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Power Rangers + Disabilities/Neurodivergencies

Ok, I’m not entirely sure if this is canon or not but I’m accepting it as. 

  • Jason: 
    • Physically Disabled. Through his right knee. It was mostly fixed after the whole Power Coin/Train Crash thing due to his Power Armor moulding itself inside him and into the bones there to help him move around better, like enough that he can walk around fine, but his knee still trips him up and fails him sometimes, and sometimes he struggles with it in battle. 
    • Bipolar Depressive Disorder: He goes through periods of hyperactivity followed by periods of hyper-lethargy, he feels like sometimes he’s thinking too much too fast and it can’t fit inside his head, sometimes becomes extremely irritated with one wrong word/sound/movement stimuli, goes for hours and hours while training and never considers himself tired until one of the other Rangers asks him to stop and when he does he finds himself near collapsing, is tired but suffers mild insomnia due to his thoughts constantly clouding his head, suffers despondency when reminded about his past mistakes, often to the point of catatonic, still is determined to never let this hurt the Rangers because he loves them too much. Jason is still the leader who would give anything and everything for the Rangers and who keeps their heads held high with pride and keeps them feeling safe in any situation.
  • Billy: 
    • Autistic. Sense of humor differs from other members of his team, he stays very calm under pressure and intensity except when in situations where his person or belongings are being messed with/threatened, infodumps, touch averse and is especially so if he does not know or trust person with whom is contacting him and or if it is not his choice, happy stims with clapping three times in a row, hyper focuses on one task at a time with an often contrary babbling line of speech to his task, special interest in art and mining. Billy is still the heart and soul of the Power Rangers with no exception, he is still the one the Rangers know would love them no matter what they do or say and he is still the one that everyone loves the most.
  • Kim: 
    • Depression. Suffers from dissociation so intense she sometimes cannot remember what really happened to her last week, constantly feels guilt bearing down on her from all sides, can be irritable when certain topics i.e. school or her old friends or her ex-boyfriends are mentioned, becomes so absorbed with confusion and concern about why she’ can’t focus that sometimes in school she can miss a whole lecture and this is why she never noticed Trini before, has had and even sometimes continues to have suicidal thoughts, suffers from mild insomnia from thinking about past mistakes. She still functions as the group’s baseline, what grounds them in reality, helps them build themselves up and tear their enemies down, is still the fundamental spitting image of teamwork, is still loved dearly by the other Rangers and loves the other Rangers dearly.
  • Trini: 
    • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Suffers from intrusive thoughts that her parents won’t love her if she comes out to them and so no one else will love her either, wears a beanie to help stop her  trichotillomania compulsion, worries constantly about the other Rangers falling into harms way due to outside forces or even sometimes to herself, often leaps without thinking into a fight and has aggressive tendencies towards anyone who might be deemed a threat to herself or the other Rangers, can become stressed by the smallest sign of danger but reacts violently instead of timidly to it, can’t help but constantly feel that nothing she ever does is right and her routines i/e checking locks on her door and windows and counter her belongings incessantly to ensure they are still there is sometimes not even enough to drive away the feeling that she did something wrong and something is missing. Is still the second in command of the Rangers, is still the best combative of the Rangers by far, and is still the most protective of the Rangers especially when it comes to their habits and psychosis induced habits, and to her surprise, that protection is well returned from the other Rangers who would rather die a horrible death than have Trini feel her routines and habits are unnecessary or stupid.
  • Zack:
    • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. For the life of him cannot focus on only one thing for any amount of time and must have one or two other things as background stimuli to help with it, follows short and concise and numerous directives very well, has trouble finding a purpose or motivator in doing anything not related to immediate survival, when thinking about his mother’s condition or any other situation he views as hopeless he can become crushingly depressed, concept of time passing is skewed so he has to wear a watch with an alarm at all times to keep track of his day, after extended periods of nonverbal answers and responses to social interactions can have extreme emotional outbursts and this is especially true when he feels his freedom is threatened but finds himself completely over it within a few minutes, leaps without thinking into life-risking situations that make him feel euphoria i.e. driving the Zord before Morphing,  growing up he had difficulty making and maintaining close personal relationships with the exception of his mother out of a self-preservation instinct. Zack is still the voice of the team, he keeps them laughing no matter what and he keeps the tension between them all at a minimum, because yes it’s Zack who they might have a problem with but Zack can help them get over the problem in a matter of minutes, whereas if it were two other Rangers fighting the fight might go on for days due to stubbornness and pride. Zack keeps the Rangers on good terms.
  • Tommy: (In this imagining Tommy is a Native American girl.)
    • Physically Disabled. Once the soccer star of Angel Grove, who got into a hiking/rock climbing/car accident and lost her left leg from the knee down, Tommy Oliver, the cocky badass who’d do stunts that would put Zack Taylor to shame, still finding ways to do them after getting her prosthetic. And then once she becomes a Power Ranger, she doesn’t necessarily need the prosthetic anymore because she’s got a fucking COOL ASS prosthetic made from her Power Armor there now that looks like two green dragons curled together with their heads bowed together meeting at her knee, and because it’s her Power Armor it moves with her perfectly in synch after she gets the hang of it. And just like Jason, she still struggles with it in battles sometimes but it also has the cool ability to do things like TURN INTO A FUCKING SWORD. (Anyone remember the Gazele girl from Kingsman?) Tommy is still the Ranger that keeps them focused, keeps them driven and keeps them working on the task at hand.
Vital: Part One - Terra (A Yondu x Reader Fic): Chapter Eighteen: Let’s Go

Click here for: Chapter One | Chapter Two | Chapter Three | Chapter Four | Chapter Five | Chapter Six | Chapter Seven | Chapter Eight | Chapter Nine | Chapter Ten | Chapter Eleven | Chapter Twelve | Chapter Thirteen (NSFW) | Chapter Fourteen | Halloween Special | Chapter Fifteen (NSFW) | Chapter Sixteen | Chapter Seventeen | Chapter Eighteen

Yondu stuffs his little cardboard box of belongings into your duffel, which you carry as he supports Kraglin. He tucks the First Mate securely in the front passenger seat, and slides into the backseat behind him.

You fumble with the keys to lock the door and remember that the lock is broken from when Kraglin came in last night. You pause for a minute, staring up at the structure that has been your second home for your entire life. Your swallow as a breeze comes to you off the lake, with it the scent of pine and the sound of the waves. You bite your lip hard and run to the car without looking back.

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All Coming Back to Me

A/N: This was written for @girl-next-door-writes 500 followers celebration challenge. I’ve been working on this for a while, but I’m still not entirely happy about it, I just have to post before I scrap the whole thing. Anyways, feedback is always appreciated. Betaed by the awesome @thorne93.  

Prompt: It’s All Coming Back To Me - Meatloaf

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Angst, fluff, language, Dean being a dick for a moment.

Wordcount: 3190

The GIF i recieved as a prompt. It fits in with the first flashback, but my computer is being stupid and it wont let me move it. 

Originally posted by deangifsdaily

Dean Winchester and I have known each other almost all of my life. Our fathers were both hunters and sometimes I would stay with the Winchesters or Sam and Dean would stay with us. We were in our teens the first time we slept together, Dean was eighteen, I was sixteen. Our relationship, if you can call it that, evolved from there, but we were never exclusive, we never had any conversations about what we were.

Over the years we grew closer, and when Sam left for Stanford, and John and Dean had a falling out, Dean came to find me. He cruised up our driveway and asked me to come with him, told me it would be him, me, the open roads and whatever cases we wanted to take. I didn’t even hesitate to jump in that shiny, black Impala of his and leave everything I knew behind. I was a good hunter, but I had never been hunting without my dad, and he was not pleased with me when I left.

