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You’re Mine (M)

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Pairing: Yoongi x Reaader

Genre: CEO!Yoongi, smutty smut smut with a hint of angst and fluff

Warnings: Spanking, rough sex(?), dirty talk (a lot of it), slight cum play

Summary: “The Jeon’s are going to be there and I can already see their father gloating about how his son, Jeon-fucking-ladies-man-Jungkook, is the youngest of his kids and become an owner of his own business even though all he does is go and fuck girls behind his father’s back.” Yoongi furrowed his eyebrows as he spoke, getting angrier by the second.

Word Count: 2,946 words

A/N: I feel like this is all over the place. I’m sorry if this wasn’t what you wanted anon :((( feedback is always appreciated though!

“Don’t forget we’ve got that banquet with the CEO’s tonight,” you glanced down at the iPad in your hands, looking at the schedule for your boss, boyfriend and CEO, Min Yoongi.

“Six hours of being stuck with selfless assholes does sound like fun, doesn’t it?” He questioned, picking up his coat from the back of his chair, getting ready to head home.

“I’m going to be coming with you too Yoongi, besides, it can’t be that bad.”

“The Jeon’s are going to be there and I can already see their father gloating about how his son, Jeon-fucking-ladies-man-Jungkook, is the youngest of his kids and become an owner of his own business even though all he does is go and fuck girls behind his father’s back.” Yoongi furrowed his eyebrows as he spoke, getting angrier by the second.

“Yoongi,” you spoke up, walking towards him and placing your hands around his neck, giving his nose a small kiss, “Calm down babe.”

“I’m sorry, I’m just-”

“I know you’re stressed, but it’s going to be fine. You haven’t had any problems with CEO’s like Mr Jeon before and I know that it’ll go smoothly this time. You’ve sweet talked your way through agreements before and I know it’s going to be fine.”

“How do you know that princess?”

“Mm, maybe because you’re Min Yoongi, and my extremely talented and good looking boyfriend.”

“Great answer baby,” Yoongi let out a small laugh before giving you a kiss. “Let’s go home and get ready for the next few hours of torture coming our way.”

You know Yoongi was holding back. It had been ages since the last time you two had…for more of a crude term, fucked because of how busy the company was with the changes it was going through with. He’d had to stay late nights and have early mornings for the past few weeks and he was clearly stressed. You had bought him food of course, and reminded him how to sleep but the company was thinking about merging with the Park’s and it created a whole lot of stress.

“Tell again why you think it’s a good idea to wear that dress to this? You know rich bastards will be looking at you.” Yoongi didn’t understand what was going through your mind at that time.

“Well, for one, I know you like it, a lot,” You glanced up, sending a flirty wink to Yoongi, “And also,because it is formal and suited for this occasion.”

The idea of wearing one of the tightest dressed that fitted you but still made you look formal and presentable and tease Yoongi for the night, was one that made you smile to yourself that night. Throughout the entire drive to the the event, Yoongi’s eyes couldn’t be averted from you, but mostly he kept on staring at your curves.

As you two walked into the elegantly decorated mansion, he kept an arm draped around your waist at all times, clouded eyes looking down into yours at some times. You could tell he was turned on and a little mad due to what you were wearing, but that didn’t keep you from pressing yourself up against him at times.

“Ah, Yoongi! How lovely to see you,” Mr Jeon came up to the both of you with a glass of champagne in his hand, a wide smile overtaking his face but both you and Yoongi knew it was all for show. Everyone who was anyone knew The Min’s and the Jeon’s were enemies, more so because of the Jeon’s always wanting to outdo the Min’s in everything.

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We Are Young: Chapter 10

Throne of Glass High School AU

Summary: Senior Rowan Whitethorn is new to town. It doesn’t take him long to get use to a new school, make new friends, even join the local hockey team. But it also doesn’t take him long to meet sophomore and figure skater Aelin Galathynius. And it doesn’t take him long to realize one thing; he can’t stand her.

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“Now on the ice, representing Rifthold Royals Figure Skating Club, Aelin Galathynius!” 

“It’s been quite a ride for seventeen-year-old Aelin Galathynius these past few years, and not all of it good. As most of you remember, she was slated to skate at Sectionals two years back, when she dropped out due to the sudden loss of fellow skater, Sam Cortland.” 

“But it’s amazing to finally see her competing here today, Embrys. All that good and bad, it makes you what you are in the big moments. And we’ll see if it ends up being positive here in Perranth.” 

“Niece of Worlds Champion Olron Galathynius, skating her short to The Assassin’s Tango - Aelin Galathynius.”

