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So, I really fell in love with a post here in this blog and I'm craving for more florist and tattoo artist otp prompt.

  • When someone walks into Character A’s tattoo parlor asking for a specific flower to be done, Character A goes to the local flower shop, run by Character B, to get a better picture of the flower and are instantly enamored with the florist working there. Using flower-observing as an excuse to see Character B, Character A keeps going back. Eventually, the florist grows curious of the tattoo artists regularly coming into their shop bit not buying anything.
  • “Hey, you gave someone I know a tattoo the other day and they asked for a certain type of flower, but the tattoo you gave them is actually a different yet similar looking flower that’s meaning is quite different than that of the proposed flower” AU
  • Character A’s tattoo parlor and Character B’s flower shop have lived side-by-side for years, and the owners have a pretty good relationship going on. Character B is always bringing leftover, slightly droopy flowers to Character A, and Character A has been offering a free tattoo for ages. Character B finally decides to take them up on the offer after closing.
  • “You’re the hot tattoo artist in my town and I really want to keep talking to you, but the only way to do that is by getting tattoos, and the only tattoo ideas I can think of are flowers, so maybe you could put a little twist on it this time?” AU
  • Character A plays light Indie music in their flower shop to keep the atmosphere nice and calm, but Character B’s tattoo parlor next door plays hard rock way too loud and it often can be heard over in Character A’s shop. Eventually things come to a head when a few customers leave before buying anything due to the invasive music next door. Character A is ready for a confrontation.
  • “Your flower tattoos are prettier than my actual flowers and it’s putting me out of business, stop being so talented please” AU

Negan fanfiction

Negan’s Five Senses - Negan’s love of women enjoyed with all five senses. A stand alone fic. 

Number 6 - The reader’s life as one of Negan’s wives. The first fic in the series. 

Just a Little Shower Fun - The reader enjoys her time with Negan. Next in the series.

Dreams - The reader finds out a secret of Negan’s. Third in the Number 6 series.

Perfect - The reader learns to accept her differences with the help of Negan. Just a side fic of Number 6.

Rub a Dub Dub - Fun With Negan in a Tub - The reader enjoys bathtime. Fourth in the Number 6 series.

Home - The reader realizes where she belongs.Fifth in the Number 6 series.

Snow Day - The reader enjoys a rare snowstorm with Negan. A side story with Number 6.

A Christmas Miracle part one - Number 6 receives a Christmas miracle with Negan’s help. 

A Christmas Miracle part two -   A little festive fun with Negan 

A Christmas Miracle part three - Negan celebrates with Number 6 a little early 

A Christmas Miracle part four - Enjoying your presents with Negan

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six minus five is One - Negan and Number 6 celebrate the big change

Being Number 1 isn’t Easy-  Number 6 and Negan’s new life has a rocky start

Box of Memories - Number 6 has a confrontation with the former wives

bad day ~ bad placeNumber 6 is in a bad mindset, Negan tries his best to help. WARNING -  triggers including self harm

Crazy Girl ~ Crazy Life ~ Number 6 reveals a bit of her past to Negan. ~triggers child abuse

Negan’s One and Only -  A bit of fun times with Negan and his only wife

All of the above fics except Snow Day and A Christmas Miracle part one are NSFW

Goddamn, I fucking love that girl series -

Shorter side fics of life with Negan x Number 6 (reader) from Negan’s POV

This series just contains Negan language and is a bit suggestive. Basically SFW


Tiny Surprise




The Bet




Understood (second part to Misunderstood)

You and Me

Little Lost Soul Series

Negan comes upon a new Sanctuary residence and needs to know more about her. Negan x Reader. Reader is selectively mute. Will eventually be NSFW

Little Lost Soul - Negan meets Y/N.

A Sign of Thanks - Negan tries to get to know Y/N.

Bees Sting Series

Negan’s newest wife is not what he’s used to. Negan x Y/N (is reader insert but has nickname of Bee) Y/N has mental health illness.

Bees Sting - Negan comforts his wife Bee.

Let it Bee - Negan confronts his wives and returns something special to Bee

Negan Smut Week fics

These are all NSFW

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Little Bird - Negan x reader (Number 6) - Number 6 has a bad day and Negan helps her forget

Tattoo -  Negan x reader (AU) Reader applies at Negan’s tattoo shop and gets a bit more than she planned. Part of a new AU series (Keep Calm and Love)

For @flames-bring-a-ton-of-ash 2k Negan Writing Challenge!

Lemonade - Making lemonade with Negan (Number 6) -NSFW


Letters from Negan

personalized letters from Negan ~ Some are NSFW

Negan Requests

Both are NSFW

For laymetorest77 - Negan x reader

For Michele - Negan x Michele

John Winchester fics

Clueless ~ John x Alicja - NSFW

Can’t Lose You ~ John x Reader - NSFW

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Want to be tagged? Please let me know!

Are you Daddy’s lady fwiend? Pt.3


Word count: 1,700+

Warnings: Some bad words but that’s it.

part 1    part 2 


When I got to my apartment, I felt drained.

I couldn’t help but feel as if Calum being upset was my fault.  He might have regretted me meeting kaiden.

He probably didn’t want me to be a mom with him, he just said he did so Kaiden wouldn’t be upset anymore.

I let my bag fall on to the couch and went into my rom. Ready to sleep for eternity.

I put on some sweatpants and a shirt and got under the covers, plugging in my hone to charge. As I Laid back on the bed closing my eyes, I heard my phone ring. Turning over, I reached for it, seeing that it was calum calling I sat up and answered.

“Hey,” I bit my lip, not sure of why he was calling since he didn’t even say bye to me when I left.

“I love you princess” His voice was groggy, tired, and it seemed as if he had been crying. Nonetheless, hearing those words made me smile and made my stomach fill up with butterflies, no, Dinosaurs, made my stomach fill up with dinosaurs having a party.

“I love you too” I played with my hands, closing my eyes, still fearing what he would say next.

“I-I’m sorry, for acting like a douche when you left. Just know that I love you and I’m so fucking thankful for having you in my life. Thank you for being so good to me, and now to Kaiden. I Love you.” You heard him sniffle, and got worried.

“Cal? Why are you crying? What’s wrong?” I got up and started pacing.

“I-I’m okay princess, don’t worry about me.” He sniffled once more and hung up the phone.

I called him back but he wasn’t answering.

I kept trying, leaving him voice mails, until he texted me.

Squishy Cal <3: Go to sleep. I’m okay

While vague, his answer did calm me down. I knew Calum wouldn’t hide something from me. If he said he was okay, and that was it.

He wouldn’t keep anything from me.



This couldn’t be happening.

I was running late. Like really late.

And today I had to open the shop earlier, because I had appointments all day. Weirdly enough, Mndays were quite the popular day to get tattoos, that’s why my schedule was so full today. I had a guy in at 7:30 to get inked.

It was currently 7:45.

To top it off, my mom couldn’t watch Kaiden today.

I had no idea what to do.

I grabbed my phone, deciding that I would take Ky with me with work, when I hear the text message notification. I ignored it, I didn’t have the time to socialize right now.

