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Two Surprises

A/N. another non requested imagine that I really enjoyed writing. I have some social media edits coming soon. I’ve been in the writing mood lately. I would love some requests. I keep doing Harry because he is my current obsession lol sorry.

Summary: You are being interviewed by Ellen and long time friend Harry decides to surprise you. You play a game and find out another surprise.

Word Count: 1,800


You could practically feel your blood pumping through your veins. You were about to go onstage to be interviewed by the one and only Ellen Degeneres. She was your favorite interviewer and you wanted to be completely calm and yourself for this interview. Sadly fate was not on your side. You became famous quite quickly, with the release of your first album, Breakaway, and were still very nervous and jittery when it came to interviews. Adding Ellen on top of already existing social anxiety was a disaster waiting to happen. You knew Ellen had a way with people and tended to make them comfortable so you were banking on her to make you feel comfy. Yet you couldn’t stop bouncing up and down on the balls of your feet. You had spent the entire day waiting for this moment practically jumping around in pure excitement when your stylist was trying to do your hair and makeup. Luckily you managed to calm down slightly in order to become presentable. As soon as you stood on the shoot waiting for Ellen to introduce you, all your excitement from before had turned into anxiousness. You could hear Ellen talking to the crowd and were motioned by one of the stagehands to begin your walk to the seats

“Everyone please welcome Miss Y/N L/N!” Ellen motioned to her right to which you were emerging and walking toward her. She was even better in person. A major fangirl moment for you as you tried to control your shaky nervousness. Ellen gave you a quick hug and motioned for you to sit down. Cheers erupted as soon as you came out and did not die out until you sat down. You didn’t realized everyone was a fan of you and it warmed your heart seeing everyone. Ellen began to speak but since you were so wrapped up in yourself, you didn’t hear what she had to say. You stared at her dumbfounded before squeaking out a small,


The crowd laughed as did Ellen. Ellen shook her head and repeated what she said.

“I said you look a little bit nervous”

You laughed at that, relaxing a little bit now that you had began talking.

“Yeah I am! I am a huge fan of you, Ellen and sitting here, having the privilege to be interviewed by you is something so astonishing” You rambled on about how much you liked her before Ellen chuckled which silenced you from your excessive talking. You cursed yourself in your head for rambling about stupid stuff that had nothing to do with why you were here.

“Well Y/N, I am a big fan of yours! I love the way you have with words and everything you do. Not to mention you are simply stunning, but I am married so I will not continue. Tell us about your new album, Breakaway.”
You laughed along with the crowd, you had almost completely relaxed and started to enjoy yourself being in the presence of Ellen.

“Yup, My album is so amazing and I’m really proud of it. I worked incredibly hard and collaborated with some amazing songwriters and artists. The entire process of constructing my album up to having it sell to you guys has been such a blast.”

“I’m glad. I absolutely love your album and it seems like the fans do as well. You have sold millions of copies in a very short while. Congratulations on that!”

You blushed. You had sold many copies very quickly and you liked to be modest about that as you didn’t think you would gain this much of a following with your album only being out for in less than a year. Of course you had a couple singles and an EP but this was your first major album.

“Thank you Ellen, it means a lot coming from you.”

“Now back to the amazing artists you worked with. Is a certain curly haired former Band member one of those said artists?” Ellen smirked. You looked down in an attempt to hide your reddening cheeks. Harry Styles was one of your good friends and has been since 2014. You met him at a party you sneakily got into, before you were famous, because your friend bet you that you couldn’t. You guys met and immediately hit it off becoming very good friends and spending a lot of time together. You had developed a huge crush on him as anyone would but neither the press nor he knew about it, you tried to keep in on the down-low as celebrity relationships never lasted long. So you stayed being friends with him. In fact. When you had told him you wanted to get into singing and writing songs, he helped write one of your singles and you tried to help him on his solo album. Ellen was waiting for an answer, smirk growing larger as the seconds of silence increased.

“Yes, Harry helped me on one of the songs and I couldn’t be more happy with how the song turned out. He was absolutely amazing to work with and one of my very good friends.”

Ellen nodded taking in what you said, you could tell she didn’t believe the friend part but she let it go.

“Staying on the Harry topic, how good of friends are you? We’ve seen many photos of you guys hanging out, some with the band back in ‘14 and some of you alone on the set of Dunkirk. Care to comment on those?”

You knew she was grilling you and you weren’t about to budge.

“Harry and I hang out as often as we can, we are really good friends and try to find time for each other despite our busy schedules.” You repeated.

“Does he ever surprise you when he’s in town?”

You pondered that question for a few seconds trying to recall if he had ever surprised you.

“No I don’t think so he—”

Before you could finish your answer, two hands landed on either shoulder, scaring the ever living crap out of you. You let out a high pitched scream before turning around, only to be greeted with a familiar mop of brown curly hair and a body hunched over from laughter. You scowled at Harry.

“Not funny,” You pouted. Harry just laughed harder.

“Sorry love, couldn’t pass up on the chance of scaring you when Ellen asked.”

You rolled your eyes as Ellen cut to a commercial. You embraced Harry as the stage crew brought out a loveseat to swap the chair you were previously sitting on. Harry’s strong arms wrapped around your waist as he squeezed tightly, almost not wanting to let you know. Harry had been crushing on you since he met you at that A-list party in London in 2014. He got a kick out of how you had gotten in and vowed to himself to get to know you. As you guys became better friends and hung out with the Band more, everyone could tell he was falling for you– except you. Harry kept the embrace for a little longer than a normal friend hug making sure to whisper in your ear how stunning you looked.

“You look beautiful Y/N.” The heat rose to your cheeks for the third time this interview as you pulled away from Harry, immediately feeling the lack of warmth. The interview continued now with Harry sitting next to you, a friendly arm thrown over the back of the love seat. Ellen asked him about his new album and the songs that he helped you with. Harry seemed very happy to talk to Ellen and incorporate you into almost every sentence he said. Not that you noticed or anything. Finally towards the end of the Interview, Ellen decided to end with a game.

“Okay lovebirds the last thing I would like to do with you is play a little game. If you guys are up for it?” Both you and Harry nodded, cheeks slightly tinted red.

“Perfect! This game is called Never Have I Ever”

Harry softly cursed under his breath but your ears  picked it up. Butterflies arose in your stomach as Ellen handed you the paddle for the game. It started out quite innocent with Never Have I Evers like “Never have I ever lied about my age to get into somewhere” or “Never have I ever used a disguise in order to hide from paparazzi”, but then it began to turn a little inappropriate with questions about hookups. You were definitely not innocent and turned your paddle to “I have” on some that shocked the crowd and Harry.
“You’ve done a body shot?” Harry raised one perfectly sculpted eyebrow at you in question. You nodded sheepishly folding underneath that questioning brow. Harry shook his head while his paddle stayed on the “I have never” side. Ellen was enjoying this a little too much as she said the last one.

“Now this is the last one, you ready?,” we both nodded.

