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Zach asking you to sleep over at his house - Part 2

A/N: Sorry on such a long wait for this imagine. I hope that it was worth it though. Enjoy my lovelies:)

The final bell rings, signalling the end of class and also the end of the school day. You start packing up your things with shaky hands, your nerves getting the best of you. It’s Friday today. Which means it’s the beginning of the weekend. This also means that you will be going to Zach’s house, staying there for the next couple of days.

You have been able to stay calm and collected the next few days after he had asked you to sleep over at his house for the weekend, but right now you can’t help but start to feel really antsy. 

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I’m always affected by Ed crying/on the verge of tears because this guy tries so hard to keep his composure so you know he’s at breaking point when he’s talking with a cracking voice or his eyes are watering. When he views Isabella’s body at the morgue he takes a deep breath and swallows and presses his lips together and when he speaks - because he only speaks once, because that’s all he can manage - he speaks in a very rough, low voice, and keeps on exhaling in short puffs, and you know he’s doing all of this because he’s trying so hard to keep it together.

But then when it comes to Oswald, he lets himself be vulnerable in front of him. He lets Oswald know he needs comfort by initiating a hug and doesn’t try to hide the tremor in his voice when he thanks Oswald for being there for him. Oswald sees a side of him he withholds in front of everyone else, the side he probably quashed down in response to his peers, maybe even his father, saying he wasn’t masculine enough over and over until he internalized it. I’m glad we got to see this side of Ed, even if it was the result of Oswald doing some awful things.

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Also couldn't it possibly be because Riordan is a dude and doesn't understand it 100% bc he never experienced it and doesn't want to insult women by getting the experience wrong

Nice thought, but no, because as the original asker said: “It could be that he doesn’t feel comfortable writing about something he’s never experienced, but then, he’s written about a lot of things he’s never experienced. As far as I know, he’s not gay or gender queer, but he’s written about those things.”

Also, you don’t need to 100% understand the biological details of a period to throw in a few lines over the course of five books. 

Look, I haven’t had a period in three years so my memory’s a little foggy on the details, and I’m just gonna write some lines that would fit into YA-actiony-questy narrative right now off the top of my head:

  • “She curled her arms around her stomach, bending forward and grimacing. ‘I’m fine to keep watch,’ she said, exhaling and straightening. ‘I’m cramping, not dying.’
    ‘Looks like the same thing,’ he said.
    She rolled her eyes. ‘Just get some sleep. I’ll wake you up in a few hours.’”
  • “She started shoving supplies into her bag - a toothbrush, a handful of hair ties, a box of tampons, some deodorant.”

  • “As they trekked along the side of the highway she sighed, putting a hand over her stomach. ‘What I wouldn’t give for a heat pack and a block of chocolate.’
    ‘You are a walking cliché.’
    She laughed. ‘I’m about to be a collapsed cliché if you don’t let me rest.’
I’m not asking for graphic depictions of a character removing a tampon or bleeding through her sheets. I’m asking for a few little throwaway lines that would help your cis female characters feel more real by referencing the fact that they menstruate.

genre: fluff
word count: 980
notes: shapeshifter!reader; inspired by x.
synopsis: her main form is a black kitten and jaebum.. just really wants to pet her.

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Too Right To Be Wrong [Chapter 2]

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Chapter 2 of Too Right to Be Wrong

Chapter 1

Series Genre: Angst/Smut/Fluff

Warnings: Adult Content

Mark didn’t hesitate, he pulled you onto his lap immediately causing you to giggle in shock.

He looked at you again in the same way he had just a few minutes earlier. It was a look of complete adoration and need. You felt as if you were going to melt. He bit his bottom lip as his eyes scanned your body.

“Mark,” you whispered… “I want you”.

Mark groaned at your words, they were all he had ever wanted to hear.

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It's Just a Little Crush

Fandom: Star Wars (Modern AU)

Pairing: Singer!Poe Dameron x Actress!Reader

Summary: Despite being a celebrity yourself, you had a celebrity crush on world famous singer, Poe Dameron. Many of your followers on your social media knew this…including tv show host, James Corden. With his help, you end up facing your celebrity crush.