I put Kaiden in his car seat, got behind the wheel and drove the shop.

“Jet Black Heart” was the second most important thing I’ve ever done. The first one being Kaiden of course. I had always wanted to be a tattoo artist, so while I was in high school, I worked my butt of trying to get enough money to someday open my own shop.

My parents gave me the best graduation present, they bought me a place where I could put my shop. It was quite big actually, and it needed a lot of work, but luckily it was all aesthetic work so I could do it at my own pace. For 4 years I worked 4 days a week at a restaurant, as a waiter. Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays were spent as an apprentice Kyle Harris, who had taught me everything I knew about design, technique and tattoos in general.

Finally, at age 22, Jet Black Heart was born.

It felt fucking great.

When I parked my car behind the shop, I got Kaiden and put on my sunglasses. I walked inside from the back door, carrying Kaiden on my hip, and saw that the guy I was meant to tattoo at 7:30, was waiting outside, leaning on a Porsche.

I scoffed, I hated tattooing rich kids.

I opened the door, and mumbled a come in to him. He took off his sun glasses and walked in.

“It’s eight o’clock,” he crossed his arms over his chest.

“I’m aware.” I put Kaiden down and motioned for him to go into the room where I chilled when there was no one here. He looked up at me.

“I’m hungry daddy” Crap!  I didn’t make breakfast!

This day couldn’t get worse.

“I’ll get you something in a little bit yeah? Just go into the TV room and wait there.” I ruffled his hair and looked up at the guy, who was holding in his laughter.

“What’s so funny mate?” I asked as I looked at the agenda, looking to see if he had given me a design.

“You got a kid?” He looked amused,

I stared at him, contemplating whether or not I should answer him “Yes,” even if he was a douche, I couldn’t be rude to a client.

He chuckled. “There’s this thing called condoms dude. It doesn’t feel the same but it saves you from taking care of that” He pointed to the room where Kaiden had gone in.

I rolled my eyes. “Yeah, your dad should’ve used one of those.”  I grabbed my phone and plugged it in to charge. I saw that y/n was the person that had texted me.

My love <3: Good morning babe :)

“What did you just say to me?!” I ignored him and answered Y/n.

Squishy Cal <3:  HI baby,are you busy?

I hoped she wasn’t working early today.

I found the design I had previously made for the guy, Jungkook apparently, and told him to go into the tattooing room to the left. He clenched his jaw, but did as I said anyways.

My love <3: Not right now, why?

Squishy Cal <3: Can you come over to the shop? I didn’t have time to make breakfast, and I’ve kaiden here with me, hungry.

My love <3: I’ll be there in 15. Is McDonald’s okay?

Squishy Cal <3: It’s perfect.

Squishy Cal <3: Thank you princess <3

I went in the TV room and saw that Kaiden was watching cartoon. “Y/n will bring food in a little bit bud”. He looked up.

“Mommy?”  I nodded and he smiled. He leaned back on the black couch and kept watching TV.

I went into the tattooing room and washed my hands and put on a new pair of rubber gloves. I checked that I had my machines ready and grabbed a new needle. I stood in front of douche guy and opened the needle in front of him. He just looked at me while I sterilized the needle.

“Take off your shirt,” I told him, since in my agenda it said that he wanted a back piece.

“You’re not gay, are you?” He took off his shirt and waited for my reaction. He was buff, but nothing compared to me of course.

I smirked. “I’m not. And If I was, I wouldn’t be interested. So don’t worry” I cleaned his back and laid the stencil on him. “There,” I moved aside so he could look at the stencil placement on the wall-length mirror. “Is it okay there?”

He nods, no wanting to speak, apparently. Once he lays on the seat I start tattooing him, carefully following the lines of the stencil on his skin. He wanted an Aztec type of design, and while it looked complex, to was actually quite easy to do.

About 20 minutes in, I hear the door open. “I’ll be right there, just give me a minute!” I wiped off the guy’s skin, ready to get up and see who it was who had just walked in.

“Take you time, I’ll be with kaiden.” I heard Y/n’s voice and took a deep breath. I didn’t know if I was ready to see her, after last night.

I saw the guy turn is head, trying to get a glimpse of y/n and I chuckled and moved his head to rest against the seat. “Stop moving.”

“You’re very demanding.” He closed his eyes. “Was that your wife?”

Without thinking too much about it I answered him. “Yes.”

He chuckled, “Take care of that one. She’s good in bed.”

I stopped my movements and stared at the smirk growing on his face. “What did you say?”

“I said she’s good in bed.” He kept smirking. “Or on the couch, against the wall, on the floo-“

“How the fuck would you know?!” I had put the machine down and was having a hard time not beating the daylights out of him.

“Well, I was her first.” He cracked a devilish grin.

I stared, not believing him. I knew this! Y/n had told me that she lost her virginity to a guy named Joe. He was just trying to rile me up.

I took a deep breath and took the machine in my hand again. I kept working despite the thought swirling in my head.


After about an hour, I was done and I could finally stop any contact with douche guy. I cleaned the tattoo one last time and started cleaning the equipment and disposing of the needed as he looked at his ink on the mirror.

“Looks good man” He said as he grabbed his shirt and started to put it on but I stopped him.

“I have to bandage it first” He groaned and I rolled my eyes. He did however, let me do my job.

After giving him the instructions on how to take care of his fresh tattoo, I walked over to the cash register and charged him. He gave me his card and I swiped it. Giving it back, I looked behind me and saw that y/n was cleaning the TV room.

“Leave that alone, I’ll do it later” I gave douche guy his receipt and smiled when I saw Y/n approach me. I wrapped my arms around her and kiss her forehead. “Thanks for feeding my kid” I chuckled.

Our kid” She smiled and leaned her head on my shoulder, she looked ahead and stiffened.

I saw douche guy smirk. “y/n”


That’s Jungkook right there  ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑

He’s from a Kpop band called “BTS”

ALSO: i’m not a tattoo artist, therefore all of the tattoo info in this chapter is based on what I saw on the show Ink Master and or through google.

Thank you so much for the feedback I’ve been getting!

Hope you like it, if you want part 4, just request it :).

The first person that requests part 4, will get an itty bitty spoiler ;) Only if it’s off-anon.


Post War Neville Longbottom

based off this post from @wingardiumleviosnah

Post War Neville

Post War Neville a full on plant-lover-badass.

Post War Neville changing his style, piercing his ears, wearing buttoned up shirts with sweaters, flannel, jeans and leather boots.

Neville Longbottom loving plants even more after the war.

Neville Longbottom being covered in colourful tattoos of flowers and plants, using these tattoos to cover the scars death eaters gave him.

Post War Neville starting his Job working as a Professor at Hogwarts.

Neville standing up for his students being bullied.
Professor Neville Longbottom getting excited to teach his students about what he loves.

Neville Calming his students down by having a class pet to keep them company if the war’s still giving them troubles.

Neville Longbottom being one of the best professors Hogwarts has ever seen.

