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Characters: Bones x Reader

Request: none, but it was inspired by @bkwrm523‘s post about back pain and migraines… and i’m stressed so that too

A/N: I feel like I haven’t written bones in forever and I was missing my grumpy doctor <3. No grump here, tho, just gratuitous fluff and some smut 

Warnings: light smut, fluff, lil bit o angst?, jerk spock in the beginning

Words: 2960

tags: @outside-the-government @yourtropegirl

The sound of glass shattering makes you jump and turn around in alarm.  A few feet behind you one of your rookie techs is standing near a lab bench behind you, staring in shock at the broken glass at her feet.  In an instant you know what it is; the mini habitat you’d constructed in the lab to mimic the conditions of the last planet the Enterprise had visited.  Your team, led by you and overseen by Commander Spock himself, had been tasked with studying the various flora and fauna the team had retrieved from the surface of the planet.  This particular terrarium had contained the beginnings of a fruit bearing bush, one that the commander had been particularly interested in for its healing properties.  The only sample had been in that tank.  Which was in pieces, on the hard floor of your lab.  

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Elijah smiled encouragingly when you shot him a nervous glance, his hands fell from the steering wheel, a clear indicator that he wasn’t letting you of as easy as you’d hoped. After weeks of complaining to his brother about feeling off Elijah decided to bring you to the witches that hid out in the bayou.


“It’s probably flu, I’ll be fine.” You muttered, Elijah scoffed.

“(Y/N) we both know it’s not flu and Klaus is beginning to scene your urge to flee New Orleans.” He smiled kindly. Climbing out of the car and opening your door before you’d even unbuckled your seat belt.


“Fine let’s get this over with.” You practically whisper. Elijah nodded and gently took your arm as you walked towards the house in front of you.

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Fly on the Wall - Ivar’s Yes Girl

Bedroom conversations between Ivar and Aisling

This has gotten outta hand, I am done with them rn. XD

part of This Ends Tonight series

Playing with format. Not sure how well it reads. 

part 1

part 2

part 3

part 4

part 5

part 6

Patience 1.1

Pillow talk

Pushing buttons

Bedroom Convesations: Fly on the Wall - Ivar’s Yes Girl

Originally posted by asstrxlxgy

“You can have her, I would not mind, husband.”

*Ivar groans, rubs a hand over his face.*

“What are you taking about?”

“The slave girl.”

-exasperated- *sighs* “Which one?”

“The red head.”

* Ivar sighs, gazes at ceiling, feigns confusion*

“Which re-”

*Aisling rolls over angrily to face Ivar, interrupts*


-narrowed eyes-“You know very well the one I speak of.”

*Ivar turns head and moves mouth to speak*

“Do not presume to play dumb with me, Husband.”

“I have no clue what you are talking about, wife.”

“I am not bl-”

*Ivar rolls away from Aisling, annoyed, pulls covers over his head”

“Enough! Go to sleep.”

“No, you don’t command me. You may have have paid me a measly bride price, lower than I asks for might I add, but you do NOT own me.”

*Ivar speaks from fur cocoon.*

“That is right wife, that is right. YOU are right. Sleep, don’t sleep. I do not care. Just for the love of Odin, give your mouth a rest for the night.”

*ignores  request*

“But you do own her and I bet she is the one who’s mouth is in need of a rest Husband.”

*growls in frustration*

“Who is her?! I own many slaves, many of them have red hair and none of them have had their mouths one me. Bloody fuck woman, get off of it already.”

*ignores perceived lies*

“She can be your yes girl, Ivar.”

*humors Aisling*

“I do like the sound of that.”

*Aisling laughs dryly, is not amused.*

“I bet you do, seeing as I will never be that for you.”

*breaths deeply to keep calm, rolls back over and emerges from cocoon.*

-eyes Aisling, speaks slowly and sincerely- “I do not want that of you wife.”

*Aisling rolls eyes*

-breathy sultry voice- “You want me to kneel at your feet so you can command me? Yes, My King. You want to take me out behind the main hall and fuck me into the dirt like an animal? Oooh but what risk. What if we are caught? The answer is still yes. Yes.Yes.You want me to crawl under the table at dinner and take your cock in my mouth? Yes oh yes, my King, I will do all those thin-”

*sits up and gazes at Aisling with incredulous look, interrupts*

“What are you getting a-”

*ignores interruption, continues, raises voice and talks over Ivar*


*Ivar raises voice higher, talks over Aisling*




*Aisling sits up, both are glaring at each other now*


*Ivar throws arms out, confused, angry and over Aisling’s dramatics*

-pleading in anger-“ADMIT WHAT WIFE? ADMIT WHAT?”

“That you have been bedding that thrall! I see the way she looks at you.”