“Never Have I Ever been in love with someone and scared to tell them”

You tried to stop your eyes from widening too much. This question was asking for trouble and Ellen knew it. You snuck a glance at Harry, desperately hoping he spoke the truth. You decided to go for broke and the bold choice, turning your paddle to I have just as Harry did the same thing. You both look at each other’s paddles before looking up into each other’s eyes. You knew he was talking about you and he knew you were talking about him. All these years of friendship and secretly wanting each other blew away as you stared into Harry’s sparkling green eyes. You both snapped out the trance as Ellen began to close up the show, thanking you both for coming. You waved to the crowd and rushed off stage with Harry close on your heels. Once backstage you turned to face Harry. Harry, not knowing you were about to stop and turn around, almost rammed into you and grabbed your waist steadying you from falling.

“Y/N” He whispered gazing into you, admiring the unique beauty that was yourself.

“Harry” You breathed back appreciating the way your name formed on his lips.

“Y/N I can’t say how much I love yo—“

You didn’t let him finish his proclamation. You pressed your lips against his soft lips savoring the moment that took years to arrive. Harry reciprocated by slipping his tongue between your lips, with your allowance, deepening the kiss. You pulled away when air became a necessity to survive. You smiled and knew that this was the best day of your life.  

“I love you too Harry”

Someone from behind you started clapping. Pulling apart quickly you turned to see Ellen widely smirking.

“Glad I could get you two together. I thought I was going to have to lock you two in a room”

Two Words

Harry likes saying those two words.

When you’ve done something he isn’t used to seeing but nonetheless is still fascinated, the two words comint out of his lips in habit.

“My girl.”

When someone close personally asks him of who you are and how are you related to him or when he sees his lockscreen that’s you; his favorite. It makes him all flustered, looking down on the moment for a moment and smiling.

“My girl.”

When you’re somewhere in where there’s booze and generally people, an example when his eyes landed on a guy who attempted to touch you, which he hates with so much passion, he stepped in quickly, snaked his arm around your waist and gave a stern that would turn into a sinister look if he didn’t get the message, saying some things along with the lines of, “She is mine. Mine for me to touch, mine for me to love. Now please, fucking piss off.”

“My girl.”

Yet there are times when he couldn’t call you his. Not when you sleep angry at each other because he’s the reason of it, not when you’re hurt because of him.

He’d cry and bang the door repeatedly, talking you into anything that’s worth since he wants to hear your voice so bad, because he doesn’t want to forget it. Not now, not ever.

So by the time you’d come back out from the guest bedroom, half-heartedly back in his arms until you got accustomed to it again, hugging him back and rubbing soothing figures on his, making him instantly relax.

He’d breathe you in a little deeper because he doesn’t want to forget it, or even forget you in general in any aspect because it’s his fucking priority not to.

Harry would momentarily close his eyes, head in the crook of your neck, his eyelashes fluttering against it.

He would calm down, back into his mind. My girl. You’re his girl, you’re for his to call you his, you’re for his to love, you’re for his to touch, you’re for his to spend his whole future with.

You’re for his to keep. You’re his girl and that’s what matters most to him.

youngbouquettragedy  asked:

Thank you so much ! I Love It ! Maybe you could write something about Harry being on James Cordan and they are playing that game " flinch " with y/n ( and she could be the new James Bond girl and in a long-term relationship with Harry) , I would absolutely love that. Hope everything is good. Love xx.

*Not my GIF*

Drabble #6 

James: Welcome back to the Late Late show, I’m here with my two beautiful guests Mr Harry Styles and Miss Y/N Y/L/N and we’re about to have a little game of flinch. Now, Y/N you may have been able to keep your cool as the new bond girl, but can you remain calm in the face of flying fruit?

Y/N: No, straight up, I’m going to flinch

James: Well at least you’re honest *turns to camera*

The game is simple, if you look over here you will see my face which will be shooting various fruits and vegetables, your job is to stand behind that glass and not flinch. Harry, you’ve done this before, so I expect you to be my main competition here

Harry: I wouldn’t be so sure, I’ve been with Y/N for a long time now, and I just don’t think she’s a flincher

James: We’ll just see about that *turns to Y/N* now I wouldn’t be a true brit if I didn’t let the lady go first

Y/N: And they say chivalry is dead

James: If you could just go behind the screen and we’ll get started

Harry: *kisses Y/N’s head* You got this

Y/N: Oh god

James: Harry…

Harry: *Staring intently at Y/N* Yah

James: Has there ever been a moment where you’ve been so frustrated with Y/N that you’ve just wanted to throw some fruit at her

Harry: No

James: She’s never done anything that just really bothered you and you just *urgh* wanted to hurl a tomato at her?

James: Some Kale?

Harry: No

James: a grape?

Harry: Not even a grape

James: Wow, alright, well here’s your chance anyway, what shall we go for?

Harry: What’ve we got?

James: Tomato?

Harry: Tomato

James & Harry: Lets call the whole thing off

Y/N: That’s fine, you two pretend this is a joke, just wait until it’s you here behind the screen

Harry: We’ll be nice love

James: You might be, but I want to win

Harry: Let’s go with the mandarin, that won’t be such a hard impact

James: Alright *loads fruit* let’s put that in there

Now Y/N, what was it like being the newest bond girl?

Y/N: It was great

James:  Did you do all your stunts *pulls trigger*

Y/N: *Flinches*

Harry: Holy shit *laughs*

James: That was a definite flinch, lets take a look at the replay


That wasn’t too bad I’m impressed, well done Y/N

Harry: *embraces Y/N* *kisses Y/N’s hand* well done

James: Alright Harry, enough of that, it’s time to face the music

Harry: Alright, lets do this

*walks behind glass screen*

James: Y/N what do you think we should go with?

Y/N: *points to kiwi fruit* One of those ones James, he gets those thrown at him all the time

Harry: Is it a kiwi?

James: Would you like it to be a kiwi? *pulls trigger*

Harry: *flinches* shit

James: HAROLD! Let’s watch the replay


Alright, thanks Harry, it’s my turn now, you two discuss what you’re going to do

*walks behind glass*

Harry: Do you want to press the button?

Y/N: Yes, I need to get my revenge

Harry: Alright, let’s go with something solid, Apple?

Y/N: Yeah, put two in there

James: No, just one

Harry: uh baba that’s enough out of you

*seductively places fruit in cannon*

So James, how’s the family?

James: Oh they’re great, missing you though

Harry: They’re only human

Y/N:*pulls trigger*

James: *Doesn’t flinch*


Let’s review that

That was a zero flinch my friends, I mean I don’t like to brag, but I think I may have won that round

Harry:*Shakes James’s hand*

James: Alright, we’re going to go to a break, and when we come back Harry is going to perform his latest single for us


I absolutely love writing these, they’re so much fun

Please send in more requests for TFLN’s or these, what ever floats your boat 


The Ellen Show // H.S


Plot: Y/N and Harry are dating but its a secret and they do a song together, so they go on Ellen. Ellen tries to get them to confess


“You’re nervous.” Harry says walking into your dressing room.

You turn to face him, and nod. You’re taking deep breaths to try and calm yourself down.

“What if no one likes me?”

Before you know it, Harry walks over and wraps you into a hug.

