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How to Cope with Flashbacks

Flashbacks are memories of past traumas. They can occur in a number of different forms – as sounds, images, smells, body sensations, numbness (or a lack of sensations). Often they’re accompanied by a feeling panic, where the individual feels trapped and completely powerless. Flashbacks can also occur in dreams. Because the sensations are so frightening and intense – and are unrelated to what’s happening in the present - the person often feels as if they’re going crazy. What to do to cope with flashback:

1. Tell yourself that you are having a flashback – that it will pass in time – and soon everything will return to normal.

2. Remind yourself that the worst is over – as these terrifying feelings are re-experienced memories. The event that took place is now lodged in the past, and you managed to survive it, and will survive it now.

3. Allow yourself to express the powerful feelings of terror, panic, hurt and/or rage. It is right that you honour your experience.

4. Ground yourself firmly in the here-and-now. Breathe deeply. Notice the sounds and sensations around you in the room. Allow the feelings of panic and terror to slowly dissipate. Keep breathing deeply, and exhaling deliberately. Allow a sense of calm to gradually replace the faintness, shakiness, dizziness and tightness.

5. Reorient yourself. Keep focusing on what you can see, hear, feel, smell, touch and feel in the present. Feel the chair supporting you. Use your five senses to bring you back to this point in time.

6. Speak to your terrified inner child. Reassure them that they are going to be OK. Tell them they are safe in the present. They are not trapped. They can escape at any time.

7. Seek professional support to deal with your flashbacks. Find an experienced therapist who is trained to guide you to a place of healing. You do not have to do cope with this alone. There is help available for you.

Zach asking you to sleep over at his house - Part 2

A/N: Sorry on such a long wait for this imagine. I hope that it was worth it though. Enjoy my lovelies:)

The final bell rings, signalling the end of class and also the end of the school day. You start packing up your things with shaky hands, your nerves getting the best of you. It’s Friday today. Which means it’s the beginning of the weekend. This also means that you will be going to Zach’s house, staying there for the next couple of days.

You have been able to stay calm and collected the next few days after he had asked you to sleep over at his house for the weekend, but right now you can’t help but start to feel really antsy. 

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braveten  asked:

kic au where everything is the same but instead of the jeans(tm) it's the skirt(tm)

shoutout to the anonimals™! yall are so cute and funny thanks for keeping me company on goog docs :) 

half of this was unnecessary but it’s because the universe won’t give victor a break womp womp soz vic 


“H-hold on!”

Yuuri stares at himself in the mirror.

The skirt is short, is the thing. It’s leather, with a diagonal zip on the front and a small cut over his right thigh. His knees brush together as he shuffles his feet self-consciously, and he stumbles backwards until his shoulder blades meet the wall of the fitting room.

“Yuuri, can I see?” Phichit’s excited voice floats from the other side of the door. “C’mon, c’mon, lemme…”

Yuuri takes a deep breath and pulls the door open, screws his eyes shut.

“…see the—holy shit, Yuuri.”

Yuuri exhales, keeps his eyes closed. “How bad is it?” he demands. When Phichit doesn’t reply, he peeks one eye open. “Phichit?”

His friend stares at him, slack-jawed. “You’re…”

He throws his face into his hands. “I knew it, this was a terrible idea.”

“Really, really hot, Yuuri,” Phichit finishes. He breaks into a smile. “Victor’s gonna freak.”

“It’s not for Victor,” Yuuri mumbles, cheeks pinkening. “Mila said I had to shop and—”

“And we’re getting you matching shoes with that outfit.” Phichit practically hauls him out of the fitting room. “Keep it on, let’s go pay.”

Yuuri pays for the skirt, miraculously maintaining a straight face at the hundred dollar price tag. One skirt. One skirt.

Phichit finds him a blouse at Dolce & Gabbana, platform shoes at Prada (“One day, I’ll get you to wear heels,” Phichit promises) and Yuuri is convinced that he doesn’t care, at all, about the state of his bank account.

