keep calm and rage on

Unhealthy obsession

Characters: Darkiplier x Reader hint of Markiplier x one sided!reader

Summary/prompt: Based off my imagine here.

Warnings: Language, implied sexual content. 

Notes: I just might continue this with other parts, but I would still appreciate your opinions on this story and if you want me to continue this. ^^

Part 2

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“You just don’t know me yet but I love you and you love me the same.”

This was not expected. 

You wouldn’t call it a mistake, just a hasty decision that was meant to have a long hard think on. Maybe if you had done that, you wouldn’t be in this situation in another entity’s world stuck until he decides to let you go.

Yet you are.

“Y/N,” He whispers you name in your ear, the smirk clear on his face. Of course he can feel the fear you still held towards him, he can also see the effect he on on you. “You like this, don’t you?”

Yes. But you weren’t about to tell him that, not in a million years. Even though you shouted out an “N-no!” he continued with his ministration. His hands caressing your body and making small sounds bubble in your throat that you refused to let out. 

It’s not quite a long story as to how you ended up in this situation. With a man - no, demon - that was as charming as he is handsome. With a deep voice that sent chills down your spine and goosebumps to rise on your skin in both a good and bad way. 

And it’s all because that damn deal.

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Idk if you've already have a meta/ answered a question like this, but do you have any idea why Izuku calls Bakugou "Kacchan" and Bakugou doesn't consider it childish or overly familiar??

haha, i think they’re just used to it

it’s not like it’s a degrading nickname or anything, it’s just something Izuku calls Bakugou. i’m betting that he couldn’t say “Katsuki” when they were kids, so Izuku said “Kacchan” instead. and Izuku’s been calling Bakugou that since before things between them got bad; before Bakugou got his quirk, before he started calling Izuku “Deku,” before Bakugou fell and Izuku treid to hep; before all of it. 

it’s just something that’s stuck for all these years. i think Bakugou just got used to it, and it never even occurred to Izuku to stop, because it became something so normal for them. i’m not even sure it registers for either anymore. it just… is.

also, Bakugou doesn’t really seem to mind nicknames?? degrading or otherwise. hell, he doesn’t even really seem to take insulting comments all that personally.

Bakugou is easy to piss off, but that’s because he just has a short fuse. most of the time, it’s all bark and no bite.

when it comes down to it, negative comments like this don’t actually bug him that much. because once you’re at the top, comments like that don’t mean anything, because you’ve already proven them wrong with being at the top in the first place. 

when you’re at the top, it doesn’t matter what other people say. because once you’re at the top, you’ve already beaten them all.

also, Tsuyu calls Bakugou “Lil’ Baku” (or Baku-chan? idk something really cute). 

Bakugou isn’t in this scene, but i’m sure she’s called him this to his face before. she’s not the type to hesitate about what she says. however, if something she said that truly bothered someone, i’m sure she’d stop. Tsuyu’s very considerate like that.

since she keeps calling him Lil’ Baku, it seems like it doesn’t honestly bother him. plus, it’s a term of affection. she only calls friends and people she cares about by nicknames. it may be cute, but it’s not a degrading nickname, it’s an endearing one.

back to “Kacchan,” the only time the nickname seems to bug him is during the invasion in the woods. 

and, well, they’re currently being attacked by villains, they were just given permission to attack, and then Bakugou was told he, specifically, shouldn’t fight because the villains are after HIM, and all in all it’s been a REALLY bad day for him. and now he’s got a voice screaming “KACCHAN” over and over again in his head.

i think he was more annoyed with everything else that was happening all at once, specifically involving him, and the annoying voice in his head yelling “KACCHAN” isn’t exactly helping. 

plus, since it’s “Kacchan,” that means Izuku is somehow involved in all this. that means Izuku is involved with why he shouldn’t fight, and is trying to protect him again, and Bakugou really doesn’t take well to being protected or thougtht of as helpless. 

so yeah, i think he’s less annoyed with the nickname, and more annoyed with the fact that he can’t fight, Izuku’s association, and the implication that he needs protection.

interestingly tho, he does seem take insults to people he respects/considers friends rather personally. 

for example, when Kaminari called Ochako a fragile little girl, he got quiet and angry and asked back, “Where do you see fragile?”

yeah, he got angry and yelled in the scene before, but that’s just him being himself. however, he took the second comment about Ochako being weak personally, because he respects her and she’s strong. she’s proven this herself during their fight.

it’s one of the few times he verbally defends someone. 

another example of Bakugou getting angry over people he cares about/respects getting insulted is during the provisional License arc. 

Kaminari makes a point of saying how Seiji’s words are really bugging someone; that they sting. he doesn’t say who exactly, but Seiji assumes Kaminari is talking about himself.

in the next panel, Kaminari makes it explicitly clear that he’s not talking about himself, while throwing one of Bakugou’s grenades. it’s a visual cue to give the audience an idea of who he’s talking about.

which is, again, Bakugou.

Bakugou lost his temper and got reckless when he finally couldn’t take Seiji’s insulting comments about the UA students anymore. he got angry, and jumped in, and ended up captured by Seiji’s quirk. 

immediately after this is when he gets captured.

this is interesting to note, because Bakugou is known for keeping a calm head even during battles, regardless of anger or rage. 

but here he acted recklessly. maybe it’s because he feels guilty about class 1A getting reprimanded because he got kidnapped and Seiji is calling them all worthless, maybe it’s because Kirishima, specifically, was captured and insulted. maybe his guilt at All Might retiring is coming into the mix. he’s got a lot of emotional issues at this time, after all.

either way, Seiji wasn’t insulting just Bakugou. he was insulting everyone at UA, including his classmates; including Kaminari and Kirishima. and finally, he just couldn’t take the insults anymore. it’s those that finally set him off, and those that caused him to jump in recklessly.

this scene is specifically designed for the audience to see the good in Bakugou, and how it’s Seiji’s comments that pushed him to act as he did. 

that’s what Kaminari meant when he said that those comments sting. that’s why Horikoshi had Kaminari say that in the first place, to make that point clear.

