keep calm i believe in sherlock holmes



Well, almost new as it aired already in November 2013. I watched episode 1 for the first time two weeks ago … without subtitles because I didn’t know about the magic button … my son told me later … rolling his eyes in exasperation. Must confess that the subtitles were a great improvement but even without them I liked this adaptation right from the start. Thank you  @spiritcc  for telling me where to find this unique Sherlock Holmes. 

I wont spoil the story of the first episode …. just this: it is based on ACDs ‘Black Peter’. If you like - light up your pipe and enjoy the pictures I took from the main characters and a bit more …. ok I confess … rather a lot of them …  under the cut.

Episodes:  1    2    3 

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hoshisenseihh-deactivated201612  asked:

what do you mean "keep calm and believe in johnlock"??? BECAUSE I CANNOT. I CANNOT BE CALM WITH ALL THOSE HUGS AND TOUCHING AND EYE-LOCKING HNGH HNGH and yes another kababayan here. hello hello hello i love your blog so much i want to cry

Hello omg try to be calm pls it’s just sherlock holmes and john watson who have been together since more than a century ago and who have found each other broken and managed to fix each other and who love each other so much they’re willing to die with or for each other and whose legacy and love and friendship will continue even after all of us have perished YOU ARE RIGHT WE CANNOT BE CALM