For a while it was great. We hunted monsters, we helped people, and we saved lives. The adrenaline was taken out in between the thin sheets of whatever motel we were staying at.

Dean and John made up at some point and I was sure he would go running back to his father, but to my surprise he stayed with me. John was not happy about it, but after some convincing, he let Dean do his thing, with the promise that they would check in with each other every once in awhile.

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calming sleepy playlist

for everyone who is unsettled to help them get some good rest tonight here are some songs I love and are all on spotify to help you get through tonight. I love you & stay safe. (p.s I tried to keep them soft & calming but not sad. also I’m puttng a lil ^ mark if it’s one of my favorite songs) 

  • Machine - Scott Helman 
  • Porcelain Skin - Captain Dipper & The Strawberry Girl
  •  All Is Well - Austin Bashman 
  • Can’t Help Falling In Love - Haley Reinhart 
  • Be Still - Canyon City 
  • First Day Of My Life - Bright Eyes 
  • Elysium - Bear’s Den 
  • Above The Clouds Of Pompeii - Bear’s Den 
  • Can I Stay - Ray LaMontagne 
  • Cherry Wine - Hozier 
  • Home - Gabrielle Aplin 
  • Flume - Bon Iver 
  • River and Spout - Rusty Clanton 
  • From Gold - Novo Amor 
  • The Safety Dance - Sleeping At Last 
  • Flightless Bird, American Mouth - Iron & Wine 
  • Such Great Heights - Iron & Wine 
  • Northern Wind - City and Colour 
  • The Moon Song - Karen O 
  • When I Go - Slow Club 
  • Leaves In The River - Sea Wolf 
  • Angela - The Lumineers 
  • Charlie Boy - The Lumineers
  • Collide - Howie Day 
  • Banana Pancakes - Jack Johnson 

prangledangle  asked:

hagrid searching for one of his student when he finds a pack of wolves rubbing themselves against the student. the student claims the wolves has accepted them as one of their own. short fic of this please? :3

this is soooo cute and quirky and wow I got carried away. I couldn’t help myself. oops. 

Hagrid was going to be in a whole lot of trouble for this. 

Losing a student was bad enough, but losing Harry Potter? Hagrid cursed under his breath as Fang bounded ahead, nose to the ground and searching frantically for Harry. 

As he searched, Hagrid could not help but think back to the night Harry became the Boy who Lived. He had arrived to find destruction surrounding him, the remnants of what had been a happy and loving family smouldering amongst the rubble. He found James first, lifeless and wandless; he had put up a brave fight for the people he loved and bitter tears began to form in his beady, black eyes. Then, he saw Lily, beautiful despite being claimed by death, and Hagrid wept, he howled, he sobbed into his handkerchief, drenching it completely. 

James and Lily had been his friends. James had helped him insert the fragments of his broken wand in his umbrella so Hagrid could continue to use magic. Lily had visited him on countless occasions and the two of them had sipped cups of tea together (she brewed a mean pot of tea). Heck, he had even walked Lily down the aisle at their wedding. Seeing them now, after all they had been through together, was more painful then any curse. What would James and Lily think of him now? Having lost their son who they had died to protect. 

Five minutes of searching turned into ten, then twenty, then thirty, until, finally, Hagrid stumbled upon something he had never seen before. And that was saying something, for he had seen a lot of strange things in this Forest, yet this seemed to trump them all. 

Harry was standing in the middle of a pack of wolves, who were rubbing themselves affectionately against the eleven-year-old-boy. Relief and shock bit into him as he watched the scene unfold, and he couldn’t do anything but gape at Harry, who seemed to be enjoying the company of his new-found friends. 

“Harry!” Hagrid hissed and Harry looked up at him, a bright smile stretching across his youthful features. He was reminded of James. 

“Hagrid!” Harry beamed, “I think I’ve made some new friends!” 

“Jus’ – er – try ter stay calm!” Hagrid remarked, trying to keep his voice steady. 

“I am calm, Hagrid,” Harry replied. Hagrid, however, was failing to notice Harry’s calm expression, for his mind was clouded with images of Harry half-eaten by wolves and Dumbledore’s face, contorted in anger and grief.  

“They’re not goin’ ter eat yeh’,” Hagrid stated, trying to reassure himself more than Harry, “It looks as though they’ve claimed yeh as one of their own.” 

“I figured that out myself, actually,” Harry laughed. One of the wolves leapt up to lick his face and Harry stumbled backwards, crashing onto the ground. 

If Hagrid wasn’t so distracted, he would not have mistaken the hysterical laughter as cries for help, and he would not have raised his wand and fired a spell into the sky, the sound like a gunshot rippling through the air. It was only when the wolves scampered away, growling at Hagrid as they slinked into the shadows, that he saw Harry’s face was still in tact and filled with a look of utter disappointment. 

“Why did you do that for?” Harry grumbled as Hagrid helped him to his feet. 

“’em wolves are dangerous, Harry, more ‘n yer know…” 

“They were my friends! In case you didn’t know, I haven’t had many friends in my entire life!” 

Hagrid clapped a hand on Harry’s shoulder, staring into James’ face but Lilys eyes.  

“Don’ worry,” he smiled, thinking of his two, old friends, “yer will…” 


05/04/2017 (08:00PM - 08:30PM) (Thursday) : IN THE SEASON 2 FINALE, A VIOLENT TORNADO HITS CLOUD 9
Everyone in the store is on edge as Glenn (Mark McKinney) tries to figure out which employees to lay off. <b>Jonah (Ben Feldman) struggles with the fallout of an admission he made to Amy (America Ferrera)</b>, Garrett (Colton Dunn) and Dina (Lauren Ash) spar, and Mateo (Nico Santos) forms an alliance to keep his job. Meanwhile, a tornado warning goes into effect at the worst possible time, forcing the staff into uncomfortable pairings. Nichole Bloom also stars.

*insert the office ITS HAPPENING EVERYONE STAY CALM gif*


Ok, so this is my first story ever. Like I used to write, but then I stopped and years later here I am again. Thing is, I used to write in Spanish, English is a bit different. So excuse any grammar errors and just errors in general because I suck rip. How does one write fanfics lmao???
Also the lullaby in this story was taken from the lyrics of “Lullaby” by Sleeping At Last. Amazing song, you guys should go listen to it :O
Also this is a purely platonic fanfic so yeah…

-Admin Signas

Marvin woke up screaming. He once again, had a nightmare. Those nightmares where you can’t wake up until you meet your doom. Marvin had a lot of those. It didn’t help with his insomnia and paranoia either. He would usually stay awake the whole night doing other things, and the rest would let him. Especially Jackaboy and Chase. Jackaboy being his best friend and Chase a father figure, they both cared and worried for Marvin. 
The one closest to Marvin was Chase, who quickly entered his room wearing worry on his face. 

“Marvin, I heard your scream… Everything alright?“ 

Marvin wasn’t one to worry his friends. He nodded. 

“Yeah. I’m ok…" 
"Marvin, you’re shaking. Are you really sure you don’t want to talk about it?”
“I-I’m fine Chase. Go to back to sleep." 

Marvin was also one to bottle their feelings up because they didn’t like to bother others with his own problems. Chase walked up to his bed and sat next to him.

"Marvin, I respect that you don’t want to say anything. Just let me help you calm down and go back to sleep. You haven’t slept at all most days. We’re worried for you. I am worried for you.”
“Chase, there’s nothing you can do to help me go back to sleep." 

Chase looked at him and smiled. 

"You know, when one of the kids had a nightmare, I always sang them this lullaby. It always works with them, why not you?”
“I’m not a kid, Chase.”
“I know, but it doesn’t hurt to try, no?" 

