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[I see what youdid there Ohtaka. Look closely and compare (shadow or overly dark) Alibaba to then cut to actual Alibaba and tell me it doesn’t look like one page he’s giving Arba the middle finger and next looks like he played off cool by switch to pointy finger instead.]

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Bai bitch.

Oh, honestly people you might wanna blacklist : tw: drama. 

Truthfully I don’t know what this is. And I honestly don’t care. I’m not one to link myself to drama. Because it’s a waste of my time. I have things going on in the RL— just like every soul on here does. BUT — let me tell you something. I’m not going to deal with some anon trying to make shit funny when it isn’t. Or am I going to deal with someone who keeps constantly posting about how many people are unfollowing her ?? WHY ? Because first of all, you unfollowed them, so why the fuck are they going to keep following you? Second, of all, you’re rather pushy and disrespectful. You keep pushing and pushing, and I’m going to be dead honest on this post —- because you’re childish. I don’t care what this post looks like —

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That Sherlock Starbucks post I made years ago is going around again and a lot of people have added jlock related comments on it so I keep getting followers with ‘tj*c’ in their bios/blog titles and I’m like…. oh honey, no….

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Hey Kim! So..... I know that you're writing is totally A+ work, but I was wondering if you had any fics that are smut-free? You absolutely and totally can write whatever you want (and you're super talented at it!) I'm not trying to say otherwise. Smut just isn't really my thing, and I was wondering if you wrote any fics without it? If not, it's 100% hakuna matata. :) I'll keep following you no matter what, because you're awesome and I love seeing you on my dash!

I think most of my Destiel drabbles are smut free, if you ship them. If not, then I don’t think I have anything. Smut is kind of my specialty. But there are tons of great smut free writers in the fandom! :) XOXO

yeah, um…

i’ve been staying off tumblr for a little while, as you might have noticed. i kinda wanted to see if i felt better when i wasn’t on this hellsite all the time, and the thing is - i kinda do. the atmosphere on this website and the rampant biphobia aren’t good for me. i think i’m going to take a hiatus, at least for a little while. if you wanna keep following me while i’m gone, i’ll be on vent at bizexual and i’m thinking about going back to peach at dallonweekes. i’m also on twitter as gothgfofficial, though i may move accounts sometime soon over there.

if you want to stay in contact with me, shoot me an ask/im or reply to this post. i’ll keep checking in here for a bit so i can reply to messages and such. i love my mutuals and i want to stay in contact with you guys, but tumblr is too much for me right now. i hope you’ll understand.

Tips For Success
  1. Show up.
  2. Breathe.
  3. Trust yourself.
  4. One step at a time.

ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ Iwa Sketchpage! Pick/Tag your fav. Mine’s bottom left corner for some reason.




This quote often saved me in the past, because you know that all of my animations are made with a Nintendo DSi, I always got the “well … you should try something more professional, buy a tablet” or “It’s funny but it’s for kids, try another program, with “clear” lines”, When you got too much of this you ask to yourself if you are going to the wrong way, but I love my DSi and it was the only thing I got to animate so I DIDN’T QUIT ! 

If I listened to these people, who certainly don’t even remember me “lol”, this blog would never exist ! So please ! Keep doing what you make and Love it ! 

Passion is for me one of the best energy we got ! We don’t have to leave it.

Few days ago I reached 100 000 followers, you can’t imagine how shocked I was, I never excepted a number that huge ! I was afraid of thinking so many people are watching my pigeons xD (and that so many people see my English mistakes ;u;)  but now I’m fine ^^’

I’m always happy to see that many people laugh, have fun and are happy seeing my animations and I will keep going this way because now I really love doing it and knowing that it bring so much happiness is enough for me to know that I will never stop ! 

Thank you everyone for your huge support ! I’m pleased to learn you some french :D !! Never be afraid to ask me things if you want to learn some ;) ! 

I wish you the best ! Je vous souhaite tout de bon ! 

Don’t give in to hate and negative vibes. Being the nicest and most confident person you can be will shut just about any hater up. 


Based off @goldentruth813‘s post, have a bit of drarry love  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Fill your mind with positive energy, and positive energy you will attract. You cannot expect to receive greatness while viewing the rest of the world in a negative manner. So live. Love. Release only good vibes.

i don’t care how low you think you’ve reached… never give up on yourself.

Art prompt: Zimbits at a themed dance party. Pick your favourite era/decade :)

stultiloquentia I’m not sure this was 100% what you had in mind, but indulge me.