keep calm and love yourself

You are such a lovely person. A beautiful addition to this planet. A wonder to this universe. No one is really quite like you, and that’s what makes you so special.
—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin

I hope today treated you well. I hope, even through out the day’s setbacks, you remain strong and ready to work, laugh, and love even harder tomorrow.

Keep fighting, little fighter. You’ve got this.

Helpful Advice

If you have trouble sleeping or staying asleep, drink a glass of milk before bed. At the very least it will help you stay asleep for longer, since the body usually wakes up from lack of protein.

If you wake up from a particularly scary night terror or nightmare, try putting clothed ice where the bags of your eyes would be. There’s a gland there that will automatically lower your blood pressure, since it’s a reflex for if you were to drown. It lowers the thoughts and helps calm you down.

If you have a night terror that makes you want to self harm, grab a piece of ice, hold it in your hand for as long as possible, and only focus on the sensations. If you can, try doing some deep breathing at the same time. The hand is one of the most sensitive parts of the body, and the cold sends a small shock to the nervous system, and your thoughts and bodily functions start to slow. At the same time, the psychological need for pain also gets met in a more healthy way to your body.

These were some things I learned while trying to help with my PTSD, and I thought I would share them for those who are in need. :3

Results day

Today’s the day. The day we’ve all been waiting for… in Scotland at least. It’s exam results day..!

I just want to wish everyone the best of luck with their results, and I want you to know that I am so incredibly proud of you - YES YOU - no matter what the piece of paper says. You’ve worked hard, and tried your best, and that’s all anyone could ever ask of you. YOUR BEST IS GOOD ENOUGH.

I’m one of the lucky ones today in that I am over the moon with my results, but I know that this will not be the case for everyone. And I want to remind you to be gentle with yourself. You still deserve treats and happiness and relaxation, even if your results didn’t turn out quite the way you hoped.

I love you all, and I’m always here if anyone ever needs to talk! Hope you all have a wonderful day!! 💕

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I love the Keep Calm and Muslim On comics! Are you Muslim yourself?

No. For the most part, for @keepcalmandmuslimon I am literally just taking one of my Muslim friends’ frequently-hilarious Facebook posts and illustrating them (and occasionally adding a little hyperbole for comic effect). She’s a convert hijabi of Caucasian descent, which gives her quite an interesting perspective on being Muslim in America. 

So glad you’re enjoying them!

When You Wanna GUSH About The Latest Episode And The Excellent Characterization And The Consequences...

….Buuuuut the fandom’s having a DiscourseTM that totally blind sides you. And no one’s…really on your wave length.

So instead, You just gonna avoid the tag until things calm down and keep your absolute love for the last episode to yourself. :/

Maybe I oughta just stick to my fics and my dead fandoms then. 😔


Apapun yang terjadi besok, hadapi yaa. :) Keep calm and love yourself. Because Allah created you special in your own way.

Jaga prasangka baik baik yaa! Jangan menakuti dirimu sendiri dengan segala kekhawatiran yang belum terjadi. Jangan buat syaithan bangga bisa bikin kita resah mikirin hal hal yang sebenarnya sudah di jamin Allah. Besok, saatnya belajar lagi.

Dan semakin hari semakin belajar dari kesalahan, kemarin kamu sadar kamu salah dan kamu menyesalinya. Jadi hari hari selanjutnya sudah sepantasnya kamu buat lebih menjaga semuanya baik baik supaya ndak salah lagi, supaya ndak kecewa ndak nyesel lagi.

Besok kalo ada sesuatu yang rasa rasanya bikin kamu rapuh atau hampir terjatuh, inget inget bahwa hari sebelumnya kamu sudah melewati hal yang sama dan kamu dimampukan melewatinya. Jadi ndak ada alasan buat nyerah dan berlarut larut sama hal yang ngga ngenakin, yang ngga sesuai dengan ekspetasimu.

kuat yaa! Belum saatnya berhenti.
yang lapang yaa! Luaskan hatimu untuk menerima seperti apapun sikap manusia padamu, belajar baik baik dari karakter mereka. Yang baik padamu, hargai sebagaimana kamu ingin diperlakukan. Yang ngga menyukaimu itu jadiin pelajaran berharga supaya kamu ngga kaya gitu ke orang lain ya.

Jaga lisan baik baik, kumohon.
Jaga hati baik baik, ini yang sungguh sungguh kumohon.
Besok ujian mungkin akan menyapa kembali, maka jadilah sebagaimana Allah memintamu.
Berserah pada Nya, mengaku lemah pada Nya, mohon pertolongan Nya.
Selalu seperti itu sampai nanti saat tiba waktunya kamu pulang.

Sadar yaa bahwa kamu sungguh tiada daya dan upaya kecuali dengan pertolongan Nya.
Tak ada ruang barang setitik dalam jiwa untuk menyombongkan diri.
Sabar yaa, sebentar.
Ndak lama, ini hanya dunia, hanya sendau gurau yang melalaikan.

Tetaplah menjadi harum dengan apa yang di cintai Nya.
Semoga Allah memberikan cahaya Nya untuk menerangimu, hingga kilaunya sampai kemana mana.
Bersinar, terang sampai benderang menyinari sekelilingmu bahkan semesta.

Alhamdulillah ‘ala kulli hal.
Astaghfirullah wa'atubu illaih 🌸

Jakarta, 25 September 2016.
Tulisan ini sungguh kutujukan untuk membahagiakan, menguatkan diri sendiri.

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Dear France and England, I'm having a tough time not exploding on people right now. //sigh// I suppose you could call it my tendency to get mad. Except, I don't want to. So, I was wondering, how do you guys calm down/ keep to yourself? Any tips? ((I love this blog! :) I think this FrUk blog is my favorite ask-blog rn. This in itself, makes me happy. :D))