“I hope this means you’ve got my half of the rent covered next month,” Yuuri tells him as his card gets swiped for the third time that day.

Phichit snorts. “If you’re still my roommate next month.”

Yuuri frowns. “What is that supposed to mean?”

Phichit only winks back at him.

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I’m always affected by Ed crying/on the verge of tears because this guy tries so hard to keep his composure so you know he’s at breaking point when he’s talking with a cracking voice or his eyes are watering. When he views Isabella’s body at the morgue he takes a deep breath and swallows and presses his lips together and when he speaks - because he only speaks once, because that’s all he can manage - he speaks in a very rough, low voice, and keeps on exhaling in short puffs, and you know he’s doing all of this because he’s trying so hard to keep it together.

But then when it comes to Oswald, he lets himself be vulnerable in front of him. He lets Oswald know he needs comfort by initiating a hug and doesn’t try to hide the tremor in his voice when he thanks Oswald for being there for him. Oswald sees a side of him he withholds in front of everyone else, the side he probably quashed down in response to his peers, maybe even his father, saying he wasn’t masculine enough over and over until he internalized it. I’m glad we got to see this side of Ed, even if it was the result of Oswald doing some awful things.

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Can I get a jealous Izuku izuocha fanfic? 030 (that's bad wording lol)

   Note: Wow, 3 fics in 3 days HAHA, I’m in love with writing these so thanks for the ask and also for being so supportive! Yay, Eri and Kaibara Sen (Class B guy) play a role in this story. The wiki had no info on Kaibara’s quirk; it just mentions that he does some swirling thing. Also was inspired by a scene from Heiji x Kazuha from Conan. Happy Reading!

In which Midoriya goes undercover 

“Just check out the bridge, Midoriya,” Todoroki uttered into the phone, “Iida and I will split up and check out the stations.”

“Got it,” the green haired boy replied as he stepped to the side a bit, eyes lingering on the next location, “I’m a few steps away so I’ll see if there’s anything. I’ll give you a call if he turns up.”

“Thanks. Be careful out there.”


Midoriya hung up without looking and stuffed his phone into his back pocket. If experience had taught him anything (other than not to underestimate your enemy), Midoriya knew that it’s always best to wear a disguise before heading to a drug deal.

Todoroki, Iida and Midoriya were assigned by their agencies to check out various locations where an infamous yakuza gang were doing their drug exchange. It had been a few years since he, Mirio and the others successfully rescued Eri and despite having minor panic attacks once in a while, Eri had decided to work for Midoriya in order to contribute her knowledge on gang raids and their functions. It lifted Midoriya’s spirits to think how impressive it was for Eri to have grown this much since the incident.

Pulling down his baseball cap and zipping up his navy blue windbreaker, Midoriya slogged through the busy, wet streets of Kamino and stopped at the west side of the bridge. According to Eri, yakuza members would usually send a young guy whose appearance isn’t anything conspicuous to do the trade. Optimal time should be around 6 o’clock where everyone’s rushing back home from work too. Midoriya lifted his arm to glance at his bulky sports watch. 5:30 p.m, it read, meaning anything could happen within the next hour.

Hopefully Eri’s right and they didn’t miss it.

As he watched one of the ducks swim across the river below where he stood, he rested his arms on the railings and held his chin in his hand. Such trifling scenery was to be admired often. Particularly for heroes whose lives and reputation were always at stake. Midoriya knew his career was not all glorious even for an optimistic guy like him, and finding work-life balance was challenging.

At the corner of his eye, a slender girl wearing a bright orange off-the-shoulder dress appeared within his range of view and he turned his head slightly, still resting on his palm. He looked at the girl, round-eyed.

It was Uraraka, and she wasn’t alone.

“Kaibara-kun,” Uraraka said, standing too close to the boy in front of her in Midoriya’s opinion, “How’ve you been?”