Marvin sighed. Chase laid down on Marvin’s bed and signaled him to lay his head on his shoulder. 

"You want me to… lay on your shoulder?…" 
"Yeah dude! Come on!" 

Marvin laid on his shoulder and made himself comfortable. Chase cleared his throat and started singing. 

"Goodnight, goodnight, it’s time now to sleep”
“Shhhh… I got this." 

Marvin stayed quiet. 

"The moon’s watching over you and your dreams." 

Chase started to run his fingers through Marvin’s hair like he sometimes does to calm him down. 

"Goodnight, goodnight, my sweet little one. Tomorrow your eyes, they will light up the sun…" 

To Marvin’s surprise, he was starting to relax and feel sleepy. Chase’s voice was so calm like this. He was starting to struggle keeping his eyes open. 

"But goodnight, goodnight… sweet dreams for now… Drift off to sleep on your pillow of clouds…" 

Marvin was now closing his eyes, they were so heavy. 

"Goodnight, goodnight, my sweet little friend." 

At first Chase would leave the sleeping Marvin alone on his room, but seeing how peaceful he was starting to sleep, he decided to stay the night with him.

"Tomorrow’s adventures, they will soon begin… Tomorrow’s adventures… Will soon begin…”

Ailee drabble

Ailee drabble | smut + hybrid!au

Could you write a Sub! Hybrid! Ailee drabble where she doesn’t get heats often but when she does she gets really needy?

Two parallel lines lines block out the space for a new text message to be displayed, everything but the date and time has been blurred out in favor of the words, but you can still make out the watery piece of the image below in staccato parts. The curve of a feminine body slashed by blocks of color, clothes. You drag your eyes away from the entrancing, though obscured, image to read the message at hand. It’s from your hybrid, Amy. Your first reaction is that she’s managed to send the house up in flames in the few hours you’ve been at work. That’s probably what she did considering she doesn’t take her tail into account when she lights all the candles she can find hidden around the house. Maybe you shouldn’t have left her at home by herself today, but what choice did you have when her sitter canceled last minute the one day a month you’re on call.

You finally decide to actually read the message instead of speculating on what your kitten has gotten herself into without someone hovering over her.

I think I’m going into heat is all she offers you along with several distressed emojis. A wave of emotions wash over you and you can’t pick out the most prevalent, yet your feet have already rushed you over to your boss’ office. A gruff “come in” is heard from behind the closed door. Hopefully he’s in a good mood because this is nothing short of an emergency. Your boss barely spares a glance up from what he’s furiously typing to fully register who you are.

“Sir, may I request the rest of the day off?” The hasty clicking of the keyboard stills for a moment as he looks up at you again. This time the look in his eyes is more aware of what’s going on.

“Why do you need to take off, if you don’t mind me asking?” There’s a hint of skepticism in his voice. You’re probably not the first to try to skip out on coming into work today.

“Amy just went into heat.” You tell him honestly. His eyes widen. You’ve told him about Amy and her untimely or altogether non-existent heats before and he doesn’t hesitate as he waved you out.

“Yes, you’re free to go. Family emergency.” You nod your thanks to him before gathering up your things. It’s been three minutes since you received Amy’s text. If she was desperate for your attention before she starts her heat it’s nothing compared to the neediness she exudes during these rare weeks. You call her while trying to start your car and plug in your earbuds, muting her for a moment before successfully connecting. There’s a pained whimper from the other line when Amy picks up.

“It hurts,” She cries out suddenly. Your heart breaks at how lost she sounds in her own body. She’s whining and sobbing loudly. You can imagine her pretty face streaked with tears as her ear press back against her head. “Please, it hurts!” You know she’s begging for help, but there’s not much you can do with a twenty minutes left to drive home to her.

“I can’t help, sweetheart. I know it hurts, but you have to stay calm until I get home, okay?” Her cries break off into a loud moan and your foot slips on the gas, nearly rear end the car in front of you. Amy immediately stops moaning as your voice cuts off.

“Keep talking, please.” She mewls. You wrack your brain for anything interesting to talk about to take her mind off the pain of her heat, but the sounds she’s making are clouding out all your thoughts.

“What are you doing to me?” You groan, head dropping on to the steering wheel as you stop at a red light. Your head snaps up as a horn is honked from behind you, matching up with a particularly pitched moan from Amy. You slam on the gas, propelled by the growing heat between your legs that Amy is unknowingly causing.

“You’re touching yourself aren’t you?” You’ve never explicitly told her she couldn’t touch herself, especially when you aren’t around, but it was a sort of unspoken rule. She whines into the phone. It’s not a pleasures noise. It’s more of a knowing whine that says she knows punishment is coming for her behavior. You aren’t an apathetic owner, however. You know Amy needs this to calm herself down and you work hard to keep your kitten happy.

“Does it feel good?” You tease. She tries to speak, but it cuts off in a breathless moan. “It does, doesn’t it, kitten? You wish I was there, don’t you?”

“Yes, please,” She wails.

“Always so polite,” You acknowledge, “Put me on speaker, baby, I want to hear what you’re doing.” There’s some shuffling on her end until you can hear the TV playing in the background and she slick sound of her fingers disappearing inside her tight pussy. “Always so wet,” You coo teasingly.

“It hurts,” She mewls again. You know she’s getting pleasure out of this, but it’s not enough to sate her.

“I’m almost home,” You promise as you turn into your neighborhood. She just needs to stay like this for a few more minutes until you’re home to take care of her. You hear her breath catch as you pull into the front drive, then her fingers are speeding up as she groans wantonly. When you enter the house she’s laying across the living room floor, clothes half shed as her fingers rub at her sex. You knock them aside to replace them with your own. Immediately, your hands are drenched in her arousal and Amy is nearly screaming as her walls clench tight around your fingers. You press soft circles into her clit and hook your fingers against her g-spot until she’s shuddering so hard it nearly dislodges your hand.

Once she’s calmed down enough you carry her to bed. She sleepily bats at your arm as you go to leave, but by the time you return with a bottle of Gatorade and an energy bar she’s passed out. You gently brush her sweaty hair away from her face. By the time her heat is over you’ll probably be in the same state she is and, honestly, you can’t wait.
Never Say Never pt. 2: Not My Type

A/B/O Dynamics

Pairing: Alpha!Bucky x Omega!Reader (eventually)

Warnings: Like 3 curse words? The imagery of a topless Bucky.  Some sexual innuendos.

Word Count: 1.3k

Originally posted by hotdudesloverextrem

Bucky walked into the clinic of the compound. All he knew was that they wanted to check up on him to have a record of his health. He sat on the metal table and slouched forward. He scanned the room and read every informational poster on the wall to keep himself occupied. His thoughts were clouded when the familiar scent of freshly baked cookies filled his senses. The door opened and you walked in with a lab coat on and a white paper bag your hands. Your eyes widened,

“Bucky!” you gasped. You intended to drop off collection tubes for lab work and didn’t expect the handsome brunette to be present. Although in hindsight, you did think you caught his scent earlier in the hall (but you chalked it up to wishful thinking).

“Hello.” Bucky sighed.

“H-how are you?” you asked while trying to stay calm. His scent distracted you much to your dismay. You tried to ignore the feelings bubbling up inside you. You convinced yourself that the feelings were merely nausea. There was no way you were craving an alpha. He stood up and took a step closer to you. You felt the pace of your heartbeat quicken. You couldn’t stop going over the beauty of his face with your eyes. His whole being aroused feelings inside you (especially in the downstairs department) that you hadn’t experienced in a while.

“I just want you to know that I have no intention of mating with you.” He declared.

“What?” you blinked in confusion while being pulled back into reality.

