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How about some headcanons on how the straw hat crew & law would react watching their first child do adorable moments (baby's first words,beginning to walk,ect.)? Please and thank you


Monkey D. Luffy:

  • He grins really wide when they start trying to walk and laughs if they fall over
  • But he’s there picking them back up off their feet and telling them to not give up
  • When they start saying their first words he instantly tries teaching them random words he likes rather than actually teaching them helpful words and sentences.
  • He really wants to teach them how to fight, even before they’re crawling

Roronoa Zoro:

  • He’s more responsible than Luffy in knowing how old they should be before they start earning fighting techniques they want to learn, but is mostly clueless in mostly everything else when raising a baby.
  • He gets happy hearing them talk and seeing them walk for the first time and tries to help them along when they need it.
  • He feels so proud seeing them trying to imitate his fighting style though
  • If they’re really honest and serious about learning he will sit down with them one day and explain what being a swordsman really means and fight techniques.
  • Until then, he prefers them watching his train rather than getting themselves hurt without proper training


  • They call her ‘Mama’ for the first time and she gets so happy. She absolutely smothers them with kisses all over their face, even more so if it’s their first word. If she has a S/O she’ll playfully talk about being the favourite parent.
  • She’ll sit her child across from her and encourage them to walk over. They stumble a little at the end but Nami catches them and coos over how well they did. She’ll probably spoil them a tad with some cute clothes for doing such a good job.
  • The first time they steal something is an accident. They kind of just picked something up and forgot they were holding it while walking out of the shop with Nami. She only notices they have a small toy that she doesn’t remember buying when they get half-way through town and she points it out.
  • The kid looks at it. realises they accidentally stole and they get very evasive, not wanting to get into trouble “Where did you get that, Sweetie?” “ I dunno.”
  • She eventually gets them to confess and she can’t help but laugh, gently scolding them for not telling the truth sooner. 


  • He is so excited to see them walk and talk for the first time omg
  • But his favourite thing is when they start trying to read bedtime stories to him, even better, making up their own stories. He’s so happy to listen and encourage them. He still loves telling them stories though, and they end up swapping little nonsensical stories that are absolutely absurd but are so endearing
  • He’s happy to see them walking and crawling around but when they get near something remotely dangerous for them (everything in his minds) he gets a little finicky and gently lifts them onto his shoulder to keep them close
  • He once nearly dropped them over the rail of the ship because they wanted to see the fished jumping out of the water and he still hasn’t emotionally recovered.


  • He cries so much dude. He gets so emotional seeing them talking and walking for the first time. He cuddles them up close and for weeks after mentions how proud he is of them.
  • He excitedly blabbers about it to the crew, and he looks so happy that no ones wants to tell him to stop. Even Zoro lets him go off about it without provoking a fight.
  • After teaching them to walk he will likely teach them how to dance. He loves gently having their little feet on his and they get so giggly when he spins them and lifts them up, it’s so wholesome.
  • He doesn’t want them handling kitchen stuff till they’re a bit older, but if he needs to cook while keeping an eye on them he’ll let them watch him and he’ll just gently narrate what he’s doing. It actually keeps them both calm, him especially because he doesn’t want to smoke too much around his baby, and talking to them keeps him a bit more distracted from wanting to smoke.

Tony tony Chopper:

  • He reads a ton of books about baby development to make sure he’s prepared and what will be good for the baby’s learning. He gently eases them into a small learning schedule 
  • When they manage their first words he gets so excited and he praises them for ages, and tries getting them to say it over and over, especially if it’s ‘papa’
  • When they get a little older he starts teaching them a few medical tips that could help them out if they got injured and separated from help. He gets so worried that they’ll get injured when he’s not around so he teaches them as many safety things as possbile.

Nico Robin:

  • She’s so happy when they start learning to walk and talk. I feel like they’d start learning pretty early tbh. Robin just loves talking to them a lot and responding to their little nonsensical babble. She know’s they’re trying to communicate and she’s eager to indulge.
  • She helps them with walking using her devil fruit. When they start swaying over to one side a hand will just come up and gently nudge them back.
  • Same goes for when they’re about to topple down the stairs. A few hands will just gently turn them around and nudge them in a safter direction.
  • There will likely also be a comment such as “Whoops. There we are, sweetie… We don’t want you falling and snapping your neck, now, do we?” Que oblivious baby giggles.