Kaibara was a dark-haired boy from Class B, Midoriya remembered, and the way he portrayed himself to Uraraka made his head steam. Since both of them had a busy schedule, Midoriya and Uraraka had been hanging out with one another only on the rare occasion that their old classmates would meet up. It’s unfortunate, but being the best of the best was everyone’s priority so no one had the courage or the time to focus on their love lives. Midoriya groaned to himself, his eyes peeled at the pair a few meters away from him. Should he say hi? Midoriya pondered but fought against it. He had a mission. This was not the time to be doing anything other than his duty as a hero.

However, it was quite odd as to why Uraraka hasn’t noticed him at all. Given their somewhat close proximity, he would have expected her to at least do a wave. The green-haired boy shook his head from side to side, attempting to clear his mind completely but failed.

And so he continued to observe from afar.

“I bought the tickets,” Kaibara spoke as he stuck his hands in his jacket, “see?” He pulled out two pieces of wrinkled paper and Midoriya assumed they were the tickets, “Beauty and the Beast, you said you wanted to watch it.”

Uraraka’s face brightened, “yeah! I can’t believe you remembered!” She had the voice of an angel and the face of a princess, but Midoriya wished it was directed at him instead. The boy’s fists clenched watching those two and he cursed under his breath. Why would they need to watch the movie when Kaibara could easily be the beast?!

Midoriya grunted. Kaibara’s presence was cringe-worthy, and his ass was clearly asking for a beating. Suddenly, to his right, a man holding a bouquet of roses stopped right between Midoriya and the pair, distracting the one-for-all hero from his pensive gaze. The green-haired boy turned around and took a few steps back, eyes still locked onto Uraraka and felt a vibration.

“Hello?” Midoriya picked up his phone and began to talk softly, “It’s cool over here. How about you guys?”

Todoroki’s voice was stern, “Nothing over here, Eri messaged and said it’s most likely gonna be at the bridge. Keep your eyes opened.”

“Ah alrig—“ Midoriya froze without warning and stared with his mouth wide open. Was Kaibara holding onto Uraraka’s waist? And she seems to be totally fine with it? Impeding himself from yelling right then, he noticed the two were positioned like peas in a pod. He exhaled to keep composed.

It’s fine. They’re friends, he tried to convince himself, yet he couldn’t drag his focus away. Patience is virtue. Patience is —

“Wait a minute, Todoroki.”

 Without letting go of the phone, his arms swung fervently back and forth as he pushed a stranger, who was receiving the bouquet from the previous man, away. He stomped right through that couple and pulled heavily on Kaibara’s jacket, receiving a stupefied look from the latter.

The next sounds that came from Midoriya’s side of the phone to Todoroki’s was a cry of anguish.

“Midoriya, what’s happening?“ Todoroki inquired as he felt himself sweating from the disturbance. Was Midoriya engaging the yakuza now?

“What are you doing to my Uraraka?!” Midoriya yelled as bystanders formed a semi-circle to watch, pointing and whispering.

Uraraka innately grasped onto Midoriya’s arm, causing the boy to drop his phone, “Deku-kun, what are you doing? Let go of Kaibara-kun now!”

“Midoriya, could you still hear me? I’m heading over right now!” Todoroki was still yelling into the phone and Uraraka’s eyebrows looked as if they were knitted together in annoyance.

With a quick push, Kaibara pried himself out of Midoriya’s fierce restraint, the former taking the heated accusation in stride. There was something else Kaibara seemed to be focused on at the moment and as quick as a bullet, Kaibara turned to face the other way.

Midoriya darted his eyes towards the same direction and realized that the couple that were beside them were now running off. The crowd seemed to be in a panic as the bridge began to rumble all of a sudden.  Crap, Midoriya muttered to himself, so it was them all along!

“Uraraka,” Kaibara cried out, readying his quirk, “stand in front of me, without my quirk we can’t catch up to them!”

Uraraka nodded quickly, pulling Midoriya behind her in one swift movement as the concrete bridge swayed back at forth. Must be the villain’s powers. Midoriya knew he compromised their mission, and his heart paced, feeling as though a void had swallowed him whole.

