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he doesnt get paid enough for the things he has to deal with. and by not enough I mean not at all. somebody bring him to somewhere he can slack off a bit


[T]hey see, it is said, men who have been dead for several months, come back to earth, walk, talk, infest villages… suck the blood of their near relations, make them ill, and finally cause their death…These revenants are called by the name of oupires or vampires, that is to say, leeches.”

[AU where vampires truly only care for blood while recalling nothing of their human life and are compelled to drink from their loved ones. Since Yuu is Mika’s only still living family, he seeks him out and Yuu, hoping to still be able to reach Mika in this state, allows him to drink his blood to sustain him. While it is well-known vampires retain none of their living memories, Yuu swears Mika is still Mika, and one day he’ll remember him and their family.]

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Can we get more older beefcake Adrien hc's? Please??

oh man i almost forgot i had that headcanon xD

  • so adrien p much fell into working out completely by coincidence
  • kim gets a membership for a new gym that opens up in the city, and if he recommends a friend, they’ll both get ten euros off their first three months
  • so he gives it to adrien bc the dude’s sporty and kim could use a workout buddy
  • lacrosse, basketball, fencing, and being chat noir have all kept adrien in pretty good shape, so he’s never actually worked out at a gym before. but kim extended the invitation and the membership is so cheap, he figures he might as well
  • first couple of times, adrien just stays on the cardio machines and does some light conditioning on the mats, but kim steps in and says “dude you’re never gonna see results like that.”
  • and adrien is like “results?” bc he kinda just came here to stay fit, have fun, and keep kim company
  • so kim says “next week, you’re gonna try my workout”
  • kim starts introducing adrien to the free weights and the weight machines, and adrien learns that people were serious when they devote an entire two hours to just working out their back muscles
  • it’s tough work (kim’s been doing these routines longer and adrien realizes he’s not quite as strong as he thought he was) but the burn after a good work out is really addicting. 
  • it reminds him of the exhaustion that comes from a long patrol or a satisfying akuma attack. so adrien sticks with kim’s routine for much longer than a week. 
  • he starts talking to a few of the personal trainers at the gym and looking up new workout regimens online and starts shaking up his workouts with more exercises that he wants to do and he finds it fun
  • he enjoys being able to push himself and likes that he gets to work on himself on his terms and at his pace
  • he and kim get into a routine, and after a few months, adrien’s starting to see a huge difference
  • he’s seeing some definition, his waist is more trim, and pretty soon he can handle close to twenty more pounds of weight than he could when he started 
  • adrien even starts eating more than he was used to so he can make up for all of the energy and calories he’s burning
  • kim pretty much acts like a proud papa bear when he sees adrien getting results and even shadows adrien’s workouts for a week bc damn adrien can push himself hard

My second in this new series of awkward grade school photos 😂 It took little Denki a few years to discover the wonders of hair product to tame his staticky hair. Also, who here didn’t pull the awkward wide, close-lipped smirk at least once in their school photos as a kid? (And then promptly get told off by their parents for doing so when the photos came in 🙋)


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hi there !! So I'm trying to write, and I'm already stuck. Im having a really hard time building characters, and I have too many small plot ideas in my head. But I don't know what to do - do I build my characters around my plot, or my plot around my characters? I'm not sure what I should do, and it's really tough for me at this point. Thanks ❤️❤️

The key to good fiction is good characters. To answer your question more directly, I would say that the plot and characters start off as separate entities. As the novel progresses and your characters go on adventures, their personalities should change from experiences. Real people change as they learn and grow, which is why an elderly man is much more cynical than a small child. Rather than building characters off of the plot (or vice versa), decide on the plot and then create a character that changes during the plot. 

Plot and characters do not have to be completely reliant on each other. In fact, they should not rely on each other. The character should change because of aspects of the plot, but should not be built by it. 

If your issue is having too many ideas to choose from, I would recommend making an outline of where you want your story to go. From there, try adding in the ideas. If they fit and have purpose/conflict, keep them. They’re interesting and will both fun to write and to read. If they don’t fit, meaning they seem forced or have no conflict to resolve, scrap the idea and use it for another writing project.

If you’re still stuck, try checking out our character and plot tags. You can do this, we believe in you. 

xx Sarah

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Ally any weight loss tips so no need to diet because dieting is bad

Dieting is the WORST, it literally has the word ‘die’ in it for that reason.

My tips for finding your healthiest weight are:
Eat loads of fruit, vegetables, starches, grains and legumes (do not restrict)
Drink plenty of water (aim for 2 litres)
Sleep a minimum of 8 hours a night (the earlier the better)
Get your heart rate up 3-5 times a week
Make it fun.
Make it a lifestyle change.

Rather than trying to stick to some crazy exercise regimen or super restrictive 1600 calorie diet, just make small adjustments in your daily life, so that it’s something you can maintain for the rest of your life. Take the stairs over the elevator, shop on the outside perimeter of the supermarket (ie, fresh produce, plant based milks, ignore the packaged processed items in the middle). Staples like oats, sweet potato, rice, pasta, bananas, spinach, broccoli are all your friends. If you have a dog, take them on walks. If not, take a friend so you can chat along the way. I play team sport and have done so my whole life, which I think is incredibly helpful/important for so many developmental and social reasons, but also keeps you fit whilst having fun. It’s a pre-scheduled ‘workout’ so you won’t skip it, and you get the huge added bonus of socialising, making new friends and having a fun time.

Most importantly; ignore diet culture. It exists solely to make a profit off vulnerable people’s insecurities. It’s like an abusive boyfriend who insults you but then tells you that you need him to be better. You do not need anyone or anything who shames you for the way you are. Forget detox teas, meal replacements, weight loss shakes, cellulite cream, and essentially any other product marketed solely at women.

You are already perfect as you are. You deserve to feel loved both by yourself and others. You don’t need to change your physical shape or a number on a scale to earn that. I hope this process is an organic one for you, one that comes without too much effort and is easily sustained for the rest of your life. The slower you lose weight, the easier your body will find it and be able to maintain that stable point forever. A lot of people find that a starch based diet (eating mostly things like rice, potato, oats and other fantastically healthy carbohydrates) has allowed them to eat abundantly whilst also transforming their body into its healthiest self. You can check out people on YouTube like High Carb Hannah, This Girl Audra, Not Another Vegan and Mantras and Mangos if you’d like some tips on that lifestyle. Know that we all have different healthy set points, we don’t decide where that is; our body does. Know that your body loves you, and is always fighting to keep you alive. Appreciate it for all it does for you and allows you to do.

Most of all, this should be a slow process. I know everyone wants quick results, but the faster you lose weight the faster and easier you will put it back on, because that just puts your body under stress and cannot be maintained. Let these small, simple lifestyle changes take place over time. It may take months or years to get to your healthiest point (again, your body determines this, not you, and even then it may fluctuate) so strap in for the long haul, not an overnight quick fix. This is all about learning healthier habits so it becomes completely engrained and subconscious, to the point where you genuinely love doing these things and just end up living your best life.

I hope that helps!