keep calm and glow in the dark

Charming a stone

I recently purchased a small Rose quartz stone as a gift for a best friend, and I wanted to bless it with good intentions. I felt peaceful and overall pleased with my intentions and the stones presence, so here’s what I did. Feel free to do the same for your stones or anything you would like to bless. *this will have to be at night*

What you need:
•Incense (any scent that makes you feel peaceful/happy for me it was lavender)
•water (could be purified or spring water, salt water, or rain water)
•sand or a piece of sea glass
•small plate or in this case a glow in the dark star (the ones you attach to your ceiling
•Window sill

What to do:
1. Make sure you are in a peaceful and calm state, this controls the emotions you place on the stone
2. Play calming music if you wish, or start with a silent atmosphere
3. Know already and keep in your head what words/phrases/emotions you would like to bless the stone with
4.Light the incense *dont blow it out yet*
5. Hold the stone over the flame and repeat “with fire”
6. Blow out the flame and pass the stone through the smoke and repeat “with air”
7. Put a drop of water on your finger and caress the stone and repeat “with water”
8. Place some sand or your sea glass on the stone and repeat “and with earth”
9. Place stone (and sand/glass) on your plate or star and rest on your window open sill (preferably open) and repeat “with the four elements and my positivity and love, I bless this stone with good intentions, with love, wisdom, clarity and acceptance. May the starlight bring my intentions to the surface and may these intentions survive through tough times”
10. Collect stone in the morning

I’ll Brace Your Storm

I’m mixing two Darkiplier requests together because they sorta correlated with one another. Hope thats ok!

Fic Requests: 
-“What would happen if the Reader had watched a Horror Movie and was freaked out so naturally Anti or Dark, or both, mess with them but when the Reader starts to cry they realise they took it to far?”

-“Can I get a Dark calming his S/O during a panic attack?” 

Originally posted by treblegirl

You were clinging to Dark. Practically digging your nails into his arm as the movie played on. 
He barely felt it, you knew he didn’t. But he felt ever jump and heard ever gasp that left your lips. 
“Getting scared?” He asked with a smirk. 
You glared at him, playfully pinching his leg. “No. It just surprised me.” 
Dark chuckled and returned his attention to the movie. He wasn’t really paying attention. The movie was about some serial killer. Or Ghost. A serial killer ghost? 
It didn’t matter. It was boring anyway. But you on the other hand, amused him greatly. 
You were tucked under his left arm, leaning against his side with his right hand clutch in your tight grip. He chuckled when a jump-scare made you squeak.
“It’s not funny,” You pouted, laughing yourself. “I hate scary movies.” 
“It’s a terribly made movie, doll.” He said. “What’s to be scared about?” 
“Uhh, a mass murderer who is able to go through walls!” You replied. “Ghosts terrify me!” 
“You do realise I can walk through walls, right?” He said with an accusing stare. 
“You smash through walls,” You pointed out with a smile. “I at least know you’re coming.”
Dark chuckled, tightening his grip on your shoulder. “I’ll protect you from the nasty ghosts, dear.” 
“Thank you.” You said, with a sigh. Relaxing a little under his hand. 
“However, monsters are a different matter.” 
You turned to look at Dark and your eyes widened. His eyes were as black as coal, entirely pitch and a echoing chuckle rippled from Dark. 
Suddenly, you were on the floor…no, you were sitting on grass. You stood slowly. Your bare arms froze in the cool air and silvery light illuminated the world around you. 
Towering shadow like trees loomed over you, their skeletal like branches reaching down towards you like claws. 
“Dark?” You asked the whispering wind. Somewhere a twig snapped, making you whirl around, staring off into the darkness. 
“Dark! Come one, babe, this is cool and all, but I really wanna watch the movie.” You said, trying to keep your voice calm. 

A gurgling howl tore through the silence. It was close, just a little off in the bushes. The sound made you scream in fright and spin on your heel. 
A rock snagged your ankle and you fell back, collapsing to the hard ground with a cry. 
The bushes in front of you rustled as something moved between them. A hulking form of muscle and fur stepped out into the moonlight, glowing red eyes fixed on you. 
“D-Dark, please this isn’t funny.” You whimpered. The creature snarled, snapping a pair of elongated jaws and spitting yellow saliva. 
Another frightened cry tore from you as the beast lurched forward. You curled up, covering your head with your arms as you started screaming. 
The ground trembled as the monster charged towards you, it’s grunts almost drowning out the sound of your terrified form.
Suddenly a pair of warm hands gripped your arms, tearing them away from your face. 
“(Y/N)?” Dark demanded, “(Y/N), I’m sorry, I didn’t expect you to be so-”
“I…I can’t…” 
Fear, worse than before, gripped you as your lungs gasped for air. Short, panicked breaths blocked your throat, shattered by the tears that rained from your eyes. 

