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i don't care if ikon is now considered a flop group, but what i fear is that they will make more public friendly songs from now on bc this concept flopped. ikon is special because they do music not to please the public but to make themselves satisfied and happy. there are already news circulating around the web saying hanbin's songs are awful and poor quality (srly fuck them). i hope yg won't get angry at my boy and send them to the dungeon again.

ahh I have so many things to say but I will keep it to minimal :)

  1. iKON are the opposite of a flop group, I mean they are in the middle of dome tour right now and don’t forget the amount of cash they’re bringing in the company.
  2. Hanbin knows how to make songs to top charts in Korea, he already established himself multiple times.
  3. The boys are doing what they love and Hanbin already knew that Blingx2 will be low in charts and honestly, he doesn’t care. So we shouldn’t either.
  4. iKON told us that there’s gonna be 10 songs in total, with blingx2 as one the most hardcore of them, which I’m sure means in the rest 8 songs the boys already made there’s at least one song that will be public friendly, so don’t be suprised when it happens.
  5. I’m pretty sure the people that are saying awful things about the boys right now will be sucking ikon’s dicks again once they go back on top5 at charts

Now, I will stop there bc I’m beginning to lose my chill and that’s no-no.

An advice to all of you, stop hanging on twitter too much and unfollow ppl that seem to like drama and charts more than the artists themselves. Believe in our leader. Believe in iKON. Be proud and happy for them.
Episode #31 - Vanity Fair Updates for the 40th Anniversary
Rachael and Kirsty organise themselves to tackle the big issues to have arisen from the Vanity Fair coverage of The Last Jedi, from Kathleen Kennedy's comments on the future of the saga to Rian Johnso

Surprise! @bastila-bae and I saw that it was a time of need, and so took to our microphones to offer our thoughts and commentary on today’s Vanity Fair revelations. We talk about various topics (including the Twin Peaks revival, which we discuss right at the end of the show) but, of course, devote a generous slot to Rian’s disquieting comments on the romance (or lack thereof) in The Last Jedi.

We hope you enjoy, and do stay positive! We love this fandom, and while we wanted to talk about things in an honest and measured way we also wanted to do our bit to remind people that we should never lose sight of the fact that fandom is meant to be fun and that there’s fuel in the ol’ ship yet. Enjoy, and keep on shipping!

I come from a fandom that died every week according to antis, because of something that happened in the series that week or something said in an interview (normally taken out of context, much like in this case) that suddenly meant [insert pairing name here] was dead. In the end, it was canon.

The point is, I wouldn’t worry about this, antis will jump on every opportunity to declare this ship dead. What Rian Johnson actually says is that The Last Jedi offers “no one-to-one equivalent of the Han-to-Leia, burning, unrequited love. In our story, that’s not a centerpiece.” He doesn’t say there is no romance at all and he’s very specific about that which we will not see: a copy of HanLeia. This doesn’t declare any ship dead. Much less reylo, they can’t kill reylo because that dynamic will be canon one way or another.

Rey and Kylo’s dynamic is an integral part to this trilogy and their dynamic will develop whether people want it or not. But will that mean there will be no reylo romance because of the centerpiece statement? No, what he’s saying is that romance is not a centerpiece, which makes sense because this is only the second part of the trilogy. Rey and Kylo’s dynamic is a centerpiece and how it will develop, and if there is a romance between them along the road it’ll probably be much more subtle that Han’s and Leia’s in our face romance. Those are things we already knew/expected. Rey and Kylo are not Han or Leia, their circumstances are completely different. I mean, right now they are enemies at opposing sides of a war with a lot of ground to cover.

So again, nothing to worry about. We’ll get reylo one way or another, but the more time passes the more plausible romantic reylo seems. No ships are dead so keep enjoying your time and fandom. Canon romantic chances remain the same: 50/50, as with every other possible pairing in this trilogy. And honestly yes, all shippers aim for canon to some extent, but we should just enjoy the ride. 

