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Ya know I just realized music meister wasn't there to help just the couples. He also helped Wally get over his fear. I take things in slower and had no idea why MM was robbing the bank (I think). But I'm now realizing he wanted Wally to come get him so he could help him and the couples. Maybe Cisco too? They didn't know Cisco could vibe to "dream worlds" but now we know he can because of MM

I noticed that, but the show didn’t make a big deal about it, so I get that a lot of people missed it. I love that he was looking out for Wally too and helping him not be afraid, just wish someone had brought it up in Music Meister’s final scene.

Cisco’s powers keep expanding without rhyme or reason, but I’m cool with it.

Rules: List 5 fandom facts about yourself and then tag 5 people.

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1. X-Files was my first online fandom, and I rode that MSR train hard. I wrote fanfic and ran a shipper website for a few years that some people might even vaguely remember.

2. Star Wars seems to be the fandom I come back to again and again, probably because the universe keeps expanding! I didn’t get into the fandom part of it, though, until the Expanded Universe books, and even with that, it was years after I initially read them that I went online and found,, etc. I had gone in looking for more on Han and Leia and came out in love with Mara Jade and Mara x Luke. Now Rogue One has completely destroyed both my brain and my non-fandom productivity, and I went into that movie kinda like, “Yeah, I hope this just doesn’t suck.” (Narrator: It did not suck.)

3. I’ve had a lot of fandoms, but these are the ones I’ve written fanfic for so far: Star Wars (EU and Rogue One), Harry Potter, That 70s Show, Bones, Wire in the Blood, Downton Abbey, Parks and Recreation, Battlestar Galactica, and Veronica Mars

4. I made real life friends with my earliest fandom friends from X-Files. I went to one friend’s wedding. I met and stayed with another of those friends when I went to Greece where they lived.

5. My rarest pair ship is probably Louise Belcher and Logan Bush from Bob’s Burgers, but like, when they’re older and meet up again because on the show they are children. Basically I read one really good fanfic for it and was totally sold on it.

How to Keep a Reader Interested During Slower Parts of the Story

A writing guide requested by galaxys–end

While the main plot is building, as a writer you still must keep the reader interested.

  • Expand your subplots.
  • Consider character relationships. Is your MC fighting with their best friend? Are the siblings having a break through?

  • Consider romantic relationships.

  • When achieving their goal becomes slow, does your character lose faith? Focus? Hope? What is their mental state like?
Does your character have a good support system? Are they lonely? Can your character motivate themselves, even when times get tough?

  • How is your character dealing with what’s going on in their life emotionally?
Are they happy? Grieving? Depressed? How are they coping? Do they have support from those in their life?

  • Is your character physically well?
Stress can have detrimental affects on health. Is your character run down? How is the character’s health in relation to their goal?
  • Consider reworking the plot. If the other aspects of your story can’t uphold a reader’s attention, maybe you should change how the plot works.

Chile is facing the worst forest fires it has ever seen, with more than 600 sq miles of land destroyed and thousands of people evacuated from their homes. The Chilean government has declared a state of emergency in several areas, as people try to save their homes, livestock and land.

Half of my country is burning up and nothing and no one is able to stop it.

I can see the smoke from my window and everyone it’s fearing that it keeps expanding.

My heart aches for this.

Anti: I made him so hes MINE. Back off, Dark!
Dark: You absolute petulant child. He’s not some toy that you can just claim for your own and play with until you break, He is a real living being. He doesn’t belong in your custody just because you decide it.
Anti: Oh sure, youre only saying that because you want your little “boy toy” all to yourself. Well if you want him, EVEN BETTER, I get to take something from you, ya fuckin asshole! I’ve got him and you can’t have him!
Uh guys? Am I wanted now???? Do I get a say in this???
Both: Shut up, Crank.

(you can delete my extra story development from this point if you like!)

I don’t know if I mentioned it yet, but Anti was the one who did the botched spell to create him. He wanted some backup to help him kill Dark for getting him stuck with Jack. But very quickly after making CC, he realized that this frail little thing wasn’t going to help him do anything. But its also starting to piss him off that CC and Dark seem to get along so swimmingly. (”I MADE YOU TO HURT HIM NOT PLAY KISSIE KISSIE” ) and Anti is also a bit jealous like “Fuck you, Dark, Im stuck in Jack because of you and you’re a complete dickbag to me but you’re all pleasant and lovely with my junkpile” “thats because he is delightful and kind and you are nothing but a constant thorn in my side. Maybe If you weren’t such a “complete dickbag” yourself, I might consider my manners.” 
But Anti doesn’t HATE CC, just has a lot of negative feelings because of his relation to Dark. ouo I have a terrible comic planned to get a little further with CC’s and Anti’s relationship. 


