the grasshopper in the photos, gets stuck in the web, the first spider that finds the prey will start tapping on the web in a pattern that other spiders will sense and recognize as “prey here”
Of course in Muffet’s fight, we are told the spiders are dancing and clapping and tapping in a synchronized dance. The beat behind the battles music, Spider Dance, is the rhythm those spiders do to signal prey has been caught and causes the other spiders to swarm and help wrap up and bite the prey, subduing birds, small mammals, snakes, lizards, and bats much bigger than the spiders.

One or more of the largest female spiders in the colony will take care of reproducing and laying eggs, and will feed the young while leaving the hunting and killing of prey to other spiders, while male spiders tend to repair and expand the webs. This is exactly what happens with Muffet. She bakes food for and prepares caught prey for her children, while the rest of the smaller colony members fight and damage the players.

The whole time you are in that fight, you are stuck listening to the cool music playing in the background, that is actually the sound of millions of spiders swarming and tapping out a synchronized vibration rhythm to summon more spiders to come throw themselves at you. Muffet cares for her spider family, and she is willing to do whatever it takes to keep them safe together and to keep them fed. That happy dance is the dance calling for your doom. One tiny spider could never take down something your size, but as the bats and grasshoppers above learned the hard way, they will keep coming and coming and swarm you.

Now there is no evidence of this ever happening, but given the size these webs can get, and how the millions of silk strands can quickly become as strong as a steel cable twice as thick, and as someone who has encountered them in an infestation at a water treatment plant, it’s perfectly possible that someone who fell or kept trying to break through could get stuck in these huge web layers as they built up and tangled around, and there has been more than enough spiders recorded in these webs to deliver the amount of venom to put an adult male into shock, through thousands of bites, killing the same way people die from killer bee swarms stinging them all over. You would rot way before they could eat past your first layers of flesh, but they can digest birds and small mammals, so our very finely haired skin would be fair game to a species with fangs long enough to pierce it. Theoretically it could happen if you were a fool and ran into a huge web and kept struggling forward until you became stuck, but then again, that’s exactly what you just did in UnderTale, ahuhuhu!

The Changeling and the Knight

So, this is loosely based on one of my favorite books as a child: Hasse Simonsdochter by Dutch author Thea Beckman. I’m just using some plot elements and ideas and hopefully making my own world here. No knowledge of the book is necessary.

All my thanks to Mary, and her ridiculously awesome beta skills. Without her, this story wouldn’t even be half as awesome.

Kat, I really hope you like it. I’m sorry I’m a slow piece of shit that got carried away and made you wait forever.

O, de suizelende wind door het jonge riet! Hasse Simonsdochter kon er nooit genoeg van krijgen. Vooral in de lente, wanneer het nog groen en buigzaam was, was het riet haar lief.” – first lines of Thea Beckman’s Hasse Simonsdochter.


She has never seen a sight so beautiful as the sun peeking through the forest and trees to hit the water, reflecting the light everywhere. She jumps from her hiding spot and into the light, watching the shapes it creates on her torn skirts – oh Father will be very angry with her when she returns. But how can she worry about Father when there is sunlight and the water is warm as it laps at her muddy feet?

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The Last Little Girl I Kidnapped

original / author

I sat on the couch admiring my latest acquisition.

She must have been 6 or 7 years old.

I had her hands and feet duct taped with a sac over her head. She howled at first. They always do. Now she was going through the whimpering phase. Satisfied that she wasn’t going anywhere, I turned on the news to see if any Amber alerts had been issued.

That’s when I heard her mumbling.

“2, 14, 26, 32, 40, 41,… 2, 14, 26, 32, 40, 41…”

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Measuring Tension

Anonymous asked:

Oh wise goddess of WQA, this humble lurker requests a boon: Can you tell us how to measure tension? Everyone discusses tension and how important it is, but no one says how you find or measure it. Is there a metric or yardstick you can use or do you just get a sense of it with practice? If the latter, how on earth do you measure tension objectively?

Oh, how I wish I could be the person to say, “here’s how you measure tension,” but alas, I cannot, because such a thing doesn’t really exist. However, I can help you understand it better, which will help you know how to use it in your story. :)

First, it’s important to understand what tension actually is. In a nutshell, it’s that thing that makes the reader want to turn the page to find out what happens next. Specifically, it’s when a threat has been posed to something the reader wants, which typically coincides with what the protagonist wants, too. However, you can’t threaten something that the reader doesn’t care about, so the trick is to make sure the reader is invested in whatever outcome has been threatened.

Let’s use The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins as an example. *** Spoiler warning for anyone who hasn’t read the book or seen the movie. *** 

When we start reading the novel, we don’t know much about Katniss Everdeen, but we start to like her because she loves her little sister and wants to take care of her family, both of which are admirable. As the chapter goes on, we see the harsh terms of the life they lead in District 12, and we see just how hard Katniss is willing to work, and how far she’s willing to go, to keep her family fed and happy. Katniss’s goal is to keep her family safe, and since we like Katniss, we want to see her fulfill that goal–it becomes our goal, too. So, when at the end of chapter one, Prim is randomly chosen to participate in the deadly Hunger Games, that goal now becomes threatened. This is where the tension is created. Desperate questions are suddenly launched in our minds: How will Katniss keep Prim safe now? Who else will be chosen? What will happen next? Our need to have these questions answered–and thus have that threat relieved–is what makes us turn to chapter two.