-booming voice, over her shit-“SO WHAT?! HAVE YOU SEEN ME PAY HER ANY ATTENTION BACK?”





“FANTASTICAL?!” *erupts in laughter* “Did your redheaded English whore teach you that word?”

*Ivar hangs head in hands, fists hands in his hair, breaths before coming somewhat clean*

“I know the one you speak of okay?”

“Hmmph. Was that so hard now husband?”

*turns to Aisling with a tired frown, scoots in next to her and wraps her up into a reluctant embrace*

-grimaces and struggles in embrace-“Get off of me, pig.”

*Ivar holds tighter, pets Aislings hair*

-scoffs and jerks her head away-”Do not pet me me like I am some stray wounded dog, Ivar. I am a woman scorned, slightly above a dog…How COULD you?!”-cries and continues struggle- “Let. me. GO!”

*Ivar only holds tighter, wrestling with Aisling to stop moving and let his speak*

“I know the whore you speak of and nothing has happened,” -shakes Aisling gently, grasps her shoulders and forces her to face him and hear him out-”She can shake her tits in my face every night while serving me mead, I like the vie-” -Aisling lets out pained noise and starts to wiggle out of his hold again, Ivar doesn't let her-”BUT, HOLD ON LISTEN! listeeennn, please, I am only a man. I would’t touch the saxxon bitch with a 6 foot crutch. You are my wife. I am not my father. Not so much as what people may have come to believe at least. I would’t betray you or humiliate you like that ever. I would not repeat Ragnar’s mistakes in THAT way. Give me a little credit wife. Come on.”

*Aisling stills her struggling, crying is reduced to small sniffles, looks down, avoids Ivar’s gaze.* 

-Ivar tilts Aisling’s tear stained face up to meet his-”and when I said I knew what you were getting at, I meant that I don’t care if you deny me, I only ask you to do those things partly in jest love. I don’t really expect you to say yes.”

*Aisling sniffles*

“Really Ivar? Then why do you act so irritated when I refuse you?”

*Ivar laughs and takes Aisling’s face in his hands, wipes away a stray tear*

“I said I don’t expect you to say yes, doesn’t mean wouldn’t like you to say yes once in a while.”

*Aisling smiles and caresses Ivar’s cheek*

“Well you know me well enough to know that is an unlikely scenario, me giving into your fantastical sexual whims at the drop of a hat.” -holds head higher-I am not some slave girl, I am a lady and I am your queen. ”

*Ivar kisses Aisling on forehead*

“And that is why I love you, now please Elskan, can we sleep now?”

*Aisling frowns, embarrassed at her own theatrics, nods and kisses Ivar soft and sweet*

“Yes Husband, I am sorry, sleep love. I am sorry.”

“No need to apologize love, just sleep.”

*they share a last chaste kiss and snuggle in together under the firs.*

*Ivar pulls Aisling into his chest, making her his little spoon* (awe fluff gag me)

Ivar -“Whims?”

Aisling -“Hmm?”-sleepily-

Ivar -”Did my redheaded whore teach you that one?”

Aisling- *reaches around and pinches Ivar hard on the nipple and twists*

Ivar- -squeels like a little bitch- -pained voice - “I deserved that,”

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7, 26, 37 with sirius?

Please… just leave me alone”, Sirius asked in an annoyed tone. You shook your head and quickly blocked Sirius from exiting the room by standing in front to the door. He gave you a hard look. 

“No Sirius. You can’t do this.”,  you argued, still keeping your voice down as a try to seem calm. Sirius rolled his eyes and crossed his arms over his chest. Sirius had just offered to take on a very dangerous mission for the Order of the Pheonix, but you couldn’t let him do this. 

“It’s not your job to tell me what I can or can’t do, (y/n)”, he snorted and turned away from you, but you grabbed his arm so he would stay where he stood. 

I’m not gonna let you get yourself killed!”. Sirius froze and looked down at you. The anger from his eyes was now gone, and his now worried eyes made you regret yelling. 

“I need to do this, okay? We joined the Order to do good, right, so why can’t you just trust me and let me do this?”.

Because I love you god damn it!”. The words got left in the air. “And I can’t loose you. Not now, not ever”. 

Never Be Afraid//Theo Raeken

Anon: can you write an imagine where y/n is dating theo and they’re trapped in the library and y/n sees theo fight another wolf and he has to explain what she saw cus she didn’t know he was a wolf

 I don’t know how long other schools keep their libraries open for so I asked a friend, I thought I’d be weird if he was kickin’ another wolf’s ass in the middle of the school day, ya know?


 Staying late in the library has been a frequent occurrence the past few day. Midterms were coming up and if I didn’t pass, my grade would drop dangerously low.. I’ve been accompanied by Theo by past couple nights; we’d silently sit together and flip through pages, helping the other if they needed it, secretly stealing glances while the other wasn’t looking.