Kaibara motioned his fingers with ease and let out a small puff of air from his mouth. Within seconds, the puff of air became a torrent and a giant tornado shot out, lifting Uraraka forward in a blink of an eye. Uraraka elongated her arms, timing perfectly as she reached the villains and their shocked faces were the last thing she saw as both of them started to levitate into the air. Writhing their arms and legs, the villain’s bouquet slipped out of their grasp and soon, what assumed to be bags of quirk enhancing drugs floated out of the tissue wrapping of the roses. The gravity heroine detained them with handcuffs and within minutes a team of policemen came.

Uraraka huffed and wiped a sweat off her forehead as Kaibara and Midoriya ran towards her.

“Excellent job!” Kaibara lifted his palm up and they did a high-five in victory. Midoriya’s gaze fixated on her in disappointment.

“I’m so sorry,” Midoriya let out and Uraraka stifled a giggle.

“I can’t believe you thought we were dating! I’ve never seen you so…irrational before!” Uraraka playfully punched Midoriya and Kaibara began to laugh as well.

“I’d suggest you don’t let your boss find out that your cover got blown because of jealousy though,” Kaibara said, looking at the embarrassed expression on Midoriya’s face.

Uraraka sighed, “Our agency was also on this case, so Kaibara-kun and I were undercover. But we weren’t allowed to tell you Deku-kun.” She scratched her cheek gingerly and a blush appeared on her face, “What was it that you said again? Something about me being yours?”

Kaibara smirked and walked away from the two, allowing them privacy.

“I didn’t say that!” Midoriya denied. Abruptly, the eerie sound of his own voice appeared behind him. Turning on his heel, Todoroki stood there, one hand on a button of his phone and the other ensconced in his front pocket.

“What are you doing to my Uraraka—what are you doing to my—what are you—“ Todoroki kept pressing ‘rewind’ and ‘play’ one after the other on his phone, and thwarted his phone away from getting seized by a perturbed Midoriya as the green-haired boy headed to him.

Todoroki had an uncanny knack for irritating others without twitching a muscle.

Hearing the awkward replay of Midoriya’s inadvertent confession, Uraraka greeted Todoroki with a wave of her hand. Her actions were flustered, and she began to occupy herself with the police team.

“Ugh, you’re ruthless,” Midoriya groaned, “tell me you’ll delete that from your phone.”

“Nope,” Todoroki said, uncaring, “I want to show Iida. And probably Yaoyorozu too. And your mom.”

“….Todoroki, you better not…”

Uraraka shifted her eyes over to the two boys as the policemen drove away and her lips tugged upwards toward Midoriya, who would always be displaying his protective side for her sake.

She’s going to confront him about today for sure. But right now, she needed to concentrate on the responsibilities that await behind the closed doors of her office.

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Also couldn't it possibly be because Riordan is a dude and doesn't understand it 100% bc he never experienced it and doesn't want to insult women by getting the experience wrong

Nice thought, but no, because as the original asker said: “It could be that he doesn’t feel comfortable writing about something he’s never experienced, but then, he’s written about a lot of things he’s never experienced. As far as I know, he’s not gay or gender queer, but he’s written about those things.”

Also, you don’t need to 100% understand the biological details of a period to throw in a few lines over the course of five books. 

Look, I haven’t had a period in three years so my memory’s a little foggy on the details, and I’m just gonna write some lines that would fit into YA-actiony-questy narrative right now off the top of my head:

  • “She curled her arms around her stomach, bending forward and grimacing. ‘I’m fine to keep watch,’ she said, exhaling and straightening. ‘I’m cramping, not dying.’
    ‘Looks like the same thing,’ he said.
    She rolled her eyes. ‘Just get some sleep. I’ll wake you up in a few hours.’”
  • “She started shoving supplies into her bag - a toothbrush, a handful of hair ties, a box of tampons, some deodorant.”

