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Can i request how McCree, Junkrat and Genji would react if they had a plus size s/o? SFW and NSFW but only if you're comfortable :)) thank youu <3 (your writing is amazing btw)

((A/N - Please note that there is NSFW content below))



• He can never keep his hands off of you, no matter what size you are

• You do have days when you feel a bit self conscious, as though you don’t fit in with other people on base and how they seem to magically keep super strong and toned

• He will always be there with you on those days. You’re not a super soldier expected to keep up with unrealistic tasks

• Will constantly praise you on how you’re doing with training, but will constantly remind you not to push yourself too hard

• You are his fluffy bear to cuddle up to at night and wouldn’t change you for anything else


• Has never hugged someone who isn’t dangerously skinny before; living in the outbacks of Australia didn’t really provide him with the chance

• He will absolutely use you as a pillow, providing you didn’t mind of course

• Has funny ways of expressing his emotions, so he will always try to compliment you but sometimes it comes out wrong?

• When he realises his mistake he will be all over you, but you end up laughing at how sweet he really is

• Will always appreciate who you are, and will never tell you to change


• Honestly he’s just happy that he has something other than his robotic parts to keep him company

• Constantly tells you he loves you for who you are

• Always says he isn’t one to judge at all, he’s half Omnic for goodness sake

• Invites you to meditate when you’re having a self-conscious day to help calm you

• He understands you, and you understand him which is why you’re perfect together

* * *



• This cowboy loves to manhandle you

• He will not rest himself until your fleshy thighs are covered in his bite and scratch marks

• Honestly? McCree pounding into you from behind while grabbing onto your lovehandles is such a big turn on for both of you

• He is a control freak. Seeing you on your knees wanting to please him sends him into overdrive

• Perfect for cuddling into after a night of games


• He loves to be overpowered and you love overpowering him

Absolutely has a size kink, for him being so scraggly and you being so full and luscious

• You love having him in between your legs, the danger hanging over him that you could easily squish him

• He pampers you, in his eyes are are a god/goddess

• Will happily snuggle up to you after an intense session


• It doesn’t matter who you are or what you look like, but you will bend to the young Shimada’s will

• Praises you, saying how good you are for him and how lovely you look all spread out for him

• Things usually escalate from him giving you a full body massage, to him then practicing his shibari techniques

• Loves to see your soft flesh become bruised from his handy-work, nothing that’s ever permanent though

• Runs his hands over all of your curves, making you light headed from his touches and pet names

Hoo boy, I’m in deep . . .

and I can relate anything/make anything about mcgenji because I love them so much.

So I was going through the genji tag, as a thirsty boy does, and I found that post with the audio of carrot boy getting shot by Ana’s bionic rifle. So, immediately, my brain was like, “hey, man, fuck your shit up. Just fuck your own shit up.” So I did, and thought about McCree hearing something like that from over the comm.

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There are so many great fics out there that need to be recognized! If you find something you like on this list, be sure to show it the appreciation it deserves with likes, reblogs, and messages to the author! I hope you can find something to enjoy, and remember that if you’d like me to see your work, be sure to tag me in it!

Just a reminder that no all/mostly smut fics will be added. If they’re part of a series I will link non-smut parts.

This one’s a long one, so enjoy!


  • Inheritance by @nichelle-my-belle (Reader x Dean) - This was so fluffy and I loved reading it! Thank you for tagging me, your writing is awesome! I loved seeing Jody again and the letters/gifts from Bobby made my heart both happy and sad.
  • Untitled Drabble by @writingthingsisdifficult (Sam, Dean, Reader) - This was hilarious! Sam as a cat made my day so much better, I’m so glad I found this! It’s short and sweet and perfect if you need a laugh!
  • 90 Days of Autumn by @jpadjackles (Reader x Sam) - I loved this! This is such a cute fic, please tag me in the upcoming parts!! I’m forever a Sam Girl, and autumn is my favorite season. I’m so excited to see all the things they’ll do!
  • Stella by @leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid (Reader x Sam) - The reader is Sam’s girlfriend/wife in this one, and it’s super cute. If you like Dad!Sam, this one’s for you! I love how both of them interact with Stella, it makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. Thank you for tagging me, this was so, so, so good and I’m glad I got to read it!! Sorry I can’t tag you!
  • The Purpose of Heels by @impalapossible (Reader x Cas) - Yes, Cas, that is exactly the purpose of heels! This was super cute and funny. I love when Cas finally figures out things about the human world, well done!
  • Apple Picking by @jpadjackles (Reader x Sam) - This is part of the 90 Days of Autumn series, the first one is linked above! I love photographer!Sam! I say we start a petition to get more photographer!Sam fics. This was beautifully written and I love Josie! I can’t wait to see the other dates they’re going to go on!
  • Suds ‘n Sighs by @lipstickandwhiskey (Reader x Sam) - Oh boy, would I love to run my fingers through Sam’s hair. This was amazing, well done!
  • Imagine Sam and Dean Looking After Your Daughter So You Can Have a Spa Weekend by @teamfreewill-imagine (Reader x Sam) - This was super cute! I love Sam’s interaction with Katie, and how she wanted to watch “’Punzel”. It reminds me of that gif set from Jensen at a con where he’s talking about JJ always wanting to watch Tangled. Great job!
  • Fairs and Teddy Bears by @curliesallovertheplace (Reader x Sam) - This was really, really good, and amazingly fluffy to top it all off! I’m loving all these fics about fairs, especially since they’re Reader x Sam. I thought the image of Sam with a giant teddy bear was super funny and cute, so thank you for that!