 We’d been here for hours, and my eyelids became heavy. The soft golden lights from the  lamps were aiding in my sleepiness as the smell of old books filled my head. I was snapped out of my almost slumber when my phone buzzed from across the table.

 “Crap, it’s almost 8, we should go” I said, reaching for my phone while checking the time.

“Yeah you’re probably right”. We shut all the books scatters around the table and started packing away our things. I swung my bag over my shoulder and took our pile of books back over to the shelves. I heard the doors open and I peeked my head around the shelf and saw Theo tense up. He glanced back to me and and moved his hand, gesturing me to stay where I was. Confused, I stayed behind the shelf, peering through the spaces in the books. I couldn’t see who was standing in front of Theo, but I heard an unfamiliar voice.

 “I told you to stop looking into me, Theo. I did. It’s a shame you didn’t, now I have to show you what happens to those who don’t listen” the man said, voice deep and unkind. My heart dropped as he spoke, who is that? What does he want with Theo?

 I watched as Theo’s fists curled, his knuckles turning white, as a growl escaped his lips. Wait, did Theo just growl?

 The next thing I know, Theo pounces forward, out of my sight. I closed my eyes and wrapped my arms around myself as I slid to the cold floor. As I curled my knees to my chest, the noises I was hearing were making it impossible for me to keep calm. My whole body began to shake as tears rolled down my cheeks. A sharp whimper filled my ears, making me flinch before a silence fell over the room. After a few moments of quiet, I finally mustered up enough courage to speak.

 “Theo?” I whispered, wiping the remaining tears from my cheeks. Before I could speak again, a limping Theo rounded the corner. His hand holding a bleeding gash on his side, eyes weary, and walking with a slight limp. The tears flooded my eyes once more at the sight of him.

 “We need to go” he muttered. I scrambled to his side as we quickly made our way to the door. I helped him through the dim hallways and through the dark parking lot, where I placed him in the passenger seat of my car as fast as I could without injuring him further.

 The entire ride to my house was quiet, except the sharp inhales of breath from Theo everytime the road got uneven. After what seemed like hour of speeding through the winding roads of Beacon Hills, I pulled into my driveway and ushered him up to my bathroom.

 I sat him on the edge of the sink and I frantically looked for my first aid kit. C’mon Y/N, it has to be around here somewhere. I rummaged through my bathroom cabinet as quickly as I could, trying not to let the tears from my eyes spill onto my cheeks.

 “Y/N” Theo said calmly as he grabbed my wrist, making me turn to him, “I’m fine”. The words didn’t register in my brain and my hands still shook.

 “Look” he said, holding up his blood soaked shirt, “I’m fine, really”. But-but how could he be okay? I watched him bleed. He was hurt.

 I opened my mouth to speak but nothing came out. I ran my hand over where the deep wound was, now fully healed, not a scratch left behind. My mind was spinning and I started to feel dizzy, when his hand came to my shoulders.

 “There’s something I need to tell you” he explained, “well, it might be easier if I just showed you”. His hands came down to meet mine as he bowed his head. When his eyes rose to mine, they weren’t the same. They were.. glowing? The rest of his face came into view, and I ran my hand down his cheek. His k9 teeth were longer, and as I brought his hand up to meet mine, short clean nails turned to dark long claws. I stood in awe as the boy I loved changed right before my eyes.

 “Don’t be afraid, Y/N, I’d never hurt you” he said quietly, voice almost shaking.

 “I could never be afraid of you” I replied, leaning down to place a soft kiss against his cheek. I would never be afraid, as long as I was with him.

Writer’s Note: Thank you for the request anon! I hope you like it! I think I went a little off prompt, but anyways here it is. Requests are still open :)

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Hey there girl! How ya doing? I hope things are going alright for ya~ So, here's the scenario: Sonic has to work as a spy for GUN to save the world and this gets Amy pretty swoony and giggly lol. Sonic notices and teases her, making it a bit fun with some British mannerism here and there (here we go down that AU route! Vroom vroom! XD) I can't wait to see what make of this x'D sorry if it's confusing! (Ily hehehe)

(x)I hope you don’t mind, I’m going SO AU with this XD

British mannerisms, omg, I got this on standby, let me just pull it out real quick and-


“Sonic, you’re the only one that billionaire will trust inside his deluxe super suite. Since you’re famous, and an animal, he’ll be more likely to trust you than a normal human. We’ve equipped you with-”

“A dapper lookin’ suit.”

“….Ehem, with specialized gadgets and a microphone in your ear. This way, we’ll have constant communications-”

“You can have constant communication with your eyes alone~”

“…W-who is that?” The woman turned to a man behind her, who briefed her on who Amy Rose was, and why she was in the crowd.