  • “As they trekked along the side of the highway she sighed, putting a hand over her stomach. ‘What I wouldn’t give for a heat pack and a block of chocolate.’
    ‘You are a walking cliché.’
    She laughed. ‘I’m about to be a collapsed cliché if you don’t let me rest.’
I’m not asking for graphic depictions of a character removing a tampon or bleeding through her sheets. I’m asking for a few little throwaway lines that would help your cis female characters feel more real by referencing the fact that they menstruate.

Ladies and gentlemen, boy and girls and everyone in-between and outside, you have asked, and I, as your resident imagines blog owner, am obliged to serve. 

May I present to you, the long awaited sequel to Space Hair (now with shotgunning):

Golden Eyes (<– link to AO3, it’s also below the cut)

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Too Right To Be Wrong [Chapter 2]

Originally posted by myjaebutt

Chapter 2 of Too Right to Be Wrong

Chapter 1

Series Genre: Angst/Smut/Fluff

Warnings: Adult Content

Mark didn’t hesitate, he pulled you onto his lap immediately causing you to giggle in shock.

He looked at you again in the same way he had just a few minutes earlier. It was a look of complete adoration and need. You felt as if you were going to melt. He bit his bottom lip as his eyes scanned your body.

“Mark,” you whispered… “I want you”.

Mark groaned at your words, they were all he had ever wanted to hear.

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I Give Up - part 13 (A Baekhyun Series)

Baekhyun was busy. Really busy. His texts were getting shorter and spaced out farther between each other and you were getting ready to start your second summer semester of school. You would be very busy soon. This would be the last of your basics and you could focus more on your pre-med classes. There would be labs and practicals and you’d really start getting into the tough stuff. With your low grade last semester you vowed to focus less on your super addictive sexy boyfriend, and more on school.

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*inhales and composes myself*

rex on hoth with the other rebels coming across luke skywalker. rex wondering if luke is a relative of anakin’s (being a jedi from tattooine) but keeping it to himself. rex offering to teach luke how to shoot like he did with ezra but luke’s all like ‘nah thanks im good i’ve been shooting womp rats since i could hold a blaster’. luke finding out rex is a clone war vet and wanting to hear stories. han and rex arguing over what’s best for luke (a la kanan). rex just. glad that that he keeps meeting jedi time after time, and that he gets to keep fighting beside them.

*exhales, screams into a pillow*

It's Just a Little Crush

Fandom: Star Wars (Modern AU)

Pairing: Singer!Poe Dameron x Actress!Reader

Summary: Despite being a celebrity yourself, you had a celebrity crush on world famous singer, Poe Dameron. Many of your followers on your social media knew this…including tv show host, James Corden. With his help, you end up facing your celebrity crush.

You were a big upcoming actress. Sure, you were known for playing memorable side characters. However, about a year ago, you landed a role that changed your life. In the movie adaption of young adult novel “Fangirl” by Rainbow Rowell, you landed the role of both Cather and Wren. It was amazing because 1) You loved the book to death and 2) This was your big break! So now you’re here on The Late Late Show with James Corden.

“So there’s this young adult novel called Fangirl and it’s written by Rainbow Rowell.” A few cheers are heard from the audience, “Yes! So now there’s a film coming out! So let’s give it up for the star of the movie Y/N L/N!!” The audience erupts in cheers and screams as you walk onto the stage. You hug James and sit down, “Hello, Y/N and welcome to the show!”

You smile and bounce in your seat, “Oh my gosh! Hi! I’m so nervous and happy to be here!”

“You’re nervous? Why?!” James asked.

“Well, you’re one of my favorite tv hosts. I absolutely love carpool karaoke.”

James scoffed, “Girl, please! Flattery will get you..everywhere.” You laugh. “So, Y/N did you read the book before even auditioning?”

Your eyes widened in excitement, “Yes! I did, actually and I love it! And, of course, I read it again when I got the role to help me get into character.”

“Because you’re not playing just one person. You’re playing two?”

You nod in confirmation, “Yup! I’m playing the twins Cather and Wren!”

