keep calm and love black butler

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Ciel and alois are sad and crying in their bedroom in the middle of night and their s/o finds out and tries to comfort them hc


- The only reason he would cry would be because of a nightmare he had and tbh it would be hard to find out but you would probably be informed by Sebastian if Ciel tells him to go away.

- Hes very reluctant to tell you whats wrong at first and insists that hes fine but you can see that hes not, youd have to hug him to get it out of him because being close to him calms him he would slowly but surely tell you what was in his dream and he might cry a lil more but he would hug you tighter so he wouldnt have to show you.

- Sleeping in the same bed with him is the best option and probably one of the only ones to calm him and make him go back to sleep. He slowly falls asleep as long as your holding him.


- He would cry for a lot of reasons but the main ones being thunder and lightening or being scared of something.

- Calming him is easier and harder than calming Ciel its harder because he will carry on crying until hes sick if you cant find a fast solution its also easier because the solution is usually just letting him cuddle with you in his bed.

- He will curl into your body and lay his head against your chest whilst you hold the other side of his head to keep him from hearing things. Kissing the crown of his head also helps because it lets him know that your there for him and that you love him.