“She’s his escort into the party, where were hoping only Sonic gets the invitation to go to the targets floor…”

“R-right…” she turned back to Sonic, seeing him standing and looking pretty sharp, a confident, egoistical look on his face, as one eye was drooped and the other looked ready to hear more briefing, but getting bored of just standing around with his hands behind his back.

“Well, Sonic. You’ll be entilted to all the rights of a spy, meaning all the dangers too.”

“Ehem, s’cuse me? I heard a rumor of espionage and I’m pretty sure my badge is fake. Could you have your new recruit search me for concealed weapons?”

The woman twitched an eyebrow up, having it quiver for a moment before anger marks flared on her forehead, and the man behind her sweat dropped.

“We need you to feed us direct link while alone with him, get as much data as you can-”

“You can be a fly on my wall~”


“You can track my every move, so long as you promise to take me out quietly~”

“OKAY, THAT’S IT!” she pulled out a gun as the men swarmed her, trying to keep her calm as Amy giggled.

Sonic rolled his eyes, “I got this.” he puffed up his suit jacket’s collar a bit and walked over to Amy in the crowd, leaning on the rail.

“Miss Rose, you’re making my mission rather difficult. I would highly advise you to keep your facts to yourself.” he winked to her, giving her the best british voice he could as she swooned, before jumping over it and taking her arm, waving to the people with another wink.

“Got it! Dangerous, super stealthy, and keep Amy under control. I’ve got this.” he shrugged, and then took off for the mission.

Walking into the party, Sonic kept up the act of ‘super spy’ as he talked in his headset.

“Amy, do you copy?”

“That melodious british accent is starting to take it’s toil on my delicate nature~” Amy placed a hand to her heart, before sipping a bit of her drink and looking around, distant from him.

“Heh. You’re far more bold than I would suppose a proper lady to be~” Sonic dropped his voice a bit, melting her even more with his deep, suave tone.

“Emm… Has anyone ever told you you’re quite the charmer.” Amy did her impression of a british woman, as he had to cover his chuckle and place his hands together and lean on the bar, closing his eyes as his smile was perfectly hidden behind his hands.

He opened his eyes, “Have you spotted him yet?”

“Not yet, love. But patience always kept the bird’s up before morning break.”

“What? Do they queue all day for that nasty little worm?” His british was spot on then, and Amy had to hold in a squee, even hearing the british word for ‘waiting in a line’ made her think Sonic knew more accents than she did.

“How did you do that so well?” she chimed, walking around now and pretending to socialize, as she suddenly spotted the man.

She flipped her beautifully dress to the side, walking away from him but acting like she was high aristocratic, dragging her trail around.

“You look positively radiant.” Sonic saw her at the corner of his eye as he was also searching, but hadn’t spotted her yet.

“You saw that little flare, did ya?” she went back to her american accent, before smirking and tilting her head to the side, “He’s that way.”

“Bbbzzz, Sonic? Do you read us? The party’s almost over!”

“Don’t worry, we’ve got this.”

Sonic maneuvered himself through the crowd, getting to the man.

“Excuse me.”

“Oh, pardon me.”

“Ah! Are you..?”

Sonic smiled, waiting for it.

“Sonic The Hedgehog!”

“The one and only.” he bowed, politely as Amy listened in on their conversation, turning her back to them and ordering another drink of water.

“Wow! I would have never thought my invitation would reach you! Well, considering you don’t truly own an address.” he gestured out, before turning to his friends. “I had to send it to each of his friends, for good measure.”

They chuckled like gentlemen, before he pulled Sonic in under his arm a moment, “I have an exciting proposition for you! But before I get to that, you must show me your moves with women!”

“W…Women?” Sonic sweat dropped under his arm-lock a bit, speaking through a gritted smile that looked completely faked and forced.

“Why yes! Someone as dashing and charming as the one known as the ‘hero’ of the whole planet must have some good pick-up lines!” The man patted his back, as the G.U.N soldier spoke again in his ear.

“Bbbzz-Sonic? This is clearly a trap. He’s trying to determine whether to use you or get rid of you. You have to prove some form of loyalty, go ahead and impress him! bttzzz…”

“Ehem.” Sonic cleared his throat, before looking nervous, that’s when Amy’s voice also cleared on the microphone.

He looked over her way, as she stuck out her leg with her high heels, and positioned herself to look very appealing.

Sonic smiled, and turned confidentially to the men.

“Do you see that pink delight? Sitting up near that table over there?”

Sonic flicked his head her way as the men stared, before their eyes caught her leg and stared a moment.

“I’ll have her madly in love with me by the end of this dance.” he took a waiter’s drink, drank it, turned around and spat it out quietly as he hated the taste and put it back on the tray, before walking through the crowd to her.