“So, this movie is all about fangirls. Are you part of any fandoms or do you consider yourself a fangirl?”

“Yes, actually! I do! I’m in the Disney fandom, DC fandom, and Harry Potter fandom.” Cheers come from the audience and you cheer with them, “Yeah! Fandoms!” You giggle at the end.

“So do you fangirl over any celebrities?”

“Oh definitely! Yeah! Like Beyonce, Orlando Bloom, Henry Cavill.”

“Yep! Me too! Fanboy and proud!” He sticks his hand up and you high five with both of you giggling, “So, I have to ask: are you a big fangirl of the singer Poe Dameron?”

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Driven #2 - [MONSTA X] Kihyun!Au

[A/N] Oh well. A flash fiction became series, I mean what’s new. Fuck me.

Originally posted by j-miki

[Part 1]

He came in with his small bag and walked in to you wearing your shorts in the middle of your queen-sized bed. With your fingers tapping the keyboard loudly on your laptop, he walked in, almost tiptoeing as he bit his lower lip with uneasy eyes. He set his bag as silent as possible, trying not to get your attention.

But of course you noticed, you just didn’t want to make a huge deal out of it. Until he sat next to your feet, on the same bed, “Where do you think you’re sitting.” You said, death in your tone. He fidgets his eyes away, and he muttered a few words that was barely heard by you. “What.” You shot, squeezing your face, leaning towards him. “Where do I sleep?” He turned to you, annoyed, flustered and cornered. You breathed in deeply and snapped your head to the left and Kihyun jumped on it. “Not next to me…there. Over there.” You darted your eyes to a small area where your stuffed toys were.

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“..but papa,” Skelly’s lip quivered,“ I always go with you”

“I know my dear..” jack gently spoke, getting down to his daughter’s level,“ but this time it’s much different.”

Jack could see the disappointment lingering in Skelly’s eye sockets, She had looked forward to this all day, everyday. Just her and jack, no brothers, no crowds of town folk, just THEM happily walking to town hall to discuss the preparations for Halloween.

Jack exhaled, keeping eye contact with skelly.

“Today’s meeting isn’t the best place for little skeletons my love.” jack spoke softly, clasping his hands around Skelly’s to condole her. His right thumb lightly caressing the top of her hand. “It’s not about Halloween this time.“

anonymous asked:

Yayyy asks are open! May I request a soulmate AU with Dabi who's s/o has a healing quirk? Maybe the Villains Alliance tells Dabi to try and kidnap a healer hero to work for them?

Sure thing dear! I hope I could write it well enough and that you’ll like it =)

It takes him a while before he can track the infamous healer down. They’re sitting in an empty café late at night, a plate with some crumbs left in front of them, while they sip on a beverage.

When he sits down in front of them, they look up. He gives them a moment to eye him, though before he can speak up, they open their mouth.

“How can I help you?” They ask, voice lowered to fit the quiet environment.

Dabi barely hides the pause and widen of his eyes. They said his words. His hand involuntarily twitches towards where the letters run over his skin and he straightens a little.

“I would like to propose you to join us.” He says and notices how they pause, all their movements ceasing to stillness for a second.

They narrow their eyes for a moment. “You said my words.”

Wordlessly, he tugs his sleeve up to reveal their handwriting curling along his arm. “You did too. Though, I am here to recruit you.”

They lean back and for a long while they just hold each other’s gaze, silent questions and assessments getting exchanged without words.

They breathe in a little deeper. “What organization are you working for? Or are you the boss?”

“I joined.” He says with a half shrug. “It’s the League of Villains.”

And that is the one thing that could truly separate them. If his soulmate can’t live with him being who he is, he knows whatever bond the universe intended for them, is not going to work. He focuses on keeping his inhales and exhales easy and relaxed, to keep from holding his breath.

His soulmate finishes their drink in one swallow and nods. “Tell me more. If I like what you’re talking about and I like your boss when I meet whoever it is, consider me on board.”