“They’re going to like you.” He pulls back to look you in the eyes. “You’re a talented, beautiful, funny person. If they don’t see, I’m sorry they’re missing out.”

He presses a kiss to your forehead, and gives you another hug.

There was a knock on the door, “5 minutes. Let’s start walking out.”

Harry and you walk out, his hand on the small of your back. You walk by a table covered in food, and grab a cup of water.

You walk right up to where the stage opens up. Your manager, and a producer stand there, talking amongst themselves.

The producer quickly gets to work, placing the mics on you and Harry.

“Alright, kid. You ready?” Your manager, Jess, asks you.

You take another deep breath and nod, again.

“It’s just a small interview and then you’re performing Kids in Love. Easy enough.” Jess pats your shoulder.

You’ve done thousands of interviews, but none have ever been with the person you’re secretly dating. Harry Styles of all people. No pressure at all.

Just keep calm, and you’ll be fine.

Before you realize, your both walking out to a cheering crowd and an awaiting Ellen. You take a seat first, after hugging and greeting Ellen. Harry sits to your right, a smile on both of your faces.

“Welcome guys. So, Y/N this is your first time on my show, and Harry you practically live here.”

This earns a smirk and a shrug from Harry, “Rent free, too.”

“So, you guys released a song two weeks ago, and the music video just came out correct?”

You both nod.

“Yeah, Kids in Love was a project we started working on months ago.” You say. “We’re really glad of how it turned out.”

“It’s a catchy song, beautifully written too by the way.” Ellen looks between you and Harry. “Do we have a clip of the video?”

One of the producer nods, and the video pops up on the screen behind you. A short clip of Harry and you ‘acting’ like a couple.

The crowds cheers, after it finishes. Ellen puts her attention back on you both.

“The video’s beautiful, too. Y/N you directed it?”

“Well, it was actually directed by us both. Harry likes to think I did most of the work, but it was an equal job.”

“I just filmed a few takes, I’m still getting the hang of it. She did most of the work.”

After a few more questions about what the writing process was like, and what working together was like, they cut to a commercial break.

“So, when we return from the break, we’re playing Never Have I Ever.” Ellen leans towards the both of you. “Easy game. I’m sure you know how to play it.”

You nod before taking a drink of water. Feeling Harry’s eyes on you, you look over at it. Not realizing how far apart you guys are.

“Also,” Ellen draws you attention back to her, “Can I just say, you guys a cute couple.”


“And we’re back in 3-2-1. Action.” The camera man points at Ellen.

“Welcome back, now it’s time for Never Have I Ever.” She hands you a paddle, “I ask you questions and you tell me if you have of haven’t done these things. Ready?”

“Ready.” You nod.

“Never have I ever, fallen onstage.”

Harry: I have

You: I haven’t

You lean down towards the wooden table, “Knock on wood.”

“Never have I ever, dated a celebrity.”

Harry: I have

You: I have

“Never have I ever, dated someone I’ve worked with.”

Harry: I have

You: I have

Ellen gave you both a smile, “Never have I ever, dated anyone on this stage.”

You and Harry both looked at each other, you could feel the eyes of the audience.

Before you know it, Harry holds up the I have side of the paddle. His eyes still on yours.

The crowd goes crazy at his confession. Just two kids on the path of falling in love.


Heeyyooo. Requests are still open. request here

anonymous asked:

could you write a real quick imagine/blurb type thing about being pregnant and your hormones are making you kind of short tempered so every little thing aggravates you so with your mood swings and stuff you take it out on Harry so it causes an argument (not a really bad one but still an argument) and you end up crying and feeling extremely bad for everything but he forgives you fluffy plz if u could

I think i’ll alctually be like that throught my pregnancy period, omg. And yeah, of course i’m gonna do one, sweetie! This sounds really goodl.

“No, Harry, i’m telling you for seventh time - i don’t need to stay in bed all day” you can’t help, but snap at him.”It won’t harm the baby in any way if i just go out on a walk. Alone. Just for fifteen minutes. Without you, breathing on my neck.”

His eyes widen and he furrow his eyerbrows. The thought to leave you alone for two minutes is driving him insane. And you can understand him, you’re waiting for the baby to be born every minute, because you’re in your ninth month. But sometimes all his attention and protection is just too much. You two had the same fight two weeks ago when you were doing the laundry all by yourself.

“Look” he starts, “it’s not necessary to scream at me so you can make me agree with you. I told you hundred times - it’s dangerous. What if your waters run out and you can’t call me, because the pain is just too much and-”

“Harry, listen to me!” you scream. “It’s not going to happen and your pessimistic ass is just being paranoid, okay? So just let me go on a walk, i’ll call you if i get too tired to come back home and everything will be alright.”

“If you start giving birth without me, it won’t be my fault.” he muttures angrily.

You can see the tears in the corners of his eyes, but he turns his back to you so you can’t see him, making them go away. Before you can even think about it, you hug him from behind, starting to cry too. He turns to face you again, this time completely okay with you seeing him all voulnerable and messy. His eyes are red because he rubbed them and he tugs at his hair, before kissing your forehead. 

“Sorry, sorry, sorry” you start sniffing. “I didn’t mean to, sorry.”

“My love” he smiles, putting a slight kiss on your lips, “Shhht, it’s alright. Don’t get sad, it’s alright.”

Both of you calm down after a solid hour of hugging and whispiring sweet things at each other, begore you come to a consummation. You go on a walk for twenty minutes, but you keep your phone in your pocket and he’s waiting you on the veranda.

One more chance

So here’s a bit drama one. I changed the plot a bit. Hope you guys like it! I thought I’d do it by tomorrow but was free so yeah completed todayu only. Send me asks babes. Ask me stuff. Harry talks are open. 

Feedbacks are appreciated :)

 You were hurt.

You were hurt when you saw Harry’s body rocking someone else’s.

You were hurt when you saw Harry’s lips moving around someone else’s.

You were hurt when the love which you both shared was shared between Harry and someone else.

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17black-poetry  asked:

Can you write an imagine about Misses Styles giving birth to Harry's first child and make it all cute and cozy. Love youuuu ❤️

Rating: PG
Warnings: none!
Category: cute (i hope) pregnancy fluff
Word Count: 1,834
Request: Yes! Thank you for requesting, i liked this one a lot!!! Remember requests are still open! ❤️

Note: This pulled at my heart strings and the ending came to me while sitting with my mom scrolling through baby photos. If you guys liked this DO LET ME KNOW cause i have ideas for a full out pregnancy fic…

13. Baby, baby.

Time was surely going slower than ever. Maybe someone had stopped the world. Maybe someone turned out the sound, but turned up his heart, and your voice.  It felt like a scene from a movie, and he wasn’t the one in pain, or the one feeling anything, other than panic.

