keep calm and go to the mall

Hey, everyone! This is my first attempt at writing fanfic with Trans/Genderfluid stuff as the main topic, so I hope this doesn’t suck. I kept asking @demiboypercyjackson for help and asking him a ton of question and probably annoyed the hades out of him, but… hopefully this makes it worth it! I can’t promise this’ll be 100% accurate, but I tried.

Nico di Angelo stood in front of the large mirror that hung from his door, admiring the frilly blue dress he had stollen from his older sister when they had been living in Italy. He gave a few experimental twirls to see the bottom lift and he found himself grinning at his reflection. He rarely brought out the article of clothing, but when he did, he tried to make the most out of it to make himself feel pretty - this usually included makeup to complete the look, even if it wasn’t much.

He had started sneaking the the girl clothes around his sister when he was a little boy because that was when the girly ‘urges’ had begun. He would hide in the bathroom and dress up. As he grew older and got to Camp Half-Blood, he spent his more girlish days locked up in his cabin of one. He was so lost in the memories that he didn’t hear knocking or the door open.

Will Solace was now standing in front of the mirror and Nico did not bother to hide his mortification. Will only looked amused.

“It isn’t what it looks like!”

Will started to laugh loudly, and Nico was relieved that didn’t sound mocking or teasing.

“There isn’t anything wrong with wearing girls clothes, Nico,” he said after his laughing had died down.

Nico gave him an unsure look as he started to awkwardly tug on the fraying edges of the skirt. Will could tell the skirt was old just by looking at it. Will wrapped the son of Hades in a short lived hug before Nico pulled away.

“What if people think I am a freak for liking to wear girl clothes on some days…?”

That just launched Will into a full speech about the gods and how gender didn’t really mean much to them, and soon after that he was explaining different genders (which in turn, Will came out as trans to Nico without really meaning to) and Nico only stopped him when one sounded right.

“That one,” he said frantically, excitedly. “I’m that one. I think I’m genderfluid.”

Will smiled brightly at the happiness that was exerting itself from Nico. He looked at the skirt he was wearing and tilted his head.

“That looks old,” he said casually once Nico was following his gaze and calm (er, anyway).

“Yeah, it was… it was Bia’s. It’s started to fall apart.”

“We can keep that one for memories sake, but how about we go to the store and get you some skirts of your own. That way you can have as many as you want.”

Nico nodded and soon the two of them were standing in the middle of a mall, looking straight at the section of girls’ clothing.

Thus began their spending spree so Nico could sometimes be a very beautiful girl.

x-mas shopping with monsta x

2/25 Days of Monsta X-Mas!

shownu: would be very patient with everything: the long lines, rude people, “sorry, we’re out of stock”, etc. he would know how to calm you down and he would be the only thing keeping you from losing your sanity due to the stress of christmas shopping.

wonho: would tag along only so that he could drop not so subtle hints at what he wanted you to buy him for christmas. he would stop abruptly while you two were walking to point out things he liked in window displays and laugh when you would just roll your eyes.

minhyuk: would keep you from shopping and drag you to go see the mall santa. he would force you to wait in line for fifty hours and he would get really excited to take a picture with santa and the elves.

kihyun: would be genuinely happy to go christmas shopping with you. he would give you advice and help you pick gifts for everyone on your list. however, his real reason for going is because he’d be very nervous and confused on what to get for you and he would want to see if anything was to your liking while the two of you were shopping.

jooheon: would turn christmas shopping into a game to keep you less stressed. the two of you would race to see who could find a certain item first and would end up looking like crazy maniacs to bystanders. but, it’s okay because you would be too focused on winning and having too much fun to notice the odd stares.

hyungwon: would probably be dragging his feet because he would much rather stay at home and sleep or cuddle with you than dealing with christmas shopping stress. but, he would go anyway to keep you company. he would wrap his arms around your waist or rest his chin on your head because he’d get ultra clingy when he’s lazy and tired.

i.m: would distract you from completing all of your tasks by doing stupid things. he would put christmas printed pajama pants on his head, make weird faces at you, or grab candy canes to use them as a mic while he lip synced to the carols being playing over the speakers.