“I hate to intrude~” Sonic sat by her, letting her leg stay up on the chair next to her.

She grinned to him, motioning her drink in a swirling motion.

“Are you going to have me in love by one dance alone, Sonic?” She dipped the cup over her face to make her look alluring, before drinking it and letting the mystery carry over for the onwatchers, knowing they were looking.

She moved her upright leg down and moved to the seat it was once on, closer to Sonic, and put an arm around him.

“Is this too fast?” she seemed to worry a moment, but Sonic just wrapped an arm around her waist, making her lose her feminine touch of british grandeur and blush.


“I am fast.” 

Getting up, the two walked to the dance floor.

After almost forgetting the mission from how much fun they were having dancing, Amy having to same him from some bad footwork that she then made look fancy, Sonic brought her over to the man.

“Gentlemen, meet my new friend.” he looked down to her, as she shook out her quills and laughed, hanging off of Sonic like her usual love-sick doting.

The men were amazed, she was fawning like normal, but they didn’t know that.

“He’s quite the man, Mister.” she lowered her voice to be more mature, suddenly putting Sonic’s mind in a bit of bafflement.

He stared down at her as she performed her little illusion.

“He’s quite the treat for a party. Tell me, are you planning to keep him around?” she looked back up at his eyes, enchanting the men at how dearly in love she looked.

Sonic smiled, genuinely this time, because he knew that look was pure Amy, and not some act.

“You are a sight.” he shook his head, speaking in a lower whisper, but seeming slightly touched at her honesty in how she was swooning for him.

“Hee.” she giggled, before leaning closer and being just loud enough for the men to hear her. “That’s not the only sight I can offer…~” she then moved closer, letting him know the implied meaning before whisking herself away, hearing the G.U.N soldier applaud her before telling her to get out of there.

Sonic was frozen a moment, before the Soldier shouted out for him to speak and get a grip.

“Ehem, quite the woman.” Sonic tried to continue, but his mind was racing on how Amy had never acted that way before. He put his hands in his pockets after scratching his head a moment, looking off after her as the men actually opened their mouths in amazement.

She was dolled up alright, but the fact that her usual ‘innocent’ nature could so easily be twisted by her made his brain almost stutter at the new.

If she wanted to be… she could be quite…

“Splendid, Mr. Hedgehog.” the man, almost looking slightly jealous at how well that went, drank his drink to avoid the slight frustration in his voice. “I won’t lie, I was hoping for some form of struggle from her.”

“Most do try, but as always, they fail at truly hiding their… excited… feelings.” Sonic nodded, before stepping closer to the men. “Forgive me for intruding on the topic with another of my own, but… Wasn’t there something you’d like to discuss with me?” he was trying to be smooth with the transition, even going for an overall appeal, but his abruptness made the men stare a moment, as the man he was targeting put his glass down on the bar.

“My, they weren’t kidding when they said you were restless. Zipping from one thing to another and unable to remain quaint and still.” The man was leaning on the bar before getting up, motioning his finger in a zig-zag to show how Sonic lept around so much.

“Manners, Hedgehog! bbtttz…”

“You’ll have to forgive my quick nature, I’m not one to queue around for an answer.” he kid, as his charm got the men back on his side.

The target laughed, “Alright, Mr. Hedgehog. Then we’ll move straight to business! I wouldn’t want to keep you from your … charming new conquest, now do I?”

The men put an arm around him and led him up to the target’s floor… just what G.U.N wanted.

“Be safe… Sonic.”

Amy’s voice was in his microphone, going back to her usual self, as Sonic thought about her a moment but couldn’t talk back to her right now, not in the mist of danger…

“I’ll be waiting for you… like I always do.”

He closed his eyes as he walked into the elevator.

Thank you… Amy.

Movies (Werewolf!Taehyung)

Plot: #004: “Is it possible to love too much?” + #005: “I don’t wanna get up– you’re comfy.” + #039: “I just came home to you crying while watching a movie, please tell me what’s going on.” + #045: “We’re watching Toy Story 3 and we can’t stop crying.” with werewolf!Taehyung

Word Count: 785

A/N: so this is gonna combine a couple requests, there was another request for coming to home to crying with werewolf!Tae (that+all the others were originally for college!Tae) so I decided to just combine the two so it’s werewolf!Tae in college, the link to the original werewolf!Tae post is right here

Everyone knew college was stressful and every student had a different way of dealing with that stress. Some partied, some turned to music, art, dancing, some handled it well without doing anything at all. Your boyfriend’s best friend, Jungkook, had gotten you hooked on watching movies when you were stressed. He had told you it was the easiest way for him to stop worrying about essays or assignments or finals, to just get lost in some of your favorite movies. He suggested finding some of your favorite childhood movies, movies that always made you smile, no matter how many times you watched it. He told you to try your best to think about the movie, to ignore whatever else was stressing you out. Which is why you were now sat on your bed, your favorite snacks around you, watching some of your favorite movies.