Your hand was griping his with force, as he griped the steering wheel with his free one. He kept huffing out puffs of air, and his thumb caressed your palm.
“Breathe fo’ me, love”

Harry could perfectly pin point, and remember every detail of the day you’d asked him to join that useless parenting class. You were excited and he had not seen you this cheerful since week 4 of the pregnancy, he remembers sighing and rolling his eyes, the idea sounding so bland, and thinking why did he need to partake in this, but joining all together because he loved you and you were already hormonal as it was. He could perfectly remember being the only guy in the room, and the instructor congratulating them on it. He could perfectly remember all the other ladies gossiping about ‘Harry Styles’ being sat right there. He could remember having to think of anything but that, because you were there, and this made you happy, so he was going to take it and learn as much as he could. As much as it pained him to admit, he did learn a lot, and found himself deep in pregnancy magazines every time he found one – he might have subscribed for “Mommy Monthly” but, let’s keep that a secret – and getting documented on all the things this class has sparked.
“Baby’s about the size of a peach now!” He’d press his lips to your growing belly and smile.

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Colors - Halsey // Flaws - Bastille // Wake Me Up - Ed Sheeran // Hotel Ceiling - Rixton // Can’t Help Falling in Love -  Twenty One Pilots // Things We Lost in The Fire - Bastille // Madness - Sleeping With Sirens // Breathe Me - Sia // She Keeps Me Warm -  Mary Lambert // Autumn Leaves -  Ed Sheeran // Sex - The 1975 // Hold Me Down - Halsey // Beside You - 5 Seconds of Summer // Don’t Let Me Go - Harry Styles //

Grimmy Show // H.S

this was requested!! and I love love love the plot: request here


Plot: Y/N and Harry are dating but are trying to keep there relationship under wraps. Y/N is an actress who appears on Grimmy’s show for some PR, and she accidentally let’s something slip..


Lou was busy trying to keep your hair straight as you were being driven to the radio station. You smiled as your boyfriend of almost 3 months, Harry, pops on your phone screen. Lou agreed to help you get ready because your other hair stylist got sick, and canceled. Harry flew her from California to London to help you out, as well.

Your new movie is coming out in a week, and Harry just started his tour. Your paths don’t cross until you both meet in Miami. But that’s almost two week away.

When you both started dating, you discussed keeping your relationship private due to the craziness of both of your schedules. Plus, it’d give the media more time to focus on the projects you two have worked so hard on.

“Don’t you look great.” Harry smiled, on the screen.

You smiled back at him, “I just wanted to see, you before I go on Nick’s show. You promise he won’t pull any pranks?”

Harry bites his lip, as he nods. “Nick mostly jokes around, he’s won’t pull a prank. Plus, it’ll be your first time on the show, he’s not a dick.”

You look out the window and see you’re about to pull up to the radio station, you turn back to Harry.

“We’re about to pull up, call me after your show.”

“I won’t look as good, you have my stylist.” He joked. “But, we’ll manage. Bye, love. You’re going to do great. I’ll be listening. Bye Lou!”

Lou mumbles a bye as she types away on her phone. You hang up after saying goodbye, and blowing him a kiss.

You take a seat across from Nick, as he gets set up. You’ve met him once before at Harry’s album party, and you got along great.

When the show starts, he asks a few questions about the movie you’re starring in, alongside Cole Sprouse. Of course, he asks you about the rumors going around that your romance is also off screen. He then goes onto say, you’re playing a game.

“For those who don’t know.” Nick says into the microphone. “Y/N and I, met at Harry Styles album party. So, I think it’s time we attach her to the heart monitor.”

You hear some noise behind you as you see someone wheeling the machine in.

“Why a heart monitor?” You ask him, as you eye the machine.

“Just to see how you respond to these images. I’ll show you three or four, and all you have to do is give a little back story. Sounds easy, right?”

You nod as you adjust your headphones. The man walks over and hands you the little string, you have to connect to your chest.

“This is scary.” You mumble, as you place it over your heart.

You see Nick is staring at the monitor, “Okay, perfect. Your heartbeat is at a steady 60. All right, Y/N. Are you ready?”

“Ready.” You nod.

He holds up a picture of Cole Sprouse. “Cole Spouse, your rumored boyfriend. Your costar. Thoughts?” He cocks an eyebrow.

You smile. “For starters, he’s not my boyfriend. He’s such a funny guy. Great story teller. A very close friend.”

You say truthfully. Nick puts the picture down and holds up the next one.

“Nick Jonas. You said in an interview he was your celebrity crush from when you were younger. Any thoughts?”

You smile at him. “He’s attractive. I’ve never met him. I still love him music.”

“You’ve never met him?” He asks setting the picture down.

“Well, I almost did at the VMA’s last year, but he went into the bathroom. So.” You let out a small laugh, as you trail off.

“Okay, last one.” He holds up the next picture. “Harry Styles. Threw the party we both met at. A close friend to us both. Thoughts?”

You tried to keep a calm look on your face. “Um-”

“Your heartbeat just went up.” Nick glanced at the machine before looking over at you. An amused smile on his lips.

“Harry’s a great guy. He’s so sweet, and trusting. It’s hard not to fall for him.”

“Fall for him? Wait, you fell for him?” Nick perks up in his seat.

“I mean like him. It’s hard not like him!” You quickly try to cover up your slip up.

You glance over at Lou who has an amused smile on her face.

“You like Harry? Does he know? Oh my god, do you think he likes you back?”

Your heartbeat was certainly racing, you didn’t have to look at the monitor to know. Nick knew too, he was teasing you on purpose.

“Do you think he’s listening?” Nick continues. “Hey, H, if you’re listening call in! Let’s talk about this.”

You hoped he wouldn’t call. You were praying Harry wouldn’t call. But, then Nick’s phone started to ring and you let out a groan.

“You’re a pain.” You say, as Nick answers the phone and places it on speaker.

“Harry, lad. So, you were listening?”

Harry let’s out a small laugh. “Of course. I love you both. Huge fans of both, too.”

The heart monitor was long forgotten to everyone listening.

“So, what are your thoughts on all of this?”

“Well,” he pauses to think. “Y/N’s extremely talented. Easy to get along with, beyond funny. I bet she’s flustered right now. I can’t wait for the video to come out. But, anyway it’s hard not to like her, as well. By the way, hi love! Great show. Knew you’d kill it.”

You smile and thank him. The show went on for another few minutes before you signed off. Nick was over to you.

“Oh, and by the way I knew about you guys from the beginning. Just wanted to give you a hard time.” He smirks as he walks off.

You’re already planning how to get back at him the next time you appear on his show.



Okay 1. I loved this plot. I want to see it as a chapter story. *hint hint*

2. Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed.

Requests open!

- M xo

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Title: Half Past Midnight                                                                                         Pairing: Alex/Reader                                                                                                Requested: Yes                                                                                                        Word count: 748

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Hi everybody! Here’s part V for the Chaos and the Calm series. Thank you to everyone who’s said such kind words about all my writing so far. It means a lot to me that Alex and Harry are getting so much love. Keep reblogging it, liking it, and sending me any and all thoughts, criticisms, and ideas you’ve got. I love hearing from you all!

