keep calm and tell daddy


in which I feel sad about being too busy to write new clawen lately and resort to posting this old drabble about my headcanon for claire’s family

“And then Owen shot at the Indominus, like, ten times so that he could run back over to his bike. It was the coolest!”

As Gray continues telling the story, his mother’s boyfriend of six months nods eagerly to show he’s keeping up with the thirteen-year-old. “That sounds awesome,” Pete agrees.

“Gray, haven’t you already told Pete this one?” Zach teases his younger brother.

“Even if I have, it’s a great story,” Gray defends. “Anyway,” he says, looking back to Pete, “he doesn’t really do any of that dangerous stuff anymore, now that the park is still being rebuilt. He mostly just oversees the animals, which is still wicked cool.”

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