keep calm and squeeze the lemons

Keto Tips

I’m updating my links on my page, so I wrote this out from a ton of things I’ve read and learned. 

Keep Calm and Keto On
  • Drink Water. - This is really overlooked by most Keto beginners. You can prevent a lot of the “Keto Flu” by getting enough water. If you have a hard time drinking water add a squeeze of Lemon in it! 
  • Protip for Water - Don’t count Tea or Coffee in your water intake. These are diuretics and actually dehydrate you. 

  • Clean out the house. It’s hard to stay on track if you have anything in your cupboards that can stray you away from your goal. If you still live at home ask your parents/roomies if you can have one cupboard to yourself to help you stay on track. This is the best way to exercise temptation although it seems a little extreme. Try and give the stuff away to friends if you aren’t too hot on just throwing it away. 

  • Make alternative “Treats" Many people, including myself, use food as a reward. i also used it as a way to feel better, maybe you do too. I ate when I wanted to celebrate, and I ate when I was feeling sad. I love celebrations and big family meals but for the little things think of other ways to "Treat yo self” like lovely baths (look at Lush products, they are Fab!) Go to movies with friends, Go outside and enjoy the awesome weather with your pet! Another way is to find your favorite treats and Keto-fy them. I’ve found a myriad of cakes, Ice creams, and chocolates that are perfectly Keto to keep you on track. 

  • Make S.M.A.R.T Goals. Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely. Specific means the: Who, What, Where, When Why. Measurable means having a way to see how you are progressing. Attainable is one of my favorites. Some girls want to lose 20 lbs in 3 months, which is do-able but not without extremes. You didn’t get into this state of health overnight, you’re not going to get out of it overnight. Try and set attainable goals for your body and get motivated to exceed them, but it keeps you from getting discouraged if you don’t make it. Realistic is both how willing and how much you are able to work. If you are really determined to make your gal, it’s more fun than anything, it’s a labor of love. Think of a great accomplishment you’ve achieved in the past, was it hard? Probably, was it worth it? Of course! so make yourself worth it. T is timely, if you don’t set a due date you will just procrastinate your goals until you just give them up. Try and give yourself a time frame to get to your goal and make it realistic and attainable!  So….“I want to lose weight” isn’t a SMART goal, it’s just a general goal. Try “I will to lose 5 Inches around my waist by December 20th”

  • Create Healthy Habits. Take supplements, make a daily water goal, blog about your day, just make it a daily ritual. It will help you stay on track (the first 21 days are the hardest but it becomes so much easier after that!) download some apps that help you or look up don’t break the chain. It’s a great motivator to get started on some healthy goals. 

  • Smell Good! One of the bad keto side effects is Bad breath and smelling slightly acetone. I would recommend a tongue scraper and some good body spray. You can make super natural alternatives if you are aware of synthetic smells by putting a few drops of essential oils in a spray bottle of water and a little coconut oil for moisture. This is a small little hack that will boost confidence. 

  • Don’t dictate your progress with the scale. You can have a scale and weigh yourself but I HIGHLY encourage you to A) take pictures the day you start and often afterwards B) measurements. If you have the ability to download do it! It’s a fantastic app that lets you measure your bodyfat, measurements, as well as weight. WEIGHT ISN’T THE END ALL BE ALL. 

  • Keep up with your electrolytes.You don’t realize how much you need these until the “Keto Flu” hits you. Make sure you either make homemade bone broth or add more sodium to your meals. Also Nu-salt is potassium which is fantastic as well. Also try and supplement with magnesium as well. 

  •  Drink Water. Cant stress this enough. Try and get close to 4 liters a day!

  • Monitor Your food and Plan Ahead In the beginning especially you’ll be eating more than you think. Carbs add up a lot faster than you think and fat is usually the hardest thing to get up until you get used to creating your meals. I use My Fitness Pal and it’s helped me a ton (Username is KatZup if you want a friend on there), especially since you can customize your macros to fit within your Keto goals. Also, MPF will let you create custom recipes and will portion out the macros (hello Keto Pies and soups!)

  • Don’t Stress yourself out. Cortisol is a huge hinderance, especially in women, that stalls weight loss and will keep you from seeing improvement with your measurements or weight. Try and relax and make hitting your macros super easy the first few weeks. Try sticking to a few favorite meals and once you get the hang of everything start branching out. Sleep is also super important with this step. Try and go to bed before 10:30 and get around 7-8 hours of sleep. It will do wonders. 

  • Read Labels. Avoid sugar, sugar alcohols (anything ending in -tol (maltitol, xylitol, etc)) I personally avoid wheat products even if they are low carb. And try to stick to whole foods as much as possible. Experiment to make your own snacks and keep that fat high!

  • Keep most of your carbs dark greens. These are the lowest carb veggies and also usually the most nutrient dense. A lot of people often forget their greens and they help SOO much with the inevitable keto constipation. You will see carbs on other products like cream cheese or some cheeses but try and reserve most of them for your veg! 

  • Get Active! Go for walks, start running, and try weightlifting! It won’t make you bulky!! Any kind of activity will help, but don’t overdo it (it raises cortisol!) a fun 20 minute walk around a local park is just fine and will work wonders.  

  • WATER - haha your tired of reading this aren’t you? Well it’s still true. Take a water bottle (glass preferably!) with you everywhere and make it a goal to get through those liters! There’s an app called waterlogged that is great while you develop this habit!

  • Mostly make it FUN. Don’t get too caught up, you’re learning, we all are. Even those who have been keto for a year + are still learning. Join Keto communities and make friends. Tumblr is such an awesome site, so is reddit (r/keto, r/xxketo for the ladies) and had a great forum too. Just take your time getting into the hang of it and get excited that you’re making a HUGE leap for your health. 
Calm - Bucky Barnes x Reader - Part Five

Title: Calm

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: None :)  Some blood, and sadness, maybe?

A/N: I apologize that Part Five took so long to write. I’ll have you know that it’s 3.7k+ words, and I’m really behind on my school work. See how much I sacrifice for you?? Anyway, here’s Part Five. Enjoy!

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Y/N = Your Name

Y/F/C = Your Favorite Color

Khorosho = Good; Okay [Russian]

After a funny little dance outside the house where both you and the Winter Soldier insisted that the other should enter first, you end up seated at a circular, wooden table across from the notorious assassin.

Canned soup that had been heated up on the stovetop and poured into ceramic bowls sits untouched before you. You fiddle with your spoon, staring blankly at the meal as it sloshes around in its dish. The Winter Soldier eats slowly, watching you closely as you avoid your food. You notice that his robotic arm is kept firmly by his side, never once lifting above the surface of the table.

Several drawn out minutes of you clinking your spoon pass by, and eventually the Winter Soldier asks, “Are you not hungry?”

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