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Omg you're finally taking requests again! ;w; Could I request sfw and nsfw headcanons for poly relationship with Kuroo and Bokuto? I live for those boys and I'm thirsty, daymn

you gotcha. hope this quenches your thirst!


  • These boys are naturally very playful. It’s like keeping two puppies that just can’t seem to calm down.
  • You and Akaashi often have to babysit Kuroo and Bokuto. Somehow, something always happens whenever you four get together.
  • What in the living hell was going through your mind when you dived into the fountain?!”
  • “Kuroo bet me 300 yen, and I knew you wanted that plushie, and he was also kind of pissing me off, and - “
  • Akaashi has sat Bokuto down and talked to him about avoiding jumping into mall fountains.
  • Kuroo is less boisterous than Bokuto is, to a certain degree. However, he listens very intently, and catches on to even the smallest hints that you lace in your words.
  • Bokuto is extremely energetic and adventurous, so leave it to him for dates beyond imagination.
  • The two are competitive with each other, often betting on various events. The prize is usually to spend time with you.
  • Once, Kuroo won a bet against Bokuto and got to have dinner with you at a fancy restaurant downtown. Bokuto didn’t talk to him for days.
  • But despite that, they still are very much in love with each other, and in love with you.


  • As mentioned above, Bokuto and Kuroo are extremely competitive. That goes for matters in the bedroom, as well.
  • They have contests where they see who gets you to come first. So far, their scores are at a tie.
  • You’re also considering sewing yourself shut because you come too many times for your taste.
  • Bokuto gets a kick out of watching Kuroo go down on you. He’d be by the end of the bed, stroking his cock as Kuroo slides in and out of you.
  • When Kuroo’s watching Bokuto fuck you, he likes to tell Bokuto where to touch you. He also tells you to moan or even scream their names, which you are just too happy to oblige.
  • Surprisingly, the two are pretty comfortable with sex not involving all three of them. Either Bokuto or Kuroo would just ask you, and then ask the other if it was fine.
  • Hey, Bokuto. Mind if I borrow her for tonight?”
  • “Yeah, sure, man, go ahead. Bring her back tomorrow, though.”
  • “I feel like a fucking library book.”
  • You once put on a show for them by fingering yourself as they watched. You were sure that jaw-dropping was something that was only done in cartoons, but Bokuto and Kuroo practically had their chins all the way down to the carpet.

-Admin Addy

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KBTBB reaction from guys daughters get their first boyfriend and don't tell their parents about it that she's dating.

I will used back the triplets in the story.

Eisuke is on the way home from an outside meeting, when he spots his elder daughter, Choko walking down the street holding a guy hand. They behave very intimately and Eisuke immediately ask his driver to stop the car. He gets up of the car and Choko immediately let go the guy hand.

Without any word, Eisuke signal her to get into the car. Given no choice, Choko follows Eisuke home. Once home, the silent seem to be driving everyone nervous. Even Eiji and Akio dare not voice up.

“Bring the guy home to meet me. However, that does not mean I approve him yet.” Eisuke finally break the silence. Choko simply nod her head happily. You place your hand on Eisuke on his shoulders. He then put one of his hands over you and grab tightly.

Soryu just finish a discussion in a restaurant and was about to leave the place, when Choko walks in holding a guy hand. Choko immediately let go the guy hand and greet you softly. The current atmosphere was tense, and Choko has no choice but to follow Soryu home.

Once home, everyone family members were asked to gather in the living room. Akio and Eiki could guess what going on since you are back so early.

“Does the guy know about our family?” Soryu asked firmly and Choko nod silently.

“Bring the guy home and I will see if he is fit to protect you.” Soryu said finally. You wrap your arms around Soryu and he turns back to smile at you.