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colorado gothic
  • the mountains in the distance will never change their size on the horizon until you are in them and they are around you
  • always bring an umbrella and sunscreen, do not trust the news, they do not trust you
  • some people own farms in the city. bring them bread when you can. never tell them your name. never go inside their house
  • you will sometimes see foxes in the early morning when walking. they will greet you. do not return the greeting, but nod slightly, and do not keep walking until you can no longer see them
  • a distant friend or relative will tell you of an encounter they’ve had with a mountain lion. never speak to them again, mountain lions do not exist.
  • learn to do bird calls if you live outside of denver. do them every time you are walking outside before 6am. this will keep you safe.
  • marijuana dispensaries are common but you will never see someone enter them from the front, and if you do, it is not a real dispensary. avoid them at all costs.
  • there will always be someone wearing shorts while it is snowing. they know things that you do not.
  • however, if they are wearing shorts in the rain, avoid them. they are not to be trusted.
  • sometimes it will rain when you cannot see many clouds. take deep breaths and stay calm. do not forget your name.
  • if you are west of denver and east of the mountains, use the city to know which direction east is. do not use the mountains to tell which direction west is. only use the city.
  • colfax does not and has never existed, never believe anyone who tries to tell you otherwise. never drive on a street calling itself colfax.
  • there’s a guy on 16th street who has an afro and dresses like a robot. you can trust him. you can not know his name.
  • never take anything from the ground when you are on lookout mountain. even if the stones are pretty, they can not belong to you.
  • the garden of the gods is a cursed area and all who enter are doomed to discover who The True Gods are
  • there is a cave near one of the parking lots at Red Rocks. if you enter it, when you leave, you will not be in the world you started in. even if it appears the same.
  • colorado is not the shape the map tells you it is. it ends in the mountains for miles before returning. if someone tells you they live in the mountains never ask them to specify. only go to their house if they invite you specifically. bring your own drinks. come alone.
It’s Time To Begin- The Shadow Behind Your Eyes and The Stars That Shine.

Part 1- It’s Time To Begin.

Word count: 1415.

Warning: Again, if you want a summer pool party and hate autumn at the same time, you may not enjoy…

Summary: Timothy Drake is back; it’s the DC world set in Rebirth and Dick Grayson has his own view of what the situation is.

Author’s note: I couldn’t help but making a sequel out of It’s Time To Begin, this is mostly narrated for Dick as the previous one was for Tim. I hope you like it, I’ve been writing it very late at night… early in the morning. I’m limiting myself to boundaries and writing within what I think DC would allow. I apologise if it is inaccurate.

Have you ever seen Ash? Not your neighbourhood blondie named Ashley, I am asking you about real ash. The ones collected from smoke, the ones that are the remains of certain dead bodies and the ones that make you want to hop into the shower. Ash has an odd colour, it reeks with darkness. It reminds you of dirt.

They rose from darkness, starting with the oldest. Named Richard John Grayson and called a Dick, but did the public during the 1940s view it as a swear word? Dick stays there, still on the sofa in one of Bruce’s many at-home libraries and his phase of zoning out happens in a steady but slow motion. His eyes are fixed on the fire, ablaze in its hot glory while slowly murdering the wood. The ash. Oh what the wood has to become only because the flames want attention.

Consequences usually contain pain and more importantly, neglecting the bright side to any problem has never been approved by Dick. To him, consequences bring lessons. With lessons, you learn and you grow as you would physically during a growth spurt, but age and puberty aren’t contributing to your new updates. Your mental growth can take place at any age, any place, any duration of time and that happens only if you have had to face any species of issues.

But what has Dick Grayson learned? What lessons does this man in his mid 20s have tattooed in his heart from all of it? What has he brought with him from his short childhood, the circus, his dead parents, his new family, the failed loves of his life and every tragedy? He thinks to himself, his arm pulsating inside the navy sleeve of his Gucci sweater and his eyes are still fixed on the glowing fireplace. Consequences. Bloody consequences.

Timothy Drake is back, the drones murdered him but he’s back. Complacent as the Batman might be now, but Batsy needs to know that no matter how his disability at being properly emotional and open to his sons affect everybody… the stars shine for him. If you glance at the stars, they’re white but if you observe them you know they could be blue, red, yellow and green. The stars shine for him. The Robins shine for Batman. It’s what Dick knows no matter what he has learned, it’s what he knows and it is what he believes in.

For the first time since the teenager’s return, a smile lurches on Tim’s face. Damian is secretly in awe of Jason Todd’s one liners made especially to roast people, since every time the boy tries it seems like people are more offended than sarcastic in terms of their replies. Tim’s steely blue eyes light up with life the moment Jason says, “Kid, at least Bruce looked for you. He buried a plastic doll that looked like me beside his parents and I tried killing him when I came back.”

“Todd, we all know you’re his least favourite.” Damian snaps, rolling his eyes at Jason’s constant mentions of Bruce’s ignorance during his death.

“Batman was rougher… he was weaker after you died.” Tim says, silently wondering why they’re talking about death.

“I’m surprised you’re not being triggered about the word ‘die’.” Dick joins in, his eyes growing slowly away from the zone he…zoned out at.

“Nightwing, someone has to die to get triggered by it.” Jason snottily answers, interrupting what Tim had to say and causing a grin on the teen’s face.

“I died, not everybody mopes like you.” Damian replies to Jason.

“For someone dying the way I did, I mope the right amount.” Jason says back, grabbing a cookie from the plate and eating it in two bites.

They’re smiling, all of them. Neither of them are expressing angst by choice, no matter how much they want to. They’re allowing the world to be good to them just this once despite every heartbreaking chapter they’ve had to face unknowingly. It’s what lightens the original Robin, Nightwing and more importantly, Dick Grayson’s heart.

The water is high, Dick jumps without looking for a net. It’s true, love is what everybody wants but everybody sacrifices love like it’s an extra change. They give it up, hoping it ends up in somebody’s pocket. When Dick Grayson thinks of love, he doesn’t cancel platonic love from the equation. Whatever that keeps a family even temporarily happy and whatever that keeps a broken object to have each piece supporting one another come from the source of love.

A while after, Jason announces that this situation is getting a bit chummy and he wants a way out perhaps. The hands of the grandeur that is the magnificent clock in this room suggest it’s only noon. The sun overhead is covered by the clouds that are gray but calm, unlike a stormy sky and nothing like a grain of ash. Nothing. But sunlight passes through, even a little. Dick convinces the second Robin to stay for a minute, hoping to take Tim out for a stroll. Damian does not show interest in the subject and informs the latter that he has bigger responsibilities to handle like feeding his dog.

Against the arrays of autumnal colours, the husky sunlight glints at the edges of the leaves. The crunchy noise made by the soles of their feet add to the vibe, the smell of the sky’s mental breakdown’s aftermath exaggerating every pulse of vibration in their bones.

The boys walk, Jason Todd hoping to get to his hideout soon and Dick wishing he could pause this moment forever. Bruce would be proud and astonished by today’s family bonding time. Only if Bruce was present. Dick is not afraid to die, he doesn’t fear living either. Hardness is at sin, seeking protection isn’t a shame. One thing he knows, he wants everyone in this family to know that they don’t need anyone or anything at all… but themselves.

There’s a kite, lost in the breeze. This world is replying back to all of them for what they have been through, finally. Dick Grayson isn’t a child, he’s a man. The images hiding behind the shadows of Bruce Wayne, the Batman’s eyes, Dick sees it. It’s them. It’s all of them, all of the boys.

Where will the wind take them? What will break everybody? Dick Grayson doesn’t know where the wind will blow, he’s not the weatherman. He doesn’t know many things, commonly, neither do we. But we know a lot, right? Dick is the same as you and the same as me.