Full on Plant-lover-badass Neville Longbottom

Etched In Ink- An Ivar Imagine

So this is what I wrote yesterday instead of attending to my responsibilities. I’ve been wanting to write this idea for a while, hope you enjoy!

TW: blood, knife play, tattooing with a needle

“Are you sure about this?”

Ivar rolls his eyes, spreading out his tools on the long, well worn table. “I have told you already, woman, I’ve seen it done many times. It does not appear all that difficult.”

You fidget nervously with the neckline of your dress, watching your lover wipe down a very long and very sharp needle. You shiver.

“Yes, but you’ve never actually done it before,” you point out, your voice laced with anxiety. “What if you make a mistake? What if you tap too hard and accidentally kill me? What if-”

Ivar cuts you off with a soft growl. “You said you wanted a tattoo. I said I wanted to be the one to give it to you. Here we are. Are you going to get up on the table or not?”

He gives you a hard look, his beautiful blue eyes burning into your skin. You sigh. You do really want a tattoo. And you trust your body with your lover implicitly. He has taken perfect and reverent care of it since you first offered it to him. So you cross the room and climb up onto the table.

“That’s my good, sweet girl,” he praises you as you lie down. He glides a hand over your face and down your neck, touch light as a feather. You can feel the familiar flush creep up your body as he expertly unties the front laces of your dress. He pushes the fabric down to reveal the skin right over your heart. One calloused finger circles the area, brushing over the top of your left breast teasingly. Shivers shoot down your spine.

“Are you going to tattoo me, or just grope me?” You ask, your voice coming out more breathy that it should. He chuckles darkly, hand covering your breast and squeezing roughly. You shoot him a glare, even though you are half tempted to forget the tattooing and make him put his hand in other places.

“What is if that you want? You never did say,” He asks, removing his hand to prepare the needle.

“A Vegvisir,” you say, and watch as his brow furrows in confusion.

“You want a compass?”

“Yes,” you nod, firm in your decision. “And I will tell you why after this infernal process is over.”

He shrugs. “Whatever you wish.” He looks at the patch of skin again. “I think I will have to lay out a pattern first, so I have something to work off of.” He reaches down to his belt and pulls out his knife. “I will just carve it lightly into your skin with this.” A smirk blooms across his face. “This at least you are well acquainted with.”

Are you ever. Ivar loves to use his knife on you when you are alone and nestled under the furs. He also loves to have it used on him in return. It’s not something you would have foreseen yourself enjoying, but Ivar has a way of drawing out the deepest and darkest parts of you and twisting them to your mutual pleasure.

“Hold still, sweet girl,” he places the blade against your skin, the coolness of the metal familiar and a little thrilling. You wince slightly as he makes the first shallow cut, his brows drawn together in concentration.

“You know, you may have to be more careful with the marks you leave on me,” you try your best to keep perfectly still. “Yesterday the new slave girl who helped me bathe asked if I’d been bitten by a wild animal.”

He continues working but his face splits into a feral grin, no doubt picturing the very red and fresh bite mark he’d left on your inner right thigh the other night. “What did you tell her?”

It’s your turn to grin. “I said yes.”

That makes him bark out a laugh, his blue eyes crinkling at the corners in the way you love. “Naughty thing,” he teases.

It doesn’t take him long to carve out the design. Before you know it he is putting down his knife and leaning forward to press his face into your chest. You suck in a breath, waiting for what you know is coming. Ivar does not wipe away blood. At least not with his hands.

The first stroke of his velvety tongue has you sighing in bliss. The warmth and wet feels wonderful on the sting of the shallow cuts. He licks in long, slow strokes, pausing every once and a while to let out a soft groan of pleasure. You melt to a languid liquid under his ministrations, your bones becoming soft and pliant and ready to bend to his complete will.

He pulls back all too soon, licking his lips like a cat who ate the cream. You watch the last of your crimson blood disappear into his mouth, unable to help but squirm as heat creeps up your spine. Ivar notices, and chides you gently with a wicked smile.

“Not yet, sweet girl,” he coos, picking up the ink and the dye. “Afterwards, if you are very good and keep very still, I will reward you. Now, I must get to work, or we will be here all night.”

You huff in frustration but attempt to calm your body. After all, you do really want this tattoo. You can be patient.

You watch him place the ready needle against your skin. A stab of fear runs trough you. It’s silly really, you’ve had his blade on you more time than you can count and you’ve never felt anything but excitement. This shouldn’t be much different. Except if he makes a mistake, you’ll have to walk around with it on your body for the rest of your life.

Ivar does not coddle you as he senses your fear, however. He simply gives you a broad wink, and taps the needle into your skin.

It hurts, but not as much as you thought it would. It feels like being stabbed with a million little tiny knives, over and over again. Painful, but not unbearable. You decide to focus on Ivar’s face, letting your eyes linger on every handsome feature. The stormy blue eyes, the sharp cheekbones, the soft, pouty lips, the strong jaw. A face you have come to love more dearly than you could have even imagined. You think of the meaning of the ink he is currently etching in to your skin and you feel your heart swell. You hope he will like the symbolism of your tattoo.

You lie on the table for what feels like forever. Ivar barely says anything, his face a mask of concentration. You’d given up trying to talk to him after he’d snapped at you to shut up and let him work. You have tried your best to keep still but you find yourself squirming more than once. Each time, Ivar had hissed through his teeth and you had quickly stilled. But you’d been here for ages. If you were on this table much longer, you’d go mad.

“There,” Ivar says finally, pulling away and removing the needle from your skin. “I think I am finished.”

“How does it look?” You ask anxiously, craning your neck to try to get a glimpse of the ink now permenantly a part of you. Ivar reaches behind him and produces a piece of reflective glass Bjorn had procured on his latest Mediterranean raid. You sit up slowly, wincing at the ache in your chest.

“See for yourself,” he hands you the glass, a self satisfied look on his face. You take it from him, taking a deep breath before looking. You let out a surprised gasp.

It’s beautiful. Pure, midnight black lines, perfectly etched. The shape is even, everything is in its proper place. You smile as you admire it. You had to say, your lover had done an amazing job.

“I love it,” you turn your gaze to Ivar, who gives you a genuine smile in return. “Thank you, Ivar. It’s beautiful.”

“I told you it would be fine,” he takes the reflective glass from you, putting it back where he took it from. “Now will you tell me why you chose a Vegvisir?”

You reach out and take his broad hand. It completely envelops yours, strong, deft fingers covering your own.

“A Vegvisir is a compass, a magical symbol made to help one find their way through rough weather,” you squeeze his hand, suddenly feeling nervous. “You are my compass, my guide through the rough weather. When I touch or see this tattoo, I will be reminded that though life will have storms, as long as I have you, I can get through them.”

You meet his eyes, and the honest surprise and almost child-like hope in them make your heart ache. You have told Ivar you love him before, but from the way he is looking at you now it seems like there was a part of him that never really believed you. Now, with your love for him permanently on your body, he maybe can finally understand and accept the depth of your emotions.