The small smile tugs at his lips before he realizes it and his soulmate glances up and smiles back softly.

“It’s nice to meet you, by the way.” They say and introduce themselves.

Dabi stretches out a hand and when they shake it, he feels the warmth of their skin seeping into his. “I’m Dabi, and likewise.”

july 7th: ben/mal

So, Ben messed up. Completely his fault, he admits it. If he’d noticed sooner just how badly Mal was taking everything, he could’ve acted sooner. Helped her with this mess sooner. Being in the public eye is something Ben’s had to deal with his entire life - he’s never thought he’d get otherwise. But Mal hasn’t. Beyond ‘Maleficent’s daughter’ Mal has never been under scrutiny, at least not to the blinding, cloying degree the Auradon Paparazzi corps gets. And with Audrey having been in the public eye as the expected 'future queen’ regardless of Ben’s feelings on that matter . . Ben understands how Mal got to this point. So her lashing out . . it’s understandable, and Ben yelling at her for whatever it was they were arguing over . . it’s a mess of their own creation.

But where Ben was taught that when couples argue, there should be a cooling off period before apologies, Mal was apparently taught to just cut all ties and pretend the other person is dead and six feet under. And that’s where the problem is now.

But Evie wants this to end too. So, she’s allowed Ben a window of opportunity to apologise and hopefully, Mal will listen, even if she doesn’t accept.

Armed with a bag of spray paint and wearing the most 'normal’ clothes he owns, Ben knocks on the girls’ room door.

Mal opens it, and Ben has to keep from exhaling a hard breath. She doesn’t seem surprised to see him, but Ben does know that Mal is very good at keeping her emotions secret.

Before either of them says anything, Ben thrusts the paper bag in his hand in Mal’s face. She quirks an eyebrow, her face the physical equivalent of a question mark. “An apology gift,” Ben explains. Mal takes the bag and re-enters her room, Ben’s invitation to enter obvious.

He follows and Mal closes the door. “So, your way of getting your foot in the door is to present me with a bouquet of spray cans?” she asks.

“Figured it’d get me in the door,” replies Ben, “so I can talk this over with you in person. Calmly. Because I lost my temper at you before, and you didn’t deserve that. I hadn’t considered how different this would all be for you - what people would expect from you, that they’d all see you as my proverbial future wife, rather than a girl I was dating. I didn’t consider how it might effect you, and I didn’t notice when it did. I’m sorry, Mal. I should’ve been better.”

Mal’s mouth was gaping in shock, but the little speech works. They talk it over. How Mal hasn’t been dealing with the expectations on her, at least what Auradon seems to expect of her, rather than her mother. How she’d been dressing like Audrey to compensate. How her 'lady of the court’ act was wearing her down. How she knows it isn’t Ben’s fault, but she can’t help but blame him. There’s tears, and hugs. Words about working together, and how the public doesn’t get a say in their relationship. Both people leave feeling better, all more-or-less forgiven.

When King Ben has a public function the next night, Mal is on his arm, her formerly-blonde hair entirely purple and her dress a lovely shade of indigo.

Still Here (PT3)

Sebastian Stan x Reader

🌹Tagged for updates🌹

“Goodbyes are not forever, Goodbyes are not the end. They simply mean I’ll miss you, Until we meet again.” -Unknown

You looked at him, eyes wide with an unfathomable list of questions piling in your head. He didn’t move a muscle. He stood there stoic like a statue, still with his back turned facing you. You dropped your phone on the floorboard hoping the loud sound hitting the wood would cause him to turn around. Nothing.

For a split second you came to the conclusion that maybe that wasn’t Sebastian, but the feeling in your gut couldn’t shake the idea that is was him. It was most definitely a terrifying feeling. You could barely speak let alone make out a noise. It felt though as if cotton balls were shoved down your throat. Your entire mouth went completely dry. Holstering yourself upward you pull yourself further up in the attic. The flashlight on your phone was still on, so you bent down to pick it up. Turning it over to hit the right settings to turn it off. You look up to see Sebastian standing five paces in front of you.

