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Headcanons for Genji, Jesse and Jack for how they deal with their s/o's ADHD pls?? (If you don't wanna write this, I completely understand why. No pressure)


  • Genji’s time with Zenyatta has given him great patience. It’s almost impossible to make the younger Shimada lose his composure, so your ADHD wouldn’t be much of an issue to him. His calm demeanor helps keep you from getting too distracted, though he’s more than happy to try and burn you out with physical activities. He’ll offer to spar, run, or even climb if you’re up for it, the choice is yours. Though he finds a great deal of relaxation in meditation, he’s doubtful that you would find the same relief in it, you’re welcome to try it though. Genji will try and keep you on task, though he’s a little more lenient than he should be, and he’ll always make sure you get a healthy amount of sleep. He keeps his body in top shape and is more than happy to put you through your paces, since it should help mellow you out. Think of Genji as your own personal trainer, he’s going to make sure your lifestyle is the pinnacle of health.


  • Jesse’s very much in tune with you, the two of you are almost on the same wavelength. He’s never had any issues paying attention, his mercenary work keeps him rather busy, as did his time in Blackwatch. But this is someone who’s spent plenty of time with Tracer, so he’s fairly accustomed to dealing with high energy individuals. He’ll try and keep you free from any major distractions, tending to stay with you to prevent you from straying off task. Jesse will be sure to remember any instructions or directions you’re given, just in case they happen to slip your mind, wouldn’t want you to get lost. He tries to focus on boosting your mood, feeling he’s more adept as assisting with more emotional feelings rather than being an expert at keeping a schedule. There are few people as mellow as Jesse McCree, and he’ll be sure to get you into his same style of relaxation.


  • Jack’s always been a stickler for details, keeping several copies of nearly every single document that crosses his desk, Strike-Commanders can’t afford to forget anything. Keeping people focused and on-task is something he’s become quite good at during his time with Overwatch, you’d be surprised at how hard it is to get the newer recruits to follow a schedule. If you feel like planning your day out would help, he’ll prepare a schedule for you to follow, making sure you know where you should be at any given time. He doesn’t want you wandering around directionless, it’s always good to have a task in mind. Jack’s more than happy to help you get organized, whether that’s preparing helpful lists for yourself or simply clearing the clutter off your desk. It’s not exactly thrilling to follow a schedule like he does, but it can help tremendously if you find yourself getting off-task.
Mingyu as Your Personal Bodyguard

- God, he sticks out like a sore thumb. He’s gigantic, but at least he’s always easy to find.

- “I think my height makes me more intimidating.”

- Gets excited when he gets to use a walkie-talkie.

- The only time he ever had to beat someone up was during a blackout in your apartment.

- Some stalker tried to infiltrate your living quarters, and while you were freaking out, Mingyu was doing laundry. (He lives with you.)

- Apparently, he beat him up with a jug of detergent.

- Teaches you self-defense.

- “Alright, here’s the scenario: I’m in the bathroom, doing my duties and some burglar breaks in. What do you do? You drop-kick him. Do it to me, I can handle it.”

- “What if he has a weapon?”

- “Just… I just wanted to see you drop-kick, it’ll be fine (y/n).”

- He wasn’t fine. He dropped to the floor and wheezed for two straight minutes before becoming a proud mom and high-fiving you.

- In all seriousness, he’s actually very alert. You’ve never actually seen him physically hurt someone, but he keeps crowds under control, and he’s patient and calm.

- Looks intimidating, but when he’s off-duty, he’s really sweet and childish.

- Wakes up at ungodly hours to exercise and keep himself in shape, and sometimes he’s just so noisy.

- The moment you guys get into the limo, he immediately switches from tough Mingyu to smiley, soft Mingyu.

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Hunters of Artemis

Requested by Anonymous: 

  • The tents, that can become small boxes about the size of a pack of chewing gum, became enchanted to return to your pocket (like Percy’s sword) after too many incidents of “Fuck it guys, I think I lost my tent again! Why are those things so small? I mean it shouldn’t be that easy to lose a tent!”
  • Because Artemis often just travels with only a group of 20 hunters, a couple of them can just stay in the mortal world for a while. Most of them like to stay with the Amazons and do some experience on that front.
  • Sometimes they’re actually a bit relieved to not join the hunt for a few weeks. They love Artemis and hunting for sure, but you have to admit, sometimes too much silver is just too much silver.
  • They have an anual remembrance day on the first full moon of June where they honour the fallen hunters of that year. Artemis always makes sure that there is a beautiful Strawberry moon enlighting the sky.
  • Much like werewolves in certain stories, the Hunters can communicate with each other through telepathy while hunting. 
  • All hunters have an enchanted pocket watch that shows the phases of the moon. 
  • When two Hunters fall in love, Artemis usually shows mercy, knowing the vow spoke of leaving behind the company of men not women, and instead sends them to the Amazons.
  • On halloween the Hunters often get mistaken for ghosts when they are camping in muggle forests. A lot of folklore are based on them.
  • Artemis and her hunters have bumped into the Valkyrie on many occasions. Artemis doesn’t like them very much as she doesn’t want her hunters to become einherjar, but instead let them finally have the peace and calmness they deserve. 
  • One Hunter was allowed to keep her pet cat as it technically is an animal that hunts as well.  
  • Much like the camp half blood necklace beads, the Hunters have charm bracelets. They get a charm in the shape of a moon once they arrive and then a star shaped one every ten years they serve Artemis. 
  • They have water bottles that can make their water taste like whatever flavour they want.
First Kiss

Request from @criaturita-unicornia: How about Levi kissing a reader that hasn’t been kissed before? Like some fluffy stuff. I’m always a slut for Levi’s caring side

ME. TOO. Thank you for the request :) it was a lot of fun to write!

Ps. Your blog was recommended to me earlier before I even saw your request and I totally stalked it bc it’s awesome 😁


“Hey, what are you doing out here? Shouldn’t you be resting?” Levi’s usually commanding voice was always just a bit softer when he spoke to you.

You looked up from the mane of the horse that you were grooming and saw him standing in the entrance to the barn, leaning against the doorframe with his arms crossed over his chest. Smiling, you looked away before he caught you staring at him.

