keep calm and make beats

daily-pokemon-family  asked:

An eerie aura creeps onto Zaitsev's camp, it leaks into the fenced area. A tall, buff shadow ducks into the trees of the fogged forest. The sound of a light scampering is heard by Zaitsev, the sound quickens then stops. The heavy dark aura changes to a soft loving one.. There is a big what seems to be hunched over on fours creature with luminous emerald green eyes staring at Zaitsev. A soft whisper comes from the creature, "don't react. I'm just here to help you...."

Zaitsev could not see through the fogged forest but,could not see very well due to the fog,he looked to see green eyes looking at him through the fog and heard the whisper. All it did was make him trying to keep calm but his heart was beating fast like fear had keep, his leg’s from moving from the spot “…who are you…” he said knowing he was alone in the forest with his rifle and campfire the only light shining through the fog.