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Impulse (Jungkook)

Badboy AU
5484 Words 
The long awaited oneshot that I promised I’d post a week ago oops.

Summary: Jungkook keeps himself cool, calm and collected at all times yet around her, the want to throw away his facade is extremely tempting. He fears that if he acts on his feelings he will drag her into a lifestyle that he desperately wants to keep her out of.

Jungkook swallowed and gripped his thighs so hard he was sure he left angry red marks on them. Usually it was easy to ignore her but now that they were alone together, his senses heightened and he was able to catch every time she licked her lips out of nervousness, heard every little sigh that escaped from her mouth and he swore that if he looked at her directly right now, he could probably count every single one of her eyelash.

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This. Everyone knows this feeling. When someone you love says something hurtful without realizing it. You can’t help but feel betrayed in that moment. You keep calm and collected while they’re there. Yet as soon as they’re gone, your walls start breaking down. Your breathing picks up and anger fills your veins. Rage fills you and all that you want to do is scream and cry.

The One

Characters: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Reader (Y/N Y/L/N) -off screen lol

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Summary: Dean gets nervous when talking to the Reader over the phone.

Word Count: 1k-ish

Warnings: Fluff

Author’s Note: Heyy guys!! This is my entry for Shannon’s aka @splendidcas  Birthday Fic Challenge!! Prompt is bolded!!  I hope you guys like it!! I literally typed it up this morning so I’m kinda proud!! Feedback is always welcomed!! Also, watch out for a second part!!! *wink*

P.S. thank you to Arie and Ree for convincing me to post it, even if I was losing hope!!! *hugs*

The One - Part One

My finger hovered over the call button, my heart racing. It shouldn’t be this hard, right? Since when did I get nervous when calling a girl up? It wasn’t like me.

But here’s the thing.

This wasn’t just a girl. It was the girl.

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I would love to see an fix where Alex sees Kara and Lena interacting after the show. Where Lena compliments Kara in from of Jack after his speech and Alex instantly picks up on Kara's bi crush on Lena. Pretty please??

She’s there because her knife training with Maggie was interrupted be J’onn asking if she could head to this Biomax press conference, because he’s hearing rumors about security, and anyway, Alex would probably enjoy seeing some cutting edge science research.

She keeps her distance because Lena is Kara’s friend, and Alex doesn’t want to interfere with her developing friends of her own outside of the Superfriends.

She keeps her distance because she’s good at navigating them because she has to be, but god does she hate these things.

But she watches. Closely.

Watches as Kara tries to fumble out her question to Jack, and she furrows her brow, because Kara is usually a stammerer, but she also can usually pull it together when she needs to.

She glances at Lena, and she wonders.

Watches as Kara meets Jack, when Lena gives high praise to Kara’s reporting.

Watches as her sister smiles and guffaws and contorts her body into shapes that she only does when she…

When she…



Oh god.

She grabs Kara as soon as she makes it down the stairs.

“Hey sis,” she says, trying to keep her voice cool, calm, collected. Casual.

Kara sees right through it.

“What?” she huffs, and that only further confirms Alex’s new… knowledge.

“How was meeting Lena’s ex?” Alex asks, and Kara furrows her brow. A strange way for Alex to talk about a fellow scientist…

“Um… fine… he seems, you know. Fine. A little too forward with her, maybe, you know, since he did basically force her to break up with him and all that, but fine, I guess.”

“That’s what you’re here to report on? Lena’s dating prospects?”

“He’s not a prospect! He’s just in town, he’s just here for business, he – ”

“Kara. Listen. Remember um… remember Vicky Donahue?”

“You had a crush on her, I know. Why, did you run into her? Was she mean to you? I can – ”

“No, no, Kara, I… remember how she was my best friend? And I didn’t recognize I had a crush on her, but I… did?”

Kara furrows her brow, and Kara stares, and Kara bursts out laughing so hard Alex is grimacing and making a deliberate show of wiping flecks of Kryptonian spit off her face.

“I’m sorry Alex, that’s just… you think that I… that me and Lena are… Alex, we’re just friends – ”

“That’s what Maggie and I started out by saying – ”

“But I’m not even – ”

“Gay? No, probably not. But that doesn’t mean you’re not bi.”

Kara guffaws again, and Alex holds up a hand to protect herself from the spray.


“Really? It doesn’t strike you as a… possibility?”

“Alex, I – ”

But Alex nods behind Kara, and she turns to catch a glimpse of Lena. Lena, in the dress. Lena, in that lipstick. Lena, with all her science knowledge and her genius and her…

And suddenly Kara is planting her forehead on her sister’s shoulder and she’s groaning and Alex is patting her back with a small grimace on her face.

