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Today’s Third Years : Challenge

Kentarou: Hello! 
Everyone: Hi.  Hi!  Hi. 
Kentarou: So… for today!  We thought we’d introduce ourselves in English.

[queue their attempts at English]

Translation by @nimbus-cloud

Definite Cosette Things

• chubby cheeks that dimple when she laughs
• more sun hats than is probably necessary
• can and will kick your ass
• favorite food is chocolate covered pomegranate seeds
• really likes the color lime green
• kisses everyone who’s cool with it
• Very Loud (mom voice)
Cute Whump Things

• Character B bleeding heavily while Character A tries to staunch the blood but Character B is more concerned about the fact that stoic Character A is sobbing and panicking

• When help is a few hours away and Character B has to stay awake, Character A rambles loudly about random stuff, trying not to break down and cry and to keep them awake

• Character B’s head hurts and Character A fusses as their thighs are used as a cushion, saying that it’s probably not comfy and Character B says that it’s perfect because they get to stare up at their face and it has a great view

• Character B is in so much pain and Character A knows it, so they let Character B hold their hand as tight as they want, even when it hurts and it feels like a finger just broke

• That moment when stubborn Character B feels awful and Character A notices and makes their day easier by giving them easy tasks and watching over them with concern to make sure they don’t pass out

• When stranded together, Character B is cold and Character B begrudgingly agrees to cuddle with them only so they won’t die, but ends up enjoying it and refuses to budge, saying that it’s for survival purposes only

• After falling into ice-cold water, Character B is shivering and Character A takes off their shirt and does skin-to-skin contact, trying to keep calm because Character B is their crush and cannot die

• Character B gets stabbed and Character A quite literally rips up their favourite shirt to make a temporary bandage, Character B protests and Character A tells them to shut up it’s just a shirt

• Character B has a bullet wound and tells Character A to take it out, but they’re afraid of blood so Character B soothes their tears and panic as they take it out, patting their arm in assurance as they hide their grimaces

• Character B is recovering from an attack meant for Character A and searches for them, only to find them in tears and crying that it should have been them how