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hi, can you write a one where he gets overprotective of you in front of his family and they make fun of him bc of it later? idk, you were probably spending a lot of time with genma and he gets jealous/overprotective... thank youuu xx

Another little short one for you but the idea came in to my head tonight and I’m trying to battle through the requests in my inbox so here’s Harry being a jealous, whiny fucker x

Harry and Y/N Sitting In A Tree

He’s acting odd when you walk in from your Manchester shopping trip with Gemma. He’s always been an odd ball but he’s just that little bit different tonight when you put down the masses of shopping bags in the hall way of his mother’s Holmes Chapel home. The bowl of late afternoon cereal gets put down on the small table with the flowers in the hall and he comes in for a cuddle at full force, squishing you like he only ever does when he’s the one who’s been away for months on tour, not when you’ve been out with his sister for a few hours.

“Missed yeh,” he tells you as he places a strong kiss on your hair.

“We’ve been gone…what…four hours, Haz,” you laugh in to his shoulder where your face has been placed by his grip.

“S’long enough. Yeh want a cuppa tea?”

“I would but Gem ’n I are going out for dinner at the pub. Just gonna sort the hair out ’n then go, baby.” You pull your head away and look up at his face which has just dropped. Gemma makes her escape as soon she hears her brother being called ‘baby’ with retching sounds as she climbs the stairs to her bedroom. “What? I told you this morning?”

“Yeah but I thought yeh’d get bored of each other and we could go out for a drink?”

“Get bored of Gemma?” You question with a grin on your face. “I could never do that. Me ’n you, we’ll go out tomorrow, yeah?”

“Yeh were out with mum yesterday, where’s my piece ‘a love?” He pouts.

You stare at him to figure out what he’s thinking. “Is Harry jealous?” You tease.

“No,” he whines back and releases you from his arms before walking down the hall to the kitchen. “You jus’ wait. I’ll make you jealous.”

You just giggle at him and head upstairs yourself to get ready for your dinner out with his sister and when you come back down with freshly brushed hair and a change of shoes, you can see Harry battling to keep a whine inside, pretending that he doesn’t care, to the extent that you have to go to him for a goodbye kiss instead of his usual insistence for you to not dare leave without one.

“Stop being moody,” you tell him when you pull away from his lips.

“Not moody,” he protests. “See, ‘m opening the door f’ yeh.” He opens the door which brings a small call from his mum in the living room to close it quickly behind you so as not to let all the cold air in.


Harry doesn’t text you for the whole of the three hours you and Gemma end up being out. He’s usually hot on your tail when you’re both at home or at his parents’ house, keeping in touch just to check you’re ok and don’t forget about him but he’s quiet tonight, trying to play hard to get.

“He’s such a dork,” Gemma comments when you tell her how he was acting. “He loves you, he really does.”

“Now he’s just giving me the silent treatment,” you laugh.

“He used to do that to me when I got mum’s attention when we were younger,” she starts. “When mum ’n me would go on a shopping trip or somethin’, he wouldn’t talk to either of us and would sit with a face like a slapped arse not speaking.”

She had you in fits of laughter, almost spitting out your vodka and orange. “Glad I’m not the only one to experience one of his jealous rages.”


Harry’s still up with Anne and Robin when you arrive back at the house and go to sit with them all in the living room where they’re catching up with a new series on Netflix. He’s opted for the single seater chair so you can’t sit next to him, and except for a discreet glance when you walk in, he ignores you so you kneel on the floor next to the chair, leaning over to kiss his cheek. You feel a smile want to appear on his face but he works his hardest to not let it find its way.

So you kiss him again.

And again.

Until he tells you to stop with a firm “go away” and you roll your eyes at him and decide to sit on the arm of the chair to annoy him some more until he gives in.

“Harry, don’t talk to your girlfriend like that,” Anne tells him.

Gemma laughs. “He’s in a mood because we went out shopping and then for dinner so he didn’t get any time with her, that’s all. I’m stealing her away from him…”

“Not in a mood,” he’s defiant.

The attention of the room returns back to the screen and you swing your legs on the side of the chair, knocking in to his lazily hanging legs every so often to keep his attention. He doesn’t move so he’s not annoyed by it and you secretly think he’s enjoying you lavishing him and refusing to move away.

“I’m gettin’ my nails done at the salon tomorrow, darlin’, you’re welcome to come,” Anne smiles at you as the credits roll on the screen at the end of the episode and you sense Harry’s ears perk up at what he’s hearing. “Afterwards, we could have a drink at that wine bar Gem mentioned yesterday?”

“Yeah, why not? My nails need doing anyway,” you reply. A day with Anne with nails and wine does sound fun.

Harry disagrees.

“No,” he whines, sitting up in the chair. The whole rooms turns to watch him after he comes out with a the whining voice they haven’t heard for years. “She’s not goin’,” he continues in protest.

“Harry…” you try to intercept him to tell him but he doesn’t let up and places a protective hand on your thigh.

“We agreed tha’ tomorrow would be our day. She’s not goin’, yeh’ve had her today, yesterday. She’s my girlfriend, not any o’ yours.”

The whole room is silent for a moment, staring at him, before promptly bursting out in to collective laughter at him while he sits with a pouty expression on his face; one his mother hasn’t seen since he was a tiny toddler.

“Jesus, H, calm down,” Gemma laughs through her drink.

“S’not funny,” he says as he leans back in his chair and pulls you, finally, on to his lap, holding you close. “Only wanna spend some time with m’ girl. Yeh all keep stealing her away from me.”

Usually reluctant, you pepper his face with embarrassing kisses in front of his family and, for once, he revels in the love you’re freely showing him.

That’s before you hear Gemma chiming in from across the room. “First comes love….”

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First time trying rimming and fingering with harry and he's shy and nervous but he comes so quick

It would be so sweet and gentle, he’d be laying on his tummy, his bum lifted up and his arms wrapped around his pillow. He’s nervously running his fingers through his hair, breathing heavily, trying to prepare himself.

“Just relax, baby. It will feel good, I promise.”

You’re kissing and nibbling his flesh, blowing some cooling air on the wet spots. He turns his head, just so he can see your actions. You look up to him with a loving smile.

“Ready?” You ask, and he nods slowly, closing his eyes and taking in a deep breath when you slide in your finger. His arms tighten around his pillow, and a whimper leaves his lips.

“That’s it.” you keep a slow pace, just so he can get used to this new sensation. His thighs tremble slightly under you, and you put your hand on one of them, not only to keep them down, but to calm Harry down.

“My baby is taking it so well.”

Preference #14 BSM: You Call Him Crying

A/N: BSM= brother sister moment. Y/N is 13-17 years old. Enjoy lovely people

Louis: (You’re 13) You were being bullied at school, girls hated you and guys wanted nothing to do with you. You were curled up on your bed and crying as you picked up your phone “Lou Lou?” you sniffled in the background.
“Y/N? whats wrong baby” he excuses himself from the group and gets to a quieter place.
“T-they’re being mean again” you sob and louis sighs furious inside
“I want you on tour with me, this is crazy love” he coos “Im sorry baby ill make it all go away” he whispers
“I want to see you soon big brother” you always called him that, and he loved it.
“I know sweetheart I promise I will fly you out soon” he smiles “you know what you need to do to those bitches”
You giggle already happier “What?”
“Just give them some old Tomlinson sass! you’ve always been good at that” He chuckles “Just like brother Louis Oi?”
You wipe your tears and nod “Ok Louis, I’ll see you soon”
“Ok Y/N i love you” he smiles and hangs up the phone going back to his mates.