“Perhaps, but I thought I would come out here for some peace and quiet first. My barracks are a little full and a lot stressful sometimes. Couldn’t I ask you the same thing, Captain?” Your lips dared to turn up in a playful grin as you winked at him, watching him almost forfeit a smile as he walked over toward you.

“I thought I should make sure everyone is accounted for before I turn in. Seems that some brats like to go wandering off on the occasion.” Levi gave in and allowed himself to grin, playing along with your banter.

“Oh? Well, what happens to these brats?” Biting your lip, you anxiously awaited his reply as you watched him come closer, until he was standing just inches from you.

Since you had met Levi, you couldn’t deny that you felt something for him. He was just so interesting. Mysterious, even. He was the definition of enigmatic and that excited you to no end; you wanted to know him. It wasn’t even so much a sexual or romantic thing as much as it was just a desire to know someone like him better. Someone who was so tough on the outside, you knew he had to be protecting the beautiful soul the resided within him, even if he couldn’t see it.

The more you spoke with him, the more time you spent together, and the more you worked with him; the less you knew. Nonetheless, you were still so drawn in by him and now, here you were. He hadn’t driven you away or ever turned away your company. The fearsome Captain was always strangely inviting to you, but never like this. Never so playful. This was shaping up to be interesting and your heart could already barely stand the short distance between the two of you.

“Well, they get punished of course.” Levi’s smoldering eyes burned into your soul, etching a picture of passion upon it. Your stomach twisted itself into a knot and began to writhe with nearly tangible excitement.

“Punished, huh? By your discretion, correct?” It took all your power to stay still, focusing on keeping your calm as Levi’s gaze remained fixed on you.

“Of course. Who else, but me?” Pausing for a moment, he searched your eyes and his expression softened as his smile grew. “You’re so intriguing. You know, I’ve never met anyone like you. I don’t know what it is, but I can’t pull myself away from you for some reason. I couldn’t turn you away. I’m certainly not social by nature, but I could always talk to you.”

The playful air faded, but was soon replaced with palpable tension. You hadn’t expected Levi to be so straight-forward, but that was his nature. So misleading, but yet so direct. Stunned speechless, it took a moment for you to process a response as you continued gazing up at him.

“I-I feel the same. I mean, I didn’t expect you to give me the time of day. I thought you just weren’t really a people person. I was surprised when you spoke to me as a friend, but I’m glad you did.”

Your heart pounded in your chest and you worried he would actually hear it as you waited and waited and waited for his response.

“I’m glad you did too.” Levi’s eyes glinted with something you had never seen before and his lips turned up in a gentle smile as he slid his fingers through your hair, cupping the back of your head in his hands carefully.

You leaned in slowly, cautiously placing a hand on his chest as you took a step closer to him. His free hand found its way to your lower back, holding you closer until he pulled away and smiled down at you.

“I’m sorry I waited so long to do that.” His grin was so soft and genuine, it nearly melted your heart as you blushed a deep shade of red.

“Wow. That was–wow.” Giggling quietly, you rested your other hand on his chest as well, doing your best not to chew on your lip as you looked up at him. “May I confess something?”

“Yes. What is it?” Levi’s brow rose in genuine curiously as his intimidating eyes peered down at you, his hands retaining their comforting hold on you.

“That was my first kiss. And I’m very glad that it was you.”

His expression was obviously layered with surprise, but he smiled as if he was satisfied.

“Good. I’m glad I was too. Now all I’ll have to do is figure out how to be your last.” Smiling playfully, he winked and leaned in, kissing you softly once more.

Graphic T-Shirt Friday

It’s certainly graphic but not a traditional graphic shirt. Whatever. My blog, my rules.

I skipped out on last week’s post because I had the day off from work and it was 78 degrees and sunny and honestly, I had zero urge to update any sort of internet related things.

But here I am again and I’m in my second week of actual training for the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler. Of course, it’s in like four weeks so I am doing this way late but the mileage is there–just not the speed. Why yes, I have actually gone to the track twice now. The first time sucked. The second time sucked but in an uplifting sort of way if you know what I mean? 

I also have run two tempo runs–short ones. But I’m aiming for a 7:20 mile pace so even the short ones are killer. All of this combines into me thinking, do I really REALLY want to try this marathon thing again? So things are going well.

Unrelated to running, the boyfriend has now been moved in for over a month and things are good. Actually, very good. I feel so much more calm at home than I did before. We have our own spaces and I can actually just be there without having to do anything or react to anything.  I can watch the TV I want to watch! Or not.  Plus, I like having him around! I’ll  keep him for now.

Otherwise, I just need to get the eating back in shape. I have good intentions and then for some reason decide that I really should eat that bagel and then those chocolate chips and what is one more piece of leftover candy? It’s like some weird self-sabotage. It’s not a big big deal but my 30th birthday is Memorial Day weekend this year and you better believe I am hosting a pool party. So I need to look good! 

HOW.  I HAVE BEEN CONTEMPLATING A BABY KURAMA FOR THE LAST FEW DAYS. IT IS YOUR FAULT AND I HAVEN’T EVEN BEEN ON YOUR TUMBLR FOR A WEEK. HOW. Seriously, it has a whole plotline, a reason for how and why and the politics behind the baby-fying technique, scenes from the attack, adjusting and after it’s broken and things go back to ‘normal’. baby!Kurama only remembers to like being 50 or so, is a angry, curious bab and adopts adults now. Kushina happily accepts more adoptees for the Uzumaki throne. Tsunade, Shizune, Iruka and Tenzo are varying shapes of befuddled as to how they were chosen. The children are very protective of their new baby brother/ de-aged parent. There’s so much fallout too, afterwards. Kushina has to send him out on missions to calm things down. Rasa and Kurama got into a fight that almost became a war.  It just keeps going..

Also, the best thing about Kushina’s joke is that it solves a plothole. 

“How does random Uzumaki Kurama know what he does about Konoha? SPY!”

“nah, people just relax around their lovers, y'know?”

Kurama makes vague agreeing sound, attention elsewhere.  People get ideas, Kushina escalates. The confrontion:

“Kushina, why”

“I didn’t lie, technically. Besides, people are more likely to believe conclusions they come up with themselves!“ 

"The last time I went with that it ended up with you." 