  • He cries when they call him anything related to ‘dada’ for the first time. He’s holding them close and promising them that he’ll always look after them
  • He doesn’t hold them too much because he’s so scared he’ll injure them some way, but he’s still so affectionate, gently rubbing their head, reading to them ect.
  • One day his kid kind of just ? Get’s up and waddles over to his leg and clings to him. He’s watching them the whole time speechless and when they grab his leg he just sobs and lifts them up and nuzzles them, crying the whole time.
  • They grow up their whole life being trolled by his inevitable dad jokes, so they kind of pick up on his sense of humour and his embarrassing nature They end up being one of those kids that get really fussy about wearing clothes and try removing clothes when ever they can.


  • Watching his lill kiddos growing up and learning is so fascinating to him and he’s always in awe when they do anything for the first time. Heck, he gets excited when they hiccup for the first time
  • He’s so scared to handle them because of his boney appearance, but he does his absolute best to be gentle when holding them up or talking to them. It calms him more to teach them through song, making up little catchy verses and rhymes and it’s so cute ImAGINE he sits across from them and teaches them little rhymes along with little hands dances to go along with the song and their both giggling and having fun.
  • Hearing them trying to imitate his laugh makes him cry a lot. He’s so happy and he gently presses his forehead against this and hes sobbing and his baby is just babbling happily
  • He sees them trying to learn how to do the 90 degree trick and they end up falling over and he’s instantly picking them up and checking over them, trying to distract them from crying. He teaches them how to do it but is cautious of making sure they don’t hurt themselves
  • I like to imagine his kid is one of those kids that are so quiet and shy for a long time and no one thinks they can actually talk until one day they  just come out with their first sentence.

Trafalgar Law:

  • He smiles when they first walk and is encouraging, but he doesn’t over react or anything. He’s definitely proud of them, but it’s something that most kid learn so he’s not too fazed.
  • He’s actually really excited for when he can sit down and tutor them in whatever their interested in learning, especially anything medical.
  • He’s a bit more blunt and a tad bit distant, but he always makes sure his kid knows that he is proud of them
RFA guys react to MC playing Mimi Marquez in Rent the musical

I really love Rent the musical and wondered how the RFA guys would react if they saw MC playing Mimi :)) If you’re not familiar with the musical or the character, see below:

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Light My Candle ^

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Mimi performing Out Tonight in the movie adaptation of Rent ^

Enjoy! :))


  • Not into theater performances so he asks Zen to watch with him in case he doesn’t understand something
  • Immediately regrets this when you come up on stage in that mini skirt and knee-high boots
  • Is red as a tomato in his seat when he sees you performing Out Tonight
  • “Zen close your eyes!”
  • “Wtf Yoosung get your hands outta my face!”
  • Gets angry when the guy playing Roger pushes you away like why is he pushing away this beautiful woman wtf is wrong with him??
  • Makes a note to google everything in La Vie Boheme, he’s so lost
  • Passionate kissing scene between you and Roger — he totally didn’t know there were kissing scenes in musicals!!!
  • Congrats MC you have unlocked yandare Yoosung
  • Totally cries when you sing Without You
  • Cries harder in I’ll Cover You Reprise 
  • He gasps loudly when your character dies, nearly getting up from his seat because he’s so into it
  • Is relieved when you come back to life and wipes his tears during the closing number
  • Later, he and Zen go backstage to congratulate you with a bouquet of roses but you’re still in your costume and he practically shoves Zen out of the dressing room, not wanting the handsome actor in the same room as his gorgeous girlfriend
  • Kisses you and hands you the flowers and you blush, asking him if he liked it
  • “I loved it! You’re amazing, MC! But I’m kind of relieved that it’s over”
  • You tell him the show’s supposed to run for a month