You were a big upcoming actress. Sure, you were known for playing memorable side characters. However, about a year ago, you landed a role that changed your life. In the movie adaption of young adult novel “Fangirl” by Rainbow Rowell, you landed the role of both Cather and Wren. It was amazing because 1) You loved the book to death and 2) This was your big break! So now you’re here on The Late Late Show with James Corden.

“So there’s this young adult novel called Fangirl and it’s written by Rainbow Rowell.” A few cheers are heard from the audience, “Yes! So now there’s a film coming out! So let’s give it up for the star of the movie Y/N L/N!!” The audience erupts in cheers and screams as you walk onto the stage. You hug James and sit down, “Hello, Y/N and welcome to the show!”

You smile and bounce in your seat, “Oh my gosh! Hi! I’m so nervous and happy to be here!”

“You’re nervous? Why?!” James asked.

“Well, you’re one of my favorite tv hosts. I absolutely love carpool karaoke.”

James scoffed, “Girl, please! Flattery will get you..everywhere.” You laugh. “So, Y/N did you read the book before even auditioning?”

Your eyes widened in excitement, “Yes! I did, actually and I love it! And, of course, I read it again when I got the role to help me get into character.”

“Because you’re not playing just one person. You’re playing two?”

You nod in confirmation, “Yup! I’m playing the twins Cather and Wren!”

“So, this movie is all about fangirls. Are you part of any fandoms or do you consider yourself a fangirl?”

“Yes, actually! I do! I’m in the Disney fandom, DC fandom, and Harry Potter fandom.” Cheers come from the audience and you cheer with them, “Yeah! Fandoms!” You giggle at the end.

“So do you fangirl over any celebrities?”

“Oh definitely! Yeah! Like Beyonce, Orlando Bloom, Henry Cavill.”

“Yep! Me too! Fanboy and proud!” He sticks his hand up and you high five with both of you giggling, “So, I have to ask: are you a big fangirl of the singer Poe Dameron?”

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Still Here (PT3)

Sebastian Stan x Reader

🌹Tagged for updates🌹

“Goodbyes are not forever, Goodbyes are not the end. They simply mean I’ll miss you, Until we meet again.” -Unknown

You looked at him, eyes wide with an unfathomable list of questions piling in your head. He didn’t move a muscle. He stood there stoic like a statue, still with his back turned facing you. You dropped your phone on the floorboard hoping the loud sound hitting the wood would cause him to turn around. Nothing.

For a split second you came to the conclusion that maybe that wasn’t Sebastian, but the feeling in your gut couldn’t shake the idea that is was him. It was most definitely a terrifying feeling. You could barely speak let alone make out a noise. It felt though as if cotton balls were shoved down your throat. Your entire mouth went completely dry. Holstering yourself upward you pull yourself further up in the attic. The flashlight on your phone was still on, so you bent down to pick it up. Turning it over to hit the right settings to turn it off. You look up to see Sebastian standing five paces in front of you.

You were breathing so heavily you could hear it in your ears. You began to feel the wet hot tears fill up your eyes, blinking just so they would fall. You wanted to touch him, to feel the heat of his skin. The urge was killing you to see if he even felt the same. Afraid to talk, not knowing exactly what your first word should be. You dared Sebastian to speak just by using your stare. Though he remained absolutely silent.

“Say something!” You mumbled incoherently through your hand as the stream of tears flowed down faster than your heartbeat.

Sebastian’s eyes took in everything at once. Since he’s been gone every time you blinked you saw those same eyes that you once watched as the life left from them. The same pure, bright sharp blue eyes you missed when the moment a glimpse of the old Sebastian returned.

“We had a lot of great memories in this old house.” His voice was warm and raspier than you remembered. But it had the same lasting effect sending many unwavering chills down your spine.

“That’s why I can’t stay here.” You stopped talking for a moment, shaking your head in disbelief from having a conversation with a dead Sebastian. “I only want to remember what it was like here with you.”