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Butterfly Effect

“No! You don’t understand!” Why was this happening? This wasn’t how things were suppose to end up. He wasn’t suppose end up fighting with his brother again, it was simple. Give Stanley his last journal, the very first one he wrote, and send him off to go hide it where no one, not even Bill would be able to find it. It was simple, Ford had thought this through countless times, planned out every detail, and yet that’s obviously not how it was going down.

Why can’t he just listen to me for once in his life! He wants the book hidden not destroyed. He’s worked too hard for it to be lost forever.

“You said you wanted me to have it, so I’ll do what I want with it!”

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Have you seen that BeruAni game art? Can you write headcanons? ❤️

Oh yes, I have seen the Beruani game art! And yes, it made my heart happy. And yes I can write you headcanons, but I’m not sure if you wanted them just to be headcanons about anything or about the game, cause I don’t know anything about the game… So I can give you some random Beruani headcanons? Yes? Yes. 

  • When Annie realized that she had feelings for Bertholdt, she cried, because she hated the fact that she was in love and didn’t know what to do about it. Bertholdt just always knew that he loved her, and never had that world-shattering realization. It was just a fact for him. 
  • When they move in together, they acquire a dog and a Reiner. The dog is a little miniature schnauzer named Penny and Reiner’s their third best friend. 
  • Annie and Bertholdt are the epitome of the childhood best friends to lovers trope and you can’t convince me otherwise. 
  • Both Annie and Bertholdt dislike winter; Annie because she’s naturally cold and the weather only makes it worse, and Bertholdt because the dreary weather makes him sad. So they compensate for the misery of winter with extra cuddles, Friday nights staying and watching movies, and hot chocolate. 
  • They talk to each other all the time. Like, they’ll whisper to each other in class or pass notes. They joke around at lunch/dinner/squad hangouts. They lay in bed or on the couch just talking into the wee hours of the morning. They just talk so easily to one another. And since both of them are generally pretty quiet, reserved people, it comes as a huge shock to everyone when they can’t get the two of them to shut up. 

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hc: neko!dan in heat and grinding against the sofa without realizing and phil comes home and sees him and punishes him for doing it, but dan doesn't want to be punished so he uses the safeword but phil doesnt hear it and so after the punishment dan is shaking and scared and he runs to his bedroom to try and relieve himself while crying. you can choose what happens from there...

I hope this is what you’re looking for! x

(also side note this turned out to be kinda long lmao)


-Dan’s waiting for Phil to come home and watching television when he feels a stirring in his stomach. He’s not sure quite what to do, so he decides to wait for the feeling to go away. After a while, it hasn’t yet, so he looks down at his lap and is surprised to find that he’s hard. With a soft sound of confusion, Dan wraps his tail around himself and debates texting Phil for help since he’s not sure why. After all, it normally only happens when Phil plays with him, but right now there’s nothing. Dan decides to just lay on the couch and surf tumblr while he waits for it to go away.

-Somehow, Dan winds up looking at porn blogs while his hips roll down against the couch, delicious friction making him whine. He doesn’t even think about the consequences, too busy trying to make the slowly-growing ache in his body dissipate, which the friction helps do.

-”What’s this?” Phil asks as he comes through the door. Slamming his laptop shut, Dan’s ears fall back against his head. “Were you being naughty, kitten?”

-Before Dan can say anything, Phil is pulling him over his lap. “Please, Phil, I can explain-”

-”I don’t want to hear your explanation. And what do you call me when you’re being punished?”

-”Sir,” Dan whispers, tears already pooling in his eyes.

-Phil pushes down Dan’s pajama pants and boxers, grabbing the hairbrush on the coffee table. The first hit makes Dan yelp. Usually, despite the sting, being punished makes Dan horny, but now it makes him feel worthless. He feels like he’s being punished for no reason other than to make Phil happy. Almost like he’s being used.

-”Strawberries,” Dan says, so quietly it’s barely audible. Phil doesn’t hear him. 

-”Such a slut for me, couldn’t wait until I got home.”

-Dan’s heart is breaking and there’s nothing he wants more than to get away from the punishment. “Strawberries,” he repeats, louder. “Strawberries, strawberries!” His voice is so slurred with tears that Phil can’t hear him over his own words and the sound of the brush coming down on Dan’s ass.