Ota just finished an interview at the hotel. After he left the hotel, he saw Choko step into a shopping mall opposite with a guy. Both of you are holding hands and that cause Ota to panic. He immediately ran after you and finally found you at a shop. Choko was surprised to see Ota and immediately let go the guy hand. Without any delay, Ota immediately drags her home.

Once home, Ota blows his top and scolded the triplets as in why they keep such secret to him and you. You somehow manage to calm him down later.

“Bring the guy home. He can only date you after he pass my tests. Just for your information, my tests are going to be tough.” Ota said finally and Choko immediate break into a smiles. You turn to look at Ota who later give a wryly smiles.

Caught Feelings - Nate Maloley Fanfic // 8

Part 1 // Part 2 // Part 3 // Part 4 // Part 5 //

Part 6 // Part 7 




It’s been two weeks since the incident and by incident I mean, Nate’s crazy fans attacking me and causing me to fall off the stage and lose my baby. I was filled with so much hate towards the fans but Nate was filled with more. He has been online everyday searching faces on twitter for the three girls that attacked me. 

I try to calm him down but every time he looks at my stomach he becomes enraged. Nate has personal security everywhere we go, he doesn’t want to lose me or ever see those girls again. 

We decided to go to the mall and do some light shopping for myself and him. Our hands were intertwined and we were swinging our hands back and forth. I smiled at him as he placed a small kiss to my cheek, he always try to keep PDA to a minimum. We wouldn’t makeup in the middle of the mall or anything it was small things such as holding hands and kisses to the cheek. 

“Let’s go into Hollister!” I say stopping in front of the store beaming up at Nate. 

He groans with a smile and I pull him into the dimly lit store. 

I bought my self some ripped jeans and a couple new tees. Nate couldn’t keep his hands to himself in the dressing room so I ended up pushing him out, causing glares to be shot at Nate and I. 

“Ooooh Let’s go into Victoria Secret.” Nate says smirking and raising his eyebrows. 

“Alright, but you’re paying.” I say as he pulls me into the bright pink store.

He immediately goes straight for the lingerie and picks out a red lace bra and panties with little untie able ribbons on the side. I was walking around looking at  more panties when I felt stares on the back of my head. 

I turned around slowly to see the three girls from the stage. My heart rate sped up quickly as they looked at me with sympathy and embarrassment. 

“Hey Y/N do y-” Nate stopped dead in his tracks when he saw the girls dropping the sweatshirt in is hands. 

“You three. Your the reason I lost my baby, our baby!” He said getting louder. 

“We didn’t know, we’re sorry.” One of them said hanging her head low. 

“You’re sorry?! You’re sorry!? Sorry that you pushed my girlfriend off the stage and putting her in the hospital, disappointing me because you think you are better, or that fact that when you caused her to fall, you killed someone. Someone who will never get to see the light of day.” He yelled stepping closer to the girls causing them to set back into a shelf. 

“Nate, calm down.” I say grabbing his shoulders and trying to coax him. 

Soon enough someone had called security and escorted Nate and I out of the building. Not before Nate yelling at them to stay away from him and his family. It was sweet that Nate though of me like his family but not the time to bring that up. 

The ride home was tense, he kept gripping the steering wheel tighter and tighter until his knuckles were white and they popped. When we got home he dropped his head onto the steering wheel and started crying. 

I had never seen him cry like this ever. I put my hand on his back and rubbed small circles tears started falling from my own eyes. 

“Let’s go inside and cuddle Nate.” I say sweetly giving him a soft smile. 

He whispers out an barley audible okay and slowly steps out of the car walking to the door. We walk down the hallway to our bedroom and climb into bed. I had put on one of his tee shirts and a pair of panties as he strips down to his boxers. He pulls me close to him and I nestle my face into the crook of his neck. He traces random soothing patterns on my back as I drift off to sleep to the sound of his heart beat. 

