keep fit and dance


NCuTies dancing to “Little Apple” fitness routine 😁

Someone might be showing off his dance moves in the next queue ;)))

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Ford and Dipper #19, Pidge and Hunk #18, Steven and Lapis #21, Percy and Keyleth #15, Law (+ Cheza, if you want) and Bepo #9 (I know this is a lot, just pick your favorite one[s] and go with it, I was... kind of inspired with prompts. ^^;)

I picked 2!

Send me 2+ characters and a number, and I’ll draw them…

#9: In bed/non-sexually sleeping together (Law, Bepo, Cheza)

This guy looks very tired all the time to me, let him rest with his giant bear friends…it ended up kinda chibi-ish, sorry ^^;;; what even are Law’s tattoos

#18: Dancing (Pidge and Hunk)

I was going to draw them doing the Robot Dance together but no no I could make it SO MUCH CUTER THO—their colors and elements together make me think of Springtime :’D casually recycles their dance outfits form an earlier piece

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So this is gonna sound a bit odd, but I like, (whatever characters you want) has an s/o that's really fit for someone who generally doesn't like sports or working out. They ask their s/o how they be so swole and they always brush it off as "I just dance a lot in my spare time." Eventually they catch their s/o pole dancing really impressively. Like they we're too embarrassed to share their talent due to its reputation. (Look up tae mi kim or karo swen they're beautiful trust me)

How about…. Mei and Hanzo!


- At first Mei thinks you might be a ballet dancer because it requires some serious muscles

- Or maybe a fast paced dance? For cardio? She’s not quite sure

- Well she realizes what kind of dancing you do, her face turns bright red

- She really admires you and the strength it takes to dance the way you do

- But she absolutely can’t watch you practice, she has work to do and you’re far to distracting… well, maybe she’ll watch for just a couple minutes


- Is a little confused at first, how does dancing keep you fit?

- It puzzles him for a few minutes before he comes to the obvious (and correct) conclusion

- Not sure how, or if, he should approach you about it. There’s nothing wrong with you dancing, he just thinks you should know that he knows

- You don’t care that he knows, he is your boyfriend, you just didn’t want the information to become widespread

- You invite him to watch you practice (you may or may not be winking), and he enjoys it more than he will readily admit

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tips on becoming fit over the holiday break? i saw that you do yoga and wanted to know if it helps or not!! my brother's gf is a yoga teacher and said she'd teach free if i was interested!!

yoga helps!!! yes it’s so good for you! if you do slow poses, it helps you lose weight faster and fast poses help you keep the weight off. it’s super good for relaxation and keeping fit!! also i run/walk and do a little of self-learned-dancing which keeps me active!

def yes to the yoga 。゚(゚´ω`゚)゚。

10 years, 10 goals 💕

tagged by the lovely @thecampusghost !! sorry i took so long to do :’-0
your rules list 10 goals you have for the next 10 years, write it down or save it somewhere you can find it again, then tag 10 people

1. study in uni (first class honours here i come)
2. learning dancing !! :-0
3. try to keep fit & eat healthy
4. do my best on every task i uptake
5. be compassionate & patient
6. be independent
7. travel alone / more
8. spend time for family, friends and self
9. be more confident (public speaking esp)
10. start up my own business !!

im tagging: @hobifulstudies @ttstudys @coco–studies @kylostudies @fsstudies @abiistudies if yall haven done

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Could you please help me to find a story of archiveofourown? All I know is that Hillary and Bill had a fight before attending a dinner and she flirted with some Prince during the dinner, she told him about the fight with Bill while dancing with him. Thank you

That sounds incredibly familiar I’m sure I’ve definitely read that although I don’t remember what it’s called and I don’t actually have enough time to search through ao3 at the moment - can anyone else help!? 🤔