keep calm and shen will save you

Summary: Hamato Yoshi has lost everything - his wife, his daughter, his clan. He would have died in the flames as well, if a voice in his head hadn’t told him to fight. So there must be a reason why he had survived all of this. But he has no idea was this might be. Because there’s nothing left for him in Japan, Hamato Yoshi moves to New York.

Rating: PG
Tags/Warnings: Minor character death.
Universe: 2012

Author: Andrea O'Down

I’ve always wanted to write some sort of a Splinter-origin-story, so the Mini Bang was the perfect opportunity to get going with that idea. I had a lot of fun writing this story and when I saw the awesome art that was created for it, I knew I’ve made the right decision. Many thanks to theherocomplex for giving us this great opportunity to share our work.

Artist: Hamster

Andrea and I were paired up fairly late in the game, but as I’d already finished my first mini bang artwork and Andrea had finished her fic, it was pretty smooth sailing! Andrea let me run wild with my own interpretation of her story, and the results were a lot of fun. It was my first time drawing Splinter, which was one of the key things that drew me to this story in the first place. Many thanks to my partner! <3

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Chapter 01: Smoke and Ashes


Hamato Yoshi was going to die.

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