“I love you, you know that?” Nate whispers kissing my head.

“Yes and believe it or not, I love you too.” I say giggling. 

We lay in each other embrace for a long time before I hear light snores fall from his mouth. I sigh in content and fall asleep as well. 


The next morning I woke up to find a empty space behind me but a note was laying on the pillow. It read,

Had to run to the studio super important, I’ll be back in time for dinner. Drive safe to your doctor’s appointment today. 

I smiled and got dressed in some nike sports pants , a green tank top and some black nike tennis shoes. I threw my hair into a slick pony tail and grabbed my phone letting my friend Emma know to come pick me up. 

She arrived in a short 10 minutes and took me to the doctors so they could do a follow up. 

“Alright Y/N, looks like everything is good. You are free to go back to all normal activities.” The doctor says smiling. 

“Normal activities eh, so you can be intimate again!” Emma says raising her eyebrows causing me to glare and the lady to laugh. 

“Yes, just be careful you have a high chance of getting pregnant again within these next few weeks.” She informs me. (I have no idea if that is true or not…)

I smile and thank her and leave the office with Emma’s arm wrapped around my shoulder. She takes me home and I get ready for dinner tonight, I was thinking about asking Nate and seeing if he wanted to try again or if we should wait a little longer. I know he was so excited to have a baby. 

I heard Nate come home and he ran over and kissed me picking me up in the air. 

“Hi, lil mama I missed you.” He whispers into the crook of my neck placing small kisses here and there.

“Why so handy Nate?” I say pushing him away raising an eyebrow. 

“Emma texted me and said use protection.” He said winking, I rolled my eyes reminding my self to scold Emma later. 

“Yes, but we have to be careful I have a high chance of getting pregnant.” I say pushing him away to go sit on the couch. 

“Okay we’ll be careful.” He says coming over and lifting me up from the couch and placing me on his lap. 

“Unless you wanted to have a baby.” He stops his movements and looks at me with a drained face. 


Sorry if this sucked! Next chapter is going to be super cute and then theres a storm coming! (I’m so weird.) 

Chapter 9 Wednesday! 

Love you my beautiful souls. 

Gilinsky confirms Dating Madison

😂😂 TBH I don’t think we needed this video!! The people that are acting surprise calm down babe.. We all knew it was true! 😂 and I really hate the fact that he said he “trying to keep it private” 😂 BOY! You be going to malls holding hand, premiers, making snapchats stories with each other and never had the gut of saying this is my girlfriend… SMH! I mean like if he’s happy whatever but… REALLY?! We ain’t dumb 😇😂 Anyways have fun watching the video and leave some comments on how you feel about it…


BTS reaction: you being scared of elevators

Thank you for requesting, and sorry that it took so long xx

Jin: When you reluctantly follow him into an elevator at the BigHit building, he didn’t notice that something was wrong at first. But when he saw that you were looking tense, and hadn’t said anything, he’d ask what was up. Once you told him that you’re scared of elevators, he would make the elevator stop at the next floor and take the stairs the rest of the way. And he’d never use an elevator again when he’s with you.

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Suga: He’s the typ to notice it, and not say much about it. He’ll notice it the first time you’re in an elevator together, but not assume anything. The third time, he would probably ask you about it. When you told him you’re scared of elevators, he’d simply nod and stay silent for the rest of the way up. But that would be the last time you guys went in an elevator.

Originally posted by lethargicmin

J-Hope: He’ll notice the way you tense up as soon as he’s making his way towards the elevator. He’ll stop and ask if you’re scared, and when you nod he’ll steer you towards the stairs instead. But, every once in a while he’d convince you to come with him in an elevator, just because he knows that it’s not fun to be afraid, and he’d want to try and help you get over it. He’d be holding you close to keep you calm, though.

