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NCuTies dancing to “Little Apple” fitness routine 😁

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Ford and Dipper #19, Pidge and Hunk #18, Steven and Lapis #21, Percy and Keyleth #15, Law (+ Cheza, if you want) and Bepo #9 (I know this is a lot, just pick your favorite one[s] and go with it, I was... kind of inspired with prompts. ^^;)

I picked 2!

Send me 2+ characters and a number, and I’ll draw them…

#9: In bed/non-sexually sleeping together (Law, Bepo, Cheza)

This guy looks very tired all the time to me, let him rest with his giant bear friends…it ended up kinda chibi-ish, sorry ^^;;; what even are Law’s tattoos

#18: Dancing (Pidge and Hunk)

I was going to draw them doing the Robot Dance together but no no I could make it SO MUCH CUTER THO—their colors and elements together make me think of Springtime :’D casually recycles their dance outfits form an earlier piece

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So this is gonna sound a bit odd, but I like, (whatever characters you want) has an s/o that's really fit for someone who generally doesn't like sports or working out. They ask their s/o how they be so swole and they always brush it off as "I just dance a lot in my spare time." Eventually they catch their s/o pole dancing really impressively. Like they we're too embarrassed to share their talent due to its reputation. (Look up tae mi kim or karo swen they're beautiful trust me)

How about…. Mei and Hanzo!


- At first Mei thinks you might be a ballet dancer because it requires some serious muscles

- Or maybe a fast paced dance? For cardio? She’s not quite sure

- Well she realizes what kind of dancing you do, her face turns bright red

- She really admires you and the strength it takes to dance the way you do

- But she absolutely can’t watch you practice, she has work to do and you’re far to distracting… well, maybe she’ll watch for just a couple minutes


- Is a little confused at first, how does dancing keep you fit?

- It puzzles him for a few minutes before he comes to the obvious (and correct) conclusion

- Not sure how, or if, he should approach you about it. There’s nothing wrong with you dancing, he just thinks you should know that he knows

- You don’t care that he knows, he is your boyfriend, you just didn’t want the information to become widespread

- You invite him to watch you practice (you may or may not be winking), and he enjoys it more than he will readily admit

thank you for dancing ‘til the end. a lapis lazuline fanmix.

i’m a new soul, i came to this strange world / hoping i could learn a bit ‘bout how to give and take / but since i came here, felt the joy and the fear / finding myself making every possible mistake

01. saturn - sleeping at last // 02. new soul - yael naim // 03. butterfly nets - bishop allen // 04. look how far we’ve come - imagine dragons // 05. celebrate - ingrid michaelson // 06. count on me - bruno mars // 07. shut up and dance - walk the moon // 08. your bones - of monsters and men // 09. embers - owl city // 10. for a pessimist, i’m pretty optimistic - paramore // 11. hero - jessie james // 12. let the flames begin - paramore // 13. dance apocalyptic - janelle monae.

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Justin Bieber: Friends on Ellen 2

Words count: 1712

Warning: None

Part 2 to this. Advice reading it first.

Summery: Being Justin Best Friend and going on Ellen, and having LOTS of fun.

“We’re back with (y/l/n) and Justin Bieber.” Ellen said and you the camera zoomed out and you were all setting on the floor. “Now you may be wandering why we’re sitting on the floor.” Ellen let out a laugh. “Well we were talking, and (y/n) said that she loves to sit on the floor while playing.”

“Yes! It’s so much fun.” You shrugged and smiled.

“Yeah that’s a must in her house.” Justin said sadly as if he hates it.

“AND Justin loves it.” You gave Justin a glare.

“Okay, well we’re playing two games, we’re first who’s most likely to.” Ellen said. “Each of you has a paddle with each of your names on it and I’m going to ask you question and you’re going to show the name of who you think is most likely to do it.”

“Let’s get started.” You said.

“She’s really competitive by the way.” Justin said, and you nodded.


“Well that makes, everything better.” Ellen said and she got the first card out. “Okay first one: Who’s most likely to have children first?”

“Wait accidently or planed?” You asked and Ellen looked at you and so did Justin. “What?” Ellen laughed and so did Justin.

“Planed.” Ellen said and you moved the paddle to show your name, and Justin did the same. “Okay (y/n), next question: Most likely to have sex more often?” You burst out laughing, and Justin shook his head, you both moved the name to Justin’s. “I like that you two seem to agree.”