Bakugou does care about Kaminari and Kirishima. especially Kirishima; he actually calls him by his name, and repaid Kirishima the money he used on the rescue mission because he felt guilty. Bakugou doesn’t call Kaminari by his name, but i do think he considers him a friend. at least, someone he doesn’t hate. 

he intentionally used less powerful attacks, and put himself at a disadvantage,  in order to protect Kaminari and Kirishima.

Bakugou shows his affection in a really backhanded and round about way, because that’s really all he knows. but that’s how he shows it.

he never really gets truly angry when people call him degrading things or insults him. sure, he gets mad and tells them to shut up, but that’s pretty much it. that’s because he aims to be Number One, and being Number One means you’ve already proven yourself. dumb comments that people throw your way won’t mean anything, because you’ve already proven them wrong. 

but he does take comments about people he cares about or respects personally. it’s kinda interesting. in reference to himself, insulting comments don’t bug him. in reference to people he respects, it does. it’s subtle, but it’s there, and it absolutely does

related meta: 

I want Percy to invent tranquilizer darts for a gun, just to be able to make his friends or enemies pass out long enough if they need to heal or make a better plan.

Halfling, gnome, human, half elf, elf, tiefling, goliath and half orc portioned tranquilizers cant be as difficult as a horse or an elephant one.

Just imagine, tranquilizers used for percys own convenience more then anything.

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i was v turned on by maggie interrogating and i high key feel like alex would be to (aka we always need more smut written by you)

Alex watches.

Watches still with disbelief that this is her girlfriend.

That her girlfriend is interacting with her best friend.

That her best friend is clapping his hand on her shoulder because she’s fighting for him – she was fighting for him from the beginning – and he has no idea how hard.

Alex does.

Alex knows that her ass of a partner’s been racking up the number of lives he shatters and calling it fun in the precinct pool – the one competition that Maggie always turns down.

So she watches as Maggie makes that adorable little oh my god you weren’t exaggerating he really is as extra as Kara I love him so much what the hell how is he real face in response to Winn’s boom; watches as she teases Winn and maybe makes him a bit terrified: a good big sister’s job, as Alex comforted him lovingly last game night.

Watches as the woman she’s falling in love with – is already in love with – what’s this supposed to feel like, anyway? – whatever it is, it’s perfect – entwines deeper and deeper into her life.

“Think I scared him?”

Alex slings her arm around Maggie’s shoulder and relishes the way Maggie automatically leans into her, relishes the way she reaches up and puts her own hand on Alex’s shoulder.

“Almost as good as I do.”

Relishes Maggie’s adorable giggle, her perfect smile that Alex feels, hears, rather than sees.

“Take me home,” she tells her, and she relishes the way Maggie swoons at the intimacy of the statement, the way that – for the first time – it feels right, it feels natural, it feels perfect.

“Mmm, Danvers, my place or – “

“Nice work today, Sawyer. Good to see you arresting the bastards instead of protecting them for once, huh?”

And suddenly the perfection is gone, because Maggie’s body is stiff and her stance straightens and her perfect smile vanishes.

She nods stiffly at her partner, and Alex could kill him, and Maggie knows it, because Maggie feels the rage coursing through Alex’s blood. And that rage? That rage is what keeps her calm, keeps her voice level, keeps her suddenly slightly trembling arm around Alex’s shoulder bravely, as she counters smoothly, “Well, not all of us need to beef up our records with profiled cases, partner.”

“You accusing me of something, Sawyer?” His thin lips curl and Alex nearly reaches for the laser gun in her waistband and Maggie nearly lets her.

“Cool it, man, I’m just trying to go home for the night.”

His eyes drag up and down Alex’s body and he smirks.

“Bet you are, Sawyer.”

Maggie is out from under Alex’s arm faster than even her DEO agent girlfriend can react, and she is mere inches from her partner’s body and despite having nearly half a foot on her, he backs up. He’s seen her in action too many times not to.

“You look at her like that again and I swear to god you won’t have eyes left to look with, we clear?”

“No need to get all – “

“We clear?”

“Yeah. Yeah. Clear.”

“Apologize to the lady.”

“Maggie, it doesn’t – “

“Yes, it matters. You matter, Alex. Donnelly. Now.”

“Apologies, Agent Danvers. You have a lovely night now.”

He retreats through the hall quicker than Maggie’s ever seen him move when not chasing down an innocent suspect, and she sighs with her eyes closed and relishes the way Alex’s arms wrap around her waist, the way her lips nudge aside her hair and find the nape of her neck.

“You didn’t have to do all that for me, Maggie. I don’t want to make work harder for you.”

He makes work harder for me, Alex, not you. You never deserve to be disrespected like that, you – what?”

She’s turned her face to look at Alex, and Alex’s eyes are fire and fierce, fierce desire.

“What?” Maggie asks again, a slow grin starting to form, because she knows Alex, and she also knows what excited Alex Danvers looks like.

“Take me home,” Alex repeats, and Maggie gulps and grins and giggles and practically yanks her out of the precinct.

They’re barely even in the door before Alex finds herself slammed against a wall, Maggie’s lips crashing up into hers, Maggie’s tongue slipping into her mouth and making her melt, making her moan, making her reach down to undo Maggie’s belt.

“Uh uh, Danvers. You gotta earn it,” Maggie chastises with a kiss to her nose and a grin so sexy Alex’s knees threaten to buckle.

“I didn’t earn it, Maggie? I busted a crime ring for you, I – “

“Yeah, you did, and while we can… discuss… how attractive I find that later, while you were spending your twenty three hours and fifteen minutes beating the shit out of bad guys, I spent my twenty three hours and fifteen minutes jumping through administrative hurdles and holding off my terror of a partner from hauling Winn’s ass back into the precinct and getting my ass investigated for assisting a criminal enterprise.”