“Okay, sis, I know. It’s okay. I know it’s scary, but I promise it’s okay. I promise I love you, and I promise it’s going to work out. But Kara, let’s… let’s take you to Maggie, okay?”


“Yeah, she’s like the coming out whisperer.”

Kara cracks a grin at that – an agonized grin, a grin that weaves years of truth and years of repression into one look, one acceptance, one needing of her sister.

“I’ve always got you, Kara. And you’ve always got me. And you’re gonna get the girl, too. Okay?”

“But Jack – ”

“Tough luck for Jack. He’s competing with Kara Danvers. The woman whose office Lena literally overflowed with flowers. Come on, sis. It’s gonna be okay. I promise. I’ve got you.”

“You’re not mad?”

“Why would I be mad?”

“Stealing your thunder?”

“Stealing my… Kara, you’re sexuality is your own, it doesn’t take anything from mine. Long as you keep your hands off my girl, we’re good.”

Kara pulls a face and Alex laughs and slings her arm around her bi baby sister.

“I love you, Kara. Always. Okay? And we’re gonna get Lena to realize she loves you, too. Because she totally does.”

Kara grins, and she relishes the feeling of Alex’s arm around her shoulders, the feeling of that being the only weight on it right now, because the weight of liking Lena, loving Lena, wanting more with Lena, and burying it? Is gone, now, the weight transformed into something lighter, something brighter. Something that feels a lot less like fear, and a lot more like hope.

Who cares | 01 (m)

pairing: kim taehyung x oc 
genre/warnings: soon to be smut, angst, drama,   
• words: 2,652
summary: what happens when Taehyung falls for someone who’s already taken? Can he control his feelings or will they take over and render him powerless? In the end is it all her fault or his…?
• note. inspired by Dean’s album 130 mood:trbl. 

» 01 :: 02 :: 03 :: 04 ::05 :: 06 :: 07 :: 08 :: 09 :: 10 :: 11  

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Qrowin!Jelsa for @knightsquall and @shinamatsuoka 

I think I just need excuse to draw Elsa in Atlas Specialist uniform

Today | park jimin

Originally posted by bangtanboysloves

Pairing: jimin x reader (ft. Jonghyun from Shinee)
Genre: one-shot, neighbor!au, can’t go alone to my ex’s wedding!au, fluff, angst
Length: 15.2k rip me
Warnings: strong language
Summary: It was hard for you to live in the present when all you could do was look back in the past where you were happy with the man that had fallen out of love for you after a significant amount of time together. It seemed almost impossible for you to open your heart again, but somehow, he came into your life. He taught you how to live in today, not yesterday.

A/N: THIS TOOK ME 3 WEEKS TO WRITE, SO I DIDN’T CHECK FOR ANY ERRORS. D:< This is missing a part that I decided wasn’t very important for the one-shot and also bc I was just done and wasted enough time on this but if you all want to read it anyways, just request it and I probably will do it~
By the way, YFN = your full name :)


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Hello! Could I get Todoroki pining after his crush please?

pINING YEAAAAHHH thank you anon for my life 

(I’m not sure if you wanted a scenario or hcs but it think hcs would help explain how he would act better. I hope that’s okay!)

Pining Todoroki:

  • He does that thing that cats do and he ends up being around his crush but not around them per say. Makes sure to keep a distance but also makes sure that he’s in their line of sight so that if his crush happens to glance up they see him. Works for all types of situations whether is it’s in classes, during training, or at lunch. His crush probably chalks it up as just a string of coincidences since it’s not obvious he’s doing it on purpose.
  • Tries to get his crush to see his better side and ends up showing off just a bit when they’re around. Especially likes to try and keep himself more calm and collected to try and impress just a bit. Anything he can do to catch his crush’s attention he probably tries at least once just to make sure they don’t catch on too quickly to what he’s doing. Wants to go for the slow build of realization for them to notice his affections towards them.
  • Comes up with the weirdest reasons to talk with his crush but when he does end up talking to them it’s hard for him to keep the conversation going. Attempts to keep encounters longer than they should so he can interact with them longer and hopefully be able to fit in a compliment or comment. Most of the time he just tries to admire from afar.
  • If he can he tries to do kind gestures to them such as helping them with mundane tasks that he sees them struggling with. Or even just goes out of his way to hold open a door or pick up something they’ve dropped. When he does help them with something he makes it a point to smile at them even if it’s just a small one. 
  • If his crush is a friend of his he tends to fret over them just a little bit, asking if they’ve eaten recently and offer them food if they haven’t. If he hears them say something about getting something they’ve wanted for a long time he wastes no time getting it. Or even just regular things that they need he won’t hesitate to get for them. Makes a point to lend them things if they need it. Need a jacket? No problem, take his. 
  • It’s easy to say that he becomes a little protective over his crush. If someone hurts them he’s the first to act on it, going immediately to distance them from whoever hurt them before ultimately taking off after the attacker. Would get flustered if his crush went to thank him with a hug or anything akin to that. Pinning for his crush’s attention is all well and good but when he actually get’s their attention he tends to get a little flustered and rejects it. Cue the repeating of the vicious cycle. 
  • Bonus: If he ends up being found out and his crush approaches him about it he ends up acting a little brash. He denies it at first because he’s not sure how to handle being caught. When he admits his feelings to his crush he doesn’t wait for their reply and immediately goes to kiss them before realizing that his actions may have been a bit too bold. 
Coming out