Liam (age 15): you were alone at lunch eating in the bathroom again, you hated yourself and everyone hated you, so you hid from everyone, except for Liam. Like he did everyday he called you to check up on you and frowned to himself when he heard your voice crack “Hello?” you whisper.
“Babe its me. Are you alright” he asks concerned
You wipe your eyes with your sleeve and sniffle “Im ok i guess”
“You’re in the loo again aren’t you love” he sighs “Im coming to get you” he picks up his keys.
“Liam no its fine” you say knowing he’s just overreacting.
“No Y/n its not. you’re gonna be home schooled from now on i hate seeing you like this” he gets out to his car putting you on speaker “Want me to sing to you as i drive babe?”
“Yes please” you hold back a sob as you hear someone enter the room, your big brother making you feel better, like he always does.

Niall ( Age 14): He was a protective older brother. ever since the day you were born you knew you were different, you had a stutter, and as you got older you were bullied more and more you came home from school to Niall strumming his guitar on the sofa “Hey princess, how are you? How was school?”
“I-it w-was okay” you frown and groan biting your lip
Niall frowns and sets down his guitar “Babe come here” he pulls you into his side and sighs “Talk to me baby”
’T-the girls s-say you don’t love m-m-me” you whimper and hold onto him.
He squeezes your side “Hey babe you know thats not true, you’re my little girl, my sister, I love you so much I’ll never stop”
You nod and he watches movies all night until you fall asleep.

Harry(age 17): You looked so much like harry, you could have been twins if you asked someone, girls were jealous because you were related to the Harry Styles and were sure to try and tear you down You were getting hate on social media. You were good at ignoring it but overtime it started to get to you. He called you like he had everyday for the past month and you were trying to keep calm but failed and ended up sobbing with your big brother on the phone.
“They hate me harry, i have no friends” you sniffle and whimper into the phone making harry frown on the other end.
“have you talked to the teacher about it babe” he suggests
“No i don’t want to tattle, they’ll spread more rumors about me”
“What rumors Y/N?”
“They think I’m sleeping around” you sob and harry assures you he’s going to take care of it, and he does.  


hello okay, these may not be the exact order of the dates but i just want to post this to keep me calm

ofc we know where niall and liam are but i included them here


• louis is with danielle campbell, a woman who popped out from no where and now the media says that they’re dating

• there was a rumour saying that louis was going to be with one of the stars from fear the walkinbg dead bc he used to tweet abt that but he ended with danielle

• they went skiing in some place, paps were there wherever they go yet here we had Liam in LA and he doesnt get papped unless he has an invisible cloak but how the hell does this paps know where lounielle is????

• caught necking the bird elounor 2.0 ski version

• danielle needs a profile boost

• now what is going on lounielle, where are you

• around May, Louis posed for the paps including Briana behind him, perfect angles, and WHY WOULD LOUIS POSE FOR THE PAPS, WHY WOULD HE STOP AND TAKE A PHOTO WITH BRIANA POSING BEHIND HIM

•pregnancy announcements

• louis was asked how is he as he was expecting a child then the interviewer quickly asks harry after why is he quiet (WHY?!)

• october/halloween photo - no baby bump/slim figure

• baby bump magically appears

• baby bump disappears during christmas

• baby bump appears again

• Briana’s family posted photos from her cousin, Amber

• Briana “gave birth”

• Briana said 1/21/16, Louis tweeted 1/23/26 saying that his son was born YESTERDAY “ 1/22/16 ”

• Hired twins in LA from a PR woman

• Baby is being exposed

• Briana was seen wearing tights and high heels AFTER BIRTH DAMN GIRL


• Briana was holding the baby basket thing with only one hand, actually, only four fingers because she was holding her phone

• Lots, lots, lots of bringing out the baby basket scene


• MY LAD PHOTO IS SAID TO BE PHOTOSHOP because Louis had short hair there and he has long hair now, so after a day or 2, Louis just got a haircut.





• NOPE, they were spotted in a restaurant
• and publicly snogging on a yacht after rumors of kendall being gay, VERY VERY VERY SUDDEN

• after that, POOF, it’s reported that Hendall are cooling off (jan 31. 2016 update)


• FREDDIE is spotted in RBB’S first post with the dvd player
• keep calm
• london airport photos (01/24) , assuming that Harold took them before he left (01/20)


• juicy j stuff


• still alive and he loves us

Here's an idea

I know Zayn’s announcement shocked the One Direction fan base big time. Because of this, there are a few things I would like to point out.

To the 1D haters out there, if a friend of yours is a fan and you are not, please do not make fun or say anything rude to your friend. Believe it or not, but 1D could be something they hold close to their hearts and if you say anything rude, like “good, fuck them” or any sarcastic remark about the band, it might hurt your friend’s feelings. Personally, 1D helped me in a time of trouble, they kept my hopes up while I was getting bullied in school. Do not say anything rude, you will hurt your friend. Try to comfort them and if not, just tell them it will be okay, that’s all you have to do.

To the 1D fans, it’s okay. It is not the end of the world. Yes, this might lead to the break up of 1D, but it’s okay. Try to stay calm, and think of something else. If this makes you deeply sad, it’s time to look for something else to make you happy. Zayn was stressed, so him leaving the band is actually a good thing. His health and happiness is what is most important. Would you like the boys to continue to be in the band if they were sad or sick? I think not. I love each one of them, so it’s best to keep their respective feelings first.

In conclusion, the news is sad, but also a good sign for the boys. There were not going to stay together forever, even Simon kept that in mind from the start. This is just a new chapter in the boy’s lives. Please keep yourselves in check and calm down. Comfort your friends and please calm down, it is not the end. The boys’ happiness is what should come first for this fandom.


Harry Smut: Valentine's Day Lust

Requested by: hopelesslyinloveornot 

Valentine’s Day was on a weekend so you imagined that Harry could spend the whole day cuddling you, and doing other romantic things. Well, unfortunately, he received a call from work and had to leave immediately. “Babe, I swear to you that I will be back as soon as possible.” you nodded and hid your disappointment. After all, it wasn’t his fault, it’s just that you had wanted him, needed him to be there for you that day. You tried all day to distract your mind from your sexual frustration. You watched two movies, cleaned the house, made the bed and even baked cookies but it was now 6pm and still no sign of Harry except for a dozen of texts apologizing for his absence.