"See! So you know it works!”

Kurama just hopes this doesn’t end up with Minato coming back to life too somehow. Starts making vague plans to convince him to play along, just in case.

Please stop don’t stop feeding the crack bunnies.

-crack anon

The Maiden And The Giant

TITLE: The Maiden And The Giant


AUTHOR: MaliceManaged

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine falling through a portal into Jötunheim and running into a stranger named Loki, who decides to provide shelter out of the need for company, that eventually turns into love.


NOTES/WARNINGS: I’m not sure how well I’ll be able to keep up with the next few updates; with my local con approaching which I will be tabling at with friends, I’ve been running around doing last minute stuff and I haven’t been able to sit down and write any more of this. I’ll try to make time, but I won’t make any promises. Apologies in advanced.


    Kat looked around the room curiously after Helblindi had set her down, noting that, while there was furniture and some miscellaneous belongings, it was rather empty. It was Loki’s old room, they’d told her; from before he had convinced their parents he was old and capable enough to live on his own. She walked over to a desk and picked up a half-finished sketch Loki had left behind of who she recognised as Laufey, seemingly arguing with another jötunn in what she figured was the throne room.

    “He’s always had a knack for being where he shouldn’t,” Byleistr spoke up as he looked over her shoulder at the sketch, “Useful for learning things others wished he didn’t.”

    Kat giggled slightly. “Something the nobles in Asgard learned the hard way pretty quickly.” She set the sketch down and heaved a sigh, jumping up to sit on the desk. “It hasn’t even been a day, and I miss him.”

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Even Better

[title]: Even Better

[pairing]: Bucky x Reader

[summary]: It’s movie night in the Avenger’s Compound and Bucky Barnes is sitting in the Reader’s spot on the couch.

[warnings]: swearing, Bucky being a smug ass bitch

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          [y/n] had shared everything with her fellow residents of the Avengers Compound. She shared her food, her secrets, her time, her hoodies, her Netflix account, her secret stash of ice cream, and when Sam had watched a particularly scary film, her room. And through all that she thought that she had properly earned the one thing that was only hers, and that was her damn spot on the sofa.

          But, as proved plainly by James Barnes, she couldn’t even have that.

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BTS reactions to your nightmare in which they die

A/N: We made these unnecessarily long. Oh well. - Amelia



You awoke him as your legs kicked underneath the blankets and once he was fully awake he could hear your small whimpers. Confused and unsure of what to do to get you to stop, he flipped you over so you were facing him and he tried to shake you awake.

“Y/n!” “Wake up!” It took you mere seconds to burst your eyes open and jolt upward in the bed. 

Jin’s eyes peered into yours with concern.

“Bad dream?” He asked as he slid his hand up and down your back, calming you down.

“Yeah…” You murmured still in shock from your nightmare.

“What happened?” His eyes focused on the pattern of your sheets, not trying to force it out of you by keeping eye contact but still rubbing shapes on your back so you felt his presence. 

“Well…” you began to whisper, “you died.” finishing off the phrase you croaked and started to sob. Jin pulled you in for a tight hug. 

“It’s okay Jagi. I’m here right now! I’m alive and well!” He held you through the rest night not letting go until you both woke up. You were sore from the position but Kim Seokjin was beside you, loving you, nothing could damper your mood.

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You knew Yoongi was going to be at the studio late tonight and although he was busy, you needed to see him. Your feet moved your body before your mind even registered what was happening, and before you knew it you were outside his studio, knocking gently on the door. It was already 11 o’clock by the time you walked all the way there, and you were sleepy before you left so the minute after he greeted you at the door with his box smile, you were fast asleep on the couch. 

You had a nightmare, a beautifully chilling nightmare. Yoongi, sat at the piano, playing a simple melody. You were watching him in peace, but something didn’t feel right. His body kept gliding further and further away, the tempo was speeding up, your heart thumped in your chest, until you felt a pang when he hit the wrong note. It was silent. He was right in front of you now, your vision swayed, and his image was blurry. Flames erupted from the piano. 

“I’m sorry.” He said, a look of pure sorrow etched into his face. The crackling from the flaming piano became louder and louder as it was coming toward the both of you and it swallowed him up. Leaving you, alone, in the dark. You could hear his voice in the distance, your body was crumpling up. 

“Y/n?” He said. The darkness was being overtaken by a yellow glow, and his voice became crisper.

“Y/n… are you alright?” Your eyes shot open to find him kneeling in front of the sofa. Not skipping a beat, you threw yourself into his arms, landing you both in a jumble of limbs on the floor.

“I’ve missed you so much lately, I had to come see you… and I fell asleep… and it felt like I lost you.” you rambled.

“I was right there the whole time you were asleep…” 

“No, it was different from that. You burned up right in front of my eyes”

He tossed you a puzzled look while he helped you stand up off the floor. 

“Probably because I’m super ha ha hawt.”

“OhmYGod Min Yoongi, get back to work.”

His silhouette sitting in front of the piano was just like the one in your nightmare. He started to play the same tune giving you a little bit of deja vu.  

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You’d been feeling unwell for a few days and had been laying in bed for the majority of the time. Hobi wanted to be there for you as much as he could and he was but he still had to go to the studio as scheduled. When he came home each day he arrived with medicine and food. He’d creep into your bedroom so he wouldn’t wake you and stroke your hair as you slept until you woke up. 

You jolted upright, you’d broken into a sweat and your head was aching. Hobi had been laying right beside you. He was also sleeping, he was exhausted, worrying about you and working 12+ hours a day. He sat upright beside you; when you jolted it woke him up. 

“Y/n, what’s the matter?” He mumbled, his eyes still half shut. You didn’t answer him right away, you were collecting your thoughts. Since Hobi was gone most of the time all you could do was dream about him. In fact, that’s all you did these days, dream about Hosoek. Every sleeping and waking moment your thoughts were consumed with him. Now that you were laid up in bed somehow those 24/7 thoughts were amplified. 

He put his hand to your forehead, “Aiish, Y/n! You’re burning up!” he exclaimed as he clamoured out of bed to go grab you a cold pack and some medicine. When he made his way away fromthe bed to the door you grabbed his wrist. 