** Disclaimer: Always have an “escape plan” if something goes wrong, like a friend’s house, an older sibling, a trusted adult (preferably a family member that is supportive.) or the national LGBT youth hotline: 1-888-843-4564**

How to come out to your strict or religious parents:

1. Assess the situation, will you be safe afterwards?

2. Plan out what you want to say, you know your parents well enough to know what will set them off or what will make them calmer, so plan out something that you know will not make them fly off the handle.

3. Try to keep the situation calm and collected, unfortunatley when it comes to these types of parents they will most likely try to make the conversation about them, how THEY feel and not about how you are. This may lead to agression so being calm on your end could prevent them from freaking out.

4. After you have told them, space is HIGHLY important. Having a cool off period helps both parties reflect on the topic. (If they become agressive or abusive, contact someone immediately if you can.)

5. It is highly probable that your parents may be “cold” or “distant” afterwards, it may take them a while to finally understand. Give them time, hopefully they come around.

**KEEP IN MIND: This is primarily for non previously physically abusive parents, if you are currently being abused by your parents, we highly recommend that you do not come out.

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Gabriel finding out his s/o is pregnant? (Prefall)

Good shit anon, good shit. I feel like Reyes would outwardly be frustrated because he wants to do everything to keep his kid and s/o safe and he feels like he wouldn’t be able to be a great father figure as part of BlackWatch but inwardly he’s so fucking happy and excited ANYWAYS have some angsty fluff


           It had been a couple of days since you had first taken the test, since you had found out that the missed periods were something to worry about, since you had found out that you were going to be a mother. You should be excited about this news, overjoyed, since you’ve always wanted to be a mother. And part of you is excited, knowing that you’re going to love your little one no matter what.

           But another part of you, a big part of you, is worried about how the father is going to react. This is something you’ve talked about before, about how he doesn’t feel they’ll be safe with the line of work he’s in. He’s already worried so much about you all the time, and he doesn’t need a little one to worry about, as well. He doesn’t want enemies to have another leverage over you. That’s why your relationship was a secret for so long, and you do have to admit that you’ve been worried for your life a few times.

           Now that it’s happened, though, you know that you can’t get rid of the unborn life. The idea of starting a family with the father, the idea of this life that the two of you made…this wasn’t the result of a one night stand. That’d be different. This was the result of love, and compassion, and the relationship the two of you had built together. And you knew that what matter what he said, no matter how the father reacted, even if he left you, you knew that you would stay with and care for this child.

           Still, you hoped so much, so dearly, that he would surprise you and be happy, be excited for the two of you. You know, however, that it was a slim hope.

           You had decided that today for sure would be the day you would tell him. You had waited for a day that was supposed to be easy for him, just some paperwork and a couple of meetings to discuss upcoming plans. He should be back to the apartment at any minute, and you had prepared his favorite meal for him. If work had gone well today, perhaps this wouldn’t go as badly as you were envisioning in your head.

           You hear the front door open but you stay seated on the couch, trying to keep a calm and collected face on. You hear his voice, a bit surprised, as he comes up behind you.

           “Princesa! It smells wonderful in here! I thought you had work late tonight?” You had told him that in hopes that a surprise might also brighten his mood and keep him in good spirits. Honestly, it wasn’t like you to be so afraid. Never once did he give you reason to be afraid, no matter how harsh he was with his troops. He was a kind and sweet man, a side of him that was typically reserved for you.

           “I was able to finish my work earlier then I expected.” You smiled, standing up to go greet your boyfriend, Gabriel Reyes.

           “Did work go well today?” You asked, trying to gauge his mood. From the way he had greeted you to the look on his face, it seemed that it had been a good day.

