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BTS React to their GF Passing out

Namjoon: He would notice that the corset you were required to wear made you extremely uncomfortable and would worry that it was making you too weak. “You might want to think about making some alterations to your costume,” he would say worriedly. After seeing you pass out he would try to keep calm but lie you down on the couch and pet your hair to wake you up, “Jagi, you need to stop wearing this thing, you’re worrying me.”

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Hoseok: He would immediately think that wearing the corset was a bad idea, “Are you sure that you should be wearing this?” He would ask, unsure after sensing your discomfort. After waving him off and assuring him that you were alright, he would not say anything about it, but would still worry. He would watch you at your practices and cheer you on, but then watch in horror as during your last practice you pass out. He would rush to your side and pick you up in his arms.  “Please be more careful, jagi.”

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Yoongi: He would outright think that wearing something that might harm you would be a foolish idea, “Jagi, don’t be wreckless with your health please.” After saying that you’d be careful he wouldn’t say anything else on the matter, “As long as you know to pace yourself.”  He would attend your performance and would cheer you on, but the moment he noticed you were acting off on stage he would run on, just in time to catch you collapse. “I think next time you should scratch the corset idea.”

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Seokjin: “And you are sure that you’ll be alright wearing this thing?” He would say, gesturing towards the corset that you have on. You’d give him a thumb up, cause you already felt out of breath from it constricting your lungs. He’d be unconvinced and frown. “No—actually answer my question.” You’d answer with a soft, “yes” before keeling over as your vision turned spotty and black. Quickly, he would loosen your corset and you would gasp for breath. “That’s what I thought jagiya, this is unsafe.”

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Taehyung: He wouldn’t understand why you had to wear the corset as part of your costume. “Doesn’t that make it hard for you to dance?” He would ask with a puzzled expression. “What’s the point of it if it hinders your dancing… or your breathing ability for that matter?” After explaining it was just part of your costume and it wasn’t necessarily your choice wearing it, he would frown. “Jagi, just don’t overwork yourself okay?” He would say and would watch as you stumble around, catching you as you trip. “PLEASE, don’t hurt yourself.”

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Jimin: While you would assure him that after getting used to the corset you would be okay, he would be nervous because you were known to overwork yourself and put everything you have got into your performances. “If you start to feel light headed you better take that thing off.” He would say sternly, gesturing to the corset. You would laugh lightly and cause yourself to become out of breath, becoming dizzy you would sit down on your knees and bow your head, he’d kneel beside you, fanning you with a magazine. “Like that—don’t let that happen again, okay jagi?”  

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Jungkook: “It looks like some kind of torture device!” He would exclaim, feeling the corset and metal pieces on it. “I don’t think that this would be any good to dance in.” After saying that you just had to get used to practicing with it on he would remain unconvinced and would insist on going to one of your rehearsals. He would watch you dance, but would notice you were getting tired a lot easier than usual. As you finished up your practice he would watch in horror as you collapse. “JAGIYA!” He’d scream. Once you wake up, he’d have your head in his lap and he’d be looking at you worriedly. “No more corset.” He’d say. 

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BONUS!! Monsta X Member:

I.M.:He would be unsure about the idea of dancing in something that was causing you a lot of struggle as it was just wearing it. “Please keep in mind that your health is most important, jagi,” he would say one day after watching you have trouble catching your breath from just walking around.  “I don’t think it is right for such a harmful clothing item to be required for your performance.” He’d say. After noticing your stepping becoming clumsier and you seeming to become weaker by the second he would help you to a nearby chair, “I think that’s enough of wearing that thing for the day.”

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Do It More Often- Phan Smut

word count: 2,273 words

*writer’s comment*: I am writing a smut simply because I want to ‘display’ my knowledge of gay sex I guess?? okay, that sounds weird!  I am also listening to Static Lullaby- Toxic :)

I was writing this from 2:20 am- 6:32 am

!WARNING! - contains swear words and various sexual gay action between two of the hottest youtubers on the internet. I am not responsible for any ruined turn-ons or halfway masturbation. Thank you.




Phil’s POV:

As I am standing right in front of my bed getting dressed, Dan is laying on my bed fully naked. I just came back from my holiday and Dan has already welcomed me back with a very nice surprise… “welcome home” sex. It was truly magnificent especially when I could finally touch Dan after such a long time of not even seeing his face in real life. Of course, we did sext during my holiday but it’s not the same as actually touching him. Dan’s skin is soft but kind of rough at the same time. It’s soft enough to make you want to cuddle with him but also rough enough to make you want to push him into a wall. It’s THAT type of skin. Dan never understood why I liked stroking his arms every day. It’s just amazing to feel that sensation under my fingertips. Dan’s lips are quite similar to his skin- soft enough to make you melt by the simple connection but rough enough to make you want to make out with him for hours in the shower cabin. I felt a sudden urge to pin Dan down to my bed and just hold him in that position while I innocently kiss his neck with lustful desperation. No, I can’t and I shouldn’t. Come on Phil; don’t lose with your boner. I try to hold myself in by biting my lip as hard as I could but that seriously didn’t help me at all. It just got me even hornier than before because I just imagined Dan biting my lip during our kiss. Fuck. I really need to take him again. I continue to pull on my jeans as I still keep my gaze on Dan’s slightly pale skin on my bed. He looks like paradise but in a human form. Dan is angelic on one hand however on the other hand, he is a fucking tease for me. He could give me a blowjob and with just one glance up at my face and he would look like a little puppy and then I suddenly feel bad for getting a blowjob from him. The truth is, Dan may look like a little cute puppy on the outside yet, inside he is a horny man who enjoys watching gay porn when I’m not home. How do I know about the porn? I checked his web history without him knowing. When I tried to make him own up to looking at gay porn websites he simply looked away blushing and totally denying my accusations. They’re not really accusations but the truth. My stare is still focused on one thing only- Dan. His completely naked body slightly moves as he looks up at me with his brown eyes. A smirk spread on his face as he sees me half-naked in just my skinny jeans with no top on. He eyes me up and down as he sensually licks his bottom lip and bites it in the corner. He props himself on his elbows while still looking at me, almost in an admiring way. I can’t help but smile at his sleepy gesture. 

“Where are you going? Don’t leave me again for so long Phil.” Dan yawned out as he rubbed his eyes from sleeping. His hair looked so hot when it’s fresh and all messy. 

“I was going to make us breakfast.” I really did need to leave right now so Dan wouldn’t see my hard on for his naked body. I guess it’s natural for me to get it because he is my boyfriend in the end but I don’t want him to know that I am that easy to turn on. Dan somehow read my mind and he smirked at me once again. His eyes went down to my crotch as a quiet moan escaped his mouth. Was he doing this on purpose right now? With every new moan came along a new sentence.

“Mmmmm Phil….. you’re so hard for me aren’t you?” Dan looked at me with a sort of possessive look as if I was all his right now and he is the one that made me have a boner that, at this instance, is incredibly bulging out of my skinny jeans, making them a lot more tighter in that specific area than they should be. He knows exactly what he is doing to me and he knows it very well. 

“Erm, I’ll go and make some breakfast.” I tried to change the subject before we do something again. I think he is still a bit sore from last night’s session so I don’t want to make the pain even less bearable. 

“Phil come here to me.”

“D-Dan I really think we shouldn’t-”

“Come here and let me touch you.”

“Dan I-”

“Let me ease it down for you a bit.” Dan literally pulled me to him like a magnet. What is wrong with you Phil? You’re not supposed to go straight to your younger boyfriend after you have just slept with him. For some reason, I am thirsty for Dan. I don’t know what it is. Maybe it’s the lack of touch that I had on my holiday or simply because it’s Dan. Dan the teaser of older-than-him men. But I can’t deny that I tease him as well because, fuck yes I do whenever I have an opportunity. That opportunity doesn’t come about a lot because it’s usually me who can keep himself calm and not Dan. He always says that he is younger so he hasn’t had as much experience as me in keeping my hands to myself. I can’t blame him to be completely honest. It kills not to be able to touch Dan in public because our fans will literally freak out. We like to keep it low. 

My legs carried me to my own bed where my Dan is laying seductively. Fuck that. I can’t keep myself calm anymore. I need to feel him touch me. 

“Lie down and relax baby…” Dan moaned out as I begin to get on top of my bed. Dan sits up properly so he is looking down at my half-dressed body. He looks me up and down once again before sighing and fixing his hair.

“We definitely won’t need those on right now." 

"Mmmhmm.” This is all I could manage to say as Dan pulled down my skinny jeans. He let out a gasp as he pulled my jeans and my boxers down even further down my legs. 

“You’re so hard baby. Let me help you with it.” Dan murmured as he fixed his hair one more time before he lowered his head down right before my dick. He licked the top teasingly, making me moan a bit louder than before from the new, wet sensation. He already felt so good. 

“I’ve wanted to do this all the time you were away Phil." 

I gasped as I suddenly felt Dan’s lips around my dick. He moved his head up and down my length as he also included his hand at the bottom of my dick to provide me with full pleasure. I told Dan a long time ago to not force himself into fitting in my whole length into his mouth so he doesn’t feel forced into anything. So now he uses the help of his hand during his blowjobs. Either way, it feels great.