“Well, see now,” Alex gasps as Maggie nips at her neck and runs her hands through her hair. “That’s the kind of day that deserves a reward. And that’s all I wanna do, babe. Reward you. For protecting my friend, for protecting his girlfriend and her brother, for putting yourself on the line for someone I love, for your principles. For putting yourself on the line for me. For looking so damn sexy in that blazer – “

“Oh, you liked that blazer, did you?” Maggie asks between open-mouthed kisses, letting Alex back her over to the couch, nodding when Alex asks with her eyes if she can lay her down and, practically whining with desperation when Alex asks if she can nudge her legs open with her thigh, if she can hold her hands down above her head, and grind down with her thigh. Hard.

Maggie gasps and tries not to let it become a scream, and Alex smirks.

“I did. So much authority in that interrogation room, Detective Sawyer.”

Maggie chuckles breathily and glances at the way Alex’s hands are holding her wrists down.

“Not so much here though, huh?”

“You can change that if you’re in the mood to,” Alex invites, and Maggie moves.

Moves faster than Alex has yet seen her move in bed, until Alex is pinned beneath her, panting and whimpering and spreading her legs and sighing in relief when Maggie presses her thigh between them.

“So am I any closer to earning it?” Alex wants to know, and the frustration of Maggie’s day, the tension in her muscles, all ripples across her face, throughout her body, as she practically growls down at her beautiful, perfect, preening girlfriend.

“Keep being a good girl for me and we’ll see.”

Alex shrieks and Maggie grins and kisses her forehead. “All good?” she makes sure, and Alex rolls her hips up into Maggie’s thigh in response.

“Please,” she pants.

“Please what, Danvers?”

“Take me.”

Maggie tosses her head back and groans from deep in her throat. “Yeah, Ally? You want me to take you?”

“Well you already took me home, so…”

Maggie’s heart leaps and Alex’s eyes soften from the lust because they’re not in Alex’s home. They’re in Maggie’s.


Their home.

In the same moment, Alex leans up and Maggie leans down and their lips crash together because home, home, home, and Maggie makes good on Alex’s plea to take her.

Takes her with her jeans still on and her hair a tousled mess, takes her with her thigh between Alex’s legs and her wrists held carefully above her head. Takes her with Alex’s desperate pleas for more and Maggie’s body shifting so she can unzip Alex’s jeans, so she can slip her hand beneath her underwear, so she can check in one, two, three more times before Alex begs her to just fuck her, please, please, please, and Maggie does, she does, and Alex grabs at her ass and prays for more and Maggie obliges, bracing herself with one hand next to Alex’s waist so she can get a better angle, so she can fuck her deeper, fuck her harder, palm her clit firmer, and she reminds her what a good girl she is, and she reminds her how tight she is, how amazing it feels to stretch her out, how incredible it feels to take her, her, her, hers.

“All yours,” Alex breathes right before she slams over the edge, and Maggie watches her face because her face is beautiful and her face is rapture and her face is lust and her face is something that Maggie dares to hope is love.

And it is, it is, it is.

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i love the fact that mark's said that the yelling we hear from dark is his shell breaking bc like,... what's under the shell? constant screaming? is he just screaming 24/7? and THAT'S what he's hiding??

i don’t know if mark said this or someone else did, but i’ve heard that dark’s shell breaking is because of his rage???

which got me thinking….

mark and dark are opposites, that’s a given. so when mark rages, he visibly rages (i.e. yelling, cursing loudly, throwing his controller, etc.)

but what if when dark rages, he internalizes it? meaning, he doesn’t raise his voice and yell, but keeps a calm exterior and forces his rage down. but because of the fact that dark internalizes so much rage, it’s bound to break out some time…

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A/N: Yea, my requested prompt done! I have a few more to do and I can’t promise to do them quickly or even in order, but they will be done. If you have any request please feel free to send me a message. Right now I’m mostly taking ones off my prompt list on my page, but if you have something good in mind go for it!

Prompt: “He’s looking at me like a predator hunting its prey” (With minor adjustments).

Characters: Derek Hale, Isaac Lahey, Peter Hale and Reader

Pairings: Derek x reader, Slight Isaac x reader

Requested:  Yes

Being an omega meant a lot of things. You were the weakest of the pack, falling behind that of Peter (who had yet to even rejuvenate). Thus causing the pack to become extremely protective of you. Derek always insisted on driving you everywhere. Isaac stuck to your side throughout the school day, and Peter- well Peter was his usual creepy self. It was a little overwhelming to say the least, especially when trying to score a date.

“This seriously sucks.” You muttered, sitting in between Derek and Isaac.

  Leave it to those two to ruin a perfectly good baseball game. Neither of them even cared about baseball. Hell, Derek practically hated all things high school. They were just there because someone on the team asked you to be. “You were the one who wanted to come.” Derek stated.

“I don’t even see how you can like this. All they’re doing is hitting a ball and running.” Isaac complained. “It makes me want to sleep.”

You frowned, punching his shoulder. “First off, baseball is more complicated than that. Second, I actually like it. And third- the two of you aren’t even supposed to be here!”

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Dads Against Daughters Dating

Note: This little bit here has been my headcanon for a good few months and a part of me wishes that I had posted it during Pride Month, but I didn’t because I’m an idiot. I don’t have a lot of experience with “coming out” as I don’t fall under the LGBTQA umbrella, but I do think that Emma and Killian would most certainly not care if their kid was. I was supposed to be working on a Wes request and a Harrison request, but my Beth muse was going so I decided to follow through with it. I will work on Wes tomorrow and hopefully post it by tomorrow night. Anyway, thank you @welllpthisishappening for listening to me babble on and on about these children. I would be lost without you. Available in AO3 flavor here: [LINK]
Summary: Beth Jones has been going on a lot of dates, but Emma and Killian aren’t entirely prepared for the bit of news that their fifteen year old daughter drops on them over breakfast.
Rating: T
Word Count: 2,900+

Killian Jones loves his daughter with everything in his heart, but these days he misses when she was a little minnow in his arms who wanted nothing more than to splash around in the waves, fiddle around with his hook and giggle against his chest as they watched whales break the ocean’s surface while taking the Jolly on a joy ride.