You were breathing so heavily you could hear it in your ears. You began to feel the wet hot tears fill up your eyes, blinking just so they would fall. You wanted to touch him, to feel the heat of his skin. The urge was killing you to see if he even felt the same. Afraid to talk, not knowing exactly what your first word should be. You dared Sebastian to speak just by using your stare. Though he remained absolutely silent.

“Say something!” You mumbled incoherently through your hand as the stream of tears flowed down faster than your heartbeat.

Sebastian’s eyes took in everything at once. Since he’s been gone every time you blinked you saw those same eyes that you once watched as the life left from them. The same pure, bright sharp blue eyes you missed when the moment a glimpse of the old Sebastian returned.

“We had a lot of great memories in this old house.” His voice was warm and raspier than you remembered. But it had the same lasting effect sending many unwavering chills down your spine.

“That’s why I can’t stay here.” You stopped talking for a moment, shaking your head in disbelief from having a conversation with a dead Sebastian. “I only want to remember what it was like here with you.”

“We were going to get a dog. A Labrador Retriever if I remember correctly. You wanted to name him Jasper, after that guy from the vampire movie your forced me to watched countless times.” Sebastian said, still speaking like this was the norm.

“You came back just to tell me that?” You sighed feeling overwhelmed and slightly light headed.

“Get the dog.” He answered. The only way you could react from that answer was to look at him staring in amazement that he was wasting whatever damn time he had left just to make small talk.

He inched closer slowly moving towards your body. He lifted his hand and traced the back of his index finger against your cheek bone. Catching and wiping away your tears.

Though you couldn’t help but let them fall as they may, because you could feel his touch again. Quickly you reached your hand up to feel his hand. It felt so unbelievably real. You kissed his hand over and over. Kissing inside the palm of his hand, holding it tightly with your own. Resting your lips on the center of his hand, you leaned up for a few seconds letting out the loudest cry.

Sebastian pulled you closer in his arms. Your face pressed against his cool chest. Wrapping your arms tightly around him using every bit of strength you had. He did the same, but a little tighter. Like you would be the one to slip away. His neck was bent downward, with his cheek pressed alongside your head. Sniffling, you kept your arms in place lifting your head brushing the bridges of your noses.

You stood up higher on your toes, parting your lips slowly on Sebastian’s. The feeling felt foreign at first. He reacted instantly, which surprised you. Sebastian’s mouth was warm. The caress of his lips were softer and more delicate than you could say. You excitably opened your mouth as you could taste the familiar savor of honey on his tongue. As he kissed you harder, you were reminded of the thrill it made you feel. Which made it even harder to let go.

Sebastian kept his eyes close. His jaw was clenched and he looked as miserable as you felt. Letting him go you placed both of your hands on the side of his face. Rubbing your fingers through the back of his hair. Pressing foreheads together, nothing could describe or takeaway the feeling of being in close proximity of him.

“I need to know (Y/N). I need to know you will be happy again, that you won’t hold back on any of the things you said you would do.” His voiced trailed off, the idea was unimaginable, yet possible.

You nodded your head promising him all those things and more without saying it and you had a feeling he understood. The words I love you were spoken, though neither one of you said a word. It was a kind of bond that was anxious, fearful and electrifying.

“(Y/N).” Sebastian said.

“I can not say goodbye to you twice Sebastian.” Your voice was in a hoarse whisper, pulling yourself closer to him for as long as you could.

“Then don’t.” You weren’t looking at him but you could tell he smiled, but the tone in his voice wasn’t convincing. You dropped your hands from his face and took one last look at the one thing you could ever really call home. You knew deep down that no matter where you were headed pieces of him would follow.

Closing yours eyes forcibly keeping them shut. Exhaling out, you fluttered your eyes open slowly seeing that Sebastian was finally gone. You stood there for a while looking off where he once was, alone in the attic with an empty heart. Letting go of your temporary forever.

{Part 3 out of 3}