For Timothy, the stars are yellow. The stars that shine for Bruce are yellow for today, yellow like the sun, the biggest star that Mother Earth interacts with. Dick looks at Jason and Tim, laughing over a silly fact while he hears the emotional riff of the bass in his ears only because a song is stuck in his head. Dick drew a line for all of them the first day Robin was born.

The stars and dear ole Alfred shine for Bruce, despite everything and anything. Despite the deaths, despite the graves, despite the fights. It’s true, they glisten for Bruce Wayne. Look at these balls of light, Bruce, damn it. They’d die for you, them hiding their relief at what the Batman has done to them does not change that. It doesn’t change their love for him, the love they fail so badly at wanting to express.

Blue like Nightwing, red like Red Hood, yellow for Red Robin and green for Robin. They all shine for the Dark Knight and they all shine for their own losses and their own gains; they shine for themselves too. What happens to stars when they explode? Do they turn to ash? But these stars never will.

Going back

Newt x reader. Newt and the reader are married. They are at hogwarts giving a talk on the book. Some of the older male students have a shine to the reader. One of them even push her against a wall while trying to touch her. Protective Newt



Originally posted by hardyness


Memories came flooding back to Newt, as you Walked along the familiar corridors, running his long fingers over the rough stone walls, the smell of parchment and candle wax, still hung in the cool air. Y/n and himself had been invited by the headmaster to give lectures to each year during their care of magical creatures classes.

To keep the students from becoming too bored Newt would bring out a few of the creatures that the ministry had deemed appropriate; newt however, never being a stickler for rules included a couple of his beasts that he thought were more than suitable.

Throughout the talks he would have picket on his shoulder or in the breast pocket of his tweed jacket if the timid creature was feeling a little shy. A diricawl would poof about the classroom in a cloud of feathers, while a fire crab scuttled its way across the front desk. A puffskein making a nest in y/n’s hair, while she held onto a murtlap, keeping him calm by tickling the sea anemone like appendage on his  back. Newt had also wanted to bring out the occamy but with some reasoning from y/n, she had persuaded him to leave them in their nests.

The pair of you were heading to your final talk with the seventh years, before you headed back home. During your stay at the castle a handful of the boys had taken a bit of a liking to y/n, newt found this wildly amusing, desperately trying to hold in his laughter as his wife politely turned down each and every offer, made by the teenagers, before hurrying her way back to Newt, grabbing his arm, as he placed a quick kiss to the top of her sweet smelling hair.

Newt’s favourite so far was a rather timid second year, who had offered her a bouquet of posies and a bow before sprinting away from her, as though she would eat him. She had giggled and with a cheeky smile, told him that the boy reminded her of somebody. He rolled his eyes as he placed one of the dainty flowers in her hair, with a peck on her nose.

Throughout their final talk Newt noticed one boy in particular starring at his wife, like a predator would stare at its pray, hungrily undressing her with his eyes, occasionally making comments under his breath. Newt continued with the lecture, trying to ignore the boys deplorable behaviour, glancing back to y/n every so often, just to make sure that she was alright.

Clearing his throat a little Newt announced “Now some clever beasts prefer witches, as opposed to us bumbling heavy handed wizards, so I’m going to stop rambling and pass you on to Mrs Scamander, who is something of an expert on such wonderful creatures.’ As Newt guided her to the front, from where she had been leaning on the on the teachers desk, taking the murtlap from her caring hands.

She took the chalk from its little shelf on the edge of the board and began her diagrams of a unicorn. Newt was entranced as she expertly sketched and explained excitedly, her beautiful eyes lit up, her hands waving about as she spoke. He couldn’t help but smile at her enthusiasm, his heart swelling with love for this fantastic woman, her kindness and enthusiasm for life and adventure.  

She closed her lecture with a ‘thank you’ and a nod of her head, her bright smile never leaving her lovely face.  

As the care of magical creatures professor dismissed the class, and the students began to file out. Newt noticed the boy from earlier approaching his wife, a hungry look in his eyes. Not wanting to assume the worst of somebody, Newt calmly made his way to the diricawl, tucking it under his arm and making his way to the case, so he could pop the bird back snugly into his home.

As he drew himself back up from his crouching position, out of the corner of his eye he could see the stocky teenager trapping y/n between the chalkboard and his large frame. Newt hurried his way to her, his blood boiling in his veins, his lips set in a thin line, as he grasped the back of the teenagers collar and practically dragged him back. “I wouldn’t if I was you’ Newt almost growled as he towered above him, the boy smirked ‘I don’t even know what she’s doing with someone like you, she could do much better selling herself on street corners’ the boy spat back. Newt pulled on his collar, snapping his head back forcing him to look him in the eyes, which he was certain were filled with darkness and hatred for this waste of a human. “you dare try another trick like that again, and you’ll wish you’d never been born’ Newt hissed through clenched teeth, as the case emitted hoots, raws and growls, vibrating on the wooden floor where it sat.  

‘Newt please’ he felt a light touch on his arm, bringing him back to reality and out of the cloud of red. He eased his grip on the collar, and the boy scurried away, with one last panicked look shot their way.

Newt enveloped her into a hug, burying his face in her hair, desperate to know that she was real and safe. “are you alright? I’m so sorry, I should have been paying more attention, I should have known he was going to do something from the way he was looking at you. I’m should have, I’m so sorry’ Newt’s voice was shaking, on the verge of tears.

She only hung on to him, clutching at his jacket as he continued to offer her as much comfort as he could. “thank you Newt’ she whispered shakily into his chest. Picket poking his head out of his little hidey hole and wandering his way down Newt’s arm, hopping up to her shoulder and hugging her cheek, where the beginnings of a smile were starting to grow.


Have a great day and be safe.

richrichbeep  asked:

ok but like head canon for bev and stan’s friendship? bev’s relationship with the other boys is so underrated and i️ know they all love each other i️ need this alshjah

Stanverly (not a ship but a beautiful friendship)

- Stan keeps hairbands on his wrist that he pulls at and snaps whenever his OCD gets really bad 

- He uses hairbands instead of rubber bands so whenever Beverly needs to tie back her unruly locks she can take one off his wrist

- they’re the type of friends that when either of them are upset they just lay down in the park together and listen to music for hours

- they occasionally watch for interesting clouds in the sky and debate over what each cloud looks like

- Stan is quiet and good at keeping secrets

- when Beverly doesn’t want to bother the other losers with her problems, she goes to Stan

- Stan always lets bev stay the night when her dad is especially awful

- they trust each other and confide their biggest fears in each other 

- Bev loves playing with stan’s curly hair 

- whenever Stan is stressed out and she notices him snapping his hairband she messes with his hair and it calms him down

- beverly is observant so she is always the first to tell when Stan is upset or anxious 

Love you Dayra, sorry it took so long!

Wings [Part 21] || Taehyung


Pairing - Kim Taehyung x Reader

Genre - Fantasy, Fallen Angel! AU, Fluff, Smut, Angst

Summary - With you unconscious, and Jin barely holding his shit together - Taehyung takes a bold decision of dropping another bomb of ‘guess-what’. And as unceremoniously he’d seemed to let Jin know who they were, Yoongi had other things to deal with. And Hijin being the arrogant bastard, ignores the Prince and calls for another - somebody who everybody on Earth thought of dead.

Prologue ; Part 20

Seated at one of the extreme corners of the cafe where light barely reached, Jin kept his eyes peeled as he looked out the window and into the dark, shadowy night. Taking in the details of the cafe simultaneously, he shook his head yet another time as Soo Young offered him a cup of coffee - the third that night. She had asked him if you were okay, and he had to convince himself that you really were, before he’d said so. But, somewhere in his gut, he’d known you were lying when you’d told him you were with Taehyung - and it didn’t help a bit that Namjoon hadn’t let him out since the time they’d gotten here. With another deep sigh, which grabbed Namjoon’s attention, he looked out the window, when he noticed two - no, three - silhouettes making there way across the road and in through the door of the cafe, making Jin bolt up.