Now, she’s a full-fledged teenage girl, no longer sweet and adorable, but clever, gorgeous and maddeningly charming with a penchant for tight fitted clothing and low neck lines that blatantly show off more cleavage than Killian is comfortable with. At fifteen years old, Beth Jones is both Killian’s pride and joy and his worst nightmare. There are days where Killian is pretty sure he’s going to suffer from aneurysm due to half of the outfits she puts on. Even worse is that he now catches men of all ages blatantly staring at his little girl. He nearly killed one of the dwarves who had been checking out at his daughter’s ass in the grocery store before his wife stopped him. It doesn’t help that she’s also aware of the staring and sometimes even encourages it with a flirty wink and an all-knowing smirk that gives him a sense of deja vu.

Now boys hound her at all hours of the day. Text messages, phone calls and little notes start cropping up all over the place. One boy who had been working as a bus boy at Granny’s even had the nerve to ask her out while they were eating together as a family. He could barely contain his look of disdain while Beth calmly told him she was unavailable and to ask her some other time. Harrison looks as horrified as Killian while Wes and Neddy tease their sister on how popular she is.

“Jeez, you cannot even eat without getting someone’s number,” Wes snickers. “And I thought I was the gorgeous one in the family.”

“Shut up!” Beth hisses under her breath. “It doesn’t mean anything.”

She says it doesn’t mean anything, but half the time she humors these idiots and lets them take her out for dinner, to the movies and even to the park. Killian doesn’t understand it and doesn’t want to. He just wants it all to stop.

“She’s fifteen, Killian, she’s allowed to date. I don’t remember you giving Henry, Harrison or Wes this much grief when they started dating,” Emma comments after listening to him rant about Beth’s latest date at the movie theater with Dean Kelleher. Dean is two years older than Beth and his parents were some sort of minor nobles back in the Enchanted Forrest. Killian doesn’t care if the boy’s parents were Olympian gods, no one is worthy of his daughter.

“That’s different!” Killian exclaims. “She’s”- “Your little girl,” Emma interrupts him with a teasing smile.

“Your little pirate princess. Your little buttercup. Your minnow. Shall I go on?” she asks him, looking every bit amused.

“Swan…” Killian gives her an irritated look.

“Killian, like I said, she’s fifteen, not three. She’s going to grow up someday. Pirate princess is possibly gonna find a pirate king in the future and you can’t handle it.”

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I hang hope around my neck
as if it were a keepsake,
and even in those quiet moments
where thoughtful words go unspoken,
I tuck them against my chest
and hope that whatever warmth I gather
keeps me calm and collected
despite the storm raging outside my skin
and that I remember what it is like
to be flawed, to be forgotten, to be human,
and to simply wish to belong.
—  Brittany Rubio, To Remember Them By.

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I don't know if you're doing request or not, but can you do an Alpha Aaron and Omega Reader? Maybe Aaron smells another alpha on Reader when they get home from work or something along the lines of feeling threatened even though it was harmless??


Aaron came in through the garage door and shut the door behind him. He made sure it was locked before walking further into the house. He was tired and hungry, but he was happy to be home. 

He could hear you upstairs. What you were doing up there he wasn’t sure, but he set his stuff down on the table and decided to see for himself. 

“Love?” He called out, walking up the steps slowly. “You okay up here?” 

Before he has to call again, you come out of the bedroom. 

“Hi. Sorry.” You gave him a little smile. “Theo’s a little fussy, but -” Your smile widened as you laughed a little. “Welcome home.” You immediately walked closer to him and let him pull you in for a hug. You sighed as you wrapped your arms around his neck and he held you against his chest

“Missed my girls.” He hummed, giving you a kiss on the cheek. He started to nose at your scent, but frowned when it didn’t smell familiar. He tensed and pulled away. You smelled like another alpha. 

“Baby,” He said lowly, trying to keep his emotions at bay. He felt something primal stir in him, felt his face warm up in anger and rage, but he tried to keep calm. At least, until you explained yourself. 

“Yes?” You looked up at him nervously. You took a small step back. “Is something wrong?” 

“You smell like another alpha.” He hissed, taking your hand. “Why is that?” 

You bit your lip before bursting out into laughter. Aaron stared at you, confused as to why you were laughing, but he could only wait until you were finished. 

“A-Aaron,” You snickered. “My cousin came by today.” You grinned. “His scent must have gotten on my clothes when he hugged me goodbye.” 

The fire within Aaron suddenly cooled. He visibly relaxed. On one hand he was grateful that there was no real threat, but on the other hand he felt stupid. 

“I told you he was coming by today, didn’t I?” 

“You did, yeah. I’m so sorry.” He immediately said. He wrapped his arms around your waist, holding you close. “I wasn’t thinking. I don’t want you to think that I don’t trust you either.” 

“I get it, I get it.” You chuckled. You cupped his face. “You are an alpha trying to keep your pack together. Nothing wrong with that.”

“I love you.” He kissed your forehead, lips soft against your skin. 

“I love you too,” You whispered. When his lips left your skin, you suddenly realized. “Maybe that’s why Theo was so fussy. I didn’t smell right to her.” 

Aaron had a habit of imprinting you. Even if you didn’t have anywhere to be, he always found a comfort it knowing that you smelled faintly of him. 

“Easy fix.” He hummed, caressing your cheek. He nuzzled his face into your neck and kissed your collarbone. He let his pheromones fill the air as he kissed your shoulder. He pulled away once he was satisfied. 

When he looked down at you, you looked like you were in a state of bliss. Your eyes were wide and sweet and you fluttered your eyelashes as you looked up at him. Your grip on Aaron tightened. 

“Too much, maybe?” He chuckled. You purred, ducking your head into the crook of his neck. You wrapped your arms around his neck and kissed his jaw.

“Not enough.” 

| Never | Zen/Hyun Ryu

Your hand hit across his cheek, the sound so loud the entire room went silent.

Zen’s head was tilted to the left, the print fresh on his face. There was a surprised look in his eyes, woven together with betrayal but most of all - acceptance.

He swallowed carefully. The tension was so thick he could have slid a knife through it like butter. Your hands trembled at your sides as the silence remained. Neither of you attempted to break it, but it would have to be broken, and quickly. The malice in the air was climbing too fast, and if it wasn’t stopped could lead to something drastic.

