keep calm and wait for


Cas slams the brakes right behind the Impala and springs out of the car. He tries to keep calm, at first, as he knocks the door, waits a few moments for the response. But when no sound comes from the inside, he can’t stop his fist from banging against the metal.

Still nothing.

He pulls out his phone and dials Dean.

“I’m here,” he says as soon as he hears Dean’s voice. “Let me in.”

“Great. Didn’t see you coming.” Dean’s voice is calm, soothing Cas’s nerves like a balm. “I’m not inside.”

Cas shoots a glance to the black hood of the Impala, reflecting the golden glow of the moon.

“Where are you?”

“Look up.”

Cas tilts his head back like he expects Dean to fall from the sky and right into his arms.

“Cas!” comes Dean’s voice, not from the speaker, this time, but a distant call.

The angel runs up the stairs and back to the street. At the edge of the bunker’s roof, there’s Dean’s dark shape waving at him on the backdrop of yellow and blue sky, bright as if the sun already began to rise.

“Climb up the west side,” Dean instruct him and ends the call before Cas can warn him not to stumble.

Dean’s waiting for him as he reaches the roof.

“What’s wrong?” He scrutinizes Dean’s form wide-eyed. There are cuts and bruises on his face, his jacket is ragged, one sleeve nearly torn off, long lacerations on his jeans, the fabric covered in blood. “You’re hurt.”

Cas reaches out to Dean, fingers graze his bared collarbone. He mends the skin, blood vessels, muscle before Dean can open his mouth to answer.

“How’s Sam?”

“Thanks, Cas.” Dean flashes him a smile. “Sam’s much better than this, just a few bruises.”

“What happened? Did the werewolf–?”

Dean waves a hand. “Son of a bitch kicked our asses, the giant up there powered it up big time. But it’s been dealt with.”

Cas follows Dean’s eyes to the enormous, golden orb hanging in the sky, brightening it up with the borrowed light.

“Yes.” Cas nods. “Its position is the closest to Earth in sixty-eight years. Its influence on werewolves, humans, and other creatures is sure to be strengthened.”

“Yeah, we figured that much.”

“I’ll go take care of Sam,” Cas says, starting towards the ladder, but Dean stops him with a hand on his wrist.

“Wait, Cas. I didn’t call you to heal our ouchies. We’ve both had worse.”

Cas cocks his head to the side, his brow furrows. “Then why did you call me? You sounded anxious.”

He steps closer, turns Cas around towards the gigantic moon.

“I wasn’t anxious. I was excited. A little,” Dean adds with a lopsided smile. “Didn’t mean to scare you.”

“Oh,” Cas huffs as Dean presses his arm along his.

Dean’s eyes are fixed on the moon, but Cas turns his head in a different direction. To the green that has turned golden, to the irises that became two reflections of the brilliant satellite.

“Sorry, it was stupid I had you drive all the way here,” Dean mutters, taking Cas’s stare for indifference.

But it’s not indifference. The phenomenon named by people “Supermoon” is truly gorgeous and rare in human standards. Cas, as an angel, has seen it thousands of times during his existence, from every possible place on Earth. He saw what he should probably call a “Superearth” too, from the surface of the silver globe.

“Don’t be,” Cas replies, softly, not to disturb the quiet of the moment.

It’s not that he’s not interested in admiring the supermoon. It’s just that there’s something else he’d rather admire. Something just as unreachable.

He dares, for just a heartbeat, to brush the back of Dean’s palm with his own where they hang between them and Dean doesn’t shy away.

Cas smiles. “I wouldn’t want to miss this.”

Okay Imagine Hide getting into a traffic accident where a car hit him while he was riding his bike. Kaneki gets a call for Hide’s weeping mother about Hide getting into an accident. Kaneki panickedly asks her if he is okay but she just keeps sobbing. Kaneki waits until she calms down, but that give him the chance to come up with a thousand different negative scenarios as to what could have happened to Hide: paralyzed, lost a limb, in a coma. All of them terrified Kaneki. Hide’s mother told Kaneki what hospital Hide was taken to and Kaneki ran out of his aunts house without a second thought. 

Kaneki has never been that athletic but he didnt stop running until he was inside the hospital. Kaneki impatiently waits until he’s told where Hide is located and he runs/jogs. He meets with Hide’s mom and hugs her, expecting the worst when she takes him to see Hide. And he’s lying there, beat up and brusied. His lip is torn, the left side of his purple and raw, he had a cast on his right and leg, his face also seemed puffy, and his skull was wrapped up. Kaneki broke down that moment. He knelt down next to Hide’s bed and touch Hide’s fingers, reacting to Kaneki’s skin. 

He asked if he can stay with Hide until he wakes up and she agrees (idk if hospitals would let this slide lmao) Hide doesn’t wake up as quickly as Kaneki expects, so Kaneki finds himself cleaning Hide’s face and arms and legs, (the nurses take care of the more intimate areas). Kaneki goes back and forth from the hospital to his aunt house. He brings Hide his homework he’s missed since he’s been hospitalized. Kaneki knew he’d do all of Hide’s homework if Hide made one complaint about not wanting to do it. Kaneki wouldnt lecture him either, he’d do anything for Hide at this point. 

One day, Kaneki arrived to the hospital and he hears cries from Hide’s room. He opens the door and Mrs. Nagachika looks at him with sadness and happiness all on her face and he turns to look at a pair of olive-green eyes observing him. Hide had woken. Kaneki practically throws himself at Hide but is careful not to hurt him.

