keep calm and ship tensimms

anonymous asked:

You're NOT the only John/David shipper <3 i like your blog!

Thank you so much!! You’re sweetening my day <3

And, I mean, I do know I’m not alone (thank god there’s some yummy fanfic out there) but it does get quite lonely every once in a while…

(if anyone wants to send me drabbles, link me to blogs that ship them, prompts etc. I’d be pleased, I do want to get around with my fellows!)

(David totally got all his beatles shirts from John, lets be honest. And John wore this ugly silly velvet jacket at the Doctor Who premiere to impress David with his fashion style - what he forgot to think about is that David’s own fashion style, velvet jacket and all, is also not quite the best out there :D)

Am I rambling again? Sorry. But these two just get me talking.

Love you dear!