"D-Dan..mmmm oh god, I’m pretty c-close…” I said with great struggle. Dan made his suck and took me out of his mouth. I pulled him into me and I kissed him hard. Our tongues met and moved in unison. His lips are hot and rough; just how I like them to be. His lips made me desire me to be inside of him even more. I followed my instinct and I gently pushed him down next to my body so now it was my turn to touch him. With a shocked expression on his face caused by my gesture, he moaned out: “ I want you Phil,” while he closed his eyes. I trailed my fingers down his torso, making him shiver from my touch. I slowed down my fingers as I got closer and closer to his dick. I detached my fingers from his body and instead I replaced it with my tongue. I started to lick down his torso leaving another trail of sensation. I look up at Dan’s face to look at his reaction. His eyes are closed and his lips are parted slightly. His hand is gripping the duvet and the other one is wrapped in my hair. Out of thirst, Dan pushes my head lower down his body so that I can finally reach his dick. I smile but still I obey to his demand. 

“What do you want me to do to you?” Curiously I asked the boy right beneath me. He already looks powerless.

“Suck then fuck.” This is all that Dan said. He is laying there on my bed all naked and I realize how lucky I am to be with him. He is the only one that I would ever allow for this to happen. He does have a power over me. I finally click out of my trance and I begin to tick off Dan’s list. 

Quickly I take him all in. Surprised, Dan moans out my name. I imply that this means a ‘yes’ from him. I begin to suck on his already hard dick. I move my head up and down while holding his hand in mine. Dan always liked to hold my hand during sex because he is insecure. I’m guessing that the feeling of my hand in his reassures him that I am here for him. He likes to feel safe. I want him to feel safe and comfortable around me. 

I carry on sucking on Dan’s dick but to my surprise, he lifts his hips into me so I can take him in even further. He starts to breathe heavily as I suck even harder on him. 

“I’m close…." 

I licked the top of Dan’s dick one last time before I pulled away. He guided my body on top of him with his hand in mine. There is so much lust in his eyes. I lower my head and left a wet kiss on his jaw line and commenced to travel down to his neck. I carried on kissing his weak spot on his neck as time travelled. He tilted his head up so I had more access to his neck. He attached his hands to my bare back, digging into my skin. I kissed and sucked harder on his neck than before. Dan pulled my face towards his lips in need of our lips touching. As our lips met, Dan let out a groan into my lips making a small shiver peregrinate down my spine. I bit his bottom lip in appreciation of his deep groan. Our tongues met once again as our lips parted and joined again. Dan’s hands proceeded towards my thighs just as we kissed more and more passionately. He took total control over the movement of my thighs with the addition of moving my body up and down.

"Do you want me inside of you?” I questioned the younger right beneath my clammy body. He shyly nodded in response. I opened his legs wide so I can have a better entry into him. I positioned my dick in line with his ass, slowly dawning to slide inside of him. He moaned under my entrance. I allowed the younger to position himself properly and to get comfortable with the new sense inside of him. He nodded in approval before I could even ask him anything. In consequence I began to move my hips in and out of him. Groans and moans are followed by every thrust I enter into him. 

“Deeper Phil." 

I embark to thrust in deeper. I pulled out slightly and on a spur of the moment, I intruded his ass deep. Dan’s moan was the loudest of the morning. I’m guessing I hit his prostate pretty hard and unexpectedly. I’ll apologize later. I continued to thrust deep and hard into the younger as he proceeded to carry on moaning incredibly loud. Dan’s voice was the only thing that we could both hear in our apartment. It is definitely good to be home…

"Ph-Phil… I will, oh fuck, come….”

“Me too just hold on.” It only took a few more thrusts and Dan had already cummed onto his stomach and partially onto my torso. Shortly I followed by, however I cummed inside of him. The warm liquid filled Dan. Sweat is dripping down my forehead as I withdraw my dick out off Dan for the final time. Weakly I drop myself lightly next to Dan’s figure. Dan’s hand reached out to massage my back with the intention of relaxing me, except his touch electrified my back in certain areas. I groaned in pain. 

“Oops sorry Phil, I kind of left marks on your back….” Dan giggled. How did I not feel his nails digging into me before? I was probably too mesmerized in pleasuring him than the pain.

“We need to do this more often.” Dan whispered into my ear. I turned around to face Dan. I put one of my arms around his waist and pulled him in close to me. I kissed the top of his forehead in a form of a 'thank you’. I watched as Dan rapidly fell asleep. It was not long until my own eyes shut close and I wandered off into a dream.


General Hux: I see you are recovering well, Ren.

Kylo Ren: *weakly* Yes. I…..suppose I should thank you for coming back for me……

Hux: Oh, I had to. Snoke ordered it. Beaten by a tiny girl, eh?

Ren: The Force is strong in her!!

Hux: Lie back down and keep calm. Don’t want you bursting your stitches. We will track that scavenger child and kill her.

♡……Make her pay for cutting up your pretty face……♡

Ren: What was that last thing you said?

Hux: Oh, nothing. Nothing at all……