“Don’t go!” You whimpered. He looked at you with confusion, his hair was dishevelled and his eyes were asking why but his mouth wasn’t moving. 

“I had a nightmare… and… you died.”

 A small smile unfolded on his face as he climbed back into bed with you giving you a giant bear hug. 

“…But can you still go get me some Advil?” You asked, to which he let out a hearty Hoseok laugh. 

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It was 2 in the morning. Namjoon had dropped you off last night at 11 and it was crazy how much you missed him. You should’ve been living together by this point in your 4 year relationship; your parents views on living together before marriage meant that it was a definite no no. So when you woke up from a horrible nightmare you had to call Joon to comfort you.

“Y/n whats up? It’s 2 in the morning. Can’t Sleep?” His husky voice echoed in your ears and you couldn’t help the tears that came. The contents of your nightmare were fresh in your memory and you missed his presence. Hearing his voice only made the crying worse as he was at a total loss of what to say over the phone. The usually suave Namjoon couldn’t utter a word for more than a minute as he listened to your sobs and hicks over the receiver. 

“Y/n, what’s wrong?” He finally spoke. His voice faint.

“Is everything okay? You’re not hurt? In danger?” Suddenly his brain was functioning -he was out of his sleepy state- and he was thinking of every possible bad thing that could be happening to you. The panic was rising inside him, you weren’t answering and kept crying. 

“I’ll be over in a few.” You wanted to hear his voice longer but the sound of his fumbling around in your living room as he hurried to your bedroom subsided that feeling because he the real, living Namjoon was right there embracing you

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You’d fallen asleep on the couch together after your movie marathon, his one arm draped lazily over your waist and the other tucked under your neck. You’d been fighting sleep this whole time, so you had no trouble letting the music of the ending credits lull you to sleep.

Jimin was woken up by your quiet whimpers, he slid his hand up your front and cupped your cheek, turning your face towards him. You were pouting, cold sweat glistening on your forehead. Jimin panicked, he didn’t know what was wrong with you, but he didn’t like it. Immediately he propped himself up on his elbow and wiped your face with his sleeve.

“Y/N?” he shook you shoulders in attempt to rouse you.

You whimpered in reply, sleep still fogging your senses, you weren’t even aware of the tears leaking out of your eyes.

“Y/N, what’s wrong?” his warm voice coaxed you awake and you became aware of your wet eyes.

“Mmm… Jimin,” you whined, leaning up and wrapping your arms around his neck and pulling him down. His breathe hitched at your action, and he quickly wrapped his arms around you, holding you close.

“I’m here, Y/N. Tell me what happened.”

“Y-you…” Your sobs and hicks cut you off. Jimin began rubbing his hands up and down your back, offering you some comfort. Whipping your tears into his shirt you start again.

“You died.”

He pulls away and looks at you with a mix of concern and sympathy. He places a soft kiss on your forehead before pulling you into his warm embrace again.

“It’s okay, I’m not dead, I’m right here.”

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“Don’t joke about that!” You yelled, as you faced the opposite direction from Taehyung on the couch.

“About dying if I had to watch a relatives sextape?” 

“Yes! That’s sick Taehyung… how does that even come up in conversation! You can’t just say things like that!”

“I don’t understand what your problem is. You know when me and the guys start talking there are a wide variety of topics.

“I know, I know..” You said, waving him off. 

“What’s really eating you?” 


“Y/n,” he said sternly then this voice softened, “just tell me what this is all about.”

“I had this nightmare a week ago and I keep thinking about it.” You put your hands over your face, sighing into them, knowing that Taehyung would laugh at you for overreacting. 

“…What happened in it?” 

“Well for starters, you ended up dying.” Your voice was faltering and you were waiting for his stupid laugh to full the air in your living room. 

“… Y/n…” He grabbed your hand gently. You sat tensely facing the other way tears threatening to spill out until he pulled you around toward his chest and embraced you, and the tears rolled. 

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He was sitting on the couch when you came in sniffling. The TV was on but you thought you left it on, you had no idea that he was sitting there. The room was dark and you turned the TV off he let out a ‘YAH!’ and he scared you so much. What he didn’t know was that you were already upset over a nightmare you had where he died and the extra shock wasn’t needed. 

“Jungkook-ah! You scared me!” You shouted as he got off the couch and came over to you, confused about your puffy red cheeks and cloudy voice. Was it because you had just woken up, or were you… crying?

“Y/n, What’s wrong?”

“Nothing.. I just had a bad dream, that’s all.” You whispered trying to displace the wavering tone in your voice. You evaded his gaze while navigating to the kitchen in the dark. He followed you, of course. 

You reached on your tippy toes to grab a glass from the cupboard. He snaked his hand around your waist pulling you into his chest while his other arm grabbed the glass you were inches from nabbing. The moment his hand touched your side an overwhelming sense of relief surged through your body. You reeled yourself around and buried your face in his chest. the quiet sobs you began to choke out escalated when he chuckled and playfully moved your clinging figure along with him, over to the sink to fill your glass with water. 

Jungkook stroked your hair, to coax you out of your current, attached to his body state. Then he handed you the glass and watched you drink, not saying a word, never asking why you were crying. 

After he carried you back to bed, and you whispered out a soft ‘I love you’, he didn’t feel like he needed to ask. 

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Headcanons for Levi working out?? (Also maybe headcanons for Oluo copying said workout? XD)

  • Levi is a beast when it comes to working out.
  • Just… take a minute to picture him working out shirtless  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)  you’re welcome.
  • In all seriousness though, the thing he hates the most about working out is getting all sweaty, he thinks it’s gross af and he brings along a handful of emergency towels.
  • Clearly it’s necessity to remain in shape as a soldier, but aside from that work out sessions are something he’s not averse to in any way. It’s helpful to blow off some steam every now and then. It helps him calm down and get his mind off of things.
  • His focus switches between strength and speed, but he keeps it consistent throughout as best as possible.
  • He obviously exercises daily, but on top of that he likely has a strict work out plan. It’s necessary for him, since he’s quite busy already and has to squeeze in some hours of this and that here and there whenever he can.
  • There’s rarely a day that doesn’t start with a running session at around 5AM already, followed by a nice shower and a good cup of tea as a reward.
  • He likes to train alone, by himself, strictly. It’s because he’s not a big fan of adjusting his own work out pace to that of others and there’s no point in having a chit chat while he’s lifting weights or anything like that.
  • Oluo definitely isn’t the only one trying to copy his workout methods and plan. Whether he or the others can keep up with it is a different questions.
  • Levi’s been sticking to his work out plan for years, building it up more and more over time. You can’t go from 0 to 100 immediately and anyone not used to it, despite being in fairly shape as well, might have a hard time regarding stamina for sure.