Running to Taehyung, he almost fell onto his knees as he saw him carrying your body, and he almost fell again as he noticed you were breathing - you were alive. As Taehyung rushed further across the cafe, Jin knew he was to be left alone until he himself informed him of your condition but couldn’t help it as he made his way behind the Sinner and beyond the counter. Namjoon, who was wise enough to pick up on the tension, placed a bracing arm in front of his mate in warning, ‘Let him come out.’ He offered, his hand going back down to his side, letting Jin further decide his intrusion. He stared blankly at Namjoon for a while before subtly nodding his head and tracing his way back to a seat closer to the counter.

Soo Young, Jin, Namjoon and Yoongi waited patiently for the minutes Taehyung took to settle you on the bench inside the changing rooms, carefully enough not to disturb your wound on the back of your head.

When he’d finally come out, Jin stood up so quickly, it sent the chair on its hind legs before falling back on all four, making him flinch. It snapped Taehyung’s attention to him, and Jin was already by his side, a pressuring and almost threatening hand on the Sinner’s shoulder as he eyed him.

'What happened?’ Jin asked quietly, but Taehyung could see the tension and rage unfold behind the film of concern in his eyes. He breathed a sigh, 'It’s- she had a minor injury and we couldn’t risk admitting her in a hospital, so we brought her here since you’d be here as well,’ Taehyung explained as briefly as he could.

Jin pressed his shoulder harder, 'What’s the threat?’

'It’s very complicated, but I’ll explain - if you let me.’ Taehyung stayed calm, as he eyed Namjoon behind Jin. Taehyung’s mind was too clouded on how to keep you safe to even bother with a thought regarding how to explain the potential threat of Hijin’s existence. The longer he stared at Namjoon, the sooner the Red Blood had gotten the hint, 'Jin, sit down for a while. This will not be easy.’ And as much as Jin wanted to slap the assuring hand of the male away, and yell at all of them for keeping god damned secrets, he knew he had to be more mature than that if he wanted to hear it sooner. Yelling wasn’t going to get him anywhere. And it was best if he could avoid any possible drama.

Taeyhyung turned towards Yoongi and saw him leaning against the wall beside the door - he was staring at him. And Jin at Yoongi.

“I’m going to pay a short visit to Kronell.”

With a brief and understanding nod from the Sinner, Yoongi stood straight before twisting into thin air and vanishing from sight. And soon after followed the sound of metal hitting floor as Jin snapped, 'Bullshit,’ catching Namjoon’s and Taehyung’s attention. The two stared at each other, and while Taehyung was mentally debating with him that they should be telling Jin of their identities, Namjoon was countering him.

“No, not right now.” His eyes widened a fraction to emphasize. His hands were stiffly kept to his sides, as though straining not to move which would catch Jin’s attention.

The pink haired man was still gawking at the spot where Yoongi had been minutes ago. A sigh left Taehyung’s lips - he had set his mind. And it wasn’t like he’d wanted to do it, but…desperate times call for desperate measure, didn’t they?


'No!’ Namjoon cut in too quickly, Jin whirling around to stare at him, his brows creased in annoyance, 'What?’

Now that Namjoon had put the situation off, knowing Jin, he’d only push his buttons, and do whatever it took to make him spill the beans. He wanted to disappear as well. 'What is it?’ Just as expected, Jin was already pushing - but he was looking at Taehyung.

'I- we have something to tell you.’ Namjoon brought a hand to his face, rubbing it vigorously as though that would silence Taehyung. Taehyung walked to Jin, his head inclining him to sit on the chair that had fallen, before he sat down across it. Picking it up, Jin sat down - hesitantly - his hands trembling as they set themselves on the table between the human and the Sinner.

'Do you believe in mystical creatures?’ Taehyung spoke softly, and although he’d simply wanted to let the fact out that they were Fallen Angels, it just sounded too…bland. And he had the courtesy to at least let Jin faint - if he did - with a little bit more information before he would begin flinging accusations towards him or Namjoon - or even you, for that matter.

A tense laugh. 'Why- What?’

'Do you, or do you not believe in mystical creatures, SeokJin?’ And all the sense of humor that Jin had somehow collected, seemed to vanish into a puff of invisible smoke as he took in the seriousness to Taehyung’s question.

'Not really- but, Y/N talks to me about them…she - um - fancies them.’ Taehyung’s heart somewhat softened at the fact, but now wasn’t the time. He nodded his head, 'Well then, I hope you’re thoroughly informed of the term Fallen Angels, because you are currently in the company of them.’ Now all that he expected was Jin to either storm of or fall limp on the floor. But neither happened.

With one shady look towards Namjoon, Jin took a deep breath and exhaled. Taehyung could literally hear the thundering of the human’s heart. He wondered if he would go into cardiac arrest but -

'So…is Namjoon- is that why you both- I don’t understand,’ He let out yet another shaky breath. Namjoon from where he stood behind Jin, rolled his eyes, 'Told you it was a bad idea-’

'Shut up.’ Taehyung ordered, his eyes still on Jin as he continued, not letting Namjoon retort as he said, 'Allow me to explain, SeokJin.’ And then the Sinner stood up, moving a few feet away from the chair he was sitting on, before letting his night black wings unfold behind him. Because he knew Jin was arrogant enough to not believe them and would even consider running away once you were well. And if to keep him safe was to show him danger, then he’d decided, so be it.

Min Yoongi had to push his way through the crowd of Red Bloods in his Father’s castle’s bailey before yelling, 'Out of my way!’ and the moment he had, people recognized him as mumbles and grumbles of 'His son!’ and 'The Prince!’ reached his ears.

In moments, the throne room was empty as the Angels found their places - allotted or not - in the corners and shadows of the room, leaving more than enough space to let Yoongi spread his own wings - a striking pair of ivory. It was what had set most people off, catching their attention for a mere second or longer that had always proved helpful while he fought, least expecting the kin of the King of the Underworld to bear such a color - while his own father bore a deep, blood red.

'Ah, my son, tell me, what brings you here?’ Kimroe’s voice echoed, the room falling into deep silence all over again, the silent of the silent whispers being eliminated. Of course he was barely fazed by his son’s anger.

'Specifically speaking - Kim Hi Jin.’ Yoongi spoke, his arms crossed in front of his chest, as he eyed everybody around him before landing on the throne beside Kimroe’s, where he usually sat. But now as he watched the empty seat…it was best that it was empty.

'Somebody called for me?’ Another voice, much less deeper, and more thinner than Kimroe’s but similar, sounded in the room, making everybody either gasp or scream. Yoongi didn’t turn around, but waited, his arms still crossed in front of him and his wings slightly twitching at the arrogance that dripped from is uncle’s voice.

'Why, Min Yoongi, it’s news that you’ve called for me!’ Hijin cackled, as his chains moved around him with every movement of his hands. Within moments, he stood in front of Yoongi, running a scrutinizing eye over him before turning around. He began making his way to the throne that stood empty beside Kimroe’s, just the one he had been eyeing, and he couldn’t help but wonder if his father had indeed given his seat - temporarily or not - to his dreadful looking uncle.

'It’s news enough that Father sent you to Earth.’ Again, people gasped as they heard Yoongi. Small talks and mumbles broke throughout the room, making Kimroe look around in annoyance, 'That’s enough!’ The room fell quiet. And Yoongi was already ready to burst a nerve at the silence itself. How he’s lived all these years in this place - only Devil knew.