Zen broke first.

“Y-Y/N.” He took a slow, shaky breath. “I-”

“Don’t you dare say another word,” you said lowly. His fuchsia eyes stared back, shimmering like glass with emotions that seemed to be on the brink of overflowing. Your fists dug nails into your palms. Your anger was not unbridled, screaming in rage. Instead you kept calm, keeping it on a leash as your steady voice rang clear and through.

And yet that was even more terrifying.

“I will not repeat myself,” You started, keeping your chin levelled, looking every part put together. You were strong. You would not be a wimp over this.

“I-” Zen started, only to wince as you grabbed his tie, dragging him down so that you could see him eye to eye. This distance use to make your heart flutter, used to make your mind run wild and butterflies to rush your nerves. Now all it did was tickle a void in your heart that would never be filled again.

“You made your choice,” You stated. “And so now, your majesty, I would like you to respect mine.”

The crown had been dashed to the floor, and with the way he looked captured by your gaze, it was more like he was the commoner and you were the esteemed queen, an icy glint in your once warm eyes.

“I will never forgive you.”

And he was broken, shattered at your feet.

“We are over.”

Your voice trembled on the last word against your will.

Just like that your cold facade was cut through as well, and Zen spun into motion. His hand moved quicker than you could process, wrapping around your fingers that were still holding onto his tie. Though the position hadn’t changed, the power clearly had, his mouth pressed into a firm line.

Then again, you could never fool Zen. He knew you too well. He always did.

“Don’t go.” The sentiment was simple. You squeezed your eyes shut, summoning all the courage that had suddenly left you the moment his skin made contact with yours.

You breathed in that familiar scent once more, of mint and cologne, for the final time.

“I can’t,” You opened them. “No after what you did. Not with her.”

You let go, losing contact with cold fingers that used to be so warm. And he knew that you were gone from his grasp, though you were only a reach away. Gone forever.

“We are over, Zen.”

The only sound left was the white noise of the quiet knocking at your skull.

Then uproarious applause.

“That was amazing!”

You blinked, feeling someone barell into you and smoosh your cheeks. You shook yourself out of the character’s persona, a grin spreading across your face.


“Great job you two!” The director interrupted your friend’s praise. There was a serene smile lifting his lips. “I didn’t expect you to act it so well the first time around. That was a masterpiece.”

You felt your cheeks pink, coughing into your hand. “It’s nothing.”

“I disagree,” A drawl came from your left as the crew set and everyone began to clear out the room. ”It definetely was something.”

You cocked your hip. “Was it, now?”

Zen whined, hand still cupping his cheek. “You didn’t have to hit me that hard.”

You shrugged. “The director said to perform like we were on stage. So I did.”

“It still hurt though,” He mumbled underneath his breath as the two of you were left alone. You snickered.


Zen rolled his eyes, leaning closer and sending another rush of heat to your face. His lips landed on your nose and you sighed in slight content.

“You’d never really do that would you?” You asked lowly, almost indecipherable. Zen hummed in confusion, pressing his forehead to yours, both your eyes closed.

You whispered again in clarification. “You know…”

“Cheat?” Your fellow actor asked, his voice tinged with amusement. You coloured more, pulling away in embarrassment. However a hand at the back of your neck stopped any more planned movement.

You peeked an eye open only to see bright ones staring right back at you. Zen smiled but the playfulness left his expression as he spoke again. “I would never cheat on you, Y/N. I already gave you my everything.” A firm kiss was pressed to your forehead before his eyes flicked to your lips. “I’m in love with you.”

You lunged forward and captured his lips with yours before he could. You tried to hold back your grin but couldn’t, and ended up splitting the kiss because of it.

Zen had a blush of his own, staring at you in a daze before he broke out of it. He averted his gaze, pulling his tie a bit to loosen it and slowly biting his lip, drawing the flesh into his mouth.

You laughed, pressing the heel of your hand to your smile. “I love you too you dork.”


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What would happen if the kids are kidnapped and missing for a couple of days. How would the adults react and how would the kids protect each other.

I’ll stick with the Guardians and Varia, but if anyone wants to know headcanons on how the other adults would react let me know. Since my love for the Vongola Kids knows no limits, these are based off what would happen if Lambo, I-Pin, Fran and Futa got kidnapped.

Fran is the one in the worst condition, because he is drugged to prevent him from using his illusions. Lambo, I-Pin and Futa frequently check his pulse and make sure he isn’t developing a fever. Futa takes most the hits and kicks the kidnappers use to try and intimidate them, getting severe cuts and bruises. Lambo can’t help but cry during the first hours of captivity and I-Pin and Futa comfort him. I-Pin will give up the little food she receives to make sure her friends are fed, especially Fran. They keep close together, always talking and reassuring each other.

Tsuna: He’s devastated. He’s terrified. He knows he can’t break down because his little siblings need him to be strong until they’re safely back home and he does not sleep until they are. He’s furious that someone would target the kids in order to get to him. He feels immense guilt, because they would not be in this situation if they were not part of the Mafia world, and he thinks it’s his fault.

Ryohei: As being one of the oldest of his siblings, it is his job to make sure they are safe and is very hard on himself when he fails. He goes away for a bit of alone time, punching walls and whatever he can get his hands on to release his fear, agitation and anger. He’s constantly moving but significantly quieter, spending most of his time out in the field searching for the kids and their kidnappers.

Yamamoto: Keeps his family calm and soothing their fury, knowing how reckless and rash they can be. He’s fuming on the inside, but knows it will do no one any good to lose control, and helps head the investigation efforts. When the kidnappers are finally discovered does he release his emotions in a rare violent display. Drinks a lot of tea to keep his nerves as settled as possible given the circumstances.

Gokudera: Flings himself into the investigation, the more panicked and infuriated counterpart to Yamamoto. He drowns himself in the work to try and keep his mind off the what-ifs, stacks of paperwork and files on his desk as he tries to narrow the list of suspects. Is on top of updates and keeps the information flowing between CEDEF, Vongola and Varia so that no one is out of the loop.