Omg that would be something. And wouldn’t be all surprising actually since Aarush’s abilities to use hardlight are very much attune to his emotions. 

Unlike his mother who has acute attention to her creations and thus has a more better grip on her abilities (in my headcanon at least), Aarush controls the hardlight through his state of feelings. So that’s why he’s generally calm and sensible. 

But like you said if he ever did get agitated to a point where it was an extreme, the hardlight he uses would probably be erratic in its movements, each attack strong but highly unstable that they’d fracture and break easily. And due to the current state he would be in, it would have a hard time trying to keep in form and shape.


Journal Series: As requested, here are just a few of my (very teen-angsty) personal journal pages. Remember, these are personal so please be respectful to whatever you see. Therapy comes in all shapes and sizes, and for years my therapy has always been art journaling. Whether it was getting my emotions out on paper or painting something to help me calm down, journaling has always been my life saver. The first two photos shown above are the most current pages I’ve made in my current journal, and the last two photos are from a journal I started about 4 years ago. The beauty of keeping a journal, especially during your teen years, is looking back on them years after. I love everything about them; the chaos, the clippings, the art, and (embarrassingly enough) even the words. This is my entire youth on paper.

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Lmao Laurent tries to keep it cool and seem unphased about getting dicked down by his hub but then Damen spends a good twenty minutes blowing him slowly Infront of the council, to everyone's awkward, uncomfortable arousal. So then Laurent has to stay calm and also not come all over himself before Damen can really get going. Does he last???? we don't know!!!! We do know the when he eventually spills, Damen runs a finger through it and licks while Laurent blUShEs and tells him to hurry up.


A Different Morning on June 6, 1832.
  • Enjolras surviving, though not succeeding. Retreating after a long battle to heal, hiding away somewhere safe. His speech, quiet yet strong, as Les Amis mop, sew and patch themselves up is not of grand struggle and the greater meanings of their actions. It is a private thanks, words of pure gratitude to his friends, who fought bravely, sacrificed for their coming world. It is individualized, tired eyes locking onto each bleeding, suffering hero. His voice breaks more times than anyone can count.
  • Combeferre wearing a pair of glasses stolen from the pocket of a dead guard too close to the barricade. His own were broken, and these are not perfect, but he needs to be able to see in order to sew up gashes and set bones with whatever they have.  He’s working himself to the bone, ignoring his own wounds and his friends urges to please, sit down.
  • Joly working by Combeferre’s side with only one arm fully functional, tying wounds with ripped shirts and sashes. He knows that this is begging for complication, but with their situation, this is all they have. When things have calmed down, when some are more healed than others, someone can go for better supplies, but for now he bends his head and whispers words of encouragement to his aching friends.
  • Courfeyrac with a bandage over one eye, which gets crinkled and threatens to come off with each wide smile as he tries lessen the mood, as he tries to keep spirits as high as possible. He keeps his back turned on the motionless shapes under a red flag in the corner of the room. If he thinks about anything too hard, his grinning veneer would crack.
  • Bahorel cannot smile. He cannot do anything much than try to breathe, try to live. His chest bleeds and aches, and he does all he can to keep his eyes open, not ready to close them one last time. He is promised life, told that, as far as they can tell, vital organs were miraculously missed. His face contorts as he TRIES to smile.
  • Feuilly instructs his friends as much as possible; a life on the streets has taught him a good many skills, including how to patch up wounds without much in the way of supplies. He uses a found thin pole as a crutch, his foot mangled and useless to him. He does not have a fix for that, but announces that at least his hands remain untouched, and he will live to work another day.
  • Bossuet is soaked in blood. Only some of it is his. His wild eyes are lost and confused, and he keeps glancing to Joly’s arm. He is not laughing, but speaks to Musichetta. She is not there. When this is pointed out to him, he whispers “Just my luck,” and draw into himself. Everyone keeps an eye on him.
  • Marius who is missing. Marius who was taken when things look bad, Marius in Jean Valjean’s care. None of his friends know, and Courfeyrac has to be restrained from going back to search for him, or at least bring his body back.
  • Jehan Prouvaire laying on a table near Bahorel, eyes glossy and mouth dyed red and pink with frothing blood, but Holy God, he is alive. Somehow how Jehan is alive, dotted with constellations of bullet holes. Forceps and forks have pulled what they could from his body, every delve into flesh a concern that they would pull the last breath from his body. In the early morning, a bird chirps outside.
  • Gavroche’s body is underneath a red flag, lifeless. Someone placed his hand in that of his sisters, two corpses doused in blood, both with the frozen smiles of death on their faces. Gavroche holds an empty ammunition case in his other hand, emptied by his friends once his body was retrieved. He would not die in vain.
  • Éponine, long dead, head tilted up, was captured by Feuilly’s hand in a quiet moment on the barricade. Her portrait now sits on a table near a wine bottle of flowers. Now one knows where they came from, but there are leaves plastered to the heels of Gavroche’s hands.
  • Grantaire lays on her other side. His corpse is riddled with bullet holes, from the front, then the side, then the back. The only blood that is not his own dots his fingers, from the brief moment of contact when he pushed Enjolras out the the window, thinking that he was to find more luck with a fall than at the guns of the guards. He did not see the flag Enjolras carried, the flag which now covered him, catch on the window sill, leaving Enjolras to safely lower himself to the ground, to plan a retreat with a newfound bravery. Grantaire’s last act, in saving Enjolras, had provided the others with a chance to escape. All Grantaire knew was the bullets ripping through him. Laying over Grantaire’s still chest is a stained red vest, dotted with every floret and the medals someone had stripped from a dead guard. No one can look his way.
How to draw from the imagination

