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I think I just need excuse to draw Elsa in Atlas Specialist uniform


12x01 “Keep Calm & Carry On”
For anon who asked: “Hey! I love your edits. Can you please make one of Sam getting sprayed with cold water in “Keep calm and carry on”? Thank you! xx”



Do not take people’s stim toys without their consent.

I don’t care how pretty or fun it looks.
You do not get to take the object without their permission.

Chances are the item is keeping them calm at that moment. and just reaching out to take it is a really /shitty/ thing to do.

If you really need to try it out yourself?
ASK THEM. Don’t assume.

anonymous asked:

I have my first ever final exams coming up and I'm terrified. What should I do? Any tips?

I got you!!

my tip: 

try to give your best, so you know on exam day that you did all you could. Exams are not a punishment, but rather a way for you to see what you can do and what needs work - every bad grade you might get benefits you in the long run. I know that it’s hard to not over-think everything, and how your brain just starts thinking of worst-case scenarios, but it’s going to be okay. Just try and keep calm, when preparing and when actually taking the exam, because that’s the best you can do - and make sure to get a lot of sleep beforehand. If you need anyone to talk to, before or after the exams, I’m here!


Rupert Grint ABC = Fans [x]

“Rupert always keeps calm and takes his time with the fans.” - Stig Henrik Hoff.

“The fans have grown up with all of us. There’s a real loyalty with them, and they support us in whatever we do, and I see a lot of familiar faces at the stage door, which is really nice to know that they’re still on our side. It’s quite scary doing these things outside the ten years of ‘Potter.‘” - Rupert Grint.

“Fans asking for my autograph is really weird. It’s hard to get used to.”  - Rupert Grint.

“No one can take that much pain and not break.“ 

Can we please talk about this, though? They talk like they know this, like they’ve had countless bodies under the blade and they’re going to have to be willing to kill him because Sam Winchester’s resolve will stand up to pain no mortal body could ever bear. 

So they have a go at his mind. 

He watches his loved ones die again. He does not hallucinate the things that were done to him, the tortures he endured for several times longer than he was ever even alive. No

As usual, Sam is thinking about other people. And he hears his own brother telling him their deaths are all his fault and he just agrees, like it’s nothing. Like he really, truly believes he did all of that. But they couldn’t break his body beyond what his will could endure and they couldn’t hurt his mind badly enough that he’d beg them to spare it. While being told that the deaths of everyone he loved were on his shoulders and believing it to be true, Sam somehow had the strength to formulate a plan and carry it out. And that’s still just a blip compared to what he endured in the Cage at the hands of the fallen archangel who’s still walking the Earth. Sam was tortured for actual lifetimes—lifetimes—and he didn’t break.

So,  “No one can take that much pain and not break?” Think again. Sam Fucking Winchester can. And it won’t even be the first time.

Simple Sickness Spell

Hey witches
Light sickness always comes and goes around! I made a spell/ chant yesterday especially for these light sicknesses! This is for stuffy nose, runny nose, soar throat, strep throat, sore muscles, poor or infected immune systems.“
Written by @snowwitchkid
"Straighten your back
Just take a calming sniff
Keep your breathing on track
Release all stress and think of life as a gift
Some days our body breaks
A little breath is all it takes
Your immune system shakes
While you turn cold as snowflakes
Drink tea all day
Do not delay
Stay warm
Do not go into a storm
Stay high
Don’t ask why
Return my health, let my sickness go away
Let my body feel magick and get rid of all gray"❄️

Service Dog Question

Okay, so I have some pretty bad anxiety and depression.  Like, really bad anxiety and depression.  The one thing that works best for me is to have my dog with me wherever I go.  Because she’s not officially a service dog and not totally trained, I don’t want to call her a service dog and make it harder for those who do have service animals, but it’s hard for me to take her anywhere without her being an official service dog.  I don’t want to buy a certificate off the internet and just get by with that, but I do want to be able to take her places with me.  She keeps me calm and grounds me when things get too much.  Does anyone know of any good solutions for this problem?

Signing (Brendon Urie) (P!ATD)

Word Count: 555


You’d started working at Hot Topic during college and somehow stayed because you loved the rest of the staff. Most days were peaceful, except when there was a band signing and then the store went crazy with screaming teenage fangirls. Today Brendon Urie was meant to come in and you already had a headache from trying to keep the fangirls calm. You told your boss you were taking a quick break and she let you.