           “Pretty well, actually. McCree and Genji are out on a training mission so it was a quiet day in the office.” Gabriel spoke, but was already making his way towards the kitchen and trying to figure out what smelled so damn good.

           “Menudo!” He exclaimed, taking a deep whiff of the pot that the soup was in. He closed his eyes momentarily, a relaxed look passing over his face.

           “Is there a special occasion I’ve forgotten?” Gabriel teased, and with a sudden burst of courage, you realized that it was the perfect time to tell him. If you didn’t now, you weren’t sure if you’d be able to go through with it.

           “Actually…” You murmur, and Gabriel’s smile turns into a look of concern at your tone of voice.

           “I do…have something to tell you.” You manage to stutter out, almost avoiding looking at Gabriel.

           “Is everything alright, Princesa?” He asks, now much more concerned than excited.  You hated to worry him like this, but you’d rather see him worried about you then angry with you.

           “Yes, everything is fine, Gabriel. I just have some…news.” This was so much harder then you thought it was going to be, but you had to tell him. You would never forgive yourself if you didn’t tell him now.

           Gabriel looked questioningly at you, his head tilted slightly to the side. He seemed confused, and you didn’t blame him. You were usually this quiet, or unforthcoming with information or news.

           “Well…is it good news? Or bad?” He finally asked, seeing that you were struggling to continue your conversation.

           “I…I think it’s good.” You say, glancing to the side, hoping that he’ll think it’s good as well. Praying. You don’t know what you would do if he took this poorly. If he left you.

           “Then why do you look so upset? Have I done something to make you mad?” Gabriel is sounding so caring, and being so nice to you, it makes you more and more hopeful that he may take this well.

           “No, not at all Gabriel! I just…I’m…I’m pregnant.” You were finally able to spit it out, both terrified and relieved at the same time. No matter what happened now, you had told him, and you wouldn’t have any regrets about that.

           You saw Gabriel’s face go through a variety of emotions, and it was hard to tell exactly what he was thinking or feeling. It was silent for a few moments, and the longer the silence drew on, the more you dreaded knowing how he was going to respond.

           Gabriel opens his mouth a few times, seeming to be about to speak but then shutting it again, obviously trying to figure out exactly what he wanted to say.

           “We’ve talked about…how I feel about this.” He finally spoke, his voice quiet and uncertain. He looked at you, refused to take his gaze off you, and your heart dropped. He was mad, wasn’t he? He was going to leave her, wasn’t he?

           “I-I know, Gabriel.” You stammer, unsure of what else to say. You hear him sigh and run his hand through his hair. You feel like you’re about to start crying, and much to your dismay, a few tears have trickled down your cheeks.

           “I-I’m sorry, Gabriel. You don’t have to stay.” You said, certain at this point that he didn’t want to raise this child with you.

           Gabriel’s eyes widened in shock and to your surprise, he quickly walked over to you and wrapped his arms around you, squeezing tightly.

           “Mi Alma…how could you ever think I would leave you over something like this?” He whispered to you, and you felt yourself tearing up even more.

           “True, I’m afraid of how our enemies could use our child against us, and there will be times when I won’t get to be around as much as I want to…but I absolutely want to stay and raise this child with you. Start a family with you.” You began to sob, surprised by this turn of events and by the kindness of Gabriel. You were so certain that he was going to dump you and leave you to raise your child on your own, so to hear that he wanted to start a family with you…it was almost too much.

           “There, there, Cariño. I’m sorry to have scared you.” He rubs your back gently, still holding you in his warm embrace. You bury your head in his chest, already feeling so relieved.

           “You know that I will always love you, and our child, no matter what happens?” He asks you quietly, kissing your forehead softly. You nod, your crying subsiding.

           “I love you too, Gabriel.” Your voice is soft, less scared, less worried, and you know that Gabriel is truly sincere. No matter what happened, the two of you would always love what you had created together.

Don’t Take The Back Roads

Jungkook x Reader (requested by @theshiphassailed)

860+ Words/4500+ Characters

Scenario where you’re being stalked, and your boyfriend, Jungkook, comes to your rescue.

Warning: terror, anxiety, danger, anger/mixed emotions, eventual mild fluff/smut.

The night came where your car was in the shop, but you had to get home somehow, and the streets were definitely going to be busy down Third with the traffic from everyone going out to the bars for the weekend, so the back routes sounded like the best idea. Your boyfriend told you never to go down the alley ways, but what could one time hurt? A small bottle of pepper spray laid safe in your back pocket, and keys were sure to make a ding if anyone tried to approach you. 

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Halloween Horror Nights - Dean Ambrose Imagine.