Hibari: There is perhaps not an adjective powerful enough to describe just how enraged he is. Nobody harms his pack, and the fact that he could do nothing to prevent it makes it even worse. He takes every lead he is given, hunting down the herbivores who have given them problems in the past and brutally interrogating them. He doesn’t stop drawing blood until the kids are found, and he delivers the killing blow to the kidnappers.

Chrome: She stands strong, though she is breaking apart on the inside. She keeps Kyoko and Haru comforted and assists them in making sure their family does not neglect their own care during the search for the kids. She goes out with Mukuro to search, keeping him restrained when it seems he will go too far and he prevents her from descending into dark thoughts.

Mukuro: Is unable to keep still enough to go through the paperwork part of the investigation and goes out to search. He stays out all the day, trying to sense the presence of the kids and violently beat anyone he thinks is withholding information from him. He returns home at night, knowing that Hibari will continue looking, and keeps watch over his family.

Squalo: Is extremely agitated, because he (along with the others) knows that there is a good chance Fran is incapacitated to keep him from using his illusions. Takes care of the investigation on the Varia end, keeping in constant contact with Gokudera and Iemitsu. Doesn’t leave his office until the culprit is identified.

Mammon: He tries to locate the kids using his location ability, and when the results continuously come up negative, he grows frustrated and angry. Tries to break whatever barriers are preventing him with his illusionist abilities and ends up exhausting himself.

Lussuria: Though he is angry and worried, he keeps a calm exterior as the investigation goes on. He makes sure his family is taking care of themselves, such as bringing food to Squalo and ordering Mammon to rest. He is reluctant to leave the mansion, knowing his Sun Flames would be needed and wanting to be near.

Levi: Is very quiet and less argumentative, wanting to do anything he can to help locate the kids. It’s unnerving not having Fran around and he can’t stand the lack of the boy’s voice. He shares the paperwork load with Squalo and continuously checks on Xanxus, trying to calm his rage as best he can and keep him from going over the edge.

Belphegor: Gets very moody and aggressive, absolutely hating the fact he doesn’t know what Fran is going through. He misses his partner-in-crime and the hole that Fran’s absence creates is unbearable. He stays in the mansion, none of his family members allowing him to step outside while Fran is missing.

Xanxus: He’s livid, and his scars stretch out across his face and do not recede until Fran is found and the kidnappers have been slaughtered. After he learns Fran has been kidnapped, he destroys a fair bit of property before simmering in his office, keeping tabs on the progress of the investigation. He despises not knowing where Fran and the others are. He becomes paranoid and overprotective, keeping Belphegor close. He’s the first one to jump into action when the kidnappers are discovered.

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HCs on the things Kakashi thinks about when he's staring at his SO while they read/write/train/etc... Just some fluffy stuffs

one order of fluff with extra stuffs coming up~~

Originally posted by sarapyon

(i love this gif can you tell?)

Things Kakashi Thinks About His S/O when They’re Just Doing What They Do

- In any given situation, Kakashi’s watching with admiration. He admires them that they’ve stuck with him all this time.

- If they’re in a situation where they feel as if everything could fall apart, yet somehow stays together, Kakashi’s worried, yes, but he’s thankful that they were able to keep everything from falling apart, eternally grateful that nothing happened.

- If they happen to be sparring against Gai or someone, again, he’s admiring them. He can spar with them, but it just so happens that they end up in a kissing match, rather than a sparring match when one’s back hits the ground.

- If they’re, in this dire situation, keeping separate countries from raging war, and they’re able to calm both parties down over a few drinks, Kakashi can’t begin to express how in awe he is of them. They’ve just halted a war, so of course Kakashi’s going to be in awe of them.

- In areas where Kakashi’s not the best at something, and they’re pretty damn good at it, he’s jealous, but that jealousy is short-lived when he sees that big smile across their face. In the end, he’s proud.

- If they succeed in an area where they’ve been really struggling, again, he’s proud of them, he’s happy for them, ecstatic. 

- In any given situation, Kakashi loves them, more than words or thoughts can express. 

I am I

I am strong
But inside I’m weak
Feel like eternal sleep
I am calm
But inside storms rage
I just keep them caged
I am dependable
Reliability undeniable
But I know I’m expendable
I am husband
Always there side by side
But true fears we sometimes hide
I am father
But never had my own
As at young age me he disowned
I am brother
My elder a better dancer
Only sibling I liked taken early by cancer
I am clever
Far too for my own good
Seeing things no others could
I am me
I am I
So much more
Than meets the eye
Yet who really gives a damn
And sometimes
I question
Who the fuck I am

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Did you see in the scene where Abby Clarke and Jackson are discussing the sickness and bellamy walks in and Clarke does that hand gesture to him??? So married

You  made me go back and look at that scene and YES that is a good scene.  Terrible. The radiation is coming so much sooner than expected and all of Luna’s people are dying…. they lost 40 on the way to Arkadia. I kind of love that Luna came to them anyway, even though she knew she was risking being turned away because of what she did to them. Because she knew, even then, that they weren’t bad guys, even though she did not agree with them. 

But there, Clarke’s trying to figure this out with Abby and Jackson and in comes Bellamy and she raises one hand from her arm, like half a greeting and half a “hold on” because if he’s in the room, that’s where her attention goes.

I’m telling you, she is so focused on him. All that circling they did in season 3B and it’s ended up with them at the center of the storm, holding it down, keeping each other calm while everything rages around them. 

It’s more than just married. She’s his center. He’s her center. And THEY are the center of all their people, and I don’t just mean the Arkadians. I mean all their people, Luna, Murphy, Niylah (love that they dropped a mention of her in there so she’s still with us on our team) Roan, Indra, Octavia. 

Unexpected Perfection

A little oneshot that I wrote for the Puff @themerchntofvenice. Enjoy All.

Tis probs full of errors. Apologies. 


“And you’re sure?” asked Draco as he tried his hardest to keep his voice calm and collected, when inside there was a raging storm.

“I don’t know what more proof I could provide you with Malfoy,” snapped Hermione angrily as she gestured wildly to the mixture of both muggle and wizarding pregnancy tests littering the table before them.