“(Y/N), darling, look at me.” Dark gripped your hands, holding them against his chest. “Sweetheart, focus on me. Breathe in…that’s it…now out. Slowly. Focus on me, OK? Concentrate on my voice.” 
Your whole body trembled. Your chest sucked in long shaky breaths, and you fought with yourself to keep them even. Tears blurred your eyes and Dark wiped them away with the back of his hand. 
He watched you, keeping your eyes locked with his. His voice, soothing and calm as he instructed your breaths. 
“Please…please..” You tried to speak, but Dark shook his head. 
“Not yet, sweetheart, keep breathing for me.” 
You nodded. Taking another breath and swallowing thickly as another sob raked through you. 
“Don’t do that…to me,” You sniffled. “I’m ok..breathes in…. with ghosts but….breathes out….not giant monsters.”
Dark nodded. There was no humor is his eyes, only concern as he wrapped you up against his chest. 
“I’m sorry.” He said again. “I keep forgetting how easily influenced a human mind is.” 
You gripped his shirt, burying your face into his chest. “I’m gonna have nightmares now.” 
Dark stroked your hair, kissing the top of your head. “I’ll keep them away. It was foolish of me to do such a thing in the first place.” 
You flinched when a scream echoed from the TV. The movie was still playing. You were on the floor against the wall, the flashing images from the movie were the only source of light in the room. 
“Can we watch something else?” You asked and Dark nodded. 
“Alright, you pick.” He said, “As long as it isn’t some goddamn Disney movie.” 
“If I was just attacked by a monster, you can sit through a Disney movie to calm me down.” You said firmly and Dark mumbled irritably, grudgingly agreeing.

Continued from [log].


Time goes on after that, too. 9S still feels as if something’s off–as if something, somewhere, is missing–but he doesn’t mind it so much anymore. One day, as they sit shoulder-to-shoulder in those little camp chairs, he thinks that he might always feel this way. YoRHa is gone, after all. The machines have returned to their mostly docile, ambling ways, so they no longer have any reason to fight them. And the tower lies collapsed, nothing more than a pile of rubble in the middle of the city ruins.

So they are missing something, aren’t they? They’re missing everything.

But still, he thinks, 2B was right to say that it’s okay. Because what little they do have is real.

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Feeling a little panicked rn so here’s what makes the batboys calm down.

Flowers calm Jason down. One sniff and he’s in another world, one without annoying brothers and bothersome fathers. He likes the ones with a strong scent, but the looks aren’t bad either, he’ll write what he sees and smells, make poems and masterpieces. Although they never get to be noticed, it’s nice to get back to his old activities.

Bruce likes pink. It’s a nice color and it takes him away from the darkness in his life, especially the light pinks. Kate got him a blanket that he keeps in his closet so that his kids don’t embarrass him, he sits in there and stares at the color, the pink glow in a dark space, and focuses on the light, fluffy feeling. He’s never as calm as he is with that blanket.

Duke likes to eat. Peanut butter? Heck yes! He sits outside with a jar and some of Alfred’s scones, or on really pressing days Alfred gives him a table FULL of food. The way he decorates them or makes them look SOOOO good, it’s very nice to sit there and feel the breeze with some food, nothing to worry about, even if just for a little bit.

Damian has a lot of things to calm him down. Titus, Alfred the cat, Batcow, Jerry, Painting, Training. Y'know… the usual. What you don’t know? When it gets really bad, he hides out in his closet like his dad. Instead of a pink blanket? He has a stuffed little bat. He hugs it and talks to it, sometimes he pretends it’s his dad. It calms him down just to be near it, sometimes Titus will join them when he notices that Damian is missing but Titus isn’t like the stuffed bat, Bruce got Damian that bat, he won it for him when they went with Talia and Dick to the carnival. It was the best day of his life, nothing else could compare.

Tim likes to yell randomly. Believe it or not, this is the best medicine for feeling sleepy and/or panicked. The reactions to it isn’t so bad either.

