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B.A.P: falling asleep with them


•  he’s gotta be reeeealllyyy tired if he was the one suggesting sleep or taking a nap
•  he’ll come up behind you and bury his head in your neck and sighs from relief bc he’s so exhausted
•  “come lay with me, baby”
•  out of habit, he’ll kiss your hands and run his fingers through your hair
•  and with his lips gingerly pressed on your forehead, you’ll both drift off to sleep


•  he’s just a soft and cuddly bear in general but he’s extra clingy when he’s sleepy
•  traces little patterns over your hips and thighs until you feel tired enough to nap with him
•  he takes this time of day to show his love for you and be all squishy and tender
•  “mmmmhmm this is so nice….I love you, y/n”
•  you’d love waiting for him to fall asleep first to watch that small smile form on his lips and the way he moves even closer to your body


•  isn’t as annoying as much as he’s clingy and whiny
•  you can’t resist his cuddles and his little moans every time you play with his hair
•  he takes off all his clothes even if you’re just taking a short nap, and hops on the bed
•  doesn’t even care if you don’t do the same, his hands will find a way under your shirt anyway lmao
•  he fights the urge to close his eyes bc he loves looking at you and admiring you from this close


•  he has a whole routine and gets annoyed if something happens or if he couldn’t fall asleep next to you
•  like he’ll tell you all about his day as he plays with your hands and leans in to kiss your cheek every now and then
•  when you’re finally ready to pass out, he’ll just lay in your arms without making any attempt to find a bed or a blanket
•  nuzzles into your chest and neck until he’s comfortable
•  “how do you always smell so good? I feel bad bc you’re always putting up with me sweating after practice”


•  if you tell him that you’re tired or even yawn, he’ll silently pick you up and place you on the bed
•  “get some rest, y/n, I’m not going anywhere”
•  as thoughtful as he is, he’s really dumb bc why would you fall asleep without him
•  kinda just lays there awkwardly unless he’s really tired, but holds his head against yours and sings softly to you if you asked him
•  moves his lips lazily against yours in short yet sloppy kisses, until you’re both too tired to keep going


•  is like a chatterbox before bedtime, he loves getting away from his hyungs and talking about everything on his mind
• he won’t cuddle until he’s finally in his pj’s, face washed, teeth brushed and everything
•  he’ll start mumbling when he’s getting sleepy
•  tugs at the hem of your shirt or pants to keep talking to him “nooooo I don’t wanna fall asleep yet”
•  but omg kiss his neck or around his jawline and he’ll pass out in seconds

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Reaction to being a DOG and their S.O takes care of them

(Hello! Some of these reactions will be pictures/gifs since there aren’t a lot of dog gifs out there)


“I don’t want to go outside… the people out there are dangerous!”


“Keep petting me please”


“Ummm y/n I think you put too much in my doggy bowl!!!”


“Finally the kids are out of the house, now I can rest”


You: “Come on Jongup! Let’s play fetch!”
Jongup: *Ignores and keeps sleeping*



(Not my gifs/pictures)

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B.A.P.'s reaction to an annoying game like flappy bird

Thanks for the message! Hope you like it ^.^



Jongup: “It’s fun right?” “Yep, sure is” *just smile and nod*

Yongguk: *aegyos to the beat* ….a girl can dream, ok?!

Youngjae: “You’re doing great, keep going!” *steals person’s food"

Zelo: “Ooh! Can I play?”