“It was only one time,” he muttered quietly under his breath, though not quietly enough when he heard Hermione scoff.

“One time is all it takes, especially when you’re stupid and drunk enough to forget a few charms.”

“Don’t you dare blame this on me!” he shouted, his calm and collected composure diminishing in an instance “It takes two to fucking tango, I don’t remember you bothering with a charm as we ripped each other’s clothes off.”

Hermione closed her eyes and breathed deeply “You’re right. I’m sorry. It’s just, this is really something I wasn’t expecting for a long time,” she said sincerely, her eyes opening and meeting with his for the first time since she told him their news.

Draco gave a quick sharp nod and turned to take a seat at the table, his eyes continuously wandering over the range of confirmations telling them that, yes, they were expecting a baby. He picked up one of the muggle devices and looked at the two bright pink lines glaring at him from the window “How do these even work?” he asked curiously as he turned it over in his hands.

“You wee on them,” with the speed at which Draco let go of the pregnancy stick Hermione couldn’t help but laugh at his expense.

“And you let me touch it! You are barbaric!” he exclaimed in horror.

“I didn’t go all over it, you idiot,” she replied with a roll of her eyes.

Silence fell over the two of them again, Hermione shuffling uncomfortably on the spot something obviously plaguing her mind and irritating Draco.

“You know,” she hesitantly began “there is a way that we can end this, muggles have a way to finish a-”

“Don’t you even dare think about it!” he growled angrily, furious that she would even suggest such a thing.

“I don’t want that, but if you had -”

“No,” he said firmly “that’s my child in there, whatever the circumstances,” he stated and Hermione nod in understanding.


Draco sat calmly and quietly as his father pace the room, every now and then sending Draco a look of loathing as his mother twiddled her thumbs uncharacteristically in her lap. Neither one of them had uttered a word to him once he had shared the news. Both clearly less than pleased by what had occurred.

He wasn’t sure how much longer he would be able to take this silence though, it was near suffocating even in the vast room they had gathered in.

“It would be you, wouldn’t it,” he father finally snarled “it would be you to sully the Malfoy name with a half blood bastard-”

“Lucius!” scolded Narcissa, her voice edge with warning at she glowered at her husband. Lucius fell silent but his stern look of disapproval remained in place upon his face.

“Do you plan to do right by this child?” asked his mother and he turned to meet her questioning gaze.

“If we chose to allow the pregnancy to progress, then yes,” he said cautiously, hoping that his words would have the desired effect.

Lucius marched over towards Draco his eyes a light with a fire Draco hadn’t seen since the days of the Dark Lord “You dared to even think about ending this life?” he asked, his voice holding a tone of disbelief amongst the anger. “You have dared to even consider such muggle atrocities!”

“Father, not a moment ago you had been disgusted by the thought of a bastard halfblood in this family,” Draco met his father’s eyes strongly, fearlessly, knowing now from Lucius’ reaction that this was going the way he had wanted.

“Bastard halfblood or not,” snarled Lucius “it is Malfoy blood that runs through its veins, you dare to utter such vile thoughts again and I shall see to it that you will regret such things.” with that last sentence Lucius left the room in a swirl of raging robes, leaving both Draco and his mother alone with nothing but the sound of the crackling fire.

The moment he knew his father was clear from the room Draco let out a shuddering breath “It worked,” he said with disbelief as he looked at his mother.

Narcissa moved herself to settle next to her son, taking his hands in hers and giving his a reassuring squeeze “You doubted my plan son?” she asked with a soft smile.

“I doubted father’s family morals,” he replied quietly.
“Family is everything to your father. The conditions of this new addition may not be something he is pleased about, but they shall still be family,” she confirmed.


Draco cast a glance around the clean white waiting room, his nose turned up slightly at the smell of what Hermione had told his was a disinfectant, posters of women holding babies, encouraging breastfeeding and all other maternal jargon.

He had never felt more uncomfortable anywhere at any time than he did compared to his moment in time “Explain again why we can’t just go to St Mungos,” he mumbled quietly into her ear.

“Because despite all that the wizarding world can do, they can’t do this.” she replied, not looking up from where she was looking through her maternity notes.

“And what is this?” he asked with a sneer, unconvinced that these Doctors as Hermione had called them, would be able to do anything more than the Healers they had already seen.

“You’ll see,” she said with a smug smile that made the Draco grit his teeth together. He didn’t like not knowing things.

The two sat for a moment longer in uncomfortable silence until a warm looking woman entered the room “Miss Granger?” she called out, and Hermione smiled at the woman, gathered her bag and gestured for Draco to follow her.

Draco of course followed cautiously into the room the woman retreated into. He took Hermione’s bag from her, though not of choice as she thrusted it into his arms and settled herself on to the what Draco could only presume was a bed of sorts, though it looked nowhere near as comfortable as the ones at the Manor.

“Dad, I presume?” asked the plump woman with a warm smile and Draco simply nod in confirmation “please take a seat,” she said as she gestured toward the plastic looking chair next to the bed.

He did as was suggested, his hands still clinging to Hermione’s bag tightly “Now my name is Nurse Hill, we excited to see baby today?” Draco’s stomach sunk. See baby? What? It was too soon, she was only 12 weeks, baby couldn’t come now.

He tried his hardest to stay calm, to will the colour back to his face, he cast a sly glance towards Hermione who was smiling excitedly, eagerly nodding her head. How could she be so calm about this?

“Well, Miss Granger. If you could lift your shirt up for me and undo your trousers, pull them as low as possible on your hips,” Hermione did as she was told and Draco sat silently as he watched. He was sure that his confusion was clearly showing on his face, but for once he didn’t care as he watched the Nurse tuck in what looked like blue tissue down into the front of Hermione’s knickers so that it covered her jeans.

“Don’t want to get this stuff on your clothes,” she said cheerfully as she lifted a bottle and brought it towards Hermione, giving it a shake in the process. “It shouldn’t be as cold as usual, I keep it next to the monitor to warm it up,” Draco had no idea what she meant, but Hermione seemed to, so he relaxed a little and watched as the woman squirted a gloopy looking gel on to the lower part of Hermione’s stomach.