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Rap Monster: Another one who’s going to try to help you get over your fear. He’s going to start slowly with the ones of glass in the mall, so you won’t feel as trapped. And rather than calming you through skinship, like Hobi, he’ll try to calm you down with logic.

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Jimin: Such a sweetheart. He’ll never go in an elevator with you again. You’re scared of them, so he definitely won’t force you. Taking the stairs is a small price to pay for you not being scared.

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V: He would be slightly surprised by it, but accept it right away. He’d let you get away this time, and maybe the next, but he is another one who would try to help you get over your fear. And he’d do it by convincing you to come with him, and then he’d hold your hand the entire time and try to distract you from your fear until you arrived at the right floor.

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Jungkook: Another sweetheart. He would definitely tease you about it a bit at home, but he would be careful not to go overboard with it. It’s your fear, and he knows that he should respect that. And he absolutely won’t tease you when you’re out and about. He won’t even glance at the elevators, just hold your hand and head for the stairs. And if your legs are aching or you’re just tired after a long day, he’ll simply carry you up the stairs, so you won’t get more tired, and still not having to take the elevator. And if he carries you bridal style or give you a piggy-back varies from time to time.

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5SOS Serial Killer Series → Michael

Pairing: Michael x Reader

Request: Yes

Word Count: 2.428

A.N.: Contains really bad language, aggressive behaviour and obviously some killings. You shouldn’t read this if this makes you uncomfortable.

Ashton’s Part

Michael’s P.O.V.

Bloodlust. The need to kill. It overcomes me every time I walk through a crowd of people. They are staring at me. Giving me weird looks. But not because they know who I am. What I am. What I do for pleasure. For the pure fun. But because I am different than most people. I’m tall. My whole body is covered with tattoos. I have piercings in my face and my hair color has a special shade of dirty green and they are always wild, tousled in every direction. My jeans are always ripped and the black boots I’m wearing are dirty and full of scratches. I’m mostly wearing tees and a black leather jacket that already looked pretty fucked up from being worn too much. I am different. That’s why people always give me strange looks. They don’t accept me. But they don’t have to. I don’t need them. If they only knew…

When I was sixteen I killed my first victim. It was an accident. I never meant to kill her. But after it was done I didn’t feel bad. It’s strange but I liked it. Amanda was her name. She was eighteen and my current hook up. When she tried to end things with me I got mad. We got into a fight and I shoved her down the stairs. She must have break her neck or something. I didn’t even care. I took her body and buried her in the dead of the night out in the woods. I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Killing. It came back to my mind over and over again. So I did it again. A month after my first kill.

Her name was Charly. She was my classmate. One of those people who always picked on me because I was different. I followed her home. I watched the life leaving her eyes when I strangled her to death. And once again, I didn’t feel regret. I liked the way she looked at me. Desperate to escape. I liked the way she screamed for help. I liked the way she grabbed my shoulders, trying to push me away. But mostly I liked the way how her eyes turned cold and she motionlessly lay on the ground. Not able to laugh at me anymore. I felt strong and invincible. Like no one could stop me. So I continued.

Over four years I killed people. Mostly girls. Girls I knew. Girls who picked on me or girls who said they didn’t want me. I always cover my tracks perfectly. No one ever thought about me when those girls got missing. The police men who work on this missing cases are morons. Stupid dicks. They didn’t have a clue. They asked me some questions once, but they never thought about me being the actual killer.

I haven’t had a new victim in almost two month. If it wasn’t for my current girlfriend (Y/N) I already would have wasted another life. But she keeps me sane. She keeps my on the right track. If there even is one. (Y/N) and I have been close friends since pre school. She knows everything about me. Everything but the fact that I kill people out of the pure fun and rush of power and adrenaline I get each time the life leaves the eyes of my victims. She knows what I’ve been through when I was kid. Absent father. Abusive mother. Never enough money. Poor circumstances. A fucked up live. But she was there for me no matter what. We got together a couple of month ago and she is the only thing that keeps me calm. She keeps me from going insane. She is my save place.