Just as you were about to head on out for some Chinese food, Harry opened the door, shrugged his coat off and walked towards you in long strides. He hugged you tightly, breathed in your scent and sighed. “I’m so so so sorry. I know how much this day means to you. Please tell me your day wasn’t dreadful?” you appreciated how much he was sorry, but that didn’t help the fact you were craving him all day. “It wasn’t dreadful, just very… frustrating,” you explained, pulling yourself away a bit, to look him in the eyes. “In which way was it frustrating?” he asked, getting an idea of where your mind was going. “Well… I missed you a lot.” you slowly said, trailing your warm hands around his waist, stopping and tracing his V line. His breath caught for a second before speaking, “Oh? And what would we have done if I had stayed back?” he continued observing your face, “We would have banged. Probably on the kitchen, maybe on the couch, but definitely in our room, since I put on silky sheets.” As you spoke, you could feel Harry tensing all over, trying to restrain himself, and keeping his calm. “I hope it isn’t too late now,” he said, raising your shirt up a bit, where he could touch your smooth skin. “No babe, it’s never too late.” and with that, he swooped you up in one swift motion, bridal style and walked you to the bedroom.

Laying you down on the sheets, he then pulled up the rest of your shirt, revealing your new lacy bra. He loved lace. “Ah fuck..” he said, hurrying up to unbuckle his pants, and disposing of his button down shirt. All the while you admired his beautiful body, glistening in some parts with sweat that you had caused. He was taking too long for your liking so you decided to undress yourself. When he noticed what you were doing, he climbed the bed and stopped you. “You know I love to do that,” he purred in your ear, kissing down your jaw as his hands worked on your jeans. Once they were undone, you pulled down his boxers and he did the same with your matching bra and panties. He kissed around your breasts, then your neck and down your stomach till he reached the part he most desired. His breath was hitting your core, but he was stalling around and you could not wait, “Harry please,” you begged, and on command, you felt his lips coming in contact. His tongue worked extremely slowly, but efficiently, hitting every spot he  knew would drive you crazy. Your moans filled the room and with his pace, you didn’t think you could hold back one minute more, “Let it go,” he mouthed, sending vibrations through and letting you have your first orgasm of the night. Cleaning his lips, he crawled over to you and swept your hair out of your face. “Come on babe, think you can do another one?” he asked sweetly. You nodded and pulled him closer to you with your legs. You grinded your hips towards him, letting him get a sense of how much you had needed him but had to wait through the day for him. Harry scrunched his face and held your hips, guiding them closer to him. “Y/N, I need you. I need you right now.” he growled. He wasted no time in aligning himself with your entrance and breathing deeply in relief. You couldn’t help but shout his name, and wait for him to find the right pace. He rolled his hips a few times trying to relieve all the pressure you had caused and then started thrusting in you quicker than anything he had done that day. His hands held your chest to his, so that you could be as close as you possibly could. When you felt your name roll out of his mouth several times a minute you knew he wasn’t going to last much longer and neither could you. Hearing your name said with his raspy and stressed voice was what made you lose your mind. Biting your lip, Harry thrust into you three more times before releasing which caused you to collapse. If he hadn’t held you close to him, you would’ve dropped on the sheets. 

You were completely satisfied, and thankful that Harry ended your misery. 

“Y/N? Happy Valentine’s Day.” he said smiling lazily and wrapping his arms around you.

“You know, it’s only 6:50, the day is still young,” you said half joking.

“Oh I know, in fact, I think there’s some whipped cream that might come in handy, later." 

He was definitely going to make it up to you in the best way possible.

Imagine Harry Styles haircut

Imagine it’s the day of Harry’s haircut and he was nervous as all hell. You’ve been dating him for well over three years now so you knew exactly how to keep him calm. “H, it’ll grow back love” you remind him. “And it’s going to a good cause” you add with a quick kiss to his cheek. Harry only trusted Lou to cut his hair, the three of you waiting in yours and Harry’s kitchen waiting for him to grow some balls and let her cut it.

“Can you braid it” Harry suddenly asks you and of course you agree, it’s a step closer to getting it off.

“God I’m gonna miss these man buns of yours, makes you look cute, well not when it’s accompanied with sweat but you know what I mean babe” so you start brushing, then braiding your boyfriend’s hair with the occasional kiss going to either his neck, shoulder or cheek. “Hey H, I’ll be able to kiss the back of your neck and drive you crazy with that too now” you say, remembering how it makes his instantly in the mood. “Only got that on the odd chance you had your bun in and not going to the gym”

“Harry fuck sake, let’s just do this thing” Lou groans, still tapping at her phone, you understand her impatient, she’s been here for about two hours just waiting for Harry to be ready. “I have a daughter waiting for me at home, love”

“Give me one minute with him and I’ll have him ready, I promise” you tell her and she leaves you with your boyfriend.

“What if you don’t like it?” Harry asks you as he pulls you onto his lap, you have one arm around his shoulders and the other one is fiddling with the cross chain which rests around his neck almost constantly. “I know we’re not exactly a band at the moment but what if the fans don’t like it?”

“I know you still love your fans babes but it doesn’t matter if they don’t like it, they don’t have to see it every single day, and I’m not self centered enough to leave the best man in the whole world because his gorgeous hair, which I’m very jealous of, is being cut. I think you’ll look handsome baby” you say, making your boyfriend smile up at you. “Think you’ll be hot with a new cut babes”

“Thanks love” he mutters, the small gap between you now becoming none existent as he presses his mouth to yours.

“And H, think about how crazy you can drive your fans if we have a few days in relaxing”

“Lou, ’m ready” Harry calls and she runs back in and is quick to chop the braid off and she immediately passes it to me. “Bloody hell” he mutters to himself.

“Think about who this will help baby” you remind him with a kiss going to his temple. You watched Lou expertly neaten up the the back of his hair and she makes sure the style Harry had requested was still there.

“I don’t like it” he admits. “I loved my long hair”

“Just remembered, your girlfriend fell in love with you when you had shorter hair, it’ll be just like we were back then”

“This bloody movie better be worth the cut and it better be worth being away from you”

“H it will be, it’ll be a great experience and it’ll open up so many doors for you my love, now go shower and get all of these hairs and then we can cuddle for the next few days, okay?”

“You sure I look okay?” He asks for what seems like the millionth time already. He’s showered and now you’re just waiting for him to come join you in your shared bed, a towel low on his hips as he checks out the style in my makeup mirror.

“Yes darlin’, promise ya” you tell him. “Now you coming for cuddles or will I have to cuddle the pillows again?”

“ ’m comin’, ’m comin’. Gosh demandin’ woman” he says jokingly as he slips on a pair of boxers and quickly gets under the covers with you. “Now (y/n), you sure you’re alright with my hair, your opinion is the only one I’m really bothered about, everyone else can get over it. And remember love, the sides and back will be gettin’ another trim just before I start filming and I’m sure they’ll keep me well trimmed during filmin’”

“I love it H, you’re looking rather handsome if I do say so myself. I could get use to this style on you, you look strangely, mature suddenly”

“You bloody well won’t be getting use to this style, love m’ long ‘air”

“I know baby, I love it too but this is nice for a change. Gotta say, I will miss braiding your hair on the rare occasion you’d actually let me do it” you tell him and he nods in agreement. “What am I going to do bub? I love doing your hair”

“Well sweetheart, I have one idea for you but my hair would’ve grown back by then”

“What would that be?”

“Could try givin’ us a baby girl before I have to leave to film”

“A-Are you serious, H?” You ask nervously, was that really way of asking you if you could have a baby together. He just nods and kisses you.