Bonus Bonus™:
Cass is never scared when Tim screams, but she knows what it means so she cuddles with him. She’s the only one except for Alfred who knows about the other Bat’s habits because she’s so observant. She cuddles when she’s upset, the grip is deadly, do not break it.

In All Seriousness (Haechan scenario)
  • royal highschool au, fluff
  • pairing female reader and haechan/lee donhyuck
  • a/n - @jinglesung here’s the scenario i promised you, i hope you like it :)
  • word count - 1,179

Being homeschooled, a rush of excitement filled you as you woke up for your first day at highschool. Royal Highschool. You would see all the other people your age that belonged to the royal families of your country, people you can relate to. But there was one person in particular you were excited to see today, Lee Donghyuck.  

Memories of your pleasant childhood scrolled through your mind as your thought of him, he made your childhood worth remembering. Donhyuck was you childhood best friend, he meant so much to you. You hadn’t seen him in ages since family rivalries caused you two to drift apart.

Thoughts about his appearance flooded your mind as your got ready for your first day. Your uniform was neat and you let your hair fall free over your shoulders. The chauffeur opened the door for you and you sat in comfortably, listening to soft music on your way. You destination was exactly 6 minutes away, three songs according to your units of count.

You stepped out of the car as it halted in front of the doors to your future, taking a deep breath; you guided yourself into the halls, looking around for any directions or help to get you to your class. You fetched your schedule and asked a senior to lead you to your class, you didn’t have to look around much but your eyes darted everywhere in search of him. As you were looking around in every direction you could locate, you felt a soft but irritating tap on your shoulder which made you frown. Why would someone disturb you when you were apparently in haste?

You turned around to see no one behind you, someone had dared to prank you on your first day of school and you couldn’t tolerate it. You breathed out in fury and stood still analyzing what just happened until you felt another gentle tap on your shoulder. You spun quickly so that the person doesn’t run off, but they did. You saw no one and you felt like an idiot. You inhaled and exhaled with your eyes closed in order to keep calm in such a confusing situation. When your heart beat slowed indicating that you were calm, you slowly opened your eyes.

It was him, he had been tapping on your shoulder, he recognised you, and he found you before you could find him, he won, like always.  You stood still, staring at him, the tan glow on his skin, his bright eyes and his dark brown hair, you pictured your childhood friend in him, and he had grown into a handsome teenager and was so much taller than you. Looking at him made your heart flutter, he was standing so close, gazing at you intensely waiting for a response, and he was smiling mischievously because the prank he had pulled on you amused him. He never changed. He was the same jolly best friend you had while you had matured into a quiet girl just like you were before. You looked away from his eyes and at the floor; you were evidently blushing as his tall figure towered over you. His hands were in his pocket and he looked dashing even in a boring school uniform.

“Y/n,” his honeyed voice reached your ears giving you a fuzzy feeling as he said your name, he ruffled your hair lightly and smiled at you, “you finally grew out your hair.”

“Oh, I- uh- I-,” you didn’t know how to respond to this, he was being so casual and free as if he never missed you. Your heart sank realising that he may have met so many other girls and he probably has friends just like him, he might not like your boring nature anymore.

“You look pretty, puberty hit you really hard, didn’t it?” your face heated up immediately.

“Shut up,” you chuckled and punched his chest, you just met after ages and he’s already into teasing you. He called you pretty, but for him, no compliment goes without an ‘after-joke’.

“I hope we are in the same class, I can never get enough of teasing you, you’re so adorable,” he pinched your nose and put and arm around you. His touch made you shiver a little but you weren’t uncomfortable. In this new place full of new people, you found Donghyuck, your best friend.

“Will you sit with me?” you inquired.

“Of course,” he said.

“Will you forget me when you find better friends?”

“What are you talking about?” he looked at you with concern, “I’m never leaving your side, you mean a lot to me.”

“You’re so outgoing and fun, you obviously won’t hangout with me all the time, I’m too..”

“Too?” he was looking into your eyes intensely.

“… too boring and plain. You’ll get along with others and leave me alone like you did when we were young.” You blurted all the nonsense which was bugging you.

“I always came back to you when I was alone didn’t I? I don’t plan on making any new friends, Y/n. It’s either or you, or no one,” he assured you making you feel a little better.

You held onto his arm as you both walked along the hallway, he was so much taller now, you rested your head on his arm and he smiled.

“You’re so clingy, Y/n,” he commented.

“You’ve become so tall, I need to make the most out of it,” you hugged his arm.

“Y/n,” he removed you hands from his arm, his face forming a serious look.