  • He heard you singing a few lines in the shower but you wouldn’t practice with him, saying you wanted to surprise him
  • Super excited to see you up on stage but also curious because his shy and sweet princess was going to play the part of a prostitute?
  • Invites Jaehee to watch with him, since he knows she’s a big fan of musicals too
  • Light My Candle — oh my God his eyes are glued to you
  • Out Tonight“Is she trying to provoke the beast?” and then “Holy shit there are a lot of men watching”
  • The souvenir program falls to his lap ;)
  • “MC is quite good” Jaehee says; even she’s surprised to see you playing Mimi
  • Too good” Zen mumbles, uncomfortable that all these people are watching you roll your hips with those skimpy clothes
  • Thinks Christmas Bells is so cool; so many voices and all of you are singing different things; will totally want to sing duets with you
  • And then you’re kissing Roger and he realizes how you must feel when you watch him kissing his co-stars on set
  • Shit is this how she feels when she watches my plays?
  • Contact — he’s having a hard time breathing and there goes the souvenir program on his lap again
  • Without You — super impressed with your delivery and are those real tears?
  • Is in awe for the rest of the show; he never knew you were this good and he feels a sense of pride that the woman performing up on that stage is his girlfriend
  • At the end of the show, whistles and claps loudly, he’s super proud of you
  • Goes backstage and gives you a huge hug and a long kiss before handing you the bouquet of roses he bought
  • “What did you think?” you ask him nervously, because he’s a veteran and you really want him to like it
  • “Babe, I have no words to describe how great and wonderful you were up there. You shone. I fell in-love with you all over again.”
  • You’re super happy but then he steps closer to you and says in a low voice, “But is it too late now to ask for a costume change?”
  • You laugh because yeah, it’s too late to change your costumes
  • Zen groans and reminds you that “All men are wolves”
  • “Including yourself?”
  • He leans closer to you, a dark look in his eyes, “Babe, haven’t I told you? Don’t provoke the beast.”
  • And after a ~ehem~ make-out sesh in your dressing room, he asks if you’re allowed to bring your costume home


  • He’s more accustomed to watching orchestra concerts and ballet performances than rock musicals but he wouldn’t miss seeing your performance for anything
  • Buys the front row seats for the RFA members
  • When he sees you come up on stage he inhales sharply and his heart stops
  • Jumin does not approve.
  • Considers going up on stage and taking you home immediately but everybody stops him
  • Out Tonight — dying inside but keeps a calm facade outside; isn’t moving though and Seven swears he saw smoke coming out of Jumin’s ears (“The robot has short-circuited!”)
  • But when your eyes meet his during your dance and you give him a mischievous smile, his heart immediately starts beating furiously and and you see the look in his eyes; you know you’re in trouble when you get home
  • Gets scandalized by the whole musical when the cast sings La Vie Boheme
  • Everybody turns to him when you start kissing Roger but Jumin is like a statue; doesn’t even bat an eye
  • Seven pokes his cheek and a chill passes through his body when Jumin gives him the scariest glare ever looks at him
  • It’s better in the second half and he has to admit, he’s enjoying your performance very much and thank God you have more clothes now than in the first act
  • Except when Roger has his hands around you
  • He can see how passionate you are with acting and really wants to see you perform more
  • His heart melts when you cry in Without You and he just wants to protect you from everything
  • Contact — are you seriously trying to give him a heart attack MC NO stop dancing and push that guy away from you and WTF are those noises you are making NO
  • But in the last scene, he sees himself holding you in his arms as you’re dying and this breaks his heart
  • He can’t imagine life without you and after your very convincing death scene, he realizes that for the first time, he’s terrified of losing someone
  • Yoosung would later swear he saw a tear in the corner of Jumin’s eye, which Jumin would deny
  • When you return backstage, your dressing room is full of flowers; your co-stars would tease you endlessly and some even get jealous
  • When the rest of the RFA appear backstage, they all congratulate you but Jumin is very quiet and you’re worried that he hated it or he got bored
  • When you’re alone, you ask him what he thinks and he looks at you
  • “MC…you were beautiful. You took my breath away.” He takes your hands in his and kisses them. “That last scene…You were very convincing.”
  • “And it made me realize that I don’t ever want to live in a world without you by my side.”
  • He hugs you tight and you’re happy because he actually loved your performance but then—
  • “I’m afraid I can’t let anybody else see you dancing that way though.”
  • You knew this was coming but too late, the show’s fully booked until the end of the month
  • He’s not happy about the thought of other men watching you perform, but puts up with it because you love it so much and he loves seeing you happy
  • You also experience his inner Christian Grey once you get home
  • Makes Jaehee submit reports to him about your next roles and makes sure he goes to your rehearsals and to his relief, you don’t take similar roles anymore
  • For now ;)