As I walked through the crowd of people in the mall I got weird looks from people once again. The hood of my dark jacket hung over almost all my forehead, trying to blind out everyone and everything around me. I stopped at a little shop to buy some cigarettes and a new lighter when I heard some girls chattering a few feet next to me. I glanced over to them and recognized one of these girl as my ex girlfriend. Or more like ex sex friend. I dumped her right before I met (Y/N). We haven’t talked since. The girls kept giggling while they started at me. Those bitches. If they won’t stop, they’ll be next. They better watch it.

I payed for my purchase and walked into the direction of the girls. I almost passed them when she said “Hey Michael. How’s it going?” I stopped my tracks and turned to face them. “Why do you care?” I snapped at her. All the girls started giggling and the she said “I don’t. You see, I just told my girlfriends here how bad you are in bed. And how your little friend down there, literally little, never pleasured me. I always faked you know.” She laughed and pointed to my crotch. I clenched my jaw and balled my hands, which I was hiding in the pockets of my jacket, into fists. She shouldn’t have said that. She shouldn’t have…

I shot her one last look before I stormed off without another word. I felt the blood pumping in my veins and bloodlust overcame me. It hit me so hard and I couldn’t shake it off anymore. I ran outside and took a deep breath, trying to think about something else. But I couldn’t. Every time this feeling to kill overcame me I called (Y/N) and that’s what I did now. I dialed her number and waited for her to pick up the phone.

One beep. The second beep. A third one. Four…Five…Six…Seven beeps. Mailbox.

Fuck. Why didn’t she pick up? Fuck Fuck Fuck. I checked the time and realized it was 11.48 a.m which means that (Y/N) was still in class. I took another deep breath and lit up one of the cigarettes I just bought. With shaking hands I took the cigarettes between my fingers and blew out the smoke that build up in my mouth. I almost calmed down when I saw her leaving the mall with her noisy friends. I threw the cigarette on the ground and unsuspiciously followed them. Luckily they didn’t have a car. It was a simple thing to follow them. They didn’t have a clue.

She will regret talking shit about me in front of her friends. She won’t ever be able to talk again after I am done with her. That fucking bitch. Twenty minutes I followed them around the town. Two of her friends stayed at a small coffee shop, the other one got pick up by her mother. Now she was alone. I know for a fact that she had to walk down a dark alleyway to get to her house. It’s a shortcut she always took. I followed her like a shadow in the night.

A few feet into the alleyway I grabbed her. She wanted to scream but I held my hand in front of her mouth. She tried to fight me but I banged her head against the stone wall. She fell motionless on the floor, blood running down her forehead. I was breathing heavily when I looked around to see if anyone saw what happened but there was no one to see. I licked over my lips and a smug look appeared on my face. This was feeling so fucking good. The rush of power rushed through me once again. God I missed this.

I spotted a car at the end of the alleyway. I dragged her towards the car and let her fall down next to it. Luckily no one ever walked this way but I still had to hurry. Hastily I forced open the trunk of the car and threw her into it. After that I broke the drivers door open and started the car. Where would I go? Home? No. Too risky.

I stopped at home and quickly grabbed a shovel before I drove out of town and stopped on a little path that lead into the woods. I got out on the car and forcefully slammed the drivers door shut. She was already banging against the trunk and screaming for help when I opened the trunk to drag her out of it again. “What do you want from me? Let me go!” She screamed in fear. “Shut the fuck up!” I yelled and slapped her across the face. She fell down on the cold hard ground and held her cheek while tears were running down her face. “What do you want from me?” She sobbed. A grin appeared on my face. “You better run or you won’t ever be able to again.” I said calmly with a smug look on my face.

With pure fear in her eyes she rose from the ground and started running into the woods. A chuckle escaped my lips and I stared chasing after her. They always think they have a chance. They never do. They always end up dead and six feet under the ground. I heard her footsteps connecting to the wet leaves on the ground. I smelled her fear as she tried to run for her life. The life that won’t exist anymore in only a few moments.