Worried and embarrassed, you mumbled an apology and stood before him, looking at the floor yet again.

“I have been dying to tell you this but I couldn’t hold it in anymore,” his face was dead serious, did he not like you being so close to him?

“Yes? Please say,” you assured him to continue, your heart beat rised in fear of what he was going to say, negative thoughts dominated your mind as you looked at him with concern.

“I- uh-,” he paused and stepped closer to you, making your heart go wild as your felt the butterflies in your stomach rage, “I missed you so much.”

He crushed you in a hug. You were in complete shock, he made it look like he was leaving you forever, he loves making you upset and you will never get used to it. His arms were around you and you could smell his refreshing perfume, you closed your eyes and squeezed him back. You felt complete, your lips curved into a smile realising that your childhood best friend was in your arms and nothing could make you happier. He released you from his arms and looked at your face which could be mistaken for a tomato.

“Hey, will you go out with me after school?” you gasped a little at another unexpected approach. “I won’t take a no so you are coming with me even if you don’t want to.”

It was a yes, he knew it.

Even in this darkness, he is able to see you. The soft glow from your eyes cast a calm light between your bodies and keeps the cold at bay as the two of you embrace. You have brought him here with you on a few occasions, knowing that he is to be trusted, knowing he will do you no harm.
This place is safe, the quiet part of your mind, and it makes you so happy that you’ve found someone to share it with.

So hold him close. He is here, forever.

anonymous asked:

If you're still accepting suggestions, Shiran with species swap, like shiros an alien and Coran's human.

One spaceship crash, coming up. Ripped off a few things from DC.

He was beginning to go a bit numb from the night chill, but Coran remained where he was, hunched on a tree branch as he spied on the figures in hazmat suits bustling around the smoking wreckage in the forest. The more he watched, the more he was glad that he had gotten to the crash site first. Those armored humvees certainly didn’t look friendly. He’d been on enough battlefields to know.

When they started pulling out the dead in pieces, Coran decided he’d seen enough. Carefully, quietly, he slipped down from his vantage point and headed back to his house.

There were glowing purple eyes waiting for him in the dark when he got back.

His heart leaped into his throat and he pressed back against the door, suddenly wishing he hadn’t closed it. “You’re awake,” he said, trying to keep his voice as calm and even as possible.

There was a soft rumble, a noise that sounded almost like insect chittering, and then the eyes prowled closer, barely illuminating a face before an also glowing mouth opened, backlighting sharp fangs for only a brief moment before the figure lunged.

Clawed hands locked around his neck and Coran didn’t even get the chance to scream and he was sure he was as good as dead and oh, God, why had he been such a fool and brought this thing home-

-and then a mouth was pressing hard against his, teeth needle-pricking into his lower lip for the briefest moment before the creature yanked away, letting him get in a sharp gasp of air.

For a moment, all Coran could manage was stunned silence. Then, slowly, his mind began to kick itself back into gear. “What in the flaming blue hell-”

“Understand now.”

He blinked at that placid purple stare. “You… you speak English?”

“Now. Absorbed speech.”

That… made no sense. But then, neither did the fact that he had an alien in his living room. Coran blew out a breath, then raked his hair out of his face. “Alright… okay, fine. Whatever works, I suppose.” He reached over and turned on the lamp beside his favorite chair, and his guest hissed slightly, blinking in response to the sudden light. “How’s the arm?”

The alien scowled, lifting the heavily bandaged limb. “You fixed?”

“As best I could. I don’t have much more than basic battlefield medic training.” That got an interested head tilt, then his guest motioned to his face. “Er, yes, I’ve been in war. Engineer.”

“Pilot,” the alien said, before his expression darkened with something that looked like… sadness, maybe? “Used to be.”

“Was that your crew back there?”

Another hiss, this time clearly anger. “No. Guards. Prison transport.”

Coran was mildly taken aback. Other than the teeth and claws, the alien didn’t look like much of a threat. “You were a prisoner? Why?”

The alien made some sort of helpless gesture. “Politics.”

He wanted to ask what that meant, but a soft growl interrupted. “I’m sorry, I’m being a terrible host. Let’s see if we can get you fed.”

His guest trailed after him to the kitchen and seemed content to huddle at the counter and pick at his bandages while watching him rummage through the cabinets and the fridge. After some mental debate, Coran figured it was probably best to expose the alien to as few preservatives as possible, lest there be some ill side effects, and began sorting out some simple rolls and meats, cheese, vegetables, crackers, and fruits. 