The Afanc and the Maiden - Chapter 3

Words: 1,761

(Eventual) Luke Evans x Reader

Warnings: None (except maybe a little bit of magic *wink wink*)

Summary: Y/N is studying abroad in Cardiff, Wales and is a Literature major. She wants to do her final thesis on a local folklore, but soon finds out the folklore is real and is not hat people believe it to be.

Intro | Ch. 1 | Ch. 2

Notes: Chapter 3 is up, YAY! I’m so happy to hear people enjoy the story! It makes me SO SO happy!! I’m motivated to keep writing it! Please enjoy! Like, comment, share, whatever suits your fancy! (Also, I’m sorry if this chapter is a bit shorter then the others so far… and super sorry Luke’s character hasn’t showed up yet.. he’ll show up in the next chapter, I PROMISE~)

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Y/n first weekend in Wales ended and she had a full week of classes to get through, but she could hardly concentrate. Her excitement, in she will be going to the actual mountain where the Afanc was trapped, filled her mind to the brim. But what if it was just a fairytale and it wasn’t real? That there really isn’t a monster, who by the way is ‘handsome and plays the violin.’ Only one way for her to find out.

Y/n had Thursdays off, so she took the morning train to take her to Yr fiddfa, Snowdon Mountain, located in the Snowdonia National Park. Y/n sat in a seat by the window and watched the beautiful scenery pass her by, letting her imagination fill her head. Seeing the beautiful landscapes of Wales filled her spirit with tranquility. She was a person who enjoyed the countryside and exploring vast landscapes. After 4 hours, she finally made it to Snowdon. As she stepped off the train, she smiled at the mountain that stood before her.

“Wow, I mean… what a beautiful place,” y/n smiled. She couldn’t believe she was actually here. Who knew just a simple thesis idea turned out to be quite an adventure.

She walked over to the map of the mountain that was right next to the start of the hiking path. The path started at the base of the mountain on one side, then it traveled up until you reached the peak and then the path continued downward on the other side.

“Hmmm….. If I were an angry group of villagers, a few old men, probably a huge warrior man with his oxen, take a mythical creature to be trapped forever with no hope of escaping…” she contemplated as she looked at the map a few moments more.

“Well, I honestly have no clue,” y/n concluded, after having no possible clue… I guess that’s the point, right? To not be able to find it? She decided to just hike the whole trail and see if she could find evidence of a hidden path. She looked at the path before her with a look of determination before she took her first step.

After hiking up the path for over an hour, she finally took a rest. She found a huge rock off to the side of the path to take a short break.

“P90X, my love-hate relationship with you has paid off,” y/n slightly huffed, breathing slower to catch her breath. She sat upon the rock and watched as other people continued on the path before them. Y/n closed her eyes as the sun slowly began to peek through pockets in the clouds, shining rays on some parts of the vast landscapes, illuminating the dips and rivets of the land. The river glistening in the sun’s warm gaze. After her break, she continued on the path and up the mountain. It was mid afternoon by the time she almost reached the peak of the mountain, so she decided to take another break. She stood off to the side of the path and looked out on the scenery from her current view. A soft breeze blew a few strands of her H/C hair out of her face. A leaf swirled in the wind, as if in an invisible dance with the air and gently blew past y/n, landing on the ground a few feet from her. For some reason, she looked behind her to where the leaf landed. She got up and walked to the leaf, crouching in front of it. But as she crouched down, she heard something creak. At first she thought she was just hearing things, so she stood up but heard the sound again. She shifted her weight back and forth and the creaking sounded under each of her feet. She stepped away from where she was standing and crouched down. She used her hands to feel the ground, trying to find the source of the sound. Her hand passed by something solid, it felt like wood? Maybe a bit of metal? She followed the piece with her fingertips and it formed a big square.

“Wait a minute…is this….a door? In the ground?” She grabbed a rock closest to her and used it to scrape away the earth around the door. And indeed, it was a door in the ground. Intricate metal work adorned the wooden door with whimsical designs and strange symbols. She felt around for some sort of knob and she found a little nook. She hooked her fingers around it, pulled and the door opened. She quickly looked around her to see if anyone was watching her, but there was no one around. A musty smell emerged from the dark space in the ground, as if the door hadn’t been opened for centuries.

