Not sure if any of yall have heard of the app yik yak...

But I live right next to the navy base and I see a lot of posts of them saying how much they hate the lifestyle and how depressed they feel. I’ve spent the last hour giving advice to one of them considering on quitting. My boyfriend was wanting to quit three weeks before I met him. He hated his job and missed his family, nothing was looking up for him. He isn’t very social in gatherings so he didn’t have many friends and his life was nothing but work and sleep. On the opposite side of the country away from his family. With all the stress he was under, anger problems started happening. But his SLPO recommended reaching for inside help and they changed his prospective of things. And then we met three weeks later. The advice he was given to help him push through, he has been using on me so I can make it through this stress I’m under. I just wanted to put out a general message that things always get better. I had an abusive stepfather for ten years and I considered suicide multiple times, but I stuck through it. My mom finally divorced him last year, so I promise you no matter how long the struggle it is you’re going through, it always gets better. Stay strong everyone, you will make it. I promise.

Gerard Way has depression and was suicidal.

Mitch Lucker has severe social anxiety.

Alex Gaskarth has anxiety and panic attacks.

Austin Carlile lost his mother.

Andy Biersack was bullied as an adolescent.

Kellin Quinn came from a broken family.

Ronnie Radke was beaten and abandoned by his mother, and had drug problems.

Vic Fuentes had self-harm issues.

Oli Sykes was severely bullied.

Tom Fletcher has bipolar disorder and an eating disorder.

Dougie Poynter has depression and was suicidal.

If they can suffer through all of that and still be amazing, beautiful people, so can you.

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‘Keep Fighting’ has always been a fav quote of mine of Jared’s. I struggle with depression/anxiety so his message on the site speaks to me. I’ll be ordering my shirt ASAP. Love the charity as well xoxo

“When life beats you down, NEVER give up. Proceeds from my FIRST EVER limited edition shirt will go to "To Write Love On Her Arms”, to help people struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury and suicide.“