Originally posted by teamlucille

Dean Ambrose x Reader

Summary: You and Dean have been in a relationship for four years now, and you know better than anyone else that Dean absolutely HATES anything horror/haunted related. Every October you would find yourself going to haunted houses with either Rollins, Reigns or any of the other divas that want tag along with you. But this year, Dean wants to conquer his fear and walk through at least ONE horror themed attraction with you.

“Babe, are you sure you want to go?” You ask reassuringly as you, Dean, Seth and Bayley head into Universal Studios California.

“Y-yeah. I’m sure. Besides, how bad can it be?” Dean asked with a nervous smile.

As you all stepped closer to the entrance, you could hear the screams of the hundreds of people as they all walked around in the several haunted houses. Dean looked in horror and froze in his steps. You knew Dean wasn’t a big fan of any horror or haunted things, matter of fact it was the one thing he hated about the entire month of October. But he knew how much you loved these kind of things and he hated the idea of you going to haunted houses and watching scary movies with someone else. So this year, he made it his mission to get through at least one haunted house with you. This was a big step for Dean, so you weren’t going to pressure him into it. Just the fact that he wanted to at least try for you was more than enough.

You stopped beside him and smiled as you intertwined your fingers with his. “We can go somewhere else if you want? I don’t want you to do anything you don’t wa-“

“No, no. It’s fine. I want to do this.” He looked down at you and smiled before planting a soft kiss to your lips.

“Are you two gonna make out in the parking lot all night, or are we gonna do this?” Seth interrupted from the distance.

“Yeah come on! We can’t miss the new Walking Dead attraction!” Bayley added.

You and Dean broke the kiss and looked at your friends with a smile. “We’re coming!” You shouted before looking back at Dean. “It’ll be okay. Just remember, they’re just a bunch of actors in costumes doing their jobs.” You tip-toed to give him one last peck on the lips before continuing to the entrance of the theme park.

Along the way, all four of you were greeted by fans and even took some pictures and signed shirts. All of this was enough of a distraction to calm Dean down, and for the moment he forgot why he was even here at the park, until you finally reached your destination.

Dean didn’t actually notice how far all four of you made it through the beginning of the maze until the theme of The Walking Dead started getting louder. By this time, nothing scary was happening. You all were just walking through the line of a well lit up airport theme.

“This isn’t so bad. Don’t know what the hell I was so scared of.” Dean chuckled.

Seth couldn’t help but laugh. “It hasn’t started yet my brother. I’m sure it’ll get worse from here.”

You slapped Seth on the shoulder with a bit of force. “Shut the hell up Seth.”

On the outside, Dean tried to keep a cool, calm, and collected look on his face. But you could tell he was a bit nervous because his grip on your hand started getting tight.

The line started moving faster and security were trying to get the line moving as much as possible. Being that the four of you were WWE Superstars, you were allowed to go further ahead into the maze than anyone else. It was the way security had it set up.

Bayley walked behind Seth and you stood side by side with Dean. Everything was going smooth until the first walker popped out at the four of you.

“Jesus!” Dean yelled as he pulled you closer to him. At the same time, you and Bayley screamed and Seth continued walking forward.

“Seth! You’re my human shield. No pun inTENDED!” Bayley screamed as she stood behind Seth and wrapped her arms tightly around his waist. Burying her face in his back as another walker popped out and reached for her.

You screamed and Dean pulled you back a bit. Wrapping his arms around you tightly. You let out a laugh before the two of you rushed forward to rejoin Seth and Bayley.

“You okay baby?” You asked over the loud noises.

He was going to answer you until he heard a walker growl behind him from a chain linked fence and that made him jump. “Oh shit!” He laughed.

You and Dean moved in front of Seth and Bayley and that surprised you. You figured Dean would want to stay behind them this whole time. He still looked scared out of his mind, but he was trying.

After what felt like the longest five minutes ever, the four of you actually made it through the entire maze.

“Well, that was better than last year’s. I actually liked it.” Seth commented.

“Yeah it was pretty cool. I’m excited to see The Purge maze next. Wanna go?” Bayley asked Rollins.

“Let’s do it.” He chuckled and then looked back at you and Dean. “You guys comin’?”

“We’ll be there in a minute.” You replied. Then you looked up at Dean and smiled widely. “You did so good! I’m so proud of you!” You wrapped your arms around his neck and pulled him in for a kiss.

He leaned forward and returned the kiss to your lips and snaked his arms around your body. “I did it for you. I didn’t want you to feel like I can’t do these things with you. It’s just you know how I get when it comes to this stuff.”

You nodded. “I do and I’m proud of you for at least trying. But you know I’m not going to force you to do anything you don’t want to do.”