“I am your compass, your way through the storm,” he breathes, his other hand reaching out to gently brush the tender inked area. “I am on your body, in ink and blood.”

You bring the hand holding your own to your lips, kissing his weathered knuckles. “Yes, Ivar. For always.”

His hands are then cradling your face, his breath fanning across your skin as he leans in.

“My sweet girl,” he sighs, “do you even know how perfect you are?”

And then his mouth is devouring yours, tongue hot against your own as he kisses you like a man starving for it. You kiss back eagerly, though with you on the table and him seated beside it’s an awkward angle. But you do not care. You can only think, feel, and taste Ivar. He invades every one of your senses, sinking into your very flesh like the midnight ink shining on your chest. Every fibre of your being cries out for him, and you find yourself whimpering desperately against his lips.

He pulls away, his face once again in the array of arrogant confidence you are used to. “Such a good girl you were under the needle,” he purrs, and you whimper again as his hands slide down to your waist. “You stayed very still for me. I think my sweet girl deserves her reward now, don’t you?”

You can only nod, following his impatient hands as he tugs you off the table and on to his lap. His hungry mouth finds your neck, sucking greedily at the tender flesh. You wriggle against him, the ache from the tattoo being replaced with an ache of a totally different kind.

“Suppose I should get a tattoo for you now,” he groans into your neck as you dig your nails harshly into his shoulders. “Maybe you could even give it to me. Odin above, the thought of you pushing a sharp needle through my skin over and over…” he breaks off with a violent shudder.

You smirk, reaching for his knife still laying upon the table. “Why don’t you let me practice then?” You run the tip of the blade over the shell of his ear, delighting in the animalistic growl that tears from his throat.

“I am supposed to be rewarding you,” his teeth nip harshly at your pulse point. You grab a hold of his luscious hair and pull his head back so you can look into his lust glazed eyes. You trace his parted lips with the knife, and his eyes go almost completely black.

“Oh honey,” you coo, excitement and lust and passion boiling hotly in your veins, “to have you in any way is a reward to me. Now be a good boy and beg.”

Another feral growl, and his hands tighten eagerly on your waist. His head bows slightly, his eyes look down at the floor. He says nothing, but the beginning of his submission has started. It’s rare he lets you take the reins, and you feel like your need for him is about to burst out of your skin.

You grin, your new tattoo throbbing in time with your racing pulse.

This was going to be one hell of a good reward.

Happy Monday, sister wives! ❤️❤️

Still Got Time

When Liam comes home one evening, his shirt sleeves are uncharacteristically rolled up. 

Zayn notices immediately. Just as Liam had planned.

“Babe?” Zayn whines questioningly, his voice coming out high-pitched. Wondering if it is, could really be, what he thinks it is.

“Gears…” He gulps, grazing his fingers over the large, intricate machinery running up the underside of his boyfriend’s forearm. His eyebrows furrow, looking almost in pain as he continues ascending up his arm. “The… clock.”

He bites his lip so hard, he’s surprised he doesn’t taste blood as he swallows. Finally letting his glance slide up to meet Liam’s, he lets out a shaky breath. 

He waits for Liam to respond, doesn’t want to spoil the moment in case he’s wrong, in case this is for something completely different, something completely unrelated to-

“We still got time,” Liam mumbles, eyes shining as he gives Zayn a watery smile. 

“Liam, you didn’t,” Zayn says shyly, head ducking momentarily as he feels the blush creep up. “I mean,” he stutters on. “It’s just a really rough demo at this point. I don’t even know if it’ll ever become official or anything.”

He laughs almost maniacally, still in shock. He shakes his head in disbelief. “But you went and got it fucking tattooed on your arm.” 

He allows his eyes to dart up to Liam’s. When he sees his worried look, his moment of hesitation, he gives a small smile in an attempt to calm his nerves. “I’m just surprised, babe, but I love it, okay?” He traces his fingers across the skin, exhaling as he feels goosebumps bubble up on Liam’s arm. “I love you,” he finishes, pulling him down for a kiss. 

He keeps his hand carefully draped around the clock. 

“You’re not the only one that gets surprise tattoos, you know,” Zayn says, quirking an eyebrow when he sees Liam’s expression. His eyes look like they’re about to burst out of his head, and Zayn chuckles lowly at the sight. 

“We still got time,” he says shyly, as if this suddenly explains everything, repeating the words Liam had said to him oh so long ago. “More than a year later,” he gulps. “And I know it’s not a clock, per se, but…”

Liam’s hand moves to hover over the initials. He gently traces over the S, then the G. And then finally the T. His eyes catch on the date tattooed below. “Today, babe?” He asks quietly, looking up at Zayn a little hesitantly as if afraid of the answer.

“I don’t want to have time anymore, Liam,” Zayn says cryptically, and Liam’s heart pounds at this, his hands suddenly sweaty as he rubs them against his pant legs. 

The words don’t add up with the new tattoo, with what Zayn’s just said. 

Zayn doesn’t explain further, instead only bending down, one knee bent on the cold, hard, tiled kitchen floor and-


“Liam,” Zayn pleads quietly. “We’ve had time. We’ve had so, so much time. Going on seven years, in fact.” He offers a small smile. “And I’ve loved every single, goddamn minute of it. But-” His voice cracks, tears springing up behind his eyes.

“I don’t want just time anymore. I don’t want to stop looking for love, ‘cause I’ve found it in you.”

He gulps before continuing on quickly, words all blurring together. “And I want to keep finding it, each and every day, right next to you.”

He fumbles for the box in his pocket, huffing out a low breath. He feels suddenly lightheaded, practically ready to crash on the floor from the nerves pounding through him. 

Liam’s shocked expression does nothing to help.

“I’m so…” Zayn gulps, can’t even remember his words. This had all been so planned out, and now he can barely even seem to remember his own name. “Nervous,” he gets out finally.

As he lifts up on the box, he squeezes his eyes shut, afraid to see Liam’s reaction. After a second, he forces himself to look up. He’s surprised when he sees that Liam is no longer standing above him, but rather squatted down to his level. He carefully lifts his hands to Zayn’s cheeks. “Worry about the ring later, then, Z,” he grins, gently bringing Zayn’s lips to his. 

Liam pulls back just slightly, eyes darting up to the other boy’s. “You have a enthusiastic yes from me, by the way.” He gives him a soft look, a full grin filling his face when he sees Zayn light up. “And no ring is ever gonna change that.” He rubs his thumb along Zayn’s lower lip thoughtfully. “Besides, we have all the time in the world now, babe. There’s no rush.”

It’s So Fluffy I’m Gonna Die!

Kiss (You spend New Years Eve in New York with Harry)

Goodbyes (Harry has to leave to go on tour)

Snuggles (Harry is sick)

Warmth (The heater is broken and you are cold.)

Aisle (The moments leading up to your wedding with Harry, told through both perspectives.)

Hidden (You hide a sickness from Harry.)

Mom (You’re on a vacation with Harry and his mum.)

Panic (You suffer from social anxiety and are doing to a dinner with the boys.)