He watch thoughtfully as Nurse Hill reached out and flicked off the lights, darkening the room and motioning for them to both look at the large screen mounted on the wall in front of them. His eyes never left as she reached out for some device and proceed to glide it over Hermione’s stomach. Pressing in his opinion what looked far too hard.

“Ok, so eyes up there for me and in a moment, yep, there they are,” said the nurse as she hovered over one part of Hermione’s stomach. Draco frowned at the screen in confusion, confused as to what it was he was supposed to be looking at and casting another quick look at Hermione who seemed to have tears in her eyes as she looked at the screen in awe.

“There’s who?” he eventually asked when he struggled to see what it was that had moved Hermione to such tears.

Nurse Hill smiled warmly at Draco and Hermione let out a watery chuckle “Your baby my dear. See here,” she said pointing towards her own smaller screen “this here is their head and their body. These little bits there are their legs and did you see that?” she asked as something moved towards the head “that one of their little arms moving.”

Draco stared in awe, unable to tear his gaze away from what he could now clearly see was his child. Its other arms seemed to move and then he watched with a smile as the small baby wiggled and moved completely into another position.

“Got a wiggler here haven’t we,” said Nurse Hill with a laugh “Right let me take some measurements, make sure everything is all good and then we’ll see if we can get some good photos for you both to take home.”

Draco tore his gaze away from the screen and looked at Hermione, her own attention fixed on their baby, her smile infectious as he caught himself doing the same. Draco leant forward unable to resist and kissed Hermione’s cheek.

“Thank you,” he whispered into her ear, and when she turned to look at him confused he continued “for this, thank you for this,” he replied glancing back at the screen.

Draco walked as confidently as he could manage into his father’s office later that day, knowing he was welcome by the fact the door was ajar “Father?” he asked as he saw the older Malfoy bet over his desk in deep concentration.

“Hmm,” was his response.

“I have something to show you, something I thought you might like to see,” he continued as he stood before Lucius desk and waited for him to finish whatever it was he was doing.

“Yes?” asked Lucius as he placed his quill on the table and steepled his fingers.

“Here,” said Draco, placing a copy of one of the photos they had been given earlier on to his desk “this is a photo of your grandchild,” he continued as confidently as he could as he pointed out the little ones head and body, as well as the clear shot of the little ones hand held up.

Lucius didn’t say anything to Draco as he stared at the photo, and he wasn’t sure if this was a good thing or not. Almost too worried to find out Draco reach to retrieve the photo, only to have Lucius stop him “You may leave,” he said with a nod towards the door.

Not one to argue with his father, Draco left the photo where it lay and with a sharp nod once at his father left the room, only turning once as he went to close the door and smiling when he saw his father running his fingers over the photo.


“Again! Of course it would be you to produce female offspring. Not a female born into the Malfoy line in over 200 years and you do it.” shouted Lucius as he stormed from the room leaving Draco behind as Narcissa followed.

He sighed tiredly into his hands before reaching forward and gathering the most recent photo of his child, his daughter and looking it over once more.

When he had found out that they could learn the sex of their child Draco couldn’t wait. He needed to know and fought tooth and nail with Hermione to get her to agree, the Nurse, a Miss Powel this time, had found the whole thing rather amusing. Eventually Hermione had agreed when Draco made a point about her then being able to be as organised as could be.

Did he mind that it was a daughter? Not at all. He didn’t care in the slightest and didn’t care about what his father thought either, his mother was thrilled and Hermione was thrilled and that was all that mattered to him. He wouldn’t admit it at all to Hermione of course, but over the past 20 weeks he had grown more and more fond over the witch, enjoying the time they had recently been spending together. In fact he couldn’t wait till their shopping trip in the upcoming weeks. He didn’t care if she would scold him for spending too much, he couldn’t wait to spoil his little lady, both his ladies.

His father would come round, hopefully.


They had been home for 12 hours now, and not once had his father come to visit him, Hermione or baby Elara, and it surprisingly hurt.

Draco was grateful that Hermione had agreed to return to the Manor with him, their relationship was still new and he understood her reasons for being so reluctant, but having them both here with him was all he could ask for.

He looked down at his sleeping daughter, in awe of her beauty as he took in all her features, her soft blonde tuffs of hair, her delicate little lashes spread across her cheeks. He didn’t think he had ever seen anything so beautiful other than her mother in all his life.

“I’ll be right back, I’m just checking on your mother,” he whispered to the sleeping babe, before leaving the room.

He walked down the corridor towards the bathroom and knocked gently on the door “Are you ok?” he asked through it.

“Yes, feeling much more human,” he heard Hermione reply, and couldn’t help smile at her words “I won’t be much longer.”

“Would you like something to eat when you get out?”


“I’ll see -” his words were cut off when he heard the faint sound of his daughter crying, turning and making his way back into the direction his came, hoping that he would be able to calm her down until her mother was out of the bath and able to feed her.

He was not far from the room when the crying suddenly stopped. Draco increased his pace and halted abruptly when he made it to the entrance of the doorway. He said nothing as he watched his father cradle the small tot in his arms, swaying her gently from side to side, his finger running down the length of the tiny nose.

“She is as attention seeking as you were already,” said Lucius as he turned towards his son, though his gaze never removed from his granddaughter.

“We must get that trait from you then father,” said Draco, smiling as Lucius shot him an unimpressed look.

“I must say, she is quite perfect,” he heard Lucius whispered towards Elara, and Draco smiled proudly “just like her Grandfather,” Lucius continued, looking up at Draco with a proud smile of his own as Draco laughed and rolled his eyes.

rafe adler + relationship headcanons

First of all, I have never been in a fandom so welcoming and amazing. That anyone cares what I think about any character honestly blows my mind. Thank you guys so much. I wanna stay here forever.

Second of all, so I got an ask about Rafe in love and I made all these lists and then I realized I totally did not answer any of the questions that had been asked of me lmao so anyway. I’ll work on that tomorrow. For now, I figured I’d just post the lists anyway XP

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