“Yeah, they’re straight obvious questions.” Justin said.

“Next one: Who’s most likely to get cheated on?” Your eyes widened, and you turned to Justin, you both moved the name to your owns name. “Wow, why’d you both think that?”

“Well, I wouldn’t want him to get cheated on so I’d prefer myself to get cheated on, rather than him.” You said and Justin awed and hugged you to his side.

“I basically couldn’t see her in that pain and going through that.” Justin said and everyone awed.

“To a lighter one: Who’s most likely to become very fat within the next five years?” Ellen asked and you moved the paddle to Justin’s name and he’s to yours.

“I AM a model so I watch what I’m eating and I work out four times a week.” You defended yourself.

“I go on tour and I dance, so I have to keep fit to be able to do that.” Justin said, and frown.

“We’ll be able to see in five years.” Ellen said and you nodded. “Who’s most likely to cry in public?”

You kept the paddle on Justin’s name and he changed it to his name.

“I already cried in public a few times, and she never did.” Justin said.

“Yes, I think everyone remembers that.” Ellen said and they showed a funny picture of Justin on the big screen when he was crying, it wasn’t funny but the angle it was taken was funny, and you burst out laughing. Ellen laughed at your loud laugh. “Who’s most likely to forget birthdays?”

You didn’t move the paddle from your thigh. Justin moved it to your name and you looked at him shocked.

“JUSTIN!” You yelled.

“What?” Justin said innocently and everyone laughed.

“I don’t think any of us ever forgotten any birthday.” You said and Justin made a thinking face and nodded.

“Yeah, that’s true.” Justin said, you leaned to Ellen.

“He’s a traitor, I think you’re going to be my best friend.” You told Ellen.

“I wouldn’t mind that.” Ellen said and you gave her a hug and moved closer to her.

“NOOO, don’t take my best friend from me.” Justin whined and pulled you away from Ellen.

“ELLEN! HELP ME.” You yelled.

“No, I’m too lazy.” Ellen said, and waved you off. You gasped, and pouted.

“Then Andy’s going to be my best friend.” You told Ellen and Justin, and looked to Andy Ellen’s producer.

“What?” Ellen asked faking shocked.

“Yes, me and Andy bonded.” You shrugged.

“We did.” Andy said laughing.

“Well that’s an interesting turn of events.” Justin said and hugged you. “But you’re not going anywhere, you’re MINE.” You let out scream.

“Well that’s all for this game.” Ellen stood up and moved you to another part of the stage. “Each of you well be blindfolded and we got other males and females that will come and you’ll try to find each other.”

“Oooh interesting.” You said and rubbed your hands together.

“I’m winning this.” Justin said confidently.

“Okay Justin you’re first, put the blindfolds on.” Justin does as Ellen tells him, and then some girls come out, dressed similar to you with same hairstyle and all. “Okay, now (y/n) you go and stand with the girls, anywhere you’d like.”

You silently went and stood in the middle. A grin on your face and you tried to compose yourself.

“Now Justin you can do as you like, just remember when you’re touching them, that any of them could be your best friend.” Ellen said and Justin smirked and raised his hand in front of him to try and find the first girl, and with the help of Ellen he found her.

“Can I tickle them?” Justin asked Ellen, and you shook your head no.

“No you can’t.” Ellen said and tried not to laugh at Justin’s childish act. Justin touched the first girl’s hair and then her face, he even smile her.

“That’s not her.” Justin said after he smelled her which made you make a face.

“How are you so sure?” Ellen asked the question that was in your mind and everybody else’s.

“She doesn’t have (y/n)’s perfume.” You honestly were impressed. Justin then moved to the girl on your left, and touched her hair face and traced her outfit lightly, and even smelled her. “Um, I’m not sure about this one.”

“Okay, then next one then.” Ellen helped Justin in front of you. You closed your eyes as he touched your face, hair and smelled you.

“This one could be her, but I’m not sure.”

“Well you still have two to go.” Ellen said, and Justin did what he did to you and the other girls to the remaining two. “Okay, who do you think is (y/n)?”

“Well the first one wasn’t (y/n)” Justin said and the audience clapped.

“You got that right.” Ellen said and you smiled.

“The fourth and fifth weren’t her either.” Again the audience clapped. “That leaves us with the second and the third.”

You and the girl stood next to each other. “Do you want to chick again?” Ellen asked Justin and he agreed, after another inspection.