“I know.” He kissed your lips one more time. “I love you.”

Your smile returned to your lips. “I love you too.” You then looked to your right until you found the attraction to The Purge and saw Seth and Bayley already in line. “Wanna go through another one?” You asked Dean with a light chuckle. “Or we can do something else?”

Dean followed your gaze to The Purge attraction and thought about it before looking back at you. “Yeah… let’s do something else.” He chuckled.

thegreatfallout  asked:

Companions react to a guy trying to grab SS butt and the companions get really jealous? LOVE YOUR FRICKING BLOG KEEP IT UP 😉❣️

Oh gosh, thank you so much! That honestly means so much to me. <3

Cait: A jealous Cait is a dangerous Cait. Well, any Cait is dangerous, but when she’s envious, whoever she’s envious of should probably steer clear of the Irishwoman. Cait strolled over to the man who was pestering Sole and gave him a hefty shove, grimacing at him. “Ya’ think ya’ can just touch ‘em like that?” She’d hiss, eyes narrowing at the individual. “Well guess what? Ya’ can’t.” Cait was absolutely looking to start a fight, but the man who had dared to touch Sole in such a way most certainly was not. Especially not with Cait.

Curie: The way he touched Sole made her more irritated than jealous. Actions such as those were completely off limits if they weren’t consensual, and it irked Curie that he would do grab Sole when it wasn’t something they wanted. “Excuse me, monsieur!” She would huff, delicate hands balling up into trembling fists. “Who are you to touch my dear companion in such a way?” The man stepped away from Sole, hands in the air, grinning. “Il est un fils de pute!” She muttered, trying to regain composure.

Danse: Oh boy, Danse was absolutely steaming. His brows were knitted into a bushy mess, his face red from both embarrassment and jealousy. He was envious that he had been able to touch Sole like that, and he was frustrated that Sole hadn’t stood up for themselves. Moreover, he was furious that a stranger had touched her like that. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?” Danse’s burly stature loomed over the man, his voice low. The BOS uniform clad man surely intimidated the other, as he left as quickly as his feet could carry him

Deacon: Deacon tried his best not to allow their flirting to get to him, but the second that creep laid a hand on Sole, Deacon lost his cool. “Hey there buddy!” He drawled, slipping in between the two. Deacon looked at the stranger with hellfire burning in his eyes. “You know that dude I totally beat the hell out of after he grabbed your ass?” He looked over to Sole with an exaggerated look. “Well, I heard that he’s not going to make it. I guess when I broke two of his ribs it made his insides a total mess.” To say the very least, that scared the pervert off.

Hancock: Hancock was a shameless flirt himself, so he felt as if he really couldn’t be jealous when Sole indulged in some harmless flirting of their own. He couldn’t help himself from feeling uneasy, though. Especially not after he groped Sole. That was a very big mistake. Hancock slid into a bar stool next to the stranger and wrapped a skinny arm around his shoulders. “What is up, my man?” Hancock growled, looking at the other man with a crooked smile. “You enjoy grabbing people like that, eh? Well, I have interests of my own, you feel?” Hancock rose from the creaky, upholstered seat and proceeded to slam the pervert’s face into the bar counter as hard as he possibly could.

MacCready: In truth, MacCready was jealous when pretty much anybody talked to Sole. It was something he concealed a good portion of the time, but watching someone grab Sole in such a manner set him off. He stood, calloused palms slamming flat on the table in front of him. “That’s it.” He groaned, wrinkling his nose. His heart raced, and his palms began to sweat. “Hey, chump!” He called out, his voice cracking. “What the hell was that for, huh? Touching them like that?” Sole avoided eye contact with either of them as their cheeks flushed a dark hue. The stranger laughed, shook his head and left.

Nick: Nick wasn’t particularly fond of many people in the Commonwealth, but people who just went around groping people really got his coolant flowing. He absolutely despised those who took every opportunity they could to prey on practically anybody they could. “Are you kidding me? You just go around touching everybody like that?” Nick approached the man, non-existent brows furrowed. “Are you really that much of an ass that you just ignore people’s signals or are you just that stupid?” The man was considerably larger than the synth, but Nick Valentine was not a man you wanted to cross. The man left with an irritated grunt, grimacing at Nick.