Once outside the back of the shop you lean against the wall and rub your temples.

“Why do they have to be so loud?”

“Sometimes I think I should wear ear plugs.”

The familiar voice made you jump, you thought you were alone. However when you turned to the right, you came face to face with a grinning Brendon Urie. All your years of working at Hot Topic had tamed your inner fangirl. You take a deep breath and put your hand over your heart.

“You nearly gave me a heart attack Brendon. You need to wear a bell or whistle to let me know I wasn’t alone.”

He laughs and throws his arms up in the air.

“Kinky love, I like you. You seem cool and laid back. I’d much rather be out here with you then in there.”

It’s your turn to laugh.

“Maybe another time Mr Urie your adoring fans call for you. Plus if they cause a riot I have to clean up after them, and then you’ll have hell to pay.”

He pulls at his phone and motions for you to do the same thing. You comply and he swipes it off you before typing something into both of them.

“I’ll call you after your shift err…”

“y/n my names y/n Brendon, It’s written on my name tag.”

You take your phone off him and see he’s saved his number under ‘Bell Boy’ which makes you laugh.

“Look at what I saved you as y/n.”

‘Kinky Girl’ was how he’d saved you in his contacts. You smirk and shake your head before pulling open the back door and motion for Brendon to enter.

“Nice Brendon real classy. Now go and meet your fans.”

He mock salutes you before heading inside. He was a character and you could tick meeting him off your bucket list. Hell you even had his number, though you doubted he’d call you.

~ End of Shift~

Brendon hadn’t called like he promised he would which made you kind of sad as you left the store. He was famous and you were a nobody so you should have expected it. You walk towards your car when behind you, you hear a bell. You scrunch your eyebrows as the bell sound gets closer.

You turn around and nearly drop your car keys at the sight of Brendon Urie wearing what looked like a cat collar around his neck with a little bell attached. You can’t keep the smile off your face.

“Wow Brendon is all I can say. It suits you.”

He smiles and takes it off before tossing it in your direction.

“My phone died and I wanted to keep my promise so I bought the collar and waited until your shift was over. Plus I want to see just how kinky you really are y/n, but first we get coffee.”

MONSTA X REACTION: When you're working at their company (he has a crush on you) and one day you are walking in the street and find him surrounded by gangsters and when you defend him you got really hurt


Trying to keep calm, he’d call the hospital while takes you away from that alley where you were attacked, to a place with more people.

“Why did you do it?”

“You’re very important for the company, Hyunwoo… And for me too… I couldn’t let you alone!”

“But I should be your hero…”


He would be shocked with your attitude, taking a while to understand it was only you confronting the gangsters, and when he finally take an attitude too, he’d get hurt, but not as you, until someone else arrive and help you two.

Seeing you fallen in the middle of the street, Wonho would sit down by your side, murmuring and stroking your hair.

“You shouldn’t do it…”

“And let you alone, oppa? Never…” With voice low, you would answer him, smilling a bit “Why are you crying?

“Cause you’re hurt… And I can’t believe that I let it!”



“What are you saying, Minhyuk?!


“I’m not dying, I’m okay!”


“I’m NOT dying, Lee Minhyuk! I’ll be fine!”

“You promise?”

“I promise. Now CALM DOWN!”


Seeing you passed out on the floor, Kihyun would feel lost for some time before finally run up to you and try to wake you up, and even doing this, he wouldn’t be sure of his actions because he’d be totally desperate.

“Come on, Y/N, you have to wake up! Please!”


He would be in for a shock a little while. When he saw you unconscious, Hyungwon would start moving in the automatic mode, having no conscience about anything only that he needed to help you in some way and very fast.


I think he would be really scared of the situation and would only have a reaction when he realized it was you who was trying to defend him, then he would start to scream, attracting the attention of some people and doing the gangsters run away, scared of the police.

Even so, he’d tried to hit one of them.

And honestly, after he sees you lying on the floor and injured, who would need a doctor is he.


He would face the gangsters, without fear, and when he saw you so close to the confusion, Changkyun’d try to protect you. However, being outnumbered, you two couldn’t escape, getting very injured.

And in the hospital, when you woke up, the maknae’d look at you, severely.

“Was you crazy, noona?! Never do it again!”

“Why are you like that? Did you forget how to say thank you?”

“I know how to defend myself!!”


“I just don’t want to see you hurt again, mainly because of me!”

~ADM Misso

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