                                          For the Glory of ManKind.

‘Kay, so I definitely have a NieR; Automata problem. Y’all better take away my tablet or my game—’cause my hands keep on slipping into different worlds. Fun worlds. Detailed worlds! Like really look at it, because it’s more detailed than what I did for Prompto! I love the difference between his YoRHa look and his Resistance look. I’m pleased and want to keep going and expanding this AU…even though I have like a billion AU’s and worlds! Either way, Enjoy!

NieR: Prompto 

  • Wright: Hey Edgeworth, you should really drop the 'edge' part in your name
  • Edgeworth: Wright, what are you going on a--
  • Wright: Because there's no edge to the amount of worth you have.

Imagine giving Jumin your heart, soul, and pure devotion. You changed your life just so it can be easier for him to manage a relationship and his ever growing company. But what if, what if the company keeps expanding and that makes Jumin more and more busy but you don’t mind because you support him 100%. However, it doesn’t dismisses the fact that you get lonely and guess who else is lonely. Saeran. Saeran Choi. You spend a lot of time with the Choi twins because they keep you company and with an added bonus, you help Saeran become a functionally member of society. This goes on for 2 ½ years. Jumin comes home late hours of the night and he comes home to find his bed empty. You thought he wouldn’t mind because you go to sleep and wake up to an empty bed. He doesn’t even notice that you been sleeping over with the Choi twins for 2 months because you felt lonely and scared. He looks around the penthouse and he notices that Elizabeth 3rd and your personal guard has been absent. He goes crazy and he goes to every RFA members house leaving Choi twins for last. He barged in the secret coded door and he walked in looking for you and Saeyoung tries to stop him from going into his brothers bedroom. Jumin pushes away Saeyoung and when he enters the door he sees you arms wrapped around Saerans and Saerans arms wrapped around you and Elizabeth 3rd. He was quick to assume you were cheating on him but that was a false assumption. You were helping Saeran out with one of his episodes. He got Saeran and dragged him by his shirt away from you. A huge scandal was formed. You went back to the penthouse with your lover and explained to him the situation however, it didn’t help. In the back of his mind he was getting images of you and Saeran fucking. 4 months has passed and there was still tension between you and Jumin. You felt bad and yoj decided to surprise him at work, only to find out he wasn’t in his office. The other assistants were snickering behind your back and you were trying to figure out why you were the center of attention. When you were about to leave the building a new assistant stopped you and told you that Jumin is cheating on you with a blonde woman. In matter of fact, a blonde woman with green eyes. You refused to believe her accusations thinking you know Jumin would never do that to you. He come home late that night and you told him that there were rumors going around. He dismissed them with a chuckle. 3 months later you decided to do another surprise visit and you notice the top floor to the elevator was locked and you were asking around why. The assistant that you met three months back told you to call someone you trusted before she would unlock the elevator to the top floor, to your boyfriends executive floor. You called Saeran and he came quickly wondering why you had a hint of worry in your voice. When the assistant saw that you had a loved one with you just unlocked the elevator and you went on your merry way with Saeran. The ding of the elevator spread throughout your body but then your heard a hint of moaning. You and Saeran walked in and thru the blinds both of you was seeing him fucking a blonde woman. You and Saeran sat down on top of Jaehees desk. You two were hearing how Jumins cock was pounding inside the other woman. The both of you heard them fucking for 1 hour and 3 mins. You laughed and then Saeran was ready to kill Jumin but you told him not to. Jumin later went to investigate why he heard laughter knowing he told everyone to leave his floor. He unlocked the door to see you and Saeran sitting down. You waited a moment to see who the women was but she didn’t have the balls to come out. You walked towards him and kicked his balls and slapped him. The other woman came out and you couldn’t believe your eyes. It was - …… :)

It’s time for the weekly mega-post with my feelings about Yuri on Ice, and this time it’s the turn of Episode 4!

Which is Kubo’s favorite, apparently. Will it also be my favorite? Let’s see! Now with extra juicy theories!