  • A Mistake by @deathtonormalcy56 (Sam, Dean, Reader) - This was really good! I loved how the boys knew exactly what to do for the reader, it made me want a Winchester to take care of me like that. Great job, once again!
  • Head Over Boots by @deanscolette (Eventual Reader x Cowboy/Rancher!Sam) - I’m so excited for the next few parts of this! I love Valeria, she’s such an amazing character. Please tag me in upcoming parts!
  • Keep Calm and Carry On by @thebunkerismyhome (Reader x Dean) - This was great! You wrote Mary’s character really well, though I was really surprised at the end when the reader and Dean said they weren’t together. If you write a sequel, please tag me!
  • I Didn’t Know (Part 3/3) by @writingbeautifulmen (Reader x Sam) - I loved this conclusion to your series! It was wonderfully written and I think you ended it well! Thank you for writing this, it’s been one of my favorite series lately!
  • Somewhere, Someday Part Seven by @jotink78 (Reader x Sam) - Another great part of your series! This is really good and the perfect blend of both angst and fluff. I love how Sam is so willing to protect the reader because he knows her, even if she’s not willing to admit she needs the protection. It’s super cute! Great job, keep tagging me!


  • I Didn’t Know (Part 2/3) by @writingbeautifulmen (Reader x Sam) - I’m so excited to see what happens next! **SPOILERS** I was shocked when Jess showed up in Sam’s life, and honestly I was a little choked up when the reader confessed that she loved Sam and called him “My Sammy”. It was so cute, yet heartbreaking at the same time.
  • Wanderess by @kittenofdoomage (Reader x Dean) - Holy moly, guacamole, this was a load of angst, but I loved it. This was great kitten, and totally plausible. I loved it! Sorry I can’t tag you!
  • Pastel Dreaming by @waywardlullabies  (Reader x Sam) - The amount of angst in this seems entirely unnecessary but I’m not gonna complain. Why? Because this was wonderfully written. I disagree when you said it was a load of garbage, Laur. I love this fic to pieces, I think you did a great job of it!
  • Meaning In My Life by @thing-you-do-with-that-thing (Reader x Dean) - This was pracitically heartbreaking, and you wrote it so well! I loved the idea of the storage unit as a hideaway, and the fluffy ending made it all better again.

Series Works

Links in the series section are always to the masterlist, or if unavailable, the latest post will be linked.

  • A Perfect Storm by @nichelle-my-belle (No Pairing) - This series is frigging amazing! The concept is so original and I’m so excited to see where it goes! Please keep tagging me! I love how the reader is viewing everything as if it’s a show and not an actual reality. It makes Sam and Dean’s world more interesting to look at. You’re keeping me on the edge of my seat, this is so exciting!
  • Chocolate Cupcakes by @crowleysplaythings (Nanny!Reader x Single Dad!Sam) - I love this series so much! The reader’s interactions with the kids, and Sam of course. Dorothy cracks me up, and even though I ship Sam x Jess, I really liked how jealous Jess was. Plus, your cliffhangers make each one even more exciting! I can’t wait to find out what happens, and the kids will try to get Sam and the reader together!
  • Daddy’s Little Lovebug by @torn-and-frayed (Reader x Dean) - If you like Dad!Dean, this series is for you! I loved your latest part; it was so fluffy it was practically cotton candy and I loved it! Great job, please keep tagging me if you write more!

Non-Reader Works

  • Someday Soon by @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog (Dean, Mary) - This was both incredibly heartbreaking and incredibly sweet. I’ve read it a few times now and it still gets me all emotional. I keep forgetting how John’s death will be new to Mary and that makes me so, so sad, even though I’m not a big fan of John. This was amazing, great job!
  • Skin by @mrs-squirrel-chester (Sam, Dean) - This made me feel so sad for MOC!Dean. I can’t imagine how he must have felt through all of that, knowing that he’d always feel the rage from the mark… Thank you for writing this! It was really great!
  • Untitled Drabble by @babybrotherdean (Sam, Dean) - Oh my goodness. I read this aloud to my roommate and we were both crying by the end, even though it’s barely big enough to fill the screen of my laptop. Well done, very well done. Sorry I can’t tag you!