  • You forbid him to research on the musical, saying you want to surprise him
  • Gets balcony seats because he can’t risk being seen much and asks one of the ushers if he was allowed to eat Honey Buddha Chips during the show, to which the answer is no
  • The rest of the RFA are there too, since he’s excited to show off his girlfriend and he wants you to see how much they support you
  • When you finally step out onto the stage and start singing, he’s hooked.
  • Cannot stop looking at you
  • Totally agrees that you have the best ass below 14th street
  • Kind of wishes he could hack into people’s brains so he could wipe their memory of you dancing and singing Out Tonight
  • La Vie Boheme is his new anthem
  • Suddenly Roger is kissing you and touching you everywhere and omg he thought you two weren’t going to end up together why is this guy kissing you
  • Stop kissing my girlfriend
  • Wait they’re playing lovers
  • It’s just a play it’s just a play it’s just a play!!!!
  • But after the first act, you hear someone cheering loudly and screaming your name and you blush, knowing who it is
  • When the second act starts and the scenes get darker, he grows quiet and watches you intently
  • His heart swells with pride and joy as he watches you bare your heart out on stage and give the performance your all
  • His heart broke when you sang Without You and he will ask you to sing it for him more often
  • And then he panics and covers Yoosung’s and Zen’s eyes when you perform Contact and why does he only have two hands????
  • Is as red as his hair
  • Seriously considers asking you to find something else you’re passionate about but of course he doesn’t
  • When Roger sings/screams at you in one scene, he has to remind himself that this is just a musical and that he shouldn’t track the guy and make his life a living hell
  • Those last words as you were dying gave him chills. Being a secret agent, he’s constantly afraid that his past would come back to haunt him and take you away from him and seeing you die –even though it’s fake and he knows nobody sings before dying –makes him tense up and want to hide you from the world where nobody can hurt you
  • But when you take your bow, he cheers the loudest and claps the hardest, he’s so proud of you
  • Runs to you backstage and hugs you tight and doesn’t let you go
  • Partially because he doesn’t want the rest of the guys seeing you in your costume
  • You don’t need to ask what he thinks, he doesn’t stop talking about it and asking questions and praising you the entire ride home and you’re so happy that he likes it
  • Bonus: you’re on the couch in his apartment one day and then he walks out of his room. Wearing your costume.

Oh my God I’m so sorry this is so long, I was listening to the Rent soundtrack and really got into it so ;;; Hope you enjoy though! :)

Don't Float Away (Pennywise x Reader)

You couldn’t sleep, but that was nothing new. Moving to a shitty little town in the middle of Maine was not exactly conducive to maintaining good, consistent sleep. You missed everything about back home. Your friends. Your family. The food. Fiber-optic internet.

Everyone looked at you like you were an alien here and growing up in a big city out West had you feeling like that too. So you took to walking around at night. It was cool out and you didn’t have eyes trained on your every move. That was the worst part about this whole thing. Everywhere you went you had eyes on you.

Eyes worried if you were adjusting well to your new home.
Eyes that didn’t trust a new face in a small town.
Eyes that had never seen pink hair on a person before.

So you relished in your midnight walks as you were free to do as you pleased with impunity.

Tonight was different though.

You noticed it almost immediately. The air was electric. Like, when you go to pull a sweater from the dryer and as soon as you reach your hand into the chamber you can tell it’s about to shock the fuck out of you. Like that.

You were forced to stop at a four-way intersection a few blocks away from the new house. Across the street was a dense, dark cloak of woods sprinkled with marsh throughout and you had no idea what the terrain was like. You decided not to chance it in the dark and instead turned to walk home when you heard a distinct ’riiiiiip’. A stray tree limb had snagged onto a cosmetic hole in your jeans and now most of your thigh was exposed to the cool night air.

You sighed, sitting down on the curb underneath a lamp. It’s obnoxious orange glow threatened to make you sweat despite the slight breeze. You pulled out the pack of cigarettes you had worked hard to hide from your foster mom and stuck one in between your teeth. Reaching up to light it a door slammed loudly behind you and startled you enough that your lighter flew out of your hand sliding across the asphalt towards a storm drain. You reached out to try to prevent it from falling down into the void but saw a silhouette of a person crouching down in the small opening and recoiled.