'Yoongi, I did what I had to.’ Kimroe spoke suggestively, his fingers bending over the other as he cracked his knuckles, the sound echoing around the huge throne room. Yoongi felt inclined to do the same. But he didn’t.

'Really, bringing Hijin out of exile was one of the smartest things you’ve ever done, Father.’ Yoongi spat, and noticed the twinkle of amusement in Hijin’s as his uncle turned around to look at him. He continued -

'Are you insane?’ Yoongi yelled, making the Red Bloods - much younger than him and some older ones in the court - flinch. He’d even heard the breaking of something made of glass, and he almost apologized. Almost. Kimroe’s face remained unreadable, his fingers spreading over the curves of the arms of the throne.

This-’ Kimroe’s son pointed to Hijin, ’-was not a part of the deal. In fact, we didn’t even have a deal. You just asked me to kill Y/N and bring Taehyung back alive!’

'Yes-’ Kimroe began but was interrupted by Yoongi, again.

'Do you honestly think, this thing is going to bring anybody back alive?’ He lowered his voice, the venom boiling in his words as he flinged it towards his uncle, as he kept pointing at Hijin.

'That is quite enough, Min Yoongi. Treat your uncle like you should before you regret it.’ Hijin purred and Yoongi swore he was close to smacking off the smirk playing on his face, his hands already curling into fists.

'Uncle, my ass! If this goes on, I might as well side with the Sinner.’

'And betray your Father?’ Kimroe questioned Yoongi, who was definitely fuming - Yoongi could see the reds in his eyes move while he’d barely moved an inch. This brought a smirk to Yoongi’s own lips - he’d managed to hit right where it hurt. And hopefully scar.

'That’s what you’d call it. But I’d say justice.’

And with that, Yoongi was folded his wings back in, tucking them into his back before he twisted into the air, leaving no remains of himself as he left his Kingdom - leaving Hijin talking to Kimroe about letting him take down the other Red Bloods back on Earth - as an example, he’d quoted.

'I will not have more bickering from you as well, Hijin. You’ve been brought back from exile for one purpose and one purpose only. You will do nothing else, and if you so much as lean towards breaking that oath, you’re just as good as dead.’ Kimroe snarled at his brother. Hijin snarled back, but he backed down. Good - he knew where he stood in the court. And now to deal with the Sinner and the human.

The King of the Underworld scratched his chin, his mind working along all the possibilities when a thought struck him. A smile set itself on the tyrant’s lips. All he had to do was get Taehyung back, and get rid of his mate. He was never supposed to find you. Neither was Namjoon supposed to have a human soul mate. He’d deal with Namjoon later, but for now, he knew just exactly whom to use.

'Hoseok, come here, son.’

[Part 22 on Sunday]

A Little Fall of Rain (Avengers x Reader)

Warnings: Angst, Mentions of a lot of blood, battle wounds, Reader Death (maybe anyway, it ends vaguely), Avengers family, A lot of crying, Not Beta Read

A/N: Despite my apparent writer’s block, this just came out once I heard the song and I’m sorry??? Apparently this is what happens when I listen to Les Mis. Like why did I even write this?? I’m tempted to do another part bc I hate sad endings lol.

Word Count: ~1324 (wow, this is like a drabble for me lol)

[Masterlist] | [Ao3 Link]

Originally posted by stuckinanightmarexx

You were surprised that you could feel the chilling drops of rain with how numb you were now. Everything had gone to hell in a handbasket, aliens once again raining down on not just the city of New York but all across the world. Fortunately for what was left of the Earth, the Human race had once again proven to be impossible to wipe out. You had won, the team had won, Earth was safe again for the time being.

But there was always a cost.

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missingmywing  asked:

For your things to do: Would another Strifesodos dragon AU be okay? I have a deep seated love for fantasy. Assuming you haven't had you list filled up by others, of course!

This turned out to be a bit… of a thing. That is the best way to describe this. Thanks for giving me the prompt!

Cloud stared at the entrance to the labyrinth of mines on the outskirts of the small village, the mines were supposed to be home to some kind of monster that was causing problems for the owners of the large apple orchard.

Cloud had been hired to deal with the monster and though he hadn’t seen any hint of the monster, he was ready to enter the mines. He had enough supplies to at least find the monster and decide if it was something he could deal with on his own.

He took a steadying breath, stepping into the labyrinth and preparing himself for the unknown monster that lay within. He was armed with blade and materia, ready for anything that came at him.

He wasn’t expecting to find a slim young man huddled in what looked like a make shift reading nook deep within the mines.

He didn’t think the young man was expecting him either.

The man flinched harshly at the sight of him, pushing back into the earthen wall behind him. Cloud stared in shock at the slim form trembling against the wall, taking in the dirty skin and the torn pants, the other had been down here a while.

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In My Arms

Prompt: Reader is traveling with best friend Newt and is captured by her brother, one of Grindelwald’s followers, and Grindelwald himself, only to be tortured and brought along with him to Credence when he is in the underground of NYC.

Warnings: torture, killing family in self defense

AN: I imagine Grindelwald to be a 1920’s version of Moriarty. Also, please feel free to request anything. I will have a list of prompts you can request up soon.

“Hey Frank!” You smiled at the gorgeous thunderbird. “It’s okay, Mummy’s here. But don’t tell Newt.” Placing your hand on his head, you thought about the dark storm clouds above him. What was the danger? Frank calmed down and nudged his head against your hand. “Hey, it’s okay. Tomorrow, we’ll be in America and on our way to getting you back home.


You made your rounds in the case as Newt carried you through the streets, someone needed to keep his (your) creatures calm. Too bad that Niffler couldn’t keep his promises to stay put while you checked on the babies. When you realized he had left, you accidentally cracked a vial of a residue of some sort given to you by a dying creature the two of you had found in the Nile. Some of it touched your hand and immediately vanished. You were able to put most of it in another vial and clean up what you couldn’t, though your skin soaked up a bit more. You hoped the side effects were thankfully minimal. Many hours had passed before Newt came in with the little jewelry thief.

“There he is! How many times have I told you that the only jewelry you can have is the stuff in the box I gave you. Hello Newt!”

Your smile melted as Newt’s face became angry. “Y/N! I thought you had them under control!” This was so unlike Newt. Sure, he’d snapped at you when he was frustrated or some search had not gone well, but he’d never looked at you with such anger.

Finally it clicked in your head. This wasn’t Newt. You flicked your hand (wandless magic was a pureblood family tradition, and probably the only one you were proud of), and Newt had changed into a person you could recognize anywhere. Your brother, Y/B/N, also known as one of Grindelwald’s highest ranking fanatics. “B-brother, Y/B/N, please leave them-”

“We aren’t interested in them or this Scamander fellow you love so much. We want you.”

“I won’t join in someone who kills innocents.”

“Join us, or I blow this case to pieces.”

You were in pain. Do you go against your morals or let them die? Your parents were the typical pureblood Slytherin and would have wanted you to give in, but since you and Newt had become such great friends, you had decided to follow your own moral compass. “Brother, I am sorry. Reducto!”

He was caught off guard. In the pureblood world, slaying one’s kin was the highest of offenses, akin to being a blood traitor, which you now supposed you were. But that was no longer your world. Y/B/N’s protego was too late and the spell broke through. As he crumpled, another took his place.

“Interesting. This one’s loyalty knows no bounds.” And that was the last you remembered before waking in a dark room, magically bound. “Now, what is such a powerful pureblood doing with those monsters and that muggle loving Hufflepuff? You could be even more powerful under me.”
The face, mostly covered in shadow, had a disgusting smile. You looked at him, glaring, and spat, “I have a heart and a soul. I would give anything for them.” It was true. Newt had saved you from the life of a pureblood princess and for that you owed him everything, no matter how much he denied it.

