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Hello, first off I want to say that you are like a Voltron goddess to me. I think your art and writing style is just beautiful. I know quite a few people who join me in that thought (you know who you are) I really don't want to sound pushy but we are wondering when the update will happen? (The kids are getting angsty) THANK YOU AND AGAIN I LOVE ALL YOUR WORK SO MUCH.

Aww thank you!! I’ve never been called a goddess before. That is just so nice of you to say! I think I will keep you. It’s official. I now own you. 

And keep calm Kiddos. 

Updates come on Fridays. 

Is today Friday? No. Today is Thursday. 

But what’s tomorrow? 

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Vanderwood is the best, they deserve the best, thank so so much for your wonderful vanderwood blog and love and all your wonderful Layton reaction images. You're giving me life during this difficult exam times. Could I possibly get the RFA + minor trio reacting to vodka aunt MC who's like the fun aunt to all of her friend's kids but is just content to live in her own (the drawing for mc really reminds me of my godmother who's this very independent woman who's referred to as the witch lady)

✿ So I really, really, really love urban fantasy and witches so I… maybe… took the ‘witch lady’ bit… and ran w/it a little…. i hope that is ok.


  • you are the coolest.
  • At first, Yoosung is kind of clingy, and he wants to be ‘your champion’ a bit more than you care for. It’s cute! Really! But you’re also… you, you’re solid and steady and can take care of yourself. Setting boundaries is a bit of a hurdle, but once you get that all settled out, your relationship really works.
  • Yoosung is in awe the first time you invite him to your house, staring at your beautifully kept liquor cabinet and the shelves of weird trinkets you’ve brought back with you from your various journeys. You’re educated, interesting, and well-traveled, and he drinks in all the stories of places you’ve been and things you’ve seen. We can tell from Yoosung’s eclectic club-hopping that so much of life just fascinates him, and he’s so hyped to meet someone who’s as into experiencing new things as you.
  • He’s even more impressed when you show him your drawers full of crystals and runes and the dried herbs you have hanging in your kitchen. You’ve got a bit of a magic hobby, you say - no, no, you’re not into any of that ‘cursing’ business, don’t worry - and you do your best to invite warmth and positivity into your life.
  • part of the reason why you like Yoosung so much oh-hoh-ho
  • You start doing little spells for him. You’ll make him charms for good luck, give him jewelry meant to improve his focus… and sometimes he’ll come over to your house to study because the air just feels cleaner there. Purer. He gets stressed less easily and is more hopeful.
  • You make him feel like he can do anything.
  • He likes all of your nieces, nephews, and the kids of all your friensd, and he dotes on them just like you do. The two of you go out gift shopping for them constantly, and he’s rly helpful because he’s got the mind of a kid so positive and enthusiastic.
  • The two of you end up being ‘the weird old couple’ who have a million stories and who are always down to help their neighbors out.
  • On day, he watches the next door neighbor’s dog get hit by a car, and the both of you swoop in. He saves the dog’s life while you use your ~witchy wisdom and calm demeanor~ to keep the family calm. 
  • You’re invited to dinner at their house every Friday from then on, and the kids in that house call Yoosung a superhero. (he loves it so much omg)


  • omg zen loves ur family so much
  • The first time you take him over to your sister’s place to visit, he’s besieged by a million of your nieces and nephews. He has a blast doing funny voices for them and showing them with gifts, and he immediately takes his place as ‘hilarious uncle’ to compliment your ‘fun aunt’. 
  • seriously those kids are always asking about when he’s going to come around again
  • He totally believes that you’re a witch, and the two of you discuss his dreams. He starts keeping a dream journal, and you advise him about his weird prophetic ability.
  • (he gets into crystals too, partially because they’re so pretty.)
  • He’s… kind of bummed that you’re not really into the idea of starting a traditional family with him, but the fact that you slot him into your own family helps a lot with that. You’re always going over to dinner with your relatives, and he gets really intense about choosing presents for the kids.
  • (zen doesn’t need to lift weights anymore, he can just hoist the twins up in his arms and carry them around)
  • Your grandparents love the handsome man you’ve started bringing around, and one of your young cousins really admires Zen and wants to be an actor just like him.
  • (he starts giving her acting lessons.)
  • Zen knows what happiness is when he’s sitting on the porch with you and the other adults, having a beer and laughing late into the evening.


  • Jaehee Kang is impossibly in love with you.
  • Your smile, the way you hum as your stirring your coffee, your ability to pick the perfect gift and how you’re so kind and generous to everyone around you…
  • You don’t have any children of your own, nor do you really want any, but you feel like you’re a mother to everyone you meet. She loves your family, and spending time with them helps fill the hole in her heart that she didn’t really ever fully realize was there.
  • You’re so much fun. Jaehee loves having a glass of wine with you (or some other concotion from your cabinet) and you’re always teaching her new ways to enjoy life.
  • You’ve got a million little tricks - such as putting cinnamon in her hot chocolate or adding a little dash of this and that to her latte to make it amazing. You teach her the beauty of scented candles and incense, and at the end of a long day, you show her the best ways to relax.
  • You constantly surprise her, you constantly impress her… and you constantly remind her of how lovely life is. Being with you is like being with the living embodiment of everything she’s every wanted, and sometimes it’s just so amazing that she has to sit down and figure out how she’s come this far.
  • You make her little charms and trinkets to help bring positivity and love into her life, and she doesn’t know if it’s really magic or just a result of your amazing mindset but it seems to work. 
  • She lets you do the decorating in her coffee shop, and customers always say the atmosphere is unbelievably welcoming. You say it’s because of magic and the spells that you cast, and she can’t help but think it’s because you’re magic itself. 

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Collage composed of four of my favorite YouTubers.

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If any of you four are reading this, you all are beautiful and wonderful and I love you with all my heart! I wish nothing but the best for the four of you! Keep calm and goth on! :) <3 

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