Piper: Sole and Piper flirted back and forth more often than Piper would like to admit, so seeing someone flirt with Sole clearly evoked feelings of envy from Piper. Seeing some creep get handsy with Sole made her just downright enraged. However, Piper wasn’t terribly skilled in combat so she had to use her wit and cunning to her advantage. The reporter made her way over to the pair, Sole clearly uncomfortable with the man. “Oh man, that was a big mistake buddy. You know Sole has an incurable disease from Vault 81, right? They’re sorta’ immune to it, but if anybody happens to come in contact with them, whichever body part touched my friend Sole over here rots off. Gross, right?” The stranger left as quickly as he had came, but Sole wasn’t too happy with her method of dealing with him. 

Preston: Preston tried his absolute best to keep jealousy to minimum. However, seeing someone grab Sole like that made it hard for Garvey to keep calm and collected. “Hey!” Preston shouted, looking to the guilty individual. “You keep your hands off them, you hear me?” Preston never laid a hand on the man, but his words were somehow enough to get him to leave. Preston didn’t enjoy dealing with people like that, and he most certainly didn’t enjoy having others see him take such actions. Especially not Sole. He outstretched a hand, resting it on Sole’s shoulder. “You okay there, General?”

anonymous asked:

Can you do a Cassian and Reader headcanon with Reader going into labor and maybe some complications (but everything ends up okay!) and cassians fear?!

Never done a head canon before but here goes nothing! x

  • When you go into labor, Cassian is extremely nervous, but he manages to keep a calm, collected composure—more for your sake rather than his of course. 
  • He stands by your side, holds your hand, and he coaches you, reminding you to breathe through the pain that you’re feeling. Even though it’s been hours since you went into labor, Cassian doesn’t dare to leave your side for anything.
  • At first, everything seems to be going well. Both you and the baby are in perfect health according to the holographic screen above your bed in the medical bay. It’s monitoring your vital signs, the baby’s vital signs, and it’s also timing your contractions. It signals that another contraction is on its way any second now and you take a deep breath, bracing yourself for the pain.
  • Instantly, you know something is horribly wrong when you feel a sharp, shooting pain in your lower back. You let out a scream as the sensation intensifies and Cassian clutches your hand, telling you to breathe through the pain. You manage to tell him that whatever you are feeling, it isn’t a contraction and that something’s gone wrong.
  • The holographic screen above your bed flashes red, and not only is your heart rate dropping, but the baby’s heart rate is dropping too. Severely. A medical droid rushes in with two human nurses behind it. 
  • The droid informs Cassian that you’ve had a placental abruption, and that they have to take you to the surgical ward so they can deliver the baby by emergency caesarean. If they don’t, both you and the baby could lose your lives.
  • Cassian can’t go into the surgical ward with you and must stay behind and wait until the operation is over. 
  • During your operation, Cassian is absolutely terrified. He’s never been this terrified over anything in his entire life. Kaytoo tries to comfort him, assuring him that with the proper treatment, both you and the baby have high chances of survival. 
  • The wait is unbearable. Every second feels like an eternity.
  • When one of the nurses finally tells Cassian that the operation is over and that you and the baby are okay, he breaks down in tears of pure relief.
  • He immediately asks to see you.
  • When Cassian walks into the room and sees you, he rushes over to you and takes your hand in his. He kisses you and tells you over and over again how much he loves you. He then asks you about the baby.
  • You smile and tell him to turn around.
  • Behind him, another nurse is holding your newborn baby in her arms.
  • Cassian is in shock for a split second.
  • He quickly shakes it off and squeezes your hand tightly as the nurse asks him if he would like to hold his son.
  • SON 
  • Cassian takes him from the nurse and cradles him gently in his arms.
  • He gingerly kisses his soft cheek. He’s grateful to the maker of the galaxy that you’re okay and that his son is absolutely perfect.

Hopefully it wasn’t too bad!

Nothing Lasts Forever

gif is not mine

Title: Nothing Lasts Forever

Pairing: Lucifer x Reader

Word Count: 941

Warnings: angst/fluff

A/N: This was requested by @theweirdestravenclaw: I kinda think that someone should write about the problem that Lucifer’s human girlfriend ages… I hope you all enjoy this! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much!

For any angel, meeting their soulmate was both a blessing, and a curse.  A human’s lifespan was incredibly short compared to the immortality of all angels.  The bond between an angel and their soulmate was the strongest bond known to angel kind.  The only thing no one ever seemed to talk about was the years leading up to a soulmate’s passing.

Lucifer walked up to the door of your home, pausing as his hand reached the door knob.  Would this be the day you forgot him?  Would you smile when you saw him?  He would remember you for eternity.  He never realized how hard it would be for him to lose you.

When he came into your home, he could smell the scent of muffins.  Even in your old age you seemed to have the energy to make muffins every morning.  The fallen archangel closed the door behind him and headed towards the kitchen.  You were wearing the same apron you always wore when baking or cooking.

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