Hello everyone, silent madness here. And today i am going to talk about how to draw from the imagination. Alright, so first of all, drawing from the imagination is a pretty interesting topic, because there are a few ways of going about it. For some it is a natural process, and for others it takes a little practice. Almost everyone’s minds are diffrent. Some people can visulize things by decribing what they want to see, or by just visualizing it out of the blue. Like i said, many people are different. But either way learning how to draw from imagination is a skill we all can learn just like anything else. But we are not going to get too deep into that today. like i said, it’s a meaty topic that i will post more about in the future. So what I’m going to do Today, is give you all a little tutorial. Showing you how to draw whatever you want from your imagination. your going to learn alot today, and improve your skills as an artist. So grab your pencil and paper and let’s rock n roll. Ok so this is one way you can draw from your imagination, and this also applies to anything else you want to draw as well. so let’s say that you want to draw an idea from your mind. It could be itachi from the anime series naruto fighting sasuke, or Lincoln loud and Ronnie Ann from the loud house kissing each other. (I’m not into the loudcest craze) or it can just be whatever you want. So you got the idea down but as you draw it it’s not exactly going as you had originally planed. You see the image in your mind, but you just can’t get it down on paper. Well don’t give your skeck book or idea the bird just yet. Here is what you do. So let’s go back to the idea. You see the image in your mind but, this time, i want you to break the image down into simple shapes. So pretend that your mind is like a stop motion video breaking the drawing down with each scene. In the first scene the the color is taken away from the image you are imagining. What we see now, is a line drawing of the image with all the details. Look up Andy Warhol’s drawings of people to see what i mean, in The second scene, the details are taken away from the image you are seeing in your mind. What is left is very rough image of shapes, making up the image. One red flag that pops up when people try to draw from there minds, is that they don’t deconstruct the image they see into simple shapes. They just try to draw the whole picture in one go. While i’m on this topic here is another tip. stay away from details in the beginning stages of a drawing. It will save you a ton of time and energy. It will also free you from frustration. OK back to what i was saying. Now that you see the image in your mind simplified, relax, take a few deep breathes if you must and look into your minds eye, and focus on the shape. don’t worry if you cannot see the shape clearly, or worry that the shape will not come out the way you imagined it. Just draw the shape, and if it comes out incorrect, go at it again until it’s correct, and you will know when it is correct. It’s like doing a sculpture. You just gotta keep working at it until it’s right. And If you cant see the image in your mind completly, or if the image goes away, just keep calm, be paitent and focus.When you do see the simplified image in your mind, look for another shape and draw it. Not worrying that it will come out right or wrong. Keep repeating this process until the simplified sketch is complete. After you have gotten down the sketch, and made sure that the shapes are correct. (they don’t have to be perfect just get everything looking well enough) look into your mind using the stop motion video method going forward. In the first scene forward, we are from the rough shape forum and we see that everything is defined a bit. with little to no detail. Now, we are moving forward into our little stop motion video again, but this this time, we are changing things up a bit. This time the details are going to pop up one at a time. Why are we doing this you ask? because the memory is fragile. And at this point in developing your memory, your mind will not be strong enough to hold a ton of visual information. When we were going back, we rushed past the details because we were not drawing the details yet. But now that we are about to take them on its important to take things one at a time so our minds can take in the information.OK so in your mind go forward in the stop motion video add each detail one at a time. And making it more defined. Now finally, the piece is near done. It may not be perfect but we have done an amazing job drawing something from our imagination! all we have left is color I’m not going to get to deep into this. but just like with the details, take on one color at a time. And that’s it, there you go! Give yourself a nice pat on the back for doing this exercise. I hope you all had the patience to hear me out lol. But, in order for this technique to really work you gotta practice it as much as you can. It doesn’t have to be for hours either 20 mins a day will do just fine or hell lower then that! as long as you keep at it. What i want you all to do is to try this technique yourself, and message me a drawing that you drew from your imagination. Also tell me your thoughts on this post and how it has helped you. Silentmadness out.

Request: BTS Reaction when you have to cat sit and they get all jealous of the attention the cats getting.

THANK U ANON FOR THIs post LMAO IM SO EXTRA WITH THE WRITING BUT YOURE MY FIRST ASK AND I LOVE U. remember!!! My ask box is so empty guys send some shit. But here u go hope u like it. K(◕‿◕✿)


Reaching on your tip toes, you searched inside the cabinet to fetch the cat treats your neighbor had said she’d just boughten for the cat, smiling, you pulled the bag out as you turned to toss a few to the cat, before coming face to face with a pouty jimin. Blinking from his closeness, you stepped back and looked around him, 

“Where’s the kitten?” You asked, eyebrows furrowing. Suddenly he grabbed your arm softly. 

 "Yah! Enough about that dumb cat..“ He mumbled, his head positioning yourself on your shoulder, your body slowly vibrating with laughter as the realization came to you. 

 "Jimin, are you jealous of the cat?” You questioned humorously, feeling his head sink deeper into the crook of your neck.

 "No…“ He garbled through your skin, his fingers prying the cat treats from your hand, he mouthed his way up to your cheek before slapping a strong loss against it. 

 "Can I have a treat first, though?” He smirked at you. Pushing him away, you grinned lopsidedly at his reappearing pout,

 "Jimin, you’re not getting anything if you can’t even handle yourself around a cat.“ You waltzed out the kitchen, treats still in hand, feeling jimins shadow chase you out. You’d give him a treat, just not yet 


 "leave her alone.” You warned yoongi, your eyes slitting at him as his hand hovered a few feet above the sleeping ball of fluff, his eyes squinting at you. 

“No, I wanna sit there.” You rolled your eyes harshly, looking him back in the eyes when you finished. 

 "You were just sitting next to me, you can sit back where you were.“ 

"I wanna sit over here now.” He mumbled back, his hand sinking lower towards the cat. Shooting your arm out, you grabbed his pale hand, wrapping your hand around his wrist. His eyes flicked up to yours, watching as you opened your mouth to scold him again, before he began to sit down. 