“Okay, I know which one is (y/n).”Justin said and you grinned. He took a hold of you and said. “This is (y/n).”

“You’re right.” You said and kissed his cheek, as he hugged you, you removed his blindfold. The audience was going crazy.

“Wow that was impressive.” Ellen said and turned to you. “That’s a tough one to beat.”

“We’ll just have to see.” You said and put your blindfold on.

“Okay the boys are coming out.” Ellen told you as she took a hold of you and guided you to the five men in front of you.

You lightly touched their hair and then face, and down to their shoulders and then you knew it wasn’t Justin.

“This is not Justin for sure.” You said. “This is someone with wider shoulders and has more muscles on his shoulder than I have in all of my body.”

Ellen laughed and guided you to the next one, this one was as easy as the last one. “This one is a bit taller and the hair is a little bit different.”  

“Doing well so far.” Ellen told you and you moved to the nest one. You weren’t sure if it was Justin or not.

“I’m not sure about this one.” You said and moved to the last two, who were as the last one. “This is harder than I thought.”

“You have to choose, but remember that this will change you destiny if you chose wrong.” Ellen said and you grimaced

“No pressure at all.” You said and laughed. “Well the first two aren’t Justin.” And the audience clapped. “The third wasn’t him either.” Again clapping, you were relieved. “I don’t know.” You screamed and tried to think which one was Justin. “Okay, sorry if this is wrong but is the fourth one Justin?” you were booed and you took the blindfolds off. “Oh god.”

You were laughing as Justin and the other man stood beside each other. They looked similar and you knew that the other boy got attention from resembling Justin.

“It looks like Justin is going to be looking for a new friend.” Ellen said and Justin pouted and crossed his hands in front of him quite childishly.

“I just have one thing to say.” You said and turned to Justin. “I know you that I made those mistakes maybe once or twice, and by once or twice I mean maybe a couple of hundred times, so let me, oh, let me redeem, oh, myself tonight. ‘Cause I just need one more shot second chances, yeah. Is it too late to say sorry?”

Everyone laughed and clapped for you Justin was grinning, and you laughed.

“Wow that was amazing.” Ellen said.

“I got a singing couch.” You told Ellen and smiled at Justin. Suddenly you were hit with a body, you let out a small scream. But once you noticed it was Justin hugging you, you hugged him back and put your chin on his shoulder.

“I love you so much (y/n)” Justin said lowly for you to hear hi, but his mic picked his words up it was law that not everyone understood what Justin said.

“I love you too Biebs.”

“More about (y/n) and Justin charity after the break.” Ellen said and it was the time for a break. Ellen turned to both of you. “Honestly you two, I’ve never saw friends like you in all of my time in this industry.”

“I guess, we’re really blessed.” You told Ellen and leaned into Justin.

“Well let’s talk ab…………


why are all adult classes “fun and keep fit” classes that don’t actually take dance seriously 

like is this a universal thing or is it just where i live? because it’s annoying

End Up Here - Song Preference

Just to let you know in case you guys get confused, these are all based for when the boys were in high school.


 You walked in
Everyone was asking for your name
You just smiled and told them “Trouble”
My head spins
I’m pressed against the wall
Just watching your every move
You’re way too cool
And you’re coming this way
Coming this way  

I leaned against the wall, cringing as I watched the crowd down shots and dance. I didn’t understand how they managed to drink so much alcohol when I could barely even finish the cup of beer that I was holding. I sighed, putting down the red cup and making my way into the kitchen to grab something non-alcoholic.

“Hey.” Calum smiled at me, “I’m sorry.” He was the reason I was at this party. He invited me to a ‘bangin’ party’ that he was throwing and that I couldn’t miss it for anything else. I took out the only clothes that weren’t my normal school clothes. A black Metallica t-shirt and a pair of black skin tight jeans. Cal handed me a cup filled with coke before buzzing off with the cheer captain.

I walked through the crowded room before finding an empty corner I could just stand in. I leaned against the wall, sipping on the soda before I saw everyone stop moving. I stood straight, my height helping me see above the crowd. Then I saw her. She walked in, a black cocktail dress hugging her figure. She looked as if she belonged more in a party with cooler people.

An instant crowd formed around her, everyone asking who she was since no one had ever seen her before. But she smiled cheekily,

“Trouble.” She winked before pushing through the crowd and grabbing a red cup and filling it up. She looked through the crowd before she saw me and pushed her way towards me. I felt my head spin when she got closer.

