keep calm and ship

*climbs on soapbox*  Let’s all bring it down a notch guys!  There is a lot of anger flying around my favorite fandom over ships.  Let’s all just agree that Yuri On Ice is the best thing since sliced bread and ship and let ship ok?  *climbs off soapbox*

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((I didn’t draw the Makkachin, it’s from the official website))

They were casually strolling over the Brooklyn Bridge, the February sun and the coffees in their hands warming them, and Liv caught herself wishing they could do this every Sunday. Rafael turned his head, and as if he’d heard her thoughts, his smile seemed to answer: “Wouldn’t that be nice?”


Title: Crescendo 

Fandom: Star Trek

Relationship: Bones x Reader

Prompt: (from @kaitymccoy123) ‘Okie you get the colour orange* and the prompt “I never believed in soulmates until I met you.”’

*Orange - enthusiasm, fascination, deceit, creativity, a cold popsicle on a hot day (I interpreted this one as ‘not standing a chance’), success, jumping-up-and-down-in-your-chair-excitement, shifty eyes

Warnings: vulgarities, mentions of sex, Bones made a very stupid decision, a poor hotel room got wrecked, it got a little angsty

A/N: This is for @kaitymccoy123 ‘s The Spring Has Sprung Challenge (if for some crazy reason you still aren’t following her, go follow her! you won’t regret it!)! I already knew that I wanted to write for Bones, but when got my color and prompt I whooped because how can I have that assignment and not write a Soulmate fic??????? Soulmate fic’s are my weakness!!

In this Soulmate!AU, you receive a small, black, capsule-like Pill on your eighteenth birthday. Once it’s ingested, your Mark will appear within 24 hours and it will be your primary way of finding your Soulmate. Although, it’s not the only way you can find them. Skin-on-skin contact with your SM will result in a Bond snapping into place. The Bond will allow not only a sharing of emotions, but also a sharing of thoughts. It’s next to impossible to ignore the Bond once it’s been started.

Hope you enjoy!! :D

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I Won’t Mind - Zayn Malik

Don’t look around cause love is blind

and darling right now i can see you

I’m feeling proud so without a doubt

I can feel you

‘Cause we are who we are when no one’s watching

and right from the start,

you know I got you

you know I got you

I won’t mind even though I know you’ll never be mine

We messed around

Until we found the one thing we could never ever live without

I’m not allowed to talk about it

But i gotta tell you

‘Cause we are who we are when no one’s watching

and right from the start,

you know I got you

you know I got you

I won’t mind even though I know you’ll never be mine


The 13:06 convo on Christmas Day is killing me I’m laughing so hard

  1. Zen bringing up Jumin Han all by himself AGAIN (I swear EVERY time he’s in the chat he does this)
  2. Zen trying to understand Jumin and failing
  3. Jumin calling them heaven and earth is kinda cute?
  4. “I hate talking to you” “WHY ARE YOU IGNORING ME” jesus Zen your tsundere is showing so bad
  5. And bickering like an old married couple kekekekeke

these dorks keep activating my shipping heart help I can’t calm

Ah, kindness. What a simple way to tell another struggling soul that there is love to be found in this world. - Alison Malee

A Prank Too Far - Part 2 (Requested)

Note: @arlynna very kindly requested a follow on from ‘A Prank Too Far’ where Killian finally manages to get the reader. I decided to take a dramatic approach to this one so I hope you enjoy it <3
I apologise at how long it is!

Killian Jones x Reader

Words: 1929

Warnings: Some fluff and it gets a little hot too…not too much but just the right amount I think :) 

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He was a pirate…..he wasn’t supposed to work this hard to get someone. Usually he couldn’t move for the women who wanted to be with him. So why was it that when it came to you it was so damn difficult? It was a couple of hours after your encounter up on the deck, he could still feel the cold metal of the handcuffs against his wrist despite them having been off for a while now, and as for the tingling sensation that was left on his lips from them having been so close to landing a kiss on yours…well…that was doing far more than getting him a little excited.

He now needed you more than he had ever done so before which meant his determination was at a whole new level.

Sitting in his private quarters as his crew fought through their drunken states to keep the ship steady on the ocean waves he was unaware of any kind of incident occurring up on deck. Not until Smee came crashing through the door almost taking it clean off its hinges.

“CAP’N! The waves….they’ve taken [y/n]!”

The short pot-bellied man was completely drenched from head to toe and looked more like a drowned rat than he did a pirate and the look on his face was one of sheer panic. Killian had known the man long enough now though to be aware that he could be a little over dramatic at times and instead of his response being on the more urgent side he simply rolled his eyes and casually turned to face the man.

“What is it Smee? Oh and be quick. I am not in the mood for your foolishness.”

“[y/n] she was…she was having an argument with Squibbers an-and we hit a wave an-an-“


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Whenever there are issues in fandom (no matter what fandom) and people crawl out of the walls to address everyone with PSAs like “We all need to get together” or “People need to be nice to each other”, they’re never directed at the people that start the issue. They’re never directed to the racists in fandom or the cissexist headcanon set. 

No, the “keep calm, and let people ship/write/think what they want” mantra is always directed towards the people who were fine being chill and cool until some asshole went and decided to make someone else’s identity into the punchline of a joke or was just really damn cruel about something involving something they don’t understand. Once they’ve been riled up (rightfully so), then and only then do the fandom pacifists show up and try to keep the peace by silencing people pointing out how wrong they were for whatever they said/did.

And that’s just messed up.

If you want fandom to be a safe space where everyone gets along, how about not standing up for people who actively make that space unsafe for others with their problematic and offensive behavior?