“We were going to get a dog. A Labrador Retriever if I remember correctly. You wanted to name him Jasper, after that guy from the vampire movie your forced me to watched countless times.” Sebastian said, still speaking like this was the norm.

“You came back just to tell me that?” You sighed feeling overwhelmed and slightly light headed.

“Get the dog.” He answered. The only way you could react from that answer was to look at him staring in amazement that he was wasting whatever damn time he had left just to make small talk.

He inched closer slowly moving towards your body. He lifted his hand and traced the back of his index finger against your cheek bone. Catching and wiping away your tears.

Though you couldn’t help but let them fall as they may, because you could feel his touch again. Quickly you reached your hand up to feel his hand. It felt so unbelievably real. You kissed his hand over and over. Kissing inside the palm of his hand, holding it tightly with your own. Resting your lips on the center of his hand, you leaned up for a few seconds letting out the loudest cry.

Sebastian pulled you closer in his arms. Your face pressed against his cool chest. Wrapping your arms tightly around him using every bit of strength you had. He did the same, but a little tighter. Like you would be the one to slip away. His neck was bent downward, with his cheek pressed alongside your head. Sniffling, you kept your arms in place lifting your head brushing the bridges of your noses.

You stood up higher on your toes, parting your lips slowly on Sebastian’s. The feeling felt foreign at first. He reacted instantly, which surprised you. Sebastian’s mouth was warm. The caress of his lips were softer and more delicate than you could say. You excitably opened your mouth as you could taste the familiar savor of honey on his tongue. As he kissed you harder, you were reminded of the thrill it made you feel. Which made it even harder to let go.

Sebastian kept his eyes close. His jaw was clenched and he looked as miserable as you felt. Letting him go you placed both of your hands on the side of his face. Rubbing your fingers through the back of his hair. Pressing foreheads together, nothing could describe or takeaway the feeling of being in close proximity of him.

“I need to know (Y/N). I need to know you will be happy again, that you won’t hold back on any of the things you said you would do.” His voiced trailed off, the idea was unimaginable, yet possible.

You nodded your head promising him all those things and more without saying it and you had a feeling he understood. The words I love you were spoken, though neither one of you said a word. It was a kind of bond that was anxious, fearful and electrifying.

“(Y/N).” Sebastian said.

“I can not say goodbye to you twice Sebastian.” Your voice was in a hoarse whisper, pulling yourself closer to him for as long as you could.

“Then don’t.” You weren’t looking at him but you could tell he smiled, but the tone in his voice wasn’t convincing. You dropped your hands from his face and took one last look at the one thing you could ever really call home. You knew deep down that no matter where you were headed pieces of him would follow.

Closing yours eyes forcibly keeping them shut. Exhaling out, you fluttered your eyes open slowly seeing that Sebastian was finally gone. You stood there for a while looking off where he once was, alone in the attic with an empty heart. Letting go of your temporary forever.

{Part 3 out of 3}

Driven #2 - [MONSTA X] Kihyun!Au

[A/N] Oh well. A flash fiction became series, I mean what’s new. Fuck me.

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[Part 1]

He came in with his small bag and walked in to you wearing your shorts in the middle of your queen-sized bed. With your fingers tapping the keyboard loudly on your laptop, he walked in, almost tiptoeing as he bit his lower lip with uneasy eyes. He set his bag as silent as possible, trying not to get your attention.

But of course you noticed, you just didn’t want to make a huge deal out of it. Until he sat next to your feet, on the same bed, “Where do you think you’re sitting.” You said, death in your tone. He fidgets his eyes away, and he muttered a few words that was barely heard by you. “What.” You shot, squeezing your face, leaning towards him. “Where do I sleep?” He turned to you, annoyed, flustered and cornered. You breathed in deeply and snapped your head to the left and Kihyun jumped on it. “Not next to me…there. Over there.” You darted your eyes to a small area where your stuffed toys were.

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Momma I'm having a really bad breakdown right now because of a flute playing test I have to do today on music that is YEARS above my ability level. I need to calm down so I can practice or do anything but I just can't stop crying, do you know of anything that can help me?