“What is that?” the alien asked when Coran started fixing something for himself as well.

“Chrysanthemum tea with honey. I pick up the bags every time I drop down by Christchurch.”

“I like the smell.”

“Do you want to try it?”


Coran made up a cup for him as well, then settled in to observe while his guest ate. Besides the glowing eyes, patterns of purple and white spots and lines decorated his skin in a design that reminded Coran somewhat of a moth. Oddly sharp ears twitched to catch every noise in the house. Shaggy black and white streaked hair was in dire need of a cutting. He wasn’t sure what was going to be done about that arm. The stranger clearly needed better medical care than what he could give. Maybe… maybe he could contact Alfor on the mainland. His old war medic buddy had always been trustworthy…


“Beg your pardon?” Coran asked, snapped out of his musing.

“What is your name?”

“Just Coran will do fine. And yours?” That got him a chittering noise. “Shiro?” he said hesitantly, trying and failing miserably to repeat the sound.

To his surprise, his attempt earned a faint grin. “It will do fine, Co’ran.”

The Night After

The first official night after the war


Fluff and sadness n gooey shit

The stars flickered across the sky once the sun had set, with not a single cloud to taint the sheet of pure darkness.

Usually, Magnolia would still have a small hum of the nightlife, with streetlights dancing against the pavements and stores and bars filled with late patrons. However, since the city had been evacuated, the towns people were still a ways away while the streets were being repaired.

So, the only lights to guide the dark were the twinkling stars and bright moon. Even though the absence of life made the town sadder, the radiance of the moon was able to keep the guild mates calm.

While Natsu was cascaded in the candle-lit dark, he entertained himself by constantly making small flames in his hand before smothering them, and then lighting them once more.

Other than the noise of Happy’s soothing purr, was the shower’s running water.

Then, it cut off.

Out stepped a damp Lucy Heartfilia, wearing a large t-shirt that reached just above her knees, drying her wet hair with a fuzzy pink towel.

The candle light created a soft glow around her, making her skin look that much more supple and hair that much more golden.

Her chocolate eyes darted towards the flame in his hand, and he could easily spot the tensing of her muscles as she stopped moving her towel.

“Sorry…” He mumbled, putting out his flame.

Lucy let out a relaxed sigh before the room went silent once more.

Her eyes roamed over her best friend. Hair still pink, skin still bronze, body still built like a god, yet his eyes were’t the same. Less bright, less fierce,less Natsu.

His gaze turned away from her, almost ashamed.

She dropped her towel over a chair before plopping by Natsu’s side on her mattress.

Instinctively, he scooted away, yet she persisted.

“Lucy…maybe I should just go back to my place. I don’t want to make you uncomfortable-” he began, yet her soft hand grabbed his calloused one and ceased the voice from his mouth.

“You’re my best friend. You know you would never hurt me, and I know you would never hurt me….And lord help anyone who does hurt me.” She chuckled.

“Why?” He said, meeting her eyes.

“Because they would have to deal with you.” She smiled, almost proudly as she broke Natsu’s stoic manner as well.

“Same goes to you.” He teased.

“What are you talking about?” She scoffed, well aware of what he was getting at.

“Brandish told me all about how you kicked her ass after she…” He paused, squeezing her hand a little more,“….she enlarged my ‘tumor’.”

Lucy looked down at their intertwined hands, feeling her heart skip a beat as Natsu’s thumb grazed over her guild mark.

Their eyes met once more, and for a second, she could’ve sworn his gaze flickered to her lips.

“See? We protect each other.” She said softly, leaning her head on his shoulder.

Natsu smiled before nuzzling her head with his, almost like a kitten.

They stayed like that for what almost seemed like forever, and Natsu wouldn’t have minded if he didn’t hear the soft snores that she began letting out.

He chuckled before grabbing her by the small of her back and lifting her around his body. Her legs wrapped around his torso immediately as her hands laid against his back.

Happy adjusted himself to the foot of the bed as Natsu pulled back the covers, falling right back to sleep once he laid down.

Natsu placed Lucy down before snuggling beside her.

“You’re really warm…” She murmured.

“Shit…sorry.” He blushed, moving a bit from her.

Her arms swung around him, pulling him against her body as her face made it into the crook of his neck.

“I love it……I love you…” She said softly.

Natsu felt his heart drop, jerking away to meet her gaze.

She smiled up at him with a light blush dusted across her cheeks.

Without thinking, he pushed his lips against hers in a sweet and soft manner.