I saw her a few feet in front of me. Soon she would be dead. I increased my pace and quickly outran her. I shoved her and she fell to the ground, screaming. I stopped my tracks and kneeled over her, forcing her to keep still underneath me. “Please let me go.” She begged. I loved it when they’re begging for their life’s. So lost. So vulnerable. Knowing that they can’t escape.

I put my hands to her throat and stared squeezing. Not hard in the beginning but eventually I squeezed as hard as I could. With all her force she tried to push me away but of course she was too weak. It didn’t take long until she stopped struggling. She stopped moving. Stopped breathing. Her eyes were wide open and fixed on me. With heavy breathing I rose from the ground and inspected my new victim. “Worthless scum.” I hissed.

I ran back to the car and got the shovel from the backseat. When I reached her again, rage rushed through me. It was worse than ever. I raised my arms and smacked her in the face with the shovel. Again and again and again until her face couldn’t be recognized anymore. There was so much blood. On her face. On the shovel. On the leaves. On my hands. And even a few sprinkles in my face. I heard the blood pumping in my ears when I dug a deep hole and threw her in it. Quickly I buried her and ran back to the stolen car.

I parked the car a few streets away from home. I walked the rest of the way. The hood of my jacket deep in my face and my hands hiding int pockets as I ran through the streets. There was still blood on me. I had to get if off. Fast.

As soon as I shut the front door of my apartment close I striped down my jacket, threw it into the ground and walked towards the bathroom. “Hey babe.” A soft voice called out from behind me. Fuck! What was (Y/N) doing here? I immediately stopped, “What are you doing here?” I asked her. “The classes got canceled, I thought I could surprise you.” She chirped and hugged me from behind. “You have to go.” I demanded. “What? Why? What’s wrong?” She asked worried.

My breathing got heavier and the lust to kill rushed through me again. My whole body stared shaking and anger overcame me. “Michael …are you alright?” I squeezed my eyes shut and tried to calm down but I couldn’t. “Michael?” She asked once again. I didn’t mean to, but I lost all my control now. I turned around and shiver her against the wall. Her eyes widened and she looked at me in fear. “Why is there blood in you face?” She whispered barely audible. My hand shot towards her throat. “Michael what -”

“Shut up! Just shut the fuck up!” I yelled. She flinched and a tears was running down her cheek. “I’m a killer (Y/N)! I kill people. For fun. For the thill. For release.” I blurted out. “I already lost count on how many girls I killed.” Why did I just tell her that? What am I even doing here? I couldn’t control me anymore. I lost control over my body. “I’m as cold a motherfucker as you’ve ever put your fucking eyes on. I don’t give a shit about those people I killed.”

(Y/N) didn’t say anything. She just desperately looked me in the eyes while tears were streaming down her face. I got even angrier now. Why isn’t she doing anything? Why isn’t she yelling at me? Why isn’t she fighting me? I started to strangle her but not with much force. “Please don’t kill me.” She whispered. “Michael please don’t do this to me.”

With heavy breathing I slung my other hand around her throat as well and started squeezing as hard as I could. The power rush overcame me along with the need to kill. I can’t let her go now. I can’t let her run to the police. I can’t….I can’t….I can’t…

It was over in a blink of an eye. Her eyes closed and she slid down the wall, motionless collapsing to the floor. I should feel something right now. But I don’t. I don’t feel anything. I killed the only person who was staying by my side and I don’t feel regret. I felt nothing.

“I’m sorry.” I whispered. I didn’t want to bury her like all the other victims I had. She was something special after all. I got her phone out of her jeans pocket and anonymously called the cops before I grabbed some of my things and ran away.