First put the flute away. Don’t look at it for a moment. Let yourself breathe.

Sit in a comfortable position. Rest your hands at your sides, or a hug a pillow/plushie. Close your eyes. Take a deep breath, and slowly exhale. Keep breathing like that until the tears stop. Then open your eyes, put down the plush/pillow if you had one, and get yourself water/warm tea. A snack if you’re hungry. When you’ve finished your snack, take a look at the sheet music. Follow it in your mind, but don’t get the flute out yet. Cut it into doable blocks, and then read them a block at a time. Then, when you’re ready, get out your flute and practice just one block at a time.

Take it slow. Take it a step at a time. You’re more capable than you realize. Let yourself scoot forward and you’ll get there. You don’t have to run. Just scoot.

-Lou the Lobster

I Give Up - part 13 (A Baekhyun Series)

Baekhyun was busy. Really busy. His texts were getting shorter and spaced out farther between each other and you were getting ready to start your second summer semester of school. You would be very busy soon. This would be the last of your basics and you could focus more on your pre-med classes. There would be labs and practicals and you’d really start getting into the tough stuff. With your low grade last semester you vowed to focus less on your super addictive sexy boyfriend, and more on school.

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*inhales and composes myself*

rex on hoth with the other rebels coming across luke skywalker. rex wondering if luke is a relative of anakin’s (being a jedi from tattooine) but keeping it to himself. rex offering to teach luke how to shoot like he did with ezra but luke’s all like ‘nah thanks im good i’ve been shooting womp rats since i could hold a blaster’. luke finding out rex is a clone war vet and wanting to hear stories. han and rex arguing over what’s best for luke (a la kanan). rex just. glad that that he keeps meeting jedi time after time, and that he gets to keep fighting beside them.

*exhales, screams into a pillow*

Dumbbell Side Bend

Stand up straight while holding a dumbbell on the left hand (palms facing the torso) as you have the right hand holding your waist. Your feet should be placed at shoulder width. This will be your starting position.
While keeping your back straight and your head up, bend only at the waist to the right as far as possible. Breathe in as you bend to the side. Then hold for a second and come back up to the starting position as you exhale. Tip: Keep the rest of the body stationary.
Now repeat the movement but bending to the left instead. Hold for a second and come back to the starting position.
Repeat for the recommended amount of repetitions and then change hands.

Gone With the Wind

So I totally messed this up. I, for some reason, thought @kittenofdoomage‘s Movie Quote Challenge ran until January 31st … which turned out to not be the case at all. But this idea had been burning in my brain ever since I got my prompt, and I feel like today, the 77th anniversary of Gone With the Wind, is a poetic kind of culmination. Sorry this is so late, but I hope you guys enjoy.

RATING: Mature
CHARACTERS: John Winchester, female reader, Sarah Blake, Donna Hanscum (mentioned), Bobby Singer (mentioned), minor original unnamed characters
WARNINGS: THIS IS AN AU–characters are actors on the set of Gone With the Wind in the late 1930s; language, angst

PROMPT: “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.”

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It was the last day for you on the movie set, and you couldn’t be happier. The past months had been nothing short of a roller coaster, and you’d be damned if you’d do another film for a good long while after this one.

Of course, this wasn’t just a regular movie. No, this was an epic tale of times long past, and somehow certain to give America the hope it needed in such dark times.

You stared into your teacup, letting out a breath. At the sound of something behind you, you lifted your head, looking into the mirror of your vanity, which gave a perfect view of the door behind you.

“Miss Y/N? They’re ready for you in makeup.”

You smiled at the young man who’d knocked lightly on your trailer door. You stood up, taking one last sip from your cup of tea, then sliding your feet into a pair of slippers and following the boy out to the makeup trailer. You faltered just a bit when you passed by his trailer, doing your best to keep looking forward instead of at him. He was standing outside the trailer door, a white shirt on with his brown pants and suspenders, hair tousled like he’d just woken up, which …

“Excuse me, what time is it?”