 "Yoongi-ah, stop it!“ You whined, your eyes bulging as he took his place on top of the cat, your grip loosening as you tried, with no avail, to push him up before he sat down. With a plop, and a smirk, he relaxed in his seat, looking lazily at you as you struggled to lift him up.

 "Calm down, y/n, she ran out before I even touched her.” Yoongi yawned, his arms coming around your body to pull your heated face close to him.

 "Let me go min yoongi.“ You warned, pushing against his grip. 

 "So you can go cuddle with that cat instead of me? Nah, tough luck.” And his grip tightened on you, as legs wound across your lap, a giggle finally echoing through your throat. Giving into his embrace. 

 "Hey y/n?“ "Mmm?" 

"Will you scratch behind my ear?" 

 "Get off me, dummy.”


“Why does she smell?” You heard taehyung question from his seat next to you, his wide eyes staring intently at the kitten wound like a coil in your lap. 

 "She doesn’t smell.“ You voiced back, subconsciously tracing patterns along the soft fur.

 "Why does she have a weird shaped face?” He questioned again, his stare burning into the cat even harsher. 

 "Her face is fine, taehyung.“ You mumbled at him, your voice getting more strained as you tried to keep your calm. You felt him shift closer to you, getting on his knees to the side of you and putting his face directly in front of the cats. 

“Why does sh-" 

"Taehyung, oh my god, leave the cat alone, please.” You rolled your eyes as you flipped to look at him, his gaze still focused on the cat, before he finally flicked his eyes up to meet yours. 

 "It’s just a weird looking cat, all I’m saying.“ He shrugged, getting up from his seat, and walking towards the kitchen. You sank deeper into your seat as you sighed deeply, grateful for taehyungs constant questioning to be over. You felt yourself drifting off before you jolted up at a sudden noise in your ear. 

"Why do you love the cat more than me?” He loudly blew the words into your ear, causing you to jump and in turn kick the cat from your lap. You turned to scold him after your yelp left your lips, before you felt his press against yours as you turned. Taehyung thoroughly quieting any complaints to come out your mouth for the rest of the night. 


 "But she BIT me y/n!“ 

 "Well, you shouldn’t have grabbed her and tossed her between your hands, should you have?” You calmly replied to Namjoon, his hand held limply in yours as you examined the ‘wound’ in his hand. 

 "It’s not even that bad, namjoon, just run it under cold water and leave the damn cat alone.“ You shot at him, letting his hand go as you turned to go find your neighbors cat. Namjoons screech had caused the kitten to flee in a flurry, it’s fur on end as it ran, thinking it was in trouble. You wanted to find the cat and quell its fears. Turning into your neighbors bathroom, you frowned softly as you saw the poor kitten wound around the toilet, it’s dilated eyes softening as you began to coo at it. 

 "Hey kitty, don’t be scared, it’s okay, come h-" 

 "Y/n! It’s bleeding again! It opened oh my god it opened what do I do.” His bellows caused the kitten to tense against the toilet, your irritation rising as you turned to loudly whisper towards namjoon who had been walking towards you. 

“Can you please be quiet? You’re scaring the poor cat.” You tried reasoning with him, desperately trying not to laugh as namjoon clutched at his hand, a single drop of blood protruding from his cut.

 "And why are you being so extra about one little cut?“ You furrowed your brows at him, the kitten relaxing as you turned to rub it’s fur. You heard namjoon mumble something. You turned around at him, urging him to say it again. He looked at the floor, letting go of his hand and pushing his hair back inside of hat. 

 "Because you haven’t paid any attention to me since we started catsitting yesterday.” He told you, his eyes still casted downwards. You coked your head to the side and suppressed a laugh, letting go of the kitten as she scurried out the bathroom, and walked up to namjoon. You planted a kiss at the side of his head, feeling heat emanate from his skin.

 "Does my namjoonie want my attention?“

 "Yah, stop teasing me!”  


Jin was calling you, for dinner, for the 7th time. His voice getting increasingly angry as you ignored him, in favor of staring at the cute kitten curled up in front of you. 

 "Y/n! Come eat! Now. Your noodles are getting cold.“ Jin warned, his mouth filled with food, and his plate already half empty as he stared at your bent form, hovering above the small ball wrapped up in a bed on the floor. 

 "In a minute Jin.” You reasoned with him again, your eyes being almost impossible to tear away from the small creature in front of you. 

 "You’ve said that 7 times already, y/n.“ You didn’t answer him, instead reaching your hand down to curl around the soft face of the kitten, your eyes widening in delight as she yawned into your palm, a small giggle bubbling through your throat. 

 "Jin-ah, she’s just so-" 

 "Cute? I guess.” You jumped at the sudden proximity of Jin, his head hovering next to yours as he squatted and stared at the kitten, his eyes squinted. 

 "You guess?“ You scoffed at him, landing on your butt as you wobbled backwards on accident.

 "Ow.” You mumbled, glaring at Jin as he laughed lopsidedly at you. 

 "Yeah I guess-“ he mumbled, sliding up next to your seated form. "But not as cute as you.” He whispered into your ear, his mouth coming to kiss softly down the shell of it to your collarbone, your eyes slipping closed as you enjoyed his touch. He lightly began to suck, his teeth, so softly you could’ve been imagining it, grazed your neck as you leaned into him.. And almost face planted his chest as he pulled away. You pulled your head up and looked at him a bit wildly. His face lit up as he began to get up, and walk towards the kitchen again, your neck straining to follow him.

“What was that? Yah! Jin! Answer me.“ You pouted, trying to calm your easily excited core. 

"A partial reward.” He spoke calmly, sitting back down at his place at the dinner table.

 "Partial?“ You spat back at him, beginning to get back up off the floor. He smirked 

 "You’ll get the full award later, if you abandon that dumb cat and come eat your dinner.” He shrugged, picking his chopsticks back up as you scrambled to the kitchen, surprising Jin as you pulled the chair back and began to slurp up your noodles.

 "Eager.“ He grinned at you, sinking into his chair as you rolled your eyes at him, that 'dumb cat’ being the furthest thing from your mind. 


"But why do we have to watch it?” Jungkook questioned, his soft eyes switching between you and the kitten.