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tfw you’re trying to pray and inexplicably summoned a gorgeous Devil (゚⊿゚)

Devil!Eli x Nun!Umi request from @zuiccraft-translation for encountering me in the UmiMaki SM!! (on Day 1 too and look event is ending tonight OTL Sorry this took so long ;;;;;A;;;;;;)

What the signs deep down really want

Aries: to be actually confidant just like the image they represent to people and to truly believe in themselves but in the same time to be vulnerable and not act as strong all the time

Leo: to find someone to love them deeply and live with them in a beautiful house and build a family and to know they are good enough

Sagittarius: to find a companion who loves them but in the same time liberties them, to travel the world with and to discover the world

Libra: to actually earn people’s love because they are actually nice people who should be accepted for who they are instead of doing lots of work and effort to gain people’s love

Gemini: to almost do everything in the world and try every major and job, to keep on expanding and finding a new path to explore everyday, to truly be the definition of freedom  

Aquarius: to achieve peace without them dealing with people and to find someone who can reads them well so they can give them the love they never dare to ask for

Taurus: to be finally happy with what one have and have a powerful self worth, to be able to love things and people and to set them free instead of seeing them as their possessions

Virgo: to finally be free of worry and harsh self critics, to accept that there’s no such thing as perfection and to aim to build the happiness they deserve, to be truly content with oneself as they are   

Capricorn: to finally be free of anxiety over living and money, to be able to actually live life and enjoy it and to travel to places where no one knows them

Scorpio: to finally be at peace after the terrible emotional war the tugs inside them, to finally stop destroying and transforming because finally! they became what they want to be, completely whole within themselves 

Cancer: to love and be loved, to be emotionally stable and emotionally satisfied, to fill the void that is always hungry for love, tenderness and sweetness, and to finally to accept that they can’t always give love to everyone because it is emotionally exhausting to them  

Pisces: to finally be found in chaos, to finally be able to create a stable life out of chaos and to finally be one with the spiritual self, to be able to love one as whole even though it is not whole and to finally 100% know that the voices in their head is wrong and they are worth more

The Secret of Success

Why are some people so successful in life? What is the secret behind their success? Research indicates that there are ten common traits that appear to contribute to a person’s success:

1. Pay attention to your thoughts as they determine your future: Always be positive and develop a “can do” mind set. Steer clear of negative people who would seek to undermine your commitment to your goals. Focus on success, and not on failure.

2. Be concrete and specific when you dream and set goals: Write down the steps that will lead you there, then track your progress and make changes if needed.

3. Take action: Goals are just words until you actually do something. Every day take a step that moves you in the right direction.

4. Be a life-long learner: Get more training, take a class and acquire news skills. Keep reading widely to expand your knowledge base.

5. Be tenacious, persistent and don’t give up:Hard work is behind every winner’s success.

6. Process the facts and the details:Get information and feedback. Notice what works and what doesn’t.

7. Stay focused: Don’t be distracted by people or things. Prioritise your time and stay focused on your goals.

8. Be innovative and creative: Following the crowd doesn’t take you very far. Don’t be afraid to try something new and give yourself permission to think outside the box.

9. Develop and practise good people skills: To be effective, we need to learn what motivates and brings the best out of others. Also, we need to deal with people in a way that is respectful, open, firm and fair.

10. Be responsible, reliable and dependable: Your word must be your bond, you must do what you say,and follow through on your commitments to others. If this block is not in place, then nothing else will matter!

guys ok real talk if the universe is constantly expanding what the fuck is it expanding into like if it’s expanding then that means that there is space for it to expand within like does that mean that there’s a limit to how large the universe can get or does the space it’s expanding into keep expanding to make up for the expanding universe but then what is the expanding space expanding into gUYS 

GLITCHED - Battle System Development Update

Welcome to our biggest development update yet. If you are a Kickstarter backer or want to view the update in full, view in on our Kickstarter. 

RPG worlds have different systems of depicting battles between characters. In GLITCHED, F.R.O.G. Inc. has taken control of these conflicts. They have implemented a card-based conflict resolution method known as the game of FATE. Whenever a conflict between characters cannot be resolved verbally, they are thrust into a game of FATE. The terms of the conflict are set, and the game of FATE begins!

This battle system and its accompanying mechanics were something we couldn’t quite put together in our old engine. Now we are free to create the world of GLITCHED exactly how we see fit. These mechanics reflect that vision while keeping and expanding upon the spirit of our first demo.

Let’s begin!

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