The young boy in front of you looked at his wrist.

“Half past eight, ma’am.”

You nodded. He had just woken up. Which meant the cigarette he was currently smoking was his first of the day. You quietly coughed into your hand, more to clear your head than your lungs, and stepped into the makeup trailer. Sarah walked over to you, a wide smile on her face, dark hair pulled back and twisted up.

“Last day, Y/N. You ready?”
“God, yes. I’m ready to get this over with.”
“You’re not going to miss us?”

You gave Sarah a smile.

“Oh, honey. Of course I will. You, I’ll miss terribly.”

She didn’t comment on your emphasis on the word “you,” immediately picking up on what you left unsaid. She went to say something, but the door opened, and by the look on her face, you kept looking straight ahead.

“Good morning, ladies.”

Your eyes drifted shut at the deep, raspy voice that rang through the trailer. Sarah, you knew, was smiling, because she was kind.

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Hoii hoiiii everybody listen to this !!!!! I got an announcement to do. Listen to me very fucking carefully okay ??!!! Ok keep calm inhale exhale !! Listen, here, Lauren love Camila and Camila love Lauren so fucking damn much !!!! They both love each other and nothings change do you understand me ??!!! Enough with all these bullshit !!! Camren is reall FULLFUCKINGSTOP !!!! Omfg, enough doe ! Sorry fam wheres my chill pill ??

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How to Cope with Flashbacks

Flashbacks are memories of past traumas. They can occur in a number of different forms – as sounds, images, smells, body sensations, numbness (or a lack of sensations). Often they’re accompanied by a feeling panic, where the individual feels trapped and completely powerless. Flashbacks can also occur in dreams. Because the sensations are so frightening and intense – and are unrelated to what’s happening in the present - the person often feels as if they’re going crazy. What to do to cope with flashback:

1. Tell yourself that you are having a flashback – that it will pass in time – and soon everything will return to normal.

2. Remind yourself that the worst is over – as these terrifying feelings are re-experienced memories. The event that took place is now lodged in the past, and you managed to survive it, and will survive it now.

3. Allow yourself to express the powerful feelings of terror, panic, hurt and/or rage. It is right that you honour your experience.

4. Ground yourself firmly in the here-and-now. Breathe deeply. Notice the sounds and sensations around you in the room. Allow the feelings of panic and terror to slowly dissipate. Keep breathing deeply, and exhaling deliberately. Allow a sense of calm to gradually replace the faintness, shakiness, dizziness and tightness.

5. Reorient yourself. Keep focusing on what you can see, hear, feel, smell, touch and feel in the present. Feel the chair supporting you. Use your five senses to bring you back to this point in time.

6. Speak to your terrified inner child. Reassure them that they are going to be OK. Tell them they are safe in the present. They are not trapped. They can escape at any time.

7. Seek professional support to deal with your flashbacks. Find an experienced therapist who is trained to guide you to a place of healing. You do not have to do cope with this alone. There is help available for you.


“Welcome, welcome to my party. Bruce Wayne meets Clark Kent but who might this be?” Lex leaned to the right to look at the person beside Bruce. “I don’t remember inviting you,”

“Let’s say it was a plus one, human shade lamp.” you rolled your eyes, proceeding to take a drink from the glass that you took from the waiter before he arrived to greet the superheroes. “Nice hair,” you commented sarcastically.

“Thank you,” he dipped his hands in the prayer position. “I actually grew it myself.”

“Oh really, with what? Plants miracle grow?” You chuckled, seeing a smile crack on Bruce’s face before Lex’ mouth opened a bit.

“Actually tresemme,” he replied, a bit taken back at your dragging.

“Are ya sure one of your people didn’t put, I don’t know, sperm or mayonnaise in the bottle?” you continued to insult him. “Are you gonna save some oxygen for the rest of us or are you going to keep exhaling repulsive carbon dioxide?”

“I think I might just stay here with you, you’re obviously enjoying my company.” he replied, getting in step with your comebacks. “I didn’t think my spearmint mouth wash smelled bad, should have used Listerine.”