Together (You and Harry share a birthday and he makes sure to make it special.)

Soft (The many different types of Cuddly Harry.)

Clin (You have a clingy day with Harry)

Flight (Harry is sick on a long flight.)

Valentine (A lifetime of Valentine’s Day with Harry.)

Terror (Harry comforts you after a nightmare.)

Sleepy (Harry has mono and ends up falling asleep everywhere.)

Family (Harry wants a baby)

Paparazzi (You get attacked by cameras on your first official outing with Harry.)

Afraid (You comfort Harry after a nightmare.)

Womanizer (Harry gets upset after an interviewer calls him a womanizer.)

Change (You’re scared to be naked in front of Harry.)

Awake (You’re concerned that Harry hasn’t been sleeping.)

Stars (You can’t sleep, so Harry takes you star gazing.)

Porch (You and Harry are buying your first house.)

Silence (You realize you’re in love.)

Domestic (Harry deals with your pregnancy cravings while grocery shopping.)

Stress (Harry is overworked and on edge, so you take a day to calm him down.)

Kitten (Harry surprises you with two kittens.)

Needy (Harry clings to you all day.)

Stay (Harry is in love with you.)

Hurtful (You are pregnant and Harry wants to keep it a secret.)

Braids (Both you and Harry adjust to his new haircut.)

Pain (Harry helps you deal with bad period cramps.)

Ink (Harry gets a special tattoo for you.)

Chat (Harry is away on tour and you miss him so you Skype call him.)

Promise (Harry gives you a promise ring.)

Stomach (Harry has food poisoning and you take care of him.)

Keep (You meet Harry’s family for the first time.)

Injury (Harry throws his back out while filming and you take care of him.)

First (Harry is your first kiss.)

Body (You’re insecure about your body after having a baby.)

Tipsy (You and Harry get a little drunk at a family party.)

Gap (Harry is older than you and Gemma is concerned.)

Paint (You are into art and Harry wants to paint you.)

Settled (You and Harry move in together.)

Honeymoon (You and Harry go on your honeymoon)

Trip (Harry takes you on a surprise trip.)

Relax (Harry tries to help you relax after you’ve been stressed out)

Preoccupied (You accidentally forget Harry’s birthday)

Do what u like >> Yongguk, You (Scenario)

“Don’t wait for me.” Yongguk said, throwing his bag to the old leathered couch placed in the living room. You nodded, looking at him with a panicked and worried expression.

He entered the bathroom, slapping the door behind him, making you jump from your place. He had just got a bullet in his right shoulder, which was now soaked with blood.

The first time you met him, you knew about this and how dangerous his life could be. But still you wanted to stay by his side, aside from the countless time he told you to stay away from him. You just wanted to be next to him, because you liked him despite the person who he was.

You hated how dangerous his life was, you wanted him to stop but who you were to tell him that. You were just scared that he would harm himself badly and this bullet was enough evidence that his whole life was in complete danger.

You walked toward the bathroom as you placed a hand over the closed door. “Yongguk!”

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this is my oc marilyn! she’s from this thing im writing called the super dead brother games (long story).

fun facts/info:
-she’s 14 (i suck at drawing so she looks older) and has the ability to communicate with eldritch abominations (which are kinda different in my story compared to the hp lovecraft ones but like who cares).
-before the story starts she gets arrested because she accidentally set her classroom on fire but to be fair everyone in the story has been arrested. -she’s pretty into wearing skirts and dresses and doesnt let other people put her down for that.
-she’s pretty levelheaded all around and keeps calm in basically every situation she’s put in.
-she is not a morning person and i’m pretty sure the earliest time she gets up is like 9:00am
-she gets a weird not-tattoo on the left side of her face in chapter 12. it’s less of a tattoo than a permanent scar from touching a reality bending tentacle monster but tattoo is the best way to describe it
-anyway i think she’s pretty cool and i hope everyone likes her?

my house headcanons
  • gryffindor: bonfires with friends, heart pounding and sweaty palms, being terrified but just going for it, leather jackets, combat boots, flannel shirts, holey jeans, cutting holes in old tees, tees w/bands or things you like, baseball caps + beanies, beat up converse, tank tops when it’s too cold out, weird outfits that end up looking great or terrible (but usually great), weeds (esp. the flowery ones), four leaf clovers, going apple picking, corn mazes + scarecrows, laughing at scary movies/haunted houses, goosebumps books, going all-out for halloween, stepping on crunchy leaves, the way everything looks when all the trees are different colors in fall, really intense/fast-paced relationships, abrupt endings, angry tears, not calling first, pride, songs that pump you up + make you think you can do anything, making everything a contest, skinned knees + bloody knuckles, raw emotion, really graphic/detailed tattoos, finger/foot tattoos, not giving a shit that everyone hates something if you like it, others’ dislike making you do it more, making a ton of plans but never following them + winging it, spontaneous road trips, long night drives, jumping in a lake in the middle of winter, walking on a frozen pond, short hair/pixie cuts or always keeping it back, borrowing chapstick (and always needing it), coffee w/lots of sugar half the time and black the other, only thinking in extremes, not thinking + just doing, always knocking shit over but managing to catch it/never breaking it, reading summaries of everything for class, journals half-finished, super chocolatey ice cream, not having a plan for life but taking a chance
  • ravenclaw: passing notes in class, love letters, astronomy, sweaters, anything knitted, poor patching jobs, mismatched buttons, ironed button shirts w/the sleeves rolled perfectly, dozens of cross-outs in handwritten work, paper painted w/tea, typewriter font, forget-me-nots, rainy/gloomy days, dresses w/tights, twirling in dresses, wearing stuff with pockets just so you don’t have to carry a purse, sunhats, mary janes, knee socks, shorthand notes from writing so much, telling jokes with your friends that make no sense to others, tons of blankets, singing really loud when you think you’re alone, indie/piano music, metaphors, a bunch of small random tattoos, one or two really deep loves, either going everywhere alone or with two best friends, braids, purposely messy hair, light brown hair, hair dyed bright colors, biting/picking your nails when you’re nervous, hot tea, overthinking/worrying + regretting, ballet, either really graceful or really clumsy, tripping but acting like you didn’t, classic literature, diaries, mint chocolate chip ice cream, being born into affluent families
  • slytherin: whispering and laughing with your friends, hair always looking perfect, black lace dresses, leather boots, studded clothes, thigh-highs, wearing heels even when it’s impractical but refusing to complain, wearing stuff without pockets + then keeping stuff in your bra/boots, organized desks w/nothing out of place, cursive handwriting, ivy, pine trees, black/white roses, white candles, upside-down crosses, one whole day spent in bed + overworking the next, locking yourself away for long periods, the calm as snow falls, falling asleep not touching but waking up wrapped around each other, vultures, angry songs, either no tattoos or a lot (of words/sayings), rolling your eyes but secretly identifying with things, being the dumper, short relationships, breaking up w/someone because you’re scared when it gets serious, black hair, blonde hair that’s almost white, purple/black lipstick, black coffee, always poised/collected on the outside, breaking down for .2 seconds in front of someone and berating yourself for it, acting like an asshole because you’re insecure/uncomfortable, feeling terrible for betraying someone years after + going to them in the middle of the night to apologize, edgar allan poe stories, russian poetry, everything typed, italian ice/gelato, working your way to the top no matter what it takes
  • hufflepuff: laughing so hard you can’t breathe and your sides ache, daisies + wishy flowers, sunflower seeds, watermelon, sundresses, polka dots, bright colors, jean jackets/shorts, rompers, patterned tights, snapbacks, taking the fall for someone, underdogs, smiling when you want to cry, not complaining because someone else is having a worse day, breezy spring days, hot summer beach trips, seed-spitting contests, guilt over something that’s not your fault, hugging stuffed animals/pillows, canaries, always humming + dancing around, upbeat pop/cute acoustic, one or two really meaningful tattoos/matching tattoos with someone, trying to walk barefoot outside but regretting it (then walking carefully on your toes), messy + super curly hair, golden blonde hair, freckles, dimples, a small gap in your teeth, fruity flavored lipgloss/light pink lipstick, cold drinks, being the first to text, grouptexts, twister, reading to little kids, shel silverstein, making scrapbooks/photo albums, vanilla ice cream w/rainbow sprinkles + whipped cream, sherbet ice cream, settling for the middle if being the best means cheating
Tattoo Artist!Yoongi