Being extremely claustrophobic while dating Luke Hemmings had it’s up and downs. Like right now, you and Luke decided to go shopping. You wanted to get out of the house but of course wanted to spend time with Luke on his day off. Everything was going perfectly fine and you were having a really good day, until it was time to leave the mall. Luke had saw the very large crowd of teenage girls before you had, and tried to keep you as calm as possible. Luke was trying everything to find another way out, even asking security if there was a back exit you could use. But the 50 year old, bald security guard refused to believe that it was necessary, obviously having no idea who Luke was. “Well babe I guess we have no choice.” Luke sighed. You intertwined your arm, hand and fingers with Luke’s, you didn’t want to risk losing him in the sea of girls at all. “ready?” Luke said looking down at you. “I guess” you said before taking in a big breath. “Hi, excuse me please” “hey guys, I love you too.” “Hey, can you guys just move back and try to make a path” “sorry I cant really stop for pictures right now” “Love you too” You heard Luke yelling back to some of the fans. You were trying to focus on him & your breathing to try and keep yourself calm. Before you knew it you were out of the big mess, you were proud because you stayed pretty calm for yourself, only your breathing had increased. But you didn’t have a meltdown, like usual. As you turned around to look at Luke he had a very worried look on his face. “Hey, were out. You’re okay, I got you.” Luke said while wrapping his arms around you. You giggled, but of course returned Luke’s hug. He must have heard your giggle because he pulled you back and gave you a questioning look. “You’re not freaking out?!” Luke said in a surprised, yet proud tone. “Yea, I’m okay. I guess being close to you just helped this time. Or maybe I’m getting used to it all.” You shrugged. “Well whatever it is I’m happy. I hate when you have those panic attacks.” Luke said wrapping his arms around you once again. 

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Devin didn’t know how to respond to Dylan’s question. She never would have told Kasim anything had she known that he and Dylan knew each other. However, regardless of her error in telling Kasim, Devin would be damned if she was going to let Dylan use him as an excuse to weasel out of answering for the past five years.

Dylan: What did you tell him?!!!?

Devin: Stop yelling at me. I didn’t know you knew each other. Don’t try to use that as an excuse to turn this shit around on me! How could you disappear and leave when mommy-

Dylan immediately cut her off and started screaming so Devin couldn’t be heard.


Devin: What lies? Ain’t nobody telling lies on you, so you can stop with the theatrics. All I want to know is where you’ve been for the past five years! Mommy’s been locked up all this time, and you haven’t gone to see her at all! Do you know she ended up with a 15 year sentence because you weren’t around to testify for her in court! And you got the nerve to stand in my face with a fucking attitude! You should be happy I don’t kick your ass after all the shit you’ve done!

Dylan: Fuck you, Devin! And you can kiss my ass too, Kasim! You sitting up listening to all her lies just so you can get some ass!

Kasim: What are you talking about?! I didn’t know she was talking about you until just now. I don’t have nothing to do with this, so don’t try to put me in the middle of it.

Devin: I don’t have to lie on you! You know what you did you nasty bitch!

The boutique had filled up with onlookers and mall security, who was trying to subdue Dylan. Only after threatening to call the police and press charges did she calm down. Security instructed Kasim to keep Devin inside while they escorted Dylan from the mall.

Kasim held on to Dylan until he felt Dylan was a safe distance away from the store.

For the second time that day, Kasim found himself at a loss for words. He looked at Devin awkwardly as she straightened her clothes and tried to fix her hair.

Kasim: Damn. You alright?

Devin: I’m fine. I just want to go home.

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Paper Cuts

Someone requested Pacifica, I believe.

So, another Transcendence AU fic. This one involves simpler times and badass ladies.

3200-ish words
Rating T (for swearing Pacifica, blood and violence [but not insane, scarring amounts of either])
Also maybe a little OOC in regards to Mabel, idk. If in a week I look back and find it ridiculously OOC I’ll fix it.


Pacifica was fifteen the first time she was kidnapped, tied up, and sacrificed to an immortal demon.

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