Why is she coming here?! My breathing quickened as I started panicking. I had never been noticed by girls like her before.

“I’m (Y/n).” She grinned, standing in front of me with her hand extended. I took it hesitantly, shaking her hand,

“Luke.” I answered, biting my lip nervously.

“Why are you standing in the corner all alone?” She asked, leaning against the wall as well.

“Parties aren’t really my thing.” I shook my head, finishing the coke before placing the plastic cup on the table beside me.

“They aren’t really mine either. I just go to them with my friends then sneak out.” She looked straight at a group of girls, “They never really notice I disappear.” She turned back to me, mischief glinting in her gorgeous eyes, “Wanna come with me this time?”


 How did we end up talking in the first place?
You said you liked my Cobain shirt
Now we’re walking back to your place
You’re telling me how you love that song
About living on a prayer
I’m pretty sure that we’re halfway there
And when I wake up next to you I wonder how
How did we end up here?  

I looked down at my feet as I walked through the crowded school hallway. I made my way to my locker without making eye contact with anyone and opened it, taking out my books quickly before shutting it. I turned around and almost screamed when she was standing behind me. Her perfect teeth grinning at me as her eyes glistened with cheekiness,

“Boo.” She stuck her tongue out when I flinched slightly. “Hey Calum, I like your shirt.” She looked down at the Kurt Cobain shirt I was wearing.

“He is a legend.” I rolled my eyes with a smile.

“It’s a shame he died.” She looked back up at me, “Hey, you’re smart at maths and science and stuff, right?” She asked.

“Yeah, I got an A+ for both of them.”

“Okay, good. Can you tutor me after school. We can go back to my house since it’s just a 10 minute walk from here.” She patted my bicep before walking off.


“Uh, favourite song?” I turned to her. She thought for a moment before answering,

“Livin’ On a Prayer, Bon Jovi. I love that song.” She smiled, kicking a stone off of the pavement with her white sneakers before looking back up at me, her hair covering her face slightly, “What about you?” She asked.

“Uh…” I trailed off in thought as I tried to figure out which was my favourite, “I can’t think of my number one but one of them is One For The Radio by McFly.” I said, my mind easing into the conversation.

“Any pets?” She asked.

“No. Wish I had a dog though.” I sighed, “I love dogs. They’re so cute and tiny and fuzzy.” I stuck my tongue out slightly at the thought of petting one.

“Well lucky you because I have a dog at my house.” She smiled proudly. My eyes widened and I swear my pupils dilated before grabbing her wrist and running left. “My house is the other way!” She laughed. I stopped quickly before turning around and running in the direction she said.


I opened my eyes, being blinded by the bright sunlight. I let my eyes adjust before looking around at the unfamiliar room. I looked down at my bare chest, remembering what happened the night before. I looked behind me and saw her staring at me, my band t shirt from the day before hanging loosely on her small frame.

“Good morning.” She flashed a smile.


Next day out
Everybody thought you were so insane
'Cause you were so far out of my league
My friends say I should lock you down
Before you figure me out and you run away
But you don’t and you won’t as you kiss me
And you tell me that you’re here to stay

We walked into school, my fingers laced with hers. All eyes landed on us as they noticed that she was way out of my league. We walked through the now silent corridor before she stopped,

“I’ll see you at lunch.” She kissed my cheek before going off to her group of friends. I watched her run off before going over to where Calum, Luke and Ashton were. Their jaws were dropped and eyes were wide before Calum spoke up,

“Holy shit, dude. You hit it with her?! She’s like the hottest person in this entire place!” He exclaimed.

“You need to lock her down before she realises who you are.” Ashton said.

“I don’t think she’ll leave.” I shrugged, “She seems to really like me.”

“That’s what they usually make you think, mate. What if it’s all a bet?” Luke asked. I paused, thinking about it properly. He could be right. I thought to myself.

“I don’t know, man.” I shook my head, “I’ll just see where it leads.” I took my books out of my locker and made my way to class.


She moved her hand away from mine as I chased her with my own. She giggled when I clasped my fingers around her hand and smiled. I pulled her hand towards my lips, pressing them to her knuckles.

“You treat me like a princess.” She smiled.

“That’s because you are.” I turned to her and pressed a gentle kiss to her forehead. We sat in silence, watching the way I would always chase her hands when she would move away. It was our little game.