-Louder and louder each time, Dan repeats the safe word, practically screaming with each hit but for some reason Phil won’t stop. As soon as Phil puts the brush aside and begins to help Dan stand up, he sprints to his playroom, tail between his legs as he violently sobs. The aching of his hard-on only adds to the pain and humiliation of the spanking. Phil always said that if Dan safe-worded, he would stop. And he didn’t. In an effort to make all the hurting go away, Dan rips off his collar and kneels on the floor to keep pressure off of his aching ass as he strokes himself. It’s not enough to give him the relief he needs, and Dan is too emotional to calm down so he keeps gasping and sobbing as tears roll down his cheeks. It’s not enough. 

-Finally, Dan gives in and gets himself situated on all fours to finger himself, in hopes it’ll make the pain go away. The ache lessens slightly, but Dan’s moans are still interspersed with yelps, whimpers, and cries.

- “Dan, are you okay, you ran off without-” Phil starts as he walks into the door, freezing when he sees Dan desperately grinding back on his fingers and crying. “What- Dan, are you in heat? Let me help you-”

-”DON’T TOUCH ME!” Dan screams wrapping his tail around his shaking body. “YOU PROMISED! YOU PROMISED IF I SAFE-WORDED THAT YOU WOULD STOP!”

-Phil’s pale skin goes even whiter. “Dan, baby, I had no idea that’s what you were saying, I couldn’t understand you-”

- “THEN YOU SHOULD HAVE ASKED!” Dan breaks down into hiccuping sobs again, still fingering himself and trying to find some relief from the heat coursing through him.

- “There has to be a way I can help. I’m so, so, so, sorry,” Phil whispers, stepping towards Dan again.

- “Don’t you dare come near me right now,” Dan replies in a venomous voice. “You don’t have the fucking right to touch me.”

-Afraid to leave Dan alone, Phil can do nothing but watch as Dan tries in vain to get off, never able to quite get the right angle. Crying out loudly, Dan stands up and limps over to the toy chest of his play room and digs through it until he finds a box with a bright blue vibrator, which he coats in his slick before positioning it on the floor and turning it on. A long, drawn out moan escapes his bitten-red lips as he sinks down and starts riding the vibrator. When Phil comes closer, Dan hisses and his ears fall flat against his head. It’s then that Phil realizes Dan isn’t wearing his collar, and that the item has been flung onto the floor.

- “How can I fix this?” Phil ask, watching Dan clench around the vibrator. 

- “You can’t right now. I safe-worded and you kept going, and I kept repeating myself. You don’t get to touch me right now.” Clearly, the friction still isn’t enough for Dan, and with every passing minute, Dan’s whines gets louder and more desperate until he’s riding the vibrator so hard that his thighs are shaking and his hand is furiously jerking himself off. “FUCK!” Dan curses, standing up and practically attacking Phil. He rips off Phil’s shirt and shoves down his jeans, pushing Phil to the floor. “Suck,” he demands, forcing two fingers between Phil’s lips.

- Wide eyed, Phil obeys, swirling his tongue around the digits as though they were something else. Roughly, Dan pulls his hand away and starts fingering Phil open, not bothering to be slow. Phil moans and bucks his hips, but Dan just growls and pins Phil’s hips down. When he deems Phil ready, Dan pushes in and starts fucking Phil fast and rough, one hand holding Phil’s hip to keep him in place and the other thrusting the vibrator in and out of his own hole.

- There’s never been a time in life when Phil’s felt more objectified, and he loves it, moaning under Dan’s ministrations. Cautiously, Phil reaches up and flicks at Dan’s nipples to add to the brunette’s sensations, earning him a pretty mewl. Soon, Dan’s leaning over him and yanking Phil’s head back by his hair, biting angrily at Phil’s throat, purple marks blooming wherever he focuses his attentions.

-Finally, Dan comes with a high-pitched whine and pulls out of Phil, turning off the vibrator and removing that as well. “Sort yourself out, I’m still pissed at you,” Dan growls, and leaves the room.


I had fun writing this, I hope it’s what you wanted!

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Closer | [Jumin Han x MC/Reader]

[I blame this on @preciousluciel as usual.]

Title: Closer
Rating: Explicit
Relationship: Jumin Han x Reader
Summary: Based on this brilliant headcanon that Jumin would do a striptease for MC to Closer by Nine Inch Nails. Yes. This is all about that.


You’re on a chair, in Jumin’s bedroom in the penthouse. The lights are dimmed, and you can’t really see anything from where you’re sitting.

It’s cold. You’re only wearing your night shirt and a pair of tights.

Your hands are tied to your back with a rope.

He’s moving around the room, preparing something, and you can’t see what but you can see the light from his phone screen every once in a while.