“Ah,” said the face, sickeningly sweet, “so you love them? Fine then. If you must sacrifice yourself, I am happy to oblige. Crucio!”

Pain which you had never even thought possible coursed through your body. The world lost focus and all you could hear was the spell over and over again. Your mouth wanted to fall open and pledge your allegiance to him, but you clamped it shut.

Newt and the creatures were obviously safe. Your family was safe. You couldn’t let them be harmed. So you held firm through the pain. The curse should have driven you mad, perhaps it already had, maybe you already were, but something had started to block it out. It must have been that vial that broke right before your brother had come; it must have spell resistance properties. Thank goodness you had been able to save most of it.

Finally, he stopped the spell. “You will follow me, remain safe, and completely invisible.” You didn’t know what spell he had use, but you could still think properly so it wasn’t the imperius. It wasn’t until MACUSA’s aurors tried to kill Graves that the effects of what was in the vial fully presented themselves and threw off the spell.

Once you had full use of your legs again, you ran to Credence to try and separate him from the Obscurial. Newt hadn’t noticed you yet, and you hoped he wouldn’t. You didn’t want him in any more pain. With a flash, you had separated it (why Grindelwald hadn’t stolen your wand, you didn’t know) and started to contain it before there was a crack and you had been thrown against the wall.

You woke up to Newt at your side, your body having taken the blow for Credence. “Y/N, p-please, please b-be o-okay. I-I can’t l-lose you.”

You turned to his voice. “N-Newt?” It hurt to talk. You tried opening your eyes, you knew you had, but you couldn’t see. “N-Newt where are you? I-I can’t see you. W-what have you done with him? Where’s Newt?” You were so scared. He was family, more than that if you had ever cared to be honest with yourself. He couldn’t be gone.

“Y/N, oh sweetheart, I am here. Shh, it will be alright.” Someone lifted you up, hopefully Newt.

“Heal her. She saved your lives today, saved the life of this poor boy. Please, heal her!”

“I’m sorry Mr. Scamander. She got-”

“No you will heal her. She’s been kidnapped and by the look of it, t-t-t-tortured.” He struggled to get the word out. How could anyone have hurt you, his precious Y/N?

The President relented, to everyone’s surprised. “And due to her heroism, we will overlook your association with a No-Maj.” A healer came to take you from Newt’s arms and it was all he could do to not freak out. You squeezed his hand gently. You knew you’d be okay.


It was months before you were well enough to return to England. The curse had taken a toll on your immune system, and it had taken several medicines and spells and potions to get it to work properly again. But you were back. Back in London, and you were looking for Newt. While he wanted to stay, the Americans were still afraid of your creatures and didn’t want Newt or his case to stay for long. So he had to leave.

You smiled as you thanked the bartender at the Leaky Cauldron, who always knew that it was a hot chocolate for you no matter the hour of the day. You had a slight chocolate addiction that was severely in withdrawal from the hospital. Now all you need was Newt. Newt and your family.

He came into the pub and Christmas came early. You got out of your seat and ran to meet him, pulling him into a tight hug. “I am so so sorry, I-”

To your surprise, he stopped your words with a kiss. He drew you into his arms even further and sighed, pulling back to whisper “Merlin, I love you.” Before kissing you lightly again. “And you’re finally home.”

“We’re in the Leaky Cauldron.”

“Yes, but you’re with me, in my arms, where you belong.”

You were surprised at the boldness of your Newt. But the blush on his face showed that it was still him. “In your arms? Are you ready for this Scamander?” Your tone was light but you still worried.

He kissed you once more, impossibly soft, leaving you wanting to beg for more. “Y-yeah. I am. You’re home, in my arms.” You leant your head and sighed. You were home.

anonymous asked:

How each of the Varia would react if they found out their partner was the new cloud of the varia.

Xanxus:  As you dodged the flying bottle, you tried to figure out how this was your fault.  “I thought you knew,” you shouted at Xanxus, sending a glare as you narrowly missed the flying object.

Why the fuck should I know something like that?” Xanxus snarled back, contemplating about pulling out his guns.  Those would teach you to never hide something from him again.

Because you hired me!” you yelled back, eyeing the way his hands were straying towards his holsters.  This caused him to pause for a moment, trying to remember if this was true or not.  “You were probably too drunk to remember it,” you mumbled, not letting him hear.

Whatever, scum.  Get me some more whiskey.“  Xanxus said, definitely not pouting over the fact that you were right.  ”And make it quick.“

Squalo:  ”VOOOIIIIIIII!!!!  What do you mean you’re coming with us?!  Don’t be ridiculous, trash.  You’re staying here.“  Squalo roared at you as you started to suit up.

I don’t think Xanxus would appreciate that,“ you commented dryly, going about arming yourself.  ”After all, he did hire me to be the new Cloud.“

Squalo gaped for a solid 20 seconds.  ”VOOOIIIIIII!!!  What the fuck are you talking about?“ 

You rolled your eyes, and held up your hand, allowing him to see the Varia ring adorning your finger.  ”I’m your new partner, dumbass.“ 

Squalo was strangely silent for most of the mission, only speaking to you when absolutely necessary.

Levi:  Levi was the one who convinced you to talk to Xanxus about becoming the Cloud Guardian.  After seeing you fight after an attempted mugging, he had started training you.  Once you had reached an acceptable level, he brought you before the Varia leader and you interviewed.  “Interviewed” meaning Xanxus started shooting at you and you ended up being chased by a liger at one point…but you passed.

Excited, you went to the training fields to tell your boyfriend.  You preened in front of him, showing off the ring.  As soon as he opened his mouth though, you nearly used your flames and box weapon on his sorry ass.

Now we can protect the boss together.”

Lus:  “Oh, darling, are you sure that’s not too dangerous for you,” Lus started motherhening over you as soon as he found out.  Going around your body, trying to check for any injuries that might have appeared in between five minutes ago and him finding out you were the new Cloud Guardian.

Lus,” you said, trying to calm him down.  “I’m fine.  If I wasn’t good enough, I wouldn’t be on the Varia.   C'mon, I can handle myself.”

I know that, dear,” Lus said, now heading towards Xanxus’ office.  “But we have a rather bad history with Cloud Guardians and you simply can’t stay one.”

You were jogging to keep up with your partner.  “Lus.  Stop this right now.  I’ll be okay.  And anyway, I’ll have you to watch my back, right?”

Of course you will,” Lus said.  “Which is why I need to go deal with boss.”  You rolled your eyes, eventually your protective boyfriend would get it.

Bel:  “You know, for a genius, you can be kinda stupid,” you teased your boyfriend as he continued on for a third minute of silence.  “I mean, I did start staying in the Varia mansion, and I have to train everyday, and I’ve taken missions from Xanxus.”

But why didn’t you tell the prince,” Bel pouted.  After finding out you were the new Varia cloud guardian when the two of you had overlapping missions, he had started going on about how you had betrayed him.

I thought you knew,” you told him, watching tv, no longer interested in your boyfriend’s dramatics.  “I mean, it wasn’t like it was a secret or anything.”  Apparently, Bel did not appreciate your somewhat flippant tone.

Ushishishi,” Bel’s laugh made you take notice.  “I think the kouhai needs to be taught a lesson about respecting royalty.”

Fran:  I did not see this coming,” Fran commented tonelessly as he caught sight of the ring on your left hand. 

You laughed at your boyfriend.  “Why do you think that I started hanging around here?”

Because of the good company,” Fran said, causing you lose control of yourself.  Rolling on the floor laughing, you struggled to breathe.

The company?  Are you kidding me?  You’re all a bunch of psychopaths.”  Not even able to pull yourself onto the seat, you slouched against the couch.  Offended, Fran left the room.  But you knew he’d be back.