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So @darkwarf had a bunch of asks come in about Baby!Dark, and because I have no self control, here he is! They’re really rough, but I’ve got brunch tomorrow with my grandma and it’s past midnight so I slapped some color on them and called it a night! Please reblog and let me know what you think!

Real people shipping is the worst but it also does mean that it’s reasonable to assume that stucky would still be a real ship like.. among regular citizens in the mcu which means the concept of steve and bucky walking around wearing stucky shirts is not unrealistic

The Unwritten Rules of the Convention

1. You will see furries. Do NOT go near them. DO NOT.

2. Homestucks always travel in packs. If you see a lone Homestuck, you may be about to be ambushed.

3. There are two food trucks. There is only ONE you buy from. Whether it’s your favourite or not.

4. If the con is not within two blocks of a coffee shop, it is a commercial flop and not worth attending.

5. There WILL be grown men in skin tight costumes. Just avert your eyes to your level of comfort and forget about it.

6. Every single outlet will be in use. Every single one.

7. There is only one role-playing party in the games room at one time. If there are more, a volume and ‘fun meter’ competition will inevitably break out.

8. If you see the Parent™, go easy on them. They are in an alien world of anime body pillows and Steven Universe cosplays and they are frightened.

9. Expect memes.

10. Every merch booth must have at least ONE Pikachu themed item.

11. There also must be at least one booth selling tails and ears.


13. It doesn’t matter if your Iron Man cosplay is made of real iron and has working technology. If you are in the junior category, the sniffling five year old in the Link cosplay made of paper will always win.

14. Someone will be on the roof.

15. Those cheap plastic tokens? $20.

16. Avoid eye contact with the sixty year old man in the MLP cosplay.

17. If you appear even the slightest bit female, you WILL get harassed by a douche boy who thinks you’re a ‘fake geek girl’. This boy will always be in a t-shirt with an image such as Deadpool or the Star Wars logo.

18. There must be AT LEAST ten people in ‘Keep Calm’ shirts.

19. That actor does not want to be there.


21. There WILL be a human!Bill cosplay. There will also be a Cecil Palmer cosplay. DO NOT MIX THESE TWO UP YOU WILL DIE.

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Yo wasn't the"keep calm and return fire" shirt from a older drawing of vr? Cause I remember something like that on one of the drawings

yeah, the keep calm and return fire was one of the first sweaters i ever drew engel wearing!! its only appeared a couple times tho which is ofc a Crime so it belongs to luna now!!

here’s the very first art of it i ever did

don’t just break the ice. absolutely shatter the ice. make that first impression count. wear crocs. if not, socks and sandals are an excellent secondary option. you’ll also need a shirt with an outdated meme reference. if you can’t find a moderate supply of store bought keep calm and carry on shirts than oppa gangnam style is acceptable. change your accent for every sentence you speak. set an anime waifu as your phone background and make a point to display it Immediately. stand on a modest set of stilts so no matter what height you really are you will be 80 inches taller than them. It’s all about Asserting Dominace and making them never want to speak to you again

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Please make more Dominican Lance hcs IM BEGGING

  • his full name is nicolás lance nuñez-martinez
  • he was born in boston actually 
    • his parents met in new york thru work and moved to massachusetts to settle down after getting married 
      • he’s also the second oldest of four
  • lance visits dominican republic with his family for the first time when he was like 14 and he just  
    •  "and i thought we were loud back home"   
    • also cats??? there’s cats fuckin EVERYWHERE in dominican republic and bc rip lance is allergic
    • while he’s there he discovers that he’s really good at dominos! he watched his tia play then tried himself and tOTALLY DESTROYED HIS TIO’S, PRIMOS, HERMANOS Y PAPÁ
      • the only one he can’t beat is his mom she’s the unspoken agreed master of dominos in their family 
      • “who would just LEAVE this here”
    • he loves walking down the street from his tia’s house to a bodega for snacks
    • the most dominican thing he’s ever eaten - rice with scrambled eggs bc they didn’t have any meat in the house
    • tbh he’ll take los tres golpes over eggs and bacon any day 
    • one word: suspiro 
    • he also learns that these people will eat sancocho ANY day of the year not just in winter like they do in his house but A N Y time there is no concept of a bad time for sancocho here 
      • he considers this amazing and demands they begin doing the same when they get back home
    • lance got really into novelas while he was there and started watching telemundo when he got back
      • it also, amazingly, strengthens his spanish
        • after that he starts secretly using duolingo or some other language learning app bc he genuinely wants to regain his fluency 
  • growing up, lance was that kid that was always excited for baby showers for the food 
  • of fuckin course he uses dominican slang 
    • dique is probably his fave
    • he also uses chevere a lot
    • lance’s phone: *rings* / lance: *picks it up* dimelo 
    • shiro: lance can you help me with this / lance: *while walking away* yeah ahorita *never comes back*
  • the dominican clap 👏🏽 always clappin when he excited
  • lance: i’m not religious / something: *almost goes very wrong* / lance: quiero dar gracias a jesús por mi vida 
    • something exasperating: *happens* / lance: ¡por el amor de cristo!
    • something: *actually is going very wrong* / lance: *really frantically* por favor padre, perdóname de mis pecados en el nombre del padre, el hijo y el espíritu santo, amén
  • by default, any time he greets someone, he’ll hug them and kiss them on the cheek
    • he’s done it to each of the paladins at least three times 
      • it’s considered an honor among them to be kissed by lance no one says anything and lance never notices anymore so it just keeps on happening, they have a tally board goin and hunk is winning
    • without really realizing, he did it to both allura and coran one time too and they just stood there confused until shiro explained it’s part of lance’s culture
  • from the age of nine, lance takes it upon himself to Educate people every once in a while bout how when christopher columbus sailed his ass to the america’s, he colonized DOMINICAN REPUBLIC not anything considered part of the usa today lmao
    • it pisses him off that they don’t even teach that in school
  • he celebrates the dominican mother and father’s days!
  • he just loves his culture so much

edit: original headcanon post here

Star trek AOS bridge crew: pride edition

Jim: Naked, except for a pair of shiny gold panties, covered in purple glitter with the pansexual flag painted on his body, excited like a newborn puppy. Shakes his butt at every camera he sees.

Spock: plain black pants, simple white t-shirt with “Hate is illogical” written on it, a single, small rainbow pin on his chest. Makes sure jim doesn’t somehow put himself in mortal danger

Bones: Marches with the doctors, “Keep calm and get tested” shirt, hands out flyers about STD prevention

Scotty, Jaylah and Keenser: have been drunk since 8 AM, managed to find pink tutus and are now blasting rock music and somehow coreographing it perfectly. The video goes viral.

Sulu: Proudly marches with his family. Has corny “if lost return to Ben” t-shirt (his husband has the “I’m ben” one), has dressed Demora in an adorable rainbow outfit and bought her lots of multicolored balloons.

Uhura: “intersectionality or bust” t shirt, has megaphone with which she incites the crowd. Holds hands with Christine and Janice.

Chekov: Has the best flower crown in town and looks like an angel; timidly trails behind the others, everyone wants to pinch his cheeks

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It’s me on Tuesday just after I got back from my latin language class. Yes my shirt is saying ‘keep calm and drink beer’. I love that shirt haha.
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I can be the nicest guy in the world but if you make fun of my “keep calm and dubstep dance” shirt I get real mad and when I get mad I’m known to cry a lot