Lucy giggled as she felt him smile through their kiss before pulling away to meet his classic grin.

That radiant, contagious grin that could light up Magnolia.

“I love you too Lucy.” He said happily before showering her face with kisses.

Lucy couldn’t hold back her laughter as Natsu enveloped her in his arms, rolling around on her mattress with glee as he repeated those words over and over.

“I love Lucy Heartfilia!” He shouted, loud enough to wake her neighbors, if they were there.

“Im trying to sleep….” Happy mumbled, rubbing his eyes.

He squealed as Natsu grabbed the blue cat, squeezing both him and Lucy in a bear hug.

“I love you too! I love you both!” He chuckled happily, contrasting with the small tears that began showing in his eyes.

“He’s back.” Happy sighed, looking too tired to truly enjoy the moment.

“Yeah…” She paused, wiping a small tear that had fallen from her own face.

“…He is.”

Magical FAHC

Think about it.

•Geoff is more powerful than anyone could ever believe. Controlling both dark and pure magic, he never shows the true limits of his powers off unless it’s an emergency. But he uses small tricks to fuck with his boys a lot, and uses it to clean the dishes. Geoff glows white when he uses magic.

•Ryan is the strongest out of all of them with dark magic. He can do things to people unimaginable, with just a flick of his hand. While he’s the most powerful, he’s also the most reckless, and ends up burning himself out more than anyone else. Ryan glows red.

•Jack is next, but his magic isn’t dark. His is about as pure as it comes, and it’s astonishing to all of them that someone as pure as him is in a line of work so cruel. Jack always laughs and says he stole it from someone else. He uses his magic to heal them and keep them calm when heists go bad. Jack glows yellow.

•Gavin is almost undefined. He puts all of his effort into trying to become as powerful as Geoff, to be ready to become the next leader if something was to ever go wrong, but Geoff insists he learns from Jack as well. Knowing when to attack and when to defend is the signs of a good leader. Gavin glows green.

•Michael’s an Empathizer. He can’t really /do/ anything with his magic, but he can figure out how the rest of the guys are feeling because his magic connects with there’s. If someone’s hiding a bullet wound, or their magic is burning out, Michael knows it. Michael glows blue.

•Jeremy’s the lone man out, with no magic. But really the crew respects him so much more for that. He gets them out of so many situations where magic is just too obvious or risky. He’s also the one the crew is the fastest to defend.

The six of them together can literally raise hell. And trust me, they’re trying to.

oddly specific otp prompt .01

Going on a walk together at 11 PM because one needs to clear their mind and the other isn’t going to let them be alone with their dark thoughts. Walking together side by side without speaking, just keeping each other company and letting their thoughts unwind into nothingness until the atmosphere is calm and the night is too cold for them to keep going. Stopping at some 24-hour gas station for a cheap drink, then sitting outside on the curb under the surreal glow of neon lighting and finally letting the silence give way to conversation that ranges from meaningless to meaning everything. Trying to pretend they’re focusing on their drinks but winding up looking at each other much more than they mean to and gradually falling back into silence. The first quietly thanking the second for keeping them company out here, then holding eye contact far too long and filling the air with a tension that finally resolves itself when they lean in and press a chaste, quiet kiss to the other’s lips. 

Okay so in Political Power, Mayor Dewey gives out glow sticks to people as part of helping them calm down and stuff. Obvs it was mostly because of the power outage, to help see in the dark, but I have the feeling Dewey keeps a bunch of glow sticks as items to help sooth the tempers of upset citizens (‘cause I mean who DOESNT like a free glow stick)

Then I thought about how Sour Cream was giving out free glow sticks at the rave in Alone Together and I was like ‘where the heck did that boy get all those glow sticks? let alone enough to just give 'em away for free?’

And now I’m like… Buck TOTALLY grabs a bunch of glow sticks from his dad’s stash now and then and gives them to Sour Cream. Buck is the glow sticks supplier.

I just like to imagine the first time Buck learns that Sour Cream is a DJ and likes glow sticks… so he just shows up the next day with like 50 of 'em in a bag and gives them to Sour Cream and SC is like :0

Forbidden Love

TITLE: Forbidden Love


AUTHOR: Pretty Dead Girl

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine you just recently started worshiping Loki when you are kidnapped by a demon who wants your soul. He shows up to rescue you and you two end up falling madly in love only to realise later you two are actually soulmates.