“This is Kaneki Ken, Hide. He’s been helping us take care of you since you’ve been unconscious.” The doctor stated.

huh. Hide knew who he was, so why did the doctor…Kaneki felt his stomach drop.

A small timid laugh escaped Hide’s lips. It was nothing like Hide big boisterous laughs. Hide awkwardly scratched his cheek with a hint of blush dusting over his face.

“Thank you, Kaneki-san.” And Hide bowed respectfully as he could while he was sitting. “You are very kind.”

“Hide,” Kaneki choked out. Hide’s mom had an expression of pain and sorrow when she looked at Kaneki’s horrified face. “Hide, do you know who I am?” Kaneki pointed to himself, hysterically.

Hide scanned his face and furrowed his eyebrows. “I’m sorry, I don’t know who you are…I’m sorry.” Hide said in a weak, unsure voice.

I wish there were no miles between us.

I hate this distance, but you are worth every miles from my house to yours. 

I can’t do anything except being patient and keep calm while waiting for the day we will finally be together.

Jared was amazing in this episode *spoilers*

Everyone’s flipping out at the Destiel hug and all the feels.
But I can’t stop thinking about how amazing Jared did in this episode. That. FREAKING. Suicide. Cliffhanger.
My mouth dropped open in horror. I have that image stuck in my mind, and all I can think about was how absolutely incredible Jared Padalecki’s acting was.
When he was tortured with the freezing water.
When the flame was brought to his bare foot.
When they injected him with that serum to mess with his mind.
His look of despair and heartbreak when he saw Jess’s death again. EVEN AFTER ALL THIS TIME.
When he looked like he had killed himself with that piece of glass.
When he tricked Toni, choked her, and ALMOST escaped.
When he was left all alone on those stairs, looking defeated and sad and broken.


Somebody give this man an Oscar.

It’s a Date

Characters: Jensen x Reader

Words: 1974

Summary: Ralph is behind bars, and the reader heals, falling back into normal life.

Warnings: Hospital

Part 31 in The Future Series.  Read Part 7 here, Part 8 here, Part 9 here,Part 10 here, Part 11 here, Part 12 here, Part 13 here, Part 14 here, Part 15 here, Part 16 here, Part 17 here, Part 18 here, Part 19 here, Part 20 here, Part 21 here, Part 22 here,Part 23 here,Part 24 here, Part 25 here, Part 26 here, Part 27 here, Part 28 herePart 29 here, and Part 30 here

And fluff galore! :) Enjoy!!

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Prayer Request


Hi Ann, I don’t mean to bother you, but I’ve recently applied to Stanford which is my top college and I really want to get in, despite the odds being against me. I saw that your bio included prayer requests so, I decided to take a chance and see if you would pray for me to get in. thanks in advance, Mak

OK Guys…Let’s lift Mak up in prayer.

Lord, we ask that if it is Your holy will for Mak that the door be opened for Mak to attend Stanford.  You can do anything and we trust that You have Mak’s best interest at heart at all times.  Help Mak fill out all applications and in writing essays.  Pour out Your Spirit on Mak and guide the words used on every application.  Keep Mak calm and patient while waiting to hear about acceptance or not.  Erase any fears and fill Mak with Your peace which surpasses all understanding.  Thank You, Lord.  Amen.

Seventeen Reaction to You Being In The Hospital

i wrote this reaction as if you got into a serious accident!

make a request or check out the master list! [ gifs do NOT belong to me

S.Coups/Seungcheol He’d be a complete mess. He’d silently cry to himself in fear that he might lose you. He’d do anything just to see your beautiful face again.

Jeonghan When he’s told out of the blue about your incident, his face will freeze. He’ll want time alone away from his members. In his alone time, he’ll try to get a hold of you or a family member of yours.

Joshua/Jisoo He’d sit outside the waiting room trying to keep himself calm. In his head, he’ll repeatedly tell himself that you’ll be fine and everything will be okay.

Jun/Junhui He wouldn’t want to worry your family even more with his negative thoughts so he’ll try to cheer them up instead. “I’m sure your daughter will be fine. they’ll take great care of her.”

Hoshi/Soonyoung He’ll take deep breaths and try to convince himself that you’re okay. He’d be dying inside trying to hold back tears.

Wonwoo He’ll see you there lying on the hospital bed. Unable to believe what he’s seeing. He’d whisper to you as if you were listening. “Please wake up, jagi. You don’t understand how much I need you.” He’s also choke on his words when he’s speaking.

Woozi/Jihoon He’d have a hard time sleeping if he knew you were in pain. “Why couldn’t it be me instead?”

DK/Seokmin He’d hate himself for not being there with you to protect you. “Why couldn’t I have been there at that time to prevent the incident?”

Mingyu He’d think about the moments where he’s caused you pain in anyway. He’d want to apologize for every bad thing he’s done and tell you he loves you. He’d talk to himself as if you were there with him.

The8/Minghao He’d listen to what the doctor had to say. If your life was on the line, he’d refuse to believe. He’d constantly ask the doctor how your health is and if there was anything he can do.

Seungkwan He’d try visit you everyday in hopes you’ll soon wake up. He’ll like to hold you hand and like Wonwoo, he’ll talk to you as if you were listening. “Please don’t leave me like this [Y/N], I need to know you’re okay.”

Vernon/Hansol He’d feel useless for not being able to do anything to help you. He wouldn’t be able to smile until you were better and by his side again.

Dino/Chan Like Jun, he’ll want to try to be positive especially around your family. “[Y/N] will pull through, I know it! She’s strong.”