You knew the person had to have seen you so you waited for them to acknowledge your presence. Finally, they did. “Hiya.” The voice belonged to a man. You almost laughed from the tension and the ridiculous two-syllabled attempt to break it.


“Hello. Uh, do you need help?” You mentally kicked yourself for the idiotic question.

He giggled, his voice high-pitched but pleasant. “No…but it seems like you may need some. Did you drop this?” The lighter you lost sparked up and for the first time, your companion was illuminated.

He was a fucking clown. In the sewer. To say he, It, was inhuman would be like saying that fire was hot. Thinking back, you were embarrassed to say you found it fascinating that something could resemble a man and still look so inhuman.

You openly gawked. “Yes, I did. You can keep it though…I shouldn’t really be smoking anyway. It just calms my nerves.” You nervously tucked the unlit cigarette behind your ear. “Who are you?” Electric blue eyes peered back at you. You almost asked ‘what are you?’ but you decide against it.

“Well…how rude of me, (Y/N). My name is Pennywise the Dancing Clown.” You noted that he already knew your name, but decided to ignore it.

Your eyes became accustomed to the darkness of the drain so you could see him better now. “Hello, Mr. Pennywise. It’s nice to meet you. Any particular reason why you’re hanging out in a storm drain or is that just what clowns do around here?”

He shook his head vigorously and red hair flew everywhere. You heard the sweetest bells tinkling. “I am one of a kind. Why, if you came down here with me I could put on a show for you.”

You pulled your knees in tight. “I don’t think that’s a good idea, Mr. Pennywise. I think I’ll just stay up here for now.” You should have got up and run away. You should be running in literally any direction. Or screaming for help. But you stayed sat down on that curb, captivated by this facade. This illusion. You were stressed from the change of scenery and your mind was just rebelling you rationalized. Maybe this is how you would cope. Regardless, it was a testament to how lonely you felt that you were trying to maintain a conversation with it.

 “Suit yourself. What lovely hair you have there, (Y/N). All nice and pink and fluffy like cotton candy. Do you like cotton candy?” Pennywise asked enunciating harshly, his eyes turning a peculiar shade of yellow.

“Mr. Pennywise, can I ask you a question?” The Clown was momentarily stunned. After a few seconds of silence, he replied.

“Sure, (Y/N).” Came his gruff reply.

“What’s the saddest thing in the world that you can think of?”

He pondered the question dramatically, stroking his chin with a gloved hand. “I’d have to say…going to a carnival and not eating any of the yummy popcorn!” He clapped his hands triumphantly.

You shook your head smiling a small, sad smile. “I was thinking more along the lines of feeling like you’re a balloon. I don’t feel like I have anything tethering me down anymore. I hate this town. I miss how things used to be. I miss my old life. I’m afraid that I might get so sad that I’ll just float away. And I don’t want to float away-”

You broke down into sobs completely forgetting the strange clown entity standing in the sewer underneath you. You succumbed to the tears for a few minutes until something dropped into your lap making you jump. You looked down to see your lighter. Swallowing your tears and chuckling bitterly you turn to thank Pennywise, but he was nowhere to be found. Great, now not even your imaginary-sewer-clown wanted privy to the clusterfuck that was (Y/N).

You shook your head in disbelief and sucked down your cigarette as you quickly walked back home. As your new house came into view you sighed. Throwing your cigarette butt down and stomping it out felt almost therapeutic like you were turning a page. Your first week in Derry wasn’t the greatest, you ripped your favorite jeans and imagined a conversation with a demonic clown that lives in the sewers. There was nowhere to go but up from here. As you climbed into your window and pulled off your pants to get ready to crawl into bed you felt almost optimistic. That was until you saw the shiniest red balloon you had ever seen floating above your bed. It was tied to a large rock that looked to be moist. Written very crudely on the balloon in bold, black letters were 3 words.

Don’t float away

Couple of practice and concept doodles of Protector Aku and just what he usually does. Also yes he’s munching on some Pocky sticks on the top right, although I barely draw characters munching on Pocky sticks. The top left is him smoking on the herb pipe to keep himself calm and collected. The bottom one is him playing with his cockatiels. Also he still has eyelashes on the two doodles, it’s just that they’re not visible when he goes to sleep or after he had a bath. Otherwise he tends to extend them to make them be long.