This is something I had already previously been working on. (If you read my earlier submission you will see one paragraph that is similar. I got lazy, but this is the original source.) 

Name pronunciation- Qetsiyah-C-eh-t-see-uh (It’s from The Vampire Diaries. I’m a nerd.)

Qetsiyah’s eyes grew wide with horror as the creature crept closer. She attempted to back away from the beast, but there was nowhere to go as her back pressed against the cold, stoney wall. She had no recollection of where she was or how she got here. The only thing she knew for certain is that she woke up to find herself in a strange place with a terrifying monster. The room smelled of death and decay, burning her nostrils every time she took a breath. The only light source were a few candles that hung on the wall, allowing her to see just enough of the room to know that the large creature stood between her and what looked like to be the exit. Her eyes caught a glimpse of a pile of bones in the corner which made her woozy. She never imagined being face to face with something so horrifying.

Covered in thick black fur, it had the attributes of a wolf, with a yellow horn attached to its head. Its claws corroded the floor as it walked slow and steady, eyes glowing red. She felt as if the creature was staring directly into her soul considering she could literally feel the evil vibrations pulsating off of it as it grinned at her, wickedly, revealing its fangs, dripping with juices. She could feel her legs tremble and begin to weaken.

“My, my, look at those pretty eyes, you look absolutely delicious.” he purred, licking his lips.“Tell me, how does one acquire eyes such as yours?”

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ok I fffFFINALLY got this done… damn glyphs took forever to write out and they’re probably incorrect anyways and I HAD TO CROP HALF OF THEM….. but i needed a title art for the writing, anyways moving on. 

drabble that’s a part of this au, not sure how far i’ll go with it but we’ll see, yes? Now posted on my AO3 account! plz lmk what you think!

now with ch 2!

The day they broke through to the next chamber in the tomb was a momentous one.

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Elijah gently grabbed Lexi’s arm as she walked into their home. He lifted her sleeve and frowned at the bruises he found. His eyes were dark with rage as he looked into her eyes. “Who did this to you?” He questioned, attempting to keep his voice calm but the fury was clear. All of the Mikaelson’s cared about Lexi, especially once her and Elijah started to slowly become more than friends. They were fiercely protective of the girl and would gladly kill for her if need be.

In Summer

Pynch Week: Day Two

Sun kissed skin // Prom night // Morning after

 Opal’s voice was very nearly a screech when she called from the downstairs bathroom, “There is sand in my ears!”

 Though Ronan’s eyes rolled, hovering above him, Adam laughed.

 "Don’t laugh!“ There was a rustling, the slamming of a door, and the shower hissed to life. Opal had made her peace with the shower long ago, though she was soon shrieking, indignant as anything, "There is water in my ears!”

 Huffing, Ronan grumped, “She didn’t mind it while we were there.”

 Then it was Adam’s eyes rolling, though his smile was a stubborn thing, refusing to so much as fade. Grabbing at the bottle of aloe he’d grabbed from the kitchen upon their return from the beach, he squirted a bit into his palms.

 When the cool gel touched Ronan’s back, he sighed, heavy and deep. “I never wanna see the sun again.”

 It was little more than an indignant grumble, and Adam chuckled, working aloe into the sun-reddened skin of Ronan’s shoulders. His tattoo seemed faded in comparison to the livid sunburn. “I told you to put on sunscreen, didn’t I?” There was nothing he could do to keep the teasing tone from his voice, and a smile bloomed over his face when Ronan glowered up at him.

 "We were only s'posed to be there an hour or so.“

 That glare sent a shiver racing down Adam’s spine: As dark as Ronan’s skin currently was, his eyes glowed like blue flames. Adam let his Henrietta drawl slip a bit when he said, "Not my fault Opal wanted to swim.”

 The accent worked to calm Ronan’s irritation, as it always did. Just the same, he didn’t hesitate to point out, “You’re the one who told her she could.”

 Rolling his eyes, Adam scoffed, “You can’t take a kid to the beach and not let her play. It’s inhumane.”

 "She’s not human, though.“ It was said in an incredibly offhanded way, and Ronan cast his eyes up to Adam again when he asked, "Think that’s why she never gets sunburned?”

 "No.“ Working a bit of gel into the small of Ronan’s back, Adam replied, "She just listens to me when I tell her to wear sunscreen.”


The drums of Samhain keeping time. The gates of magic open wide.

A cauldron’s blessings overflow.

The candle flames are dying low.

The witches dance the circle ‘round to chant and bring the power down.