It is finally time for something I have been really excited for and has been requested a couple of times, tattoo artist/tattoo shop owner!Yoongi

  • Visual time bc I have to I just gotta do it
  • Y'all remember bad boy!yoongi?? (here)
  • For everyone that didn’t read it, I’ll sum it up for you
  • He has a few piercings, one on his eyebrow, some spider bites and a septum piercing to tie it all up but tattoo artist!yoon also has collarbone piercings
  • Speaking of collarbones, he still has the tattoo on his right collarbone that barely peeks out of his shirts and no one knows what it says, not even his close friends
  • Similar to bad boy!yoon, he does have the sleeve on his left arm but he also has a half sleeve on his right arm that he’s working on completing
  • He also has a secret tattoo all down his back of a snake wrapping itself around him and following the line of his back (the tail curls around his hip and the head stops just at his shoulder)
  • He never really tells anyone the stories of his tattoos tbh
  • He doesn’t really tell any of his employees much about himself besides the mandatory
  • “I like tattoos, I only wear black so if you buy me a red sweater for Christmas, I will return it and if you break any of the records on the wall, I will fire you”
  • He seems kinda cold when they first meet him and they’re lowkey thinking well shit he’s gonna be an asshole but plOT TWIST HE’S ACTUALLY REALLY NICE
  • He gives them days off under the rule that he has to have a few days notice unless its an emergency, he supplies lunch all the time, he lets them out early when there’s only one customer left and once they realize he’s just a sarcastic lil marshmallow they stop taking him so seriously and consider him a friend  
  • His shop is kinda small bc he’d bought it fresh out of college and he didn’t feel the need to upgrade it once he had enough money to bc it was his shop and it had memories and it worked just fine so until something unfixable happened to it, he was staying put
  • His walls are decorated with various albums from his favorite artists, as well as a few examples of his work
  • His shop is well known in Daegu so when you tell your friends you’re getting a tattoo, it’s obvious you have to go there
  • All of your friends that have tattoos have gotten them from him and they all promise he’s the best and that it’ll be over before you know it
  • One of your friends also tells you he’s r e a l l y cute
  • You’re kinda nervous going in bc you’ve gotten mixed reviews, some people say tattoos barely sting, others say it’s excruciatingly painful so you have no idea what to expect
  • You show up a bit earlier than expected so he’s not prepared yet and the woman at the front desk tells you that you’ll have to wait a bit for him to set everything up
  • She’s super nice though and brings you some water and something to snack on while you wait and there are of course magazines on the table for you to read but you’re more interested in all of the albums on the wall
  • You see a lot of albums you recognize as well as a few you don’t but some of your favorites are up there and you start to feel more comfortable
  • He surprisingly only takes like 5 minutes even though you’d showed up 20 minutes prior to the appointment time
  • Once you see him, you do have to admit he is really cute
  • His hair is currently green even though it’s been many other colors and it has that perfectly messy look to it that makes you wonder how many times he’s run his fingers through it that day
  • He takes you into the room and one of your favorite songs is playing so you’re just !!! like how the hell did this guy you didn’t even know the name of know what song to play to calm you down
  • You tell him it’s your favorite and he just smiles and for a minute you don’t realize he was telling you it was his too bc w o w
  • His smile is just so pretty and it’s all gums and pearly white teeth and it should seem out of place on this tatted up, dressed in all black man but for some reason it fits perfectly
  • He tells you his name is Suga and you kinda just give him a confused look bc you’d never met someone with the birth name of Suga
  • He laughs and it’s honestly just an amazing sound you could listen to for hours
  • “Everyone calls me Suga, you can call me Yoongi if you’d like to”
  • He sits down and you start discussing what you want and where and the entire time you’re talking, he’s sketching out what you’re describing and it’s kinda really amazing how accurate he gets it
  • The image in your head doesn’t even hold a candle to the image he comes up with and you can easily see why he’s so popular
  • He starts on the tattoo and he can tell you’re really nervous bc you just tense up once you hear the buzzing sound start up
  • He turns it off and takes your hand in his and you’re ?? for a second but then you get distracted bc his thumb is rubbing circles into the back of your hand
  • “If you want to back out, you can, I won’t charge you but if you do stay, you have to relax, it’ll be easier for both of us if you take a deep breath and calm down”
  • His voice is just really soothing tbh like it’s raspy and lazy but there’s a warmth to it when he talks to you that just makes you relax
  • Once he gets the approval to continue, he goes back to your tattoo
  • He keeps talking to you while he starts drawing it onto your skin and you can hear the smile in his voice and it’s a great distraction
  • He slips in a few flirty lines here and there that you’d almost miss if you weren’t putting your full focus onto his words
  • “The tattoo will look beautiful on you, not that you need help in that department but it’ll definitely enhance it”
  • He finally finishes the tattoo and helps you up and you almost don’t notice it bc you’re so excited to see the finished result but before he lets your hands go, he gives them a lil squeeze  
  • The tattoo is of course beyond amazing and you’re just in awe bc it looks even better than you’d expected and he’s all proud bc he can see how much you like it
  • He walks you out bc he’d already sent his receptionist home since you were the last customer of the day
  • He nonchalantly suggests you two meet up for dinner so he can “make sure the healing process is going smoothly” but like you can see straight through it and he knows you can and the both of you are just smiling at each other
  • You of course say yes and he just goes from :) to :D and he tries to play it cool like ight see you next Saturday but like on the inside he’s just freaking out a lil bc you said yes you said yes oh my go d
  • You walk out with a new tattoo and your cheeks hurting from smiling so much in the past few hours and a date for next week  
100 Things You’ll Learn Fourth Year of Medical School

Every year I’ve been putting together a list of 100 things I learned in that year of medical school. 