The next thing to know about tension is how to use it effectively. Tension needs to be released–in other words, the reader needs an answer to that nagging question–but there’s a tricky balance to be struck here. On the one hand, you don’t want to draw it out so long that the reader stops caring about the answer. On the other hand, you don’t want to give the answer away too quickly. That’s why the best tension is often multi-faceted–there are multiple questions to be answered. In the case of Prim’s name being drawn, we get a pretty immediate answer to “How will Katniss keep Prim safe” when she volunteers as tribute in Prim’s place–but there’s still another name to be drawn–will it be Gale’s? And what will happen now? Can Katniss survive the Hunger Games? This last one becomes the so-called “big question” that will be answered by the novel’s conclusion, but these little questions–and the new ones spawned by their answers–are the ones that keep the reader turning pages.

Something else that’s important: tension works best when the reader gets some time to catch their breath now and then. In chapter three of The Hunger Games, when we know Prim is safe, and we know Peeta is the other tribute, we get some time to breathe while Katniss says goodbye to her family and scrambles to make sure they’re taken care of in her absence. Then, we have dinner on the tribute train, which isn’t without its moments of levity. We catch our breath, and soon new tension will begin to build.

If any of you have been watching the Olympics this week, a good way to think of tension is to imagine a balance beam routine. The tension comes from these questions: will the gymnast be successful? Will they fall? Will they get the highest score? But, the multi-faceted questions are whether or not they will complete each skill successfully, so we watch with baited breath as each skill is attempted, and we suck in our breaths when there’s a wobble or a misplaced hand or foot. Each completed skill answers a question: “Yes, they completed this skill successfully. No, they didn’t fall.” (Or, “No, they didn’t complete this skill successfully. Yes, they did fall.”) But each completed skill (or answered question) leads into a new skill (or new question) that we must now wait to be answered. When the gymnast does her dismount, all but one question is answered (did they get a high enough score to win?) and we breathe a huge sigh of relief because it’s over. The “big question” is whether or not their score is high enough to win, but this question is often not answered until many more gymnasts have done their routines as well. 

For reference, here’s gymnast Nastia Liukin at the 2008 Olympics:

Another helpful way to think of narrative tension is as a roller coaster:

So, while there’s not really a metric for measuring tension in a novel, understanding what it is and how it works can go a long way in helping to ensure you’ve got the right amount of it in your story. :)

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Oh how I love a bit of strategy and let me tell you I saw more than thoughtless retweets by Sam and Caitriona here!! Clever little sneaky sneaks these two and from one sneaky sneak to another I must say I’m proud of their efforts today! Pure gold! So the boys have given Shatner quite a bit of attention the last few days- you know the drill…keep him happy, keep him fed and he behaves until he’s hungry again. But from Caitriona as usual…crickets. So what does the old bastard do? Tweets a promotion for Child Cancer just as she returns from her WWC promotional visit. How in hell is she supposed to ignore that! As a patron to WWC she’d be mad to miss the opportunity to create a link between WWC and secure support from his millions of followers…and he knows it! So how can she do this without directly associating herself with the mad bastard? Well…through her hubby of course! Sam retweeted first and she retweeted HIS tweet and in doing so gave Shatner some ‘watered down’ attention, enough to keep him happy. At the same time she gives her charity a link to him and his followers likely knowing he may promote WWC to gain more attention from her. From her side it looks like she is supporting Sam support Shatner…now you can’t tell me these two aren’t a team…a bloody marvellous team! A retweet that allows her to keep her distance yet serve WWC’s interests. And right there is an example of clever business Lassies…so please don’t take her retweet out on her…she’s doing it for WWC and all those little kiddies that desperately need support. I’m feeling such love for them today…😩😩😩❤️

Something Different

Well, a few weeks ago the wonderful mods at @imagineclaireandjamie put out a notice that they were looking to add a new writer to the team. I applied and filled two prompts to showcase my writing. Honestly, they probably aren’t my best work, but it was my first time writing anything related to Outlander. I’m usually not that great at writing people or emotional scenes. I’m good at fantasy and whatnot. But I did it and I was proud of myself for putting myself out there. 

I didn’t get the moderator position, which is fine. Just submitting anything was a huge step for me.

And then I get a notification today that @gotham-ruaidh mentioned me in a post listing people who were active in the Outlander fandom. So, not only did Gotham encourage me to submit my work (which was terrifying for me to do) now she’s gotten me to want to post my work for other people to read. All without even trying. So. I’ll post both stories below the cut so this post doesn’t take up anymore space than it already is.

Read and enjoy. If you don’t like it, you’re welcome to tell me why, but try and be kind. I put my soul into what I write and take things too personally. Thanks!

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