“Could this be….the entrance to the prison for the Afanc? It’s quite a dark hole…and I can’t see the bottom…should I jump in? What’s at the bottom, though? Will I fall to my death? What the heck did I just find?” She kept contemplating whether to jump in or not. “Wait… now I’m just getting ahead of myself.” She sighed as she pinched the bridge of her nose. “I really have been reading too many fairy tales.” She sat there for a moment longer, trying to decide what to do.

“No, I can do this! If this is indeed the entrance to the prison, you must go and find out the truth, y/n! Take a leap of faith!” y/n said to herself. She took a deep breath in, and indeed “took a leap of faith”, disappearing into the hole, the door slowly closing behind her.

“Yup… definitely should not have done that,” she groaned as she rubbed her bum, having landed on it. It was so dark, y/n couldn’t see anything before or around her. She slowly stood up and blindly tried to find anything to hold onto. Her hands touched a hard surface, a stone wall of some sort. But then a thought hit her, she packed a flashlight. Why? Because one comes prepared! With her backpack still on her back, she took it off and grabbed her flashlight. She turned it on, getting a better understanding of where she was. She was encased in a circular space made of stone with a few strips of metal pieces wrapping around it. Engraved in the metal were similar designs and symbols like on the door.

“I wonder what these mean? Are they symbols? Like hieroglyphics where it speaks of stories or past events in history?” She walked closer to designs, running her fingertips over the metalwork.

“I wonder if Hu Gadarn created these,” y/n thought to herself. She followed the metal pieces until it lead to an open doorway, which she did not remember it being there when she turned her light on the first time. Her mind was buzzing off alarms, telling her to not go through, but her heart wasn’t beating rapidly, so she wasn’t afraid. It was as if her heart as telling her to walk through. She used her flashlight to light her way through the doorway and down the path.

From far away, it looked as if the earth was solid and no one could pass, but when y/n’s flashlight shone on the floor, it created the path for her, leading her right to the destination. The further she went, the more intricate the designs and metal work became. Then she suddenly started to see a little glow before her. She followed it and at that point, the light became bigger and bigger until she went through another doorway, leading to something resembling an underground chamber, a huge one! Stalactites hung on the ceiling like earth icicles, in various sizes. The walls seemed to be slightly curved, almost as if creating a dome, but the edges were still rough. Little, shiny crystal like pieces stuck out from the walls. Smaller pieces of crystal, almost like glitter, encased the entire chamber. And in the center was a huge pool of water. A tiny crack in the ceiling shone sunlight down, creating a sunspot on the water and the pool itself seemed to glow. Y/n hesitantly walked towards the pool, stood next to it and looked down. The water was a deep, hunter green color where you couldn’t see the bottom, as if that was the water’s natural color. She crouched down and slowly reached her hand forward, her fingers grazing the water. She quickly pulled back, the sharp, cold water hitting her senses, but she continued to sit there, looking deep in the water.

“What is this place?” y/n thought as she looked at the pool then traveled her head around the rest of the chamber, her eyes settling on every detail.

She sat there for what felt like forever, until she decided that it was probably time for her to go. She stood up but took one last glance at the water then turned around and left, going through the doorway and up the path she came. She soon reached the little stone encased room but a thought quickly hit her.

“Oooooh noooo….. How do I get out of here??” She slightly panicked, wondering if she was going to be trapped down there forever. In the midst of her slight panicking, she moved the flashlight around until she saw a ladder, the steps made of wood and held together with thick rope on either ends. She did not recall seeing that there the last time or bumping into it as she fell down. But for some reason, she trusted that this ladder would lead her back. Step by step, she climbed until she bumped the top of her head on a hard surface, a wooden surface. She pushed it up with her hand and the door opened. She climbed out and she was back on the mountain, back at the spot she was before she found the door. She stood next to the door, the setting sun softly hitting her face.

“…….Was I really down there for that long??!? I got to get back to town!! What time is it??!” she said in a panicked frenzy. She found the path and quickly followed it back down. After a few moments, the door slowly closes, the earth growing back around the door’s creases, sealing it back shut. Unknown to y/n though, when her fingertips touched the pool’s waters, the vibrations traveled deep in the water, awakening an mysterious being, whose hazel-green eyes shone in the deep waters.