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Exo reaction when their friend has to share a bed with them

Thank you so much for the request I hope you like it <3 

Xiumin: *He’d be okay with it since the two of you are close anyway, but throughout the trip you’d both exchange flirty banter and when it comes to the time you have to share a bed he’d be a lot closer to you than he usually would be*

Lay: *He’d be a little awkward when he’s told he’d have to share a bed with you but he’d just go with it. When you wake up in the night to get a drink you notice he doesn’t have a shirt on so you nudge him awake and give him his shirt so no one else made any assumptions, this would make him blush and franticly apologize*

Kai: *Like Xiumin you’d both have flirty banter throughout the trip and this would result in a lot more flirty comments from him in the night, he’d complain that he can’t sleep and maybe a goodnight kiss would be a good idea, when you lightly kiss him on the cheek to shut him up he couldn’t help but blush and turn over so you wouldn’t see*

Suho: *He’d shyly smile when he heard he’d be sharing a bed with you, and he’d be a bit nervous just in case he said something and made you feel awkward. As the trip would go on he’d notice there was nothing to be worried about since the two of you act so naturally around each other*

Kyungsoo: *He’d blush a little when he’s told you’d be sharing a bed with him from lack of space, but he’d try to keep calm and he’d treat it like an everyday thing, but when you roll a little closer to him in your sleep he’d look at you with a big smile and slightly blushing and lightly put a hand on you waist to keep you close*

Tao: *He’d be happy to share a bed with you not only did he have shower buddies he now had a bed buddy, throughout the trip the two of you would exchange harmless flirty comments like you usually do, but when you fell asleep for the night he couldn’t help but think how beautiful you looked even when you were asleep* 

Chen: *The others were debating on whether or not to actually put you two together in the same bed since you guys were the main pranksters who always had a trick up their sleeve but in the end they decided they had to and Chen was very happy with this. After every one went to bed the two of you stayed up for a little while longer to prepare your pranks for the morning, when he started to get tired he got a lot more cuddly and would unconsciously get closer to you until you both went to bed, there he just kept you wrapped in his arms* 

Kris: *He’d act cool about it when the boys said he was going to be sharing a bed with you but really he wouldn’t know how he feels about it, yes he’d like a bed to himself but sharing a bed with you wouldn’t be too bad either*

Chanyeol: *There’d be no doubt about it that he’d be happy to share a bed with you, actually it was his idea since he thought it would be best if the others had a place to themselves. During the night he’d randomly hum to himself which you found surprisingly relaxing and when he saw you sleeping next to him he’d wrap one arm around you to keep you safe*

Baekhyun: *He’d plot all sorts of ways to annoy you throughout the trip and through the night, but what would really happen is he’d get tired after a long day of pestering you and the others, and he’d just want to curl up and go to bed but when you found him he took up all the bed so when you tried to slowly roll him over so you could have some room he’d pull you into a bear hug and roll over with you in his arms and trapping you there for the rest of the night*

Luhan: *He’d be okay with sharing a bed with you since you two were so close you both probably lie next to each other talking most of the night away but when you finally start to drift off to sleep he’d pull you into his chest and sing quietly to you* 

Sehun: *He wouldn’t like the idea of it at first since he wanted a bed to himself and he’d keep teasing you by saying that you’ll be sleeping on the floor. When it came to the time for you to go to bed he’d stay up with you and talk for a bit but when you tried to sleep he’d have this really annoying habit of twitching which drove you mad, so you decided to sleep in the floor after all, when he saw you asleep on the floor he’d scoop you up in his arms and put you back in bed and he’d take your place on the floor*


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Surprising Deal

When a little girl is found she is taken to the Sanctuary. Negan begins to attempt to form a bond with her, but it can only go so far with a sassy four year old. 

Part One Part Two

“Cursing had been a second language to him for so long that it was hard for Negan to filter his mouth. In his mind with the world being a shit storm it didn’t make a difference if an f bomb was dropped. Oh, but how that was going to change.” - A scene in this part.

Warnings: Negan’s potty mouth. Language.

Originally posted by vgrimcreeper

“Tell me your name.”


“Can I at least get a hint? What it started with? Anything at all?”


“Really?! That’s fucking great! Okay what?”

The little four year old just stared at a grinning Negan across the table. A few days had passed since renaming her and after a long talk from Sherry he knew he had to figure out what her parents named her. Zippy was beginning to warm up to Negan. He was always the first one to greet her a good morning and the last one to wish her a good night. If he got time after runs he even would go by her room to make sure she was doing okay. She wasn’t warming to him as fast as he hoped, but he was making progress. With that in mind he figured today would be the day she would reveal her name, yet as it seems he was wrong.

Another moment passed of having a staring contest until Negan realized Zippy wasn’t even going to give him a clue to what her name was.  

Why am I even trying?

Because apparently you can’t just go around renaming children like they’re fucking animals.

Negan argued with himself as he tried to keep calm with the child.

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