“Why don’t they just kiss already?” Clark huffed, downing his glass of wine before leaving the three with surprise on their faces, and blushes on two.

Ended quick cause I could’ve went onnnnnnnn


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I'm, uh, not sure if you've already done this (im soo sorry if you have ;-;) but how about RFA & V + Unknown reacting to MC with having a panic attack due to anxiety??

Yoosung: I imagine he learned what to do in certain situations that require somewhat of medical knowledge. He’s smart to count one and one together to realize what’s going on and understands quickly that their high anxiety that previously showed through through seeming tense and what not is indeed a panic attack. He carefully and gently takes their hand and guides them to a less crowded space or somewhere to sit down. He’ll guide them through by talking to them with sooth words and speaks in clear short sentences. “Take deep breaths. In… and out. You are doing so good, it’s going to be okay. I’m here.”

Zen: He’s probably a little irritated or the very least surprised as to what is happening, but tries to talk to them.”MC? Can you hear me? Hey, look at me, I’m here, okay?” He keeps asking them questions, not because he particularly expects an answer, but because he wants to make sure they have something to focus on – in this case his voice. He will hold them close, if that’s what they need, but if they need their space or indicate that they’re uncomfortable with being touched, he’ll make sure to keep eye contact at least. He probably knows one or two helpful exercises that ease the breath and help muscle relaxation.

Jaehee: She’s the most concerned, even though on the outside she keeps her cool and calm. She places a gentle hand on their back and one on their shoulder to guide them somewhere else, maybe to fresh air where they can sit down. She immediately offers them her jacket to either wrap it around themselves or even to have something they can cling on. “Whatever it is you are scared of, you are save. You’re here with me. Things will be alright, I won’t leave.” she keeps whispering, probably more to keep herself calm too. She keeps holding their hand and gently massages their fingers, knowing it helps to have a sense to focus on, i.e. touch / smell / sound. Jaehee continues playing with their hair and soothes them through repeating her previous sentences.

Jumin: If there’s people around, he’ll shield MC to keep a more private space. He wraps them up in his jacket and carefully pushes them in front of him, guiding them aside to an empty room or space. It doesn’t take seconds for him to contact someone he thinks could help, depending on how bad it is. Generally, he knows an ambulance is not needed, but you can never be too sure. He doesn’t make a big fuss out of it though and tries to guide them to a more calm breathing rhythm. If it isn’t helping, he has his phone in his hands in case of an emergency. He’ll play with their hair and tries to distract them from their anxiety by telling them a random story of a day of work he experienced, i.e. He’ll also offer them anything they need, a glass of water or something of the sort.

707: Similar to Yoosung, he quickly understands what is happening and immediately reacts. Before he acts though, he explains what he is going to do, so that they don’t turn out even more anxious because of a sudden touch of him. “I will help you sit down, here. Is it okay to hold you? Do you need a bag to breath into?” He’s talking and moving slowly, avoiding sudden surprises or anything that might startle them. He keeps inhaling and exhaling loudly, deeply and slowly for them to follow along while he gently rubs their back, if they’re okay with that. “You want to go for a small walk? To get off some adrenaline? We can stay inside, too.” He holds their hand as they’re taking small steps around the house or the garden to help them calm down better.

V: He’s the one to immediately try and get them a glass of water and medicine, if they have any. He’ll sit down on the spot with them, not moving too far away to help them as soon as possible. He does make sure they have something to lean against though, but if everything else fails, he’s always there to support them from falling. “Try to focus on something. Slowly. What is it you see? Can you describe it to me?” He asks calmly as he tries to distract them while he firmly holds their hand and rubs their skin gently.

Unknown: He’s probably a little overwhelmed with the situation, to be honest. He asks them what exactly is wrong or how he can help them, if there is anything they need. Realizing, that him pacing back and forth through all these questions would get MC only more anxious though, has him shut up. He pulls them close carefully and hugs them as he tries cooing them. “It’s okay. It’s going to be okay. Stay with me. You’re safe by my side, I would never let anybody or anyone hurt you, MC.”