“My friends were talking about you just now.” She spoke. My breath hitched in my throat, my body tensing. “They said you didn’t deserve me.” She sighed. I let out one as well, lacing our fingers and putting it down in the space between us. She looked up at me, “Don’t be sad. I’m still here,” She smiled softly, “Please?”

“Why are you dating me?” I asked softly.

“Because I want to.” She answered, “I love you.” She whispered, pressing a kiss to my lips, “I’m staying here.”


Call my lucky cause in the end
I’m a 6 and she’s a 10
She’s so fit I’m insecure
But she keeps coming back for more

I watched as she danced on stage. She looked like an angel.

“I am so lucky.” I whispered to Michael who turned to me and smiled, patting my back.

“You really are.” He chuckled.

“I’ll be right back,” I said, standing up, “If (Y/n)’s performance ends while I’m gone tell her I went to the washroom.” I left the seats and made my way to the washroom. As I was walking out, I overheard a few voices,

“Do you know who (Y/n)’s boyfriend is?” Cleo, a girl who worked with (Y/n) asked. I paused, listening to their conversation.

“(Y/n) has a boyfriend?” Another girl asked, but I couldn’t remember who she was.

“It’s Ashton Irwin.” Cleo said. The other girl gasped,

“Ashton Fletcher Irwin? Isn’t she way out of his league?” She asked.

“Yeah. I don’t know what she really sees in him, to be honest. He’s like a 6 but she’s a complete 10.” Cleo said. I felt my heart slowly drop as I realised that she was right. I walked past them, making sure they didn’t see me as I made my way back to my seat. I sat down with a sigh, Michael instantly noticing my change of mood,

“You alright?” He asked. I didn’t respond. “Mate.”

“I don’t know why (Y/n) is dating me.” I spoke up.

“She loves you, doesn’t she?” He asked.

“I don’t know if she really does. I mean, look at me!” I exclaimed, “I’m a number 6! But look at (Y/n). She’s like an angel. She’s perfect. She’s gotta be at least a 10.” I sighed, “I don’t get why she chose me out of all the guys.” Michael didn’t say anything, waiting for me to continue. “And look at the way she moves,” I pointed onto the stage, loving the way she moved so confidently and effortlessly. “She’s so fit, and confident in how she moves. I’m just some insecure boy.” I finished, sitting back into the uncomfortable plastic chair.

“She comes back, doesn’t she?” He turned to the stage.

“She always comes back.” I followed his gaze, smiling when she turned to me and grinned widely.

“If she comes back, she loves you. If she didn’t, she would’ve left you a long time ago. I mean, you guys have been dating for like what, 5, 7 months?” He turning to me.

“8 months.” I corrected, closing my eyes as I thought about it.

“See? She comes back because she still wants more of you. She wants more and more and more of you. She wants take you in like a drug.” He paused, “You can ask her now. She’s coming this way.” I opened my eyes, seeing my beautiful girlfriend running towards me.

“Oh god, I was so nervous.” She groaned as she sat beside me.

“I think you did wonderfully.” I kissed her cheek.

“You really think?” Her eyes widened, turning to Michael who agreed as well.

“You looked like you were flying.” I smiled, “I think you’ll win this.” I kissed the tip of her nose, making her giggle. Michael’s throat clearing made me remember what I needed to ask. “Why are you dating me?” I asked hesitantly. The question had taken her aback as she stared at me in shock,

“I love you, silly.” She grinned, but her smile faltered when she realised that I was serious. “Ash, no matter what those people say, I love you. You mean so much to me. You’re like a drug. I need you constantly to keep me alright. I need you to keep my sane. I need you.” She cupped my face with her delicate hands, “If they say I’m out of your league, fuck them. I think you’re perfect. All of your imperfections are what I love about you.” She leaned up and pressed her soft lips to mine, “I. Love. You.” She said in between kisses before pulling away and looking at me intently.

“I love you, too.” I placed my hand over hers that was still holding my face and pulled her closer to kiss her.

“I’m not leaving anytime soon. I want more.” She grinned.

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you think Chat is really good at dancing in Rogercop because he spent most of his life alone with a lot of time to practice (whenever he didn't have fencing or Chinese or modeling)

Or if you want the non-angsty version, Mr. Agreste had Adrien take dance classes to keep Adrien fit and flexible for modeling. Or Nino taught Adrien some sick moves. Or anything that won’t make me cry like a child