Here’s the (slightly belated) list for fourth year!! 

Read the other years here: 

This list includes things I learned about sub-internships, applying for and interviewing for residency, matching, and graduating! 

  • Sub-I is the smartest you will ever be in all of med school, enjoy it. 
  • ERAS will crash the day you apply. Don’t panic. 
  • Nothing feels as good as cancelling an interview. NOTHING 
  • Airport wine is ridiculously overpriced and often not that good, but so worth it after a long interview. 
  • Say thank you to all the people who got you here – it takes a village to make a doctor – you didn’t do this alone. 

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by popular demand, here is (as best as i can translate it into a fluid post) the ze’ev tattoo and drunk scarlet headcanon/au-thing

I already kinda explained Ze’ev’s tattoo in an answer which is here, but I’ll sum it up just to make life easier. Basically, after the revolution etc, Ze’ev wants to disconnect himself from any of the terrible memories he has from being a lunar soldier, and his tattoo (LSOP962) is a very visible and very permanent reminder. So, he’d either want to have it removed or covered up, and because @scarlet-benoit-is-my-rolemodel and I love the idea of Ze’ev with tattoos, covering it up seemed like a good option.

Now, flashback to the end of Winter, Ze’ev brings Scarlet some blue daisies from Maha’s house (the only reminder of his childhood/mother that he could find), and we thought it would be realistic for him to cover up the Bad Tattoo with something that holds positive memories for him (the blue daisies). And just to make it cuter, Wolf probably has a terrible fear of needles and made Scarlet get a matching tattoo with him, so she also has a blue flower somewhere on one of her arms (wrist, probably).

Alright, now to the fun stuff. I dunno if this counts as an AU, but its basically the Lunar Chronicles universe, except Ze’ev escaped from Luna somehow and never became a soldier, made it to France, and works as a bouncer at a bar/club somewhere in Rieux, which is how he meets Scarlet- he goes to the local community college to get his GED (because let’s face it he probably didn’t graduate from high school), and Scarlet is there getting a degree in business and agriculture & they’re in business class together.

Ok, now here are some random drunk Scarlet headcaonons:

- She gets very warm when she drinks and often takes off her shirt because of it

-She also often stands up on chairs/tables/counters and starts yelling out her political opinions when she’s drunk

-She’s probably been kicked out of too many bars to count (mostly because people have called the police on her for conspiring or something (since she supports lunar immigrants etc.))

-Gets super flirty and stupid (much to Ze’ev’s embarrassment? annoyance? pleasure? He doesn’t know and neither do we)

-After a few times of her coming to the bar he finally recognizes her: “Aren’t you in my business class?” “Hmmmm… Yes! You’re the hot guy with the tattoos and the eyes…” “You need to stop” “Your mom needs to stop.” “I’m calling you a cab.”

-Ze’ev threatens to throw her out if she doesn’t calm down:

     Z: I really don’t want to use force, but please leave the premises

     S: /keeps yelling about politics and evil corporations/

     Z: /sighs and throws her over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes/

     S: /is slightly disoriented and A Little Bit Turned On/

-Emilie has to pick her up and she keeps trying to run past Ze’ev into the building so he literally has to gently push her into the back seat and buckle her up like a toddler while she half yells obscenities at him and half yells about “how freaking gorgeous your eyes are”

- ALSO: since there’s a history of alcoholism in her family, she’s definitely super cautious about making sure she doesn’t have Too Much, so she has like. a set measurement of how much she can have in one night (it’s 15 shots)

-Ze’ev makes sure the bartenders give her no more and no less than those 15 shots

Some random snippets:

Z: Please drink some water.

S: But I’m thirsty for other things… ;)

Z: I swear to God I will lock you in my car if you don’t stop.

Ze’ev as a new employee:


Z: Please, sit down.


Z, to his manager: Do we stop her??

Manager: Nah, that’s Scarlet, she’s just loud.

S: /starts taking her shirt off/

Z, gently tugging her shirt back on: Please, stop it.


(when he eventually calls her a cab/calls Emilie, he puts his # in her phone, and a week later, Emilie texts him as Scarlet asking him over for dinner- and doesn’t tell her until the night of the date)


E: Well, you wouldn’t go out with him on your own, soooo….

S: I’ll kill you later, but right now, help me make spaghetti real quick

A Headcanon

Alex is covered in tattoos, like all over his body, he went through a bit of a phase when he was a young man and just never got around to getting them removed so he just sort of keeps them? Eliza actually thinks they look hot as hell, they play a game where she has to cover her eyes and name as many of his tattoos as she can remember to prove how long she’s spent looking at him naked.

And they’re all black and white so what he does is he rolls up his sleeves and lets his kids colour them in with markers, to calm them down when they’re fussy or keep them quiet in church or fancy family parties. He keeps some pens in his jacket pocket at all times for this exact purpose. It actually makes him really happy. 

anonymous asked:

Hey, can I add your nice punk!Jisoo with a stereotypical Punk!Woozi? He loves to go to underground rock concerts and make chaos where ever he goes (starting fights and telling people off). He would be one of those 'against the system' kind of punk. People would think he's mean and too much but he once you get to know him he's actually very caring and likes to help other punks and minorities. He would have minimal piercings but in exchange, a wicked split tongue ;)

  • punk couple 2ji sign me the fuck up
  • balance each other out because jisoo is so soft and calm and jihoon is ready to fight 24/7
  • jisoo has to keep jihoon in check and stop him from getting beat up
  • or beating others up
  • makes jihoon wash the “down with the government” graffiti off the wall
  • if an old couple stares at them in public, jisoo is putting his hand over jihoon’s mouth before he can shout something snarky in retaliation
  • jihoon works as a tattoo artist tbh, with his own little corner shop
  • really kind to all the customers, which is where the caring for other punks comes in
  • is a sucker for cute things too
  • lowkey melts into a mess when he sees all the dogs josh adopted
  • “…we can’t afford…. to look after…. oh no, they’re so cute…”
  • dude,, tongue spits freak me out but jihoon with one… i am in support of
  • matches with his sassy silver tongue
  • freaks jisoo out when they make out though
  • jihoon with a lil studs in his dimples i’m ready to die
  • jisoo calls him the cutest punk ever
  • jihoon just growls at him
Tattoo Artist!Jin

So before I start this, I just wanna say a hu g e thank you for 3,800 followers my mind is completely blown I can’t thank you all enough, I do have some things planned for the next celebration, whatever it will be, I have some things waiting for it so for now I’ll just say thank you from the bottom of my heart, onto the post, I’ve gotten a couple requests to finish the tattoo artist series so I thought I would do that today, to start us off as he always does is our beloved oldest member, the sweetie pie with the cutest laugh like I love when laughs are really unique and goofy and I love his laugh with all of my heart tbh, Kim Seokjin aka Jin