“Doll you know I want kids, can’t think of a better time to start. You won’t be going through it alone, you can come stay with me while I film and we can get someone to come do the checkups for you, then as soon as we get home we can sort the nursery out and gets lots of cute clothes and making sure the house is safe for when our little girl is running around the home bumping into everything”

“But H, you’re a busy man and I don’t want you missing out on your kids lives. You’re amazing with Lux and I know that’s all you’ll want to be like with our kids but you’re just getting busier”

“Love, believe me you’ll be wishing rid of me when we have kids, I’ll never leave yours or the kids sides, wherever I go my family will be with me and I’ll make sure if that”

“Okay, okay. You best give me a little girl H, means I can do her hair”

“No I want my baby boy first, then he’ll help me look after our little girl in the future when she has stupid teenage boys all over her because she’s going to be just as gorgeous as you are”

“Harry you have no right to be fighting off the boys, you were all over me when we first started dating and my dad felt like murdering you”

“I know love, it’s part of having a girl” you laughed at your boyfriend but of course you agreed that it was time for a little one in your lives. Harry had to leave for the beginning of filming about a week after this conversation and you had both been at it (in bed) as much as physically possible and it’s now been a month since he left and you think you’re pregnant (as you missed your period) and you’ve just arrived at the airport in Dunkirk and the moment you see Harry you run over and hug him tightly. The two of you were use to the distance that touring had forced upon the pair of you so this sort of reunion was a norm for you now.

“Missed you so much doll” he whispers to you and pulls you in for a kiss.

“Missed you too” you mutter when you pull away.

“Come on, I can finally show you what it’s like on set, you’re going to love it” he whispers excitedly as his hand finds yours and he pulls you through the crowds of fans and paparazzi. It was really early in Dunkirk and you were ready to see your boyfriend do his thing on set, I mean the last time you saw him properly act (not for any sort of commercial) was back when he did icarly, back then you two only just started dating and he wanted some support. You get overwhelmed by all of the amazing stars your boyfriend would be staring in a movie with.

“This reminds me of then I came on tour with you, watching you get all pampered before a show or interview or something” you point out. You have to push down the inner fan girl inside of you when you see Tom Hardy greeting your boyfriend with a high five and some sort if spoken greeting which you couldn’t hear because of the screaming inside your own head.

“Love” Harry says, pinching your sides, knocking you out of your inner fan girl moment. “Sweets, you just zoned out, Tom was saying hello to you”

“It’s great to finally meet the girl he hasn’t stopped going on about” he says as he pulls you in for a hug. ‘Keep your cool (y/n), he’s Harry’s friend, wouldn’t want him to think less of Harry because of your reaction to him’ you tell yourself as you hug him. Harry pulls you towards him so you were perched on his lap, now putting all your weight on his legs, unsure of how strong the chair is.

“Well done bubs” Harry whispers, knowing about your huge crush on the actor.

“H, I swear if you don’t set me up with him we’re totally over”

“And if I set you up with him we’re totally over so you can run off into the sunset with him?” Harry whispers, phrasing it as a question and he kisses your neck.

“Stop that, my future husband is right there H” you joke with him. Ever since you found out that Harry was in a film with THE Tom Hardy you had been joking with your boyfriend that this was how you were meant to meet and it was destiny. Of course it was a joke and you love Harry with your whole heart but it does make him crazy jealous sometimes and sometimes knowing you’d get such is why you say such things.

“You drive me bloody crazy”

“So (y/n), Harry has told me all about you, told us all” Tom says, whilst smirking.

“Ohh god, what’s he said? Is it something where I just shouldn’t show my face here for the rest of the time I’m here?”

“Let’s just move on” Harry says as he pulls you all the way onto his lap, kissing your cheek quickly.

“Most of its good sweetheart, there’s just a couple of things I think you’d rather us not know,especially me” Tom tells you with a wink. Now part of you is screaming at the inside because of that wink and part of you is wanting to get all the information from Harry that he’s told your crush.

“Most?” You question, looking towards your boyfriend with raised eyebrows. “Ohh sweet-pea if you don’t tell me everything you’ve told them I will go home even before we get to do the dirty, and I know how much you want that”

“Ohh fuck” your boyfriend, who hates cursing, curses, meaning he really did let something slip. “Tom may know about your crush and the poster in our wardrobe”

“Don’t forget about the kissing” Tom reminds Harry and this makes you want to murder your boyfriend for letting it slip to Thomas freaking Hardy that you use to kiss a huge poster of him before you went to bed every night. “Ohh and what about her shouting out my name instead of yours one night when you were having your err, private time”

“I’m so bloody embarrassed” you say. You feel like crying but you didn’t want to embarrass your boyfriend even more so you held it together. “Have a good one today babe, I’m going out to explore” you say half heartedly with a kiss to the cheek. You start walking away and you decide that now would be a good time to actually go get yourself checked if you are pregnant or not so you make plans in your head of getting a pregnancy test and bringing it back here. However, Harry has other ideas and he follows you through the crowds of the movie set.

“Baby, baby girl” he calls, following you. “Baby” he breathes out as he grabs hold of your wrist and he pulls you back so you’re looking at him. “Love ’m sorry I told him all that stuff but I also told him about what a great person you are and how you want to raise money for cancer research and mcmillan and Mr Hardy may want to help you. Told him that I’m going to make you my wife, and just so you know he’s coming to our wedding”

“I know he’s standing at the alter, getting married to me” you joke, slipping back into playful mood you were in previously (before Harry embarrassed the life out of you). The two of you weren’t engaged or anything but you’ve both said that’s exactly what you wanted just at the right time. “You upset me, H” you tell him and poke his toned stomach.

“I know baby, I’m really sorry. Look please don’t go anywhere”

“H, I’ll be back as soon as I can, promise, I’ve just got something I need to take care of and I’ll be back in time to watch your scene. Please babe, need to so this”

“Love what’s going on” he asks. So you go on your tip toes (he leans down a little too) so you can whisper in his ear.

“H we might have a baby Styles on the way” you whisper and as soon as he realises what you said he’s hugging and kissing you all over your face. “Jus’ Keep hush abou’ it” So you quickly go to the shop and pick up multiple pregnancy text (because you just want to be sure) and you get back to the set as quick as possible.

“CONGRATULATIONS (Y/N)” you hear everyone cheer, there was some balloons and some badly written banners. You can’t help but smile at Harry and love that he does it even though you asked him to stay quiet.

“My god Styles, thought you’d wait till I got back at least” you say, smirking now at your boyfriend. Luckily when you had a moment you took the tests and you were pregnant so the celebration was not a waste of time. You had great fun celebrating with them and then the two of you celebrated even more when you got back to the hotel later on that night, if you know what I mean ;)

I know the hair ‘whoops’ was quite a while ago but I started writing it then and only just finished it. This kinda turned into something else, didn’t mean it to end up with that but Ohh well, hope you enjoyed it either way. And I hope you enjoyed how I switched it up, usually it’s Harry who wants the baby girl. Thanks for reading ♡ (thought I’d mention, over 80 notes for my last one, I’ll he honest I’m proud of myself for that, highest ever!!!!)