@ymanimon happy birthday my love! I’m wishing you all the good things (which includes a lot of good sleep) and keep being the awesome sweet bun that you are!

We see movies in which people are represented as being in love who never talk with one another, who fall into bed without ever discussing their bodies, their sexual needs, their likes and dislikes. Indeed, the message received from the mass media is that knowledge makes love less compelling; that it is ignorance that gives love its erotic and transgressive edge. These messages are often brought to us by profiteering producers who have no clue about the art of loving, who substitute their mystified visions because they do not really know how to genuinely portray loving interaction.
—  “all about love: New Visions” by bell hooks

Tartar Sauce in a Twinkie

A tastebud betrayal of epic proportions

The most diabolical plan ever executed by an Invader

And Zim just yuks it up while Dib has a fit

Git rekt


A new challenger appears!? Concept sketches of Prince Somnus, still figuring out his design though

Dad Shawn

  • Sleepy Shawn rolling out of bed to get the baby at 4am
    He’s shirtless, and his hairs a mess, but the baby isn’t crying anymore
  • The way he’d look at your newborn like she’s made of gold
  • He’d always be willing to change the diapers
    Because thats the one thing he actually can do
    Since you’re almost always on feeding duty
  • “She rolled over, SHE ROLLED OVER! Babe, did you see that?”
    “Do it again sweetie, I want to record it, can you do it again?”
  • Shawn smiling proudly anytime someone calls your baby cute
    Almost like he’s thinking, yeah, I made that
  • “She said ‘Dada!’”
    “Shawn, she didn’t say anything.”
    “But she wants to, I know she does.”
  • He’d sing your kids to sleep
    And it was always the fastest way of getting them down
    When he was traveling for work, you’d put him on speakerphone
    So he could sing to the kids at night from wherever he was 
  • He would throw your children in the air and catch them
    Almost giving you a heart attack every time
    But they’d be laughing so hard
  • Saturday mornings were for cartoons
    And you don’t know who looked forward to it more
    Shawn or the kids
  • Every time Shawn returned home from a work trip
    He always brought toys, always
    Despite you telling him that they already had too many
  • Shawn taking your daughter out on “dates” when she’s like 7
    So that she would know how she deserved to be treated by a man
  • “So uh, babe, you know how you told us not to get a puppy?”
    “Well, the shelter had so many cute ones.”
    “So we didn’t get a puppy, we got two. One for each kid.”
  • Anytime your kids were brought up in an interview
    Shawn always had a new story to tell about them
  • “She can sleep in our bed, just for tonight, please babe?”
  • Shawn helping your kids with homework
    “Um, I think we should ask your mom about that one.”
  • He’d always be in the backyard with your kids
    Showing them the best way to catch insects 
  • Your kids always like it better when Shawn pushes the cart or stroller
    “Vroom!” Crash! “Oops”
  • He’d build forts with your kids in the living room
    And you’d come home to see Shawn’s legs sticking out the back
    Because he’s too big to fit inside
    But he’s in there anyway
  • Shawn coaching your kid’s hockey team
  • And taking off of work early to watch them in the school play
  • He’d make sure your little men knew how to treat girls
    “Buddy, you gotta hold the door open.”
  • He’d write so many songs about your kids
    Most of them would never get released
    But you’d play it for them when they got older
  • “I’ll buy you ice cream if you stop screaming.”
    “Shawn, that is not how you’re supposed to parent.”
    “But it worked.”
  • Shawn would always be telling your kids he loves them
    In the most random moments too
    Your son runs inside while playing hide and seek with his brother
    And Shawn’s like “Hey son, I love you.”
    “I know dad. Help me hide.”
  • You never thought you’d see Shawn as passionate about anything
    The way he was passionate about music
    But then he became a dad.


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All from this years, I can’t bring myself to go back any further with old art.

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tfw you love a Thing and your Friends but sometimes the two just don’t mix