Hecate will hear our call to turn the summer into fall.

The magic veil is growing thin.

The Netherworld is near our own.

We’ll see the sacred fire fed while witches commune with the dead.

The winds of Autumn call our names.

The driving rhythm slowly calms.

The glowing embers we will tend until the drums of Samhain end.

16 Days of Outlander - Day 16 - “To Ransom a Man’s Soul”

We finish with a bang our voyage through season 1 of Outlander with “To Ransom a Man’s Soul”. Probably somebody will need to ransom mine by the end of this.

Favourite scene

Even though I really missed all the healing process that we witness in the book, this is still a powerful scene. Claire knows she’s losing the battle for Jamie’s soul and so she enters darkness to search for it. The way she reacts to Jamie’s reveal of torture and experiencing arousal at BJR’s hands – keeping a calm front, swallowing tears, knowing she must hear it even though she probably wished to never talk about it again and glowing with love is a thing of beauty. Jamie lays it all out, believing himself broken, tainted and unworthy of her love.

Favourite line

“It’s the only explanation I have for all this. It’s the only way I can wrap my mind around what’s happened all these past months. It’s all been for you and me.” It has Claire, and we’re glad of it.

Favourite Jamie

Probably an odd choice – I could go for Jamie on the boat, starting to fight his demons. But I find this level of pain and distress a thing few actors could achieve. It’s not pleasurable to watch, but Sam brings such dimension to Jamie’s ordeal…and when he moans “There’s no more Claire!” tears really form in my eyes.

Favourite Claire

I really love this scene of Claire setting Jamie’s hand. Claire being a healer is such a huge part of who she is – here she saves his hand but later she heals wounds much deeper than bone. The way she finds that calm centre where a doctor must be to do his work, pushing through pain, loss and uncertainty…well done, lady.

Favourite character in the episode (and favourite performance)

He looks dead on the inside. There aren’t enough adjectives to qualify the performance of this man. He embodies a broken body and spirit, a lost soul, someone who has seen and has been touched by darkness, who feels corrupted by things done to him, a man who believes he has lost everything worth living for – and we believe it. We believe every word, every look, every scream. And we feel it. We are right there with him, victims of this emotional hit and run.

Favourite comic relief

No Highland man can resist Claire’s attributes. Oh, Angus.

Favourite shot

That an episode with such content can have so many beautiful (albeit brutal) shots really speaks for the quality of production.

A defeated man. This scene with Murtagh is amazing – we don’t need to speak Gaelic to understand that.

Only she could offer him some relieve from despair - She is the key to break him, and here BJR realizes that.

A recreation of art by Sam and Tobias.

Waiting is never easy, right Claire?

Probably my favourite shot of the entire episode. It’s like he reached a place when he doesn’t even care anymore – to drift away, to die, to sleep (perchance to dream), to merely stop existing and feeling.

Because she is the light, beautiful and hopeful, and I’d like to finish on a happy note.

It was a joy sharing this 16 Days of Outlander with you guys! Thank you @gotham-ruaidh for the challenge. Looking forward to what season 2 will bring :) Slàinte mhath!

“The Devil’s Own” part 1: Natasha Romanova

Your name is Natasha Romanoff, aka The Black Widow. Your former lover The Winter Soldier is living at Avenger Tower. He doesn’t remember you, or your torrid history, and it is making your life very complicated. 

Bucky Barnes x Reader (Natasha aka Black Widow)

Present Day

You rolled over and peered at the small red digits on your clock. Red like the blood flowing through your veins, red like your hair, red like the country that you hailed from. You closed your eyes, but sleep didn’t come for you. It was like this every night. You would lay in bed for hours until you finally drifted off, but tonight, the comforting arms of slumber were even more elusive. You glanced back at the clock, back at the blood red numbers. It was 1:47 am.

Things had been up in the air the last few weeks at the tower. Hectic, chaotic, but mostly, complicated. You knew this was a new scenario for everyone, since the amnesiac soldier had arrived, and that things were hard. Hard for Steve and hard for Bucky, but deep down, in a place that no one knew about, things were extremely hard for yourself as well. You shook your head slightly. It was strange, how quickly you’d taken to outwardly calling him Bucky, but in your mind, that would never be his name. His name was James… You thought back to cold, dark times; cold dark nights, when he’d had no name. He’d been the Soldier, and only the Soldier, and despite all of your trained detachment, it hadn’t seemed right for a man to have no name and so you’d given him one. You’d called him James

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