  • So for this series, Yoongi, Namjoon, Jimin and Jungkook’s parts have all been done so I’ll just be finishing the series off with the remaining hyung line and Tae
  • I’ll be starting with visuals as I usually do bc I love visuals they help paint the story, especially with something like this
  • So I gotta bring in black hair!Jin bc that shit is so nice it’s top quality like the Japanese MV for Danger is still one of my favorite looks on Jin they did that boy righT
  • I mean let’s be real Jin always looks good like he’s sat out in a jungle looking niCe and being a super cutie but black hair!Jin just has a special place in my heart 
  • But also pink haired!Jin makes a lot of appearances in tattoo artist!Jin’s world bc that was a l o o k will I ever be over it probably not
  • Onto the tattoos portion, he does have quite a few tattoos, each and every single one means something to him and their placement is for a very specific reason he’s never gone out and just been like give me something random wherever
  • Lil head canon that Namjoon is the one that gives him his first tattoo bc Namjin
  • He’s got one full sleeve and then his other arm has a half sleeve that he’s still working on he isn’t sure if he wants to complete it yet so he’s taking his time with it (hi remember that one recent gifset of Jin in a tank top just envision that for a second add some tattoos and join me in my internal screaming) and probably a leg tattoo like one on his calf and another on his ankle
  • He has a lip piercing bc his lips are so cute and pouty and if you look up punk!Jin edits pretty much every single one has Jin with a lip piercing it’s such a good head canon
  • Most people don’t even know Jin has tattoos bc he wears a lot of long sleeves, he isn’t hiding them at all, he’s just cold but he’s more than happy to sit down with them and explain some of the tattoos
  • His tattoo shop would be s o fucking cute though
  • I feel like Jin has more of a modern meets tradition vibe going on so it’s got a modern base but then vintage accents like the paintings on the wall are all vintage but then he has top quality computers that were given to him from the boys as their gift to him for opening the shop
  • I also feel like that would be reflected in his tattoo style, either a more classic tattoo with modern twists or vice versa
  • He does a lot of written tattoos, he does a lot of floral tattoos, some portraits here and there
  • Jin is a really friendly person Jin is that person you can just sit down next to and start talking to like he’s got this really warm look to him his eyes are really warm and his smile is soft and his voice is soothing so he can make customers feel right at home
  • That’s one of his major goals, he wants people to come in and be calm he wants them to be able to sit in the shop and just relax and not get too nervous bc getting a tattoo is obviously a huge deal for a lot of people, especially when it’s the first tattoo
  • He’s always really really patients with his customers, if they decide halfway into the design they don’t wanna do it anymore, he totally understands, he tells them he’ll save the designs if they ever wanna come back and do it like he never flips out of them if they change the design while he’s making it or they decide they want it in a different place right as he’s setting all of the inks up
  • He knows how it feels to be on the opposite side, he knows how nervous he was for his first tattoo and that if it hadn’t been Namjoon who did it, he probably would’ve never gotten it 
  • Lil head canon here that he always has snacks around the shop like cookies
  • You two meet when your best friend decides to get a tattoo so you go along for support plus you’re kinda curious about the cute tattoo artist you’ve heard so much
  • Anyone who’s gotten a tattoo from Jin is forever going on about how nice he is and how handsome he is and how it looks like a model is doing your tattoo for you so you’re pretty damn interested in seeing what he looks/acts like
  • They definitely weren’t exaggerating though bc once you see Jin you get it, you get all of it you understand every single compliment they ever gave him bc he’s so nice in every way
  • Not only is he beautiful but he’s also super sweet and he spends like an hour just talking to you and your friend and making the both of you feel comfortable and getting the full description of what your friend wants and he offers up a few different designs
  • He’s just really calming to talk to bc you can tell that he’s genuinely curious about your answers, he really does wanna know what your hobbies are
  • He doesn’t start the tattoo until your friend gives the okay and he keeps talking to the both of you the entire time and he plays some music to help distract your friend bc tattoos can hurt like a bitch so anything you can do to help keep a beginner entertained is a good thing
  • He’s also pretty quick about the tattooing, your friend wanted a written tattoo which is why you guys went to Jin bc he’s pretty well known for being able to come up with some cool fonts and interesting ways to add in lil accents of personality into them like sometimes he’ll have the person write it in their handwriting or he’ll try to pick a font that he feels would match their personality best (which is why he spends so long getting to know them prior to the tattoo he likes to personalize each tattoo)
  • The entire experience doesn’t take nearly as long as you’d expected it to and you’re hesitant to say goodbye bc you’re trying to think of excuses to come back and see him again but the only real way to do that is getting a tattoo
  • Thankfully as you’re walking out to the front area, Jin gives the both of you hugs and he stops you to talk to you while your friend is paying
  • “I would love to hear the stories of your tattoos”
  • “Well maybe if you meet me here at five on Saturday and let me take you to dinner, you’ll get to find out”
  • “That sounds like a fair deal”
  • “Then I’ll see you on Saturday”

Lord Stanley’s Cup is lighter than it looks.

Jack lifts it above his head, skates towards his parents, who are walking across the ice to him. Eric is behind them, climbing carefully over the barrier. On the way towards them Jack bumps into Poots, hands the Cup off to him. Poots hugs the Cup, wraps both his arms around it like it’s a baby.

Bob hugs him. “I’m so proud,” he says. “Jacq, I’m so happy for you.” He lets Jack go.

Alicia pulls down on his shoulders and kisses his cheek. There are tears in her eyes. “You did it, honey,” she says. “Congratulations.” She hugs Jack hard, clinging to him to keep from falling on the ice. She lets him go and Bob takes her arm to steady her.

“Can we get a photo?” asks Fred from the PR team. Jack turns, standing between his parents. He sees Eric standing at the edge of the ice, looking uncertain.

Jack waves Bitty over. “One second,” he says to Fred. “Come join our photo!” he calls.

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I’m a person who gets worked up about pretty irrelevant things really quick, so I wanted a tattoo that says something like “calm down, keep your inner peace, it isn’t worth all the energy you’re putting into it”. And since I really like science-themed tattoos, I thought Serotonin is a good choice :) I wanted jaunty colours and the molecules to be sketchy because I’m a brisk person :)

Made by Sandy @ Heaven Of Colours, Zwickau

RWBY Hangover AU

Admin Scarlet and I are discussing a Hangover AU where Ren is getting married to Nora so Team SSSN and Jaune take him out to party it up. Nora and Pyrrha warn them to be safe as they hangout with the RWBY girls at a spa (however a few crazy things happen here too). 

The night starts out with a game of UNO, Scarlet and Sun bring alcohol. It gets crazy. It ends with Ren missing, and everybody freaking out. Neptune and Sun remember their match with Pyrrha and Nora. They don’t want to be electrocuted to kingdom come. Jaune just screams when he realizes that… They. Are. So. Dead. Nora will kill them. Sage tries to keep everyone calm and tells everyone to retrace their steps. In that…Jaune discovers a Pumpkin Pete tattoo on his chest. Neptune discovers that they visited the aquarium and on the aquarium’s security cams it has his complete meltdown. While they are running around Vale trying to track down Ren…Ren is standing in the longest pharmacy line trying to get some prescription painkillers for his migraine.