 "Because it’s my best friends kitten, jungkook, I can’t just tell her no.“ You rolled your eyes, toting in the small cat carrier and bag of necessities your best friend had given you. She’d be away with her husband on a honeymoon vacation for about a week and a half, and you offered to take up the couples newest 'baby’. You had told jungkook this. And he had been initially excited about the thought of a kitten, so you didn’t get what his deal was now.

 "Why are you acting like a baby?” You asked him, sitting down on the couch as the kitten explored your living room, your eyes turning up in joy as you smiled softly at the tiny thing. 

 "I’m not.“ He crossed his arms and turned his head, looking back at you crossly when he heard you laugh.

 "Do you not see yourself? You’re acting like a child.” You teased him, his face growing redder with every second. 

 "No…I’m n-not.“ He grumbled, getting up to go get some water from the kitchen. You rolled your eyes and plopped on the floor with the kitten, getting out a few toys your friend hand loaned you, and began to play along with the kitty, your small laughs and giggles and meows mixing through the otherwise quiet room. 

 "What’s that?” Jungkook questioned, coming to sit down next to you with his glass of water, his eyes looking down at the kitten.

 "The… Cat?“ You asked him, your eyebrows turning up and a small hum coming from your throat in amusement. He rolled his eyes at you. 

 "No not the cat, that.” He pointed directly at the bottle of catnip that had rolled out the bag. You picked it up.

 "It’s catnip,-“ you began, before continuing after glancing at his face, he looked confused. 

"It’s like….weed for cats? But I don’t know why she has it for the kitten, they usually don’t like it until they’re much older.” You shrugged, chucking the bottle back inside the bag. Jungkook was silent next to you, his eyes opening after your statement. 

 "Can-can we give her some?“ He asked. His bright eyes staring at the little ball of fur. You slapped at his arm. 

 "Jeon Jungkook, no.” You shoved at him, a small giggle bubbling through your throat as Jungkook pointedly tried not to laugh along with you. He leaned against your shoulder after a few minutes of silence. Watching as the cat weaved between spaces and clawed at the smallest movements. 

 "Sorry.“ He mumbled, you leaned deeper into him, nosing up his jawline. 

"Mmm, for what kookie?” You questioned him, watching his jaw relax under you. 

 "Being a baby about the cat,-“ he began, picking up a string and smiling at the pouncing fur ball. You smiled up at him, nudging his chin again with your nose. 

"It’s okay, you’ll always be my baby.” You softly said, enjoying the tint that found its way to his full cheeks.


 "Hoseok, give me the cats toys.“ You pressured him, watching his face fall as he realized you had found him out, but that wasn’t going to stop him. 

 "Hmm? What toys?” He mumbled, eyes not leaving the TV screen as he felt for the remote next to his body.

 "You know what I’m talking about.“ You crossed your arms, honestly fed up with hoseok’s reactions to a damn cat. Earlier on in the day, you’re friend had dropped off the kitten for a few days, since she was in the middle of moving, you had gladly accepted her into your arms, but hoseoks arms hadn’t been so welcoming with all the newfound attention you had for the kitten he wasn’t getting. 

 "Why is she in our bed, y/n?” He asked you, watching as the small ball curled around your chest, all you attention divulging to it. 

 "Because? I want her to be?“ You looked at him funny, before rolling your eyes and turning your back on him, your arms wrapped around the kitten- 

"And not me.” Hoseok mumbled, turning away roughly. The morning after that, Hoseok had gone back to his usual demeanor, but that was until he saw you cuddled around the kitten, eyes squinting from the bright smile you were giving it. 

“Yah! Y/n!” He poked at your shoulder, causing you to ignore him even more. 

“Y/n! Y/n! Y/n!” He poked you even harder, your gaze never wavering from the kitten, he pouted, ignoring your coos to the kitten and stalked off, looking akin to a grumpy toddler. That night, as you snuggled into bed again, you felt a soft hand touch the side of your stomach, and a soft kiss pepper your shoulder as you turned your head in the darkness to see the outline of Hoseok’s face looking at you directly. 

 "Y/n.“ He began, his head falling back into the pillow. 

"I’m sorry for overracting.” He said, a large sigh escaping his pink lips. You shook your head, carefully as to not wake the kitten. 

 "You should be, baby, you’re mad about a kitten.“ You chuckled, one of your arms finding a way to his chest, rubbing soft smooth circles against his warm skin. 

 "A kitten you love more than me.” He said in a deep voice, a faux sob leaving his mouth as he clutched your hand to his heart.

 "You broke me.“ Jutting out his bottom lip, you snatched your hand away as you lightly flipped over, the kitten remaining at your feet, as your head rested against his chest. 

 "Shutup Hoseok.” Was all that left your lips, a breathy chuckle sneaking out Hoseoks mouth as he watched you in the dimly lit room pepper kisses across his right shoulder. 

“Yeah, okay.” He agreed, leaning into your embrace. 

 "Goodnight y/n.“ He finally spoke, a small hum from you the only notification you were still awake. 

"Goodnight kitty.” He whispered even softer, after he was convinced you were asleep. He closed his eyes, and began to drift himself. 

 "Hoseok loves kittens!“ 

"Yah! Go to bed, y/n.”


Roma, proud: Hey, I actually made that shape! I didn’t know bodies could bend that way.

Danny: And don’t you feel calm and, at the same time, energized? It’s a crazy feeling, right? Dahlia never gets it..

Roma: Now that I think about it, yes…But you and Dahlia do yoga together? That’s pretty cool..

Danny, sighing: Yeah. She doesn’t like it, though–which is fine. It doesn’t always do things for people, but it helps me relax.


Summary:  Locus has trouble sleeping sometimes, and when he does, he likes to draw on Felix’s back. Felix doesn’t say anything about it.

Word Count: 1,022

Pairing: Felix/Locus

Warnings: None!!!

Notes: I actually wrote fluff, I did it, and it’s lolix?? No death!!! None!!

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Locus likes to trace shapes on Felix’s back late at night when he’s asleep. He lightly draws constellations, invisible lines connecting the few freckles spread across his skin. He traces words he’d never speak. Locus maps out stories, tales of where they’d been and where they’re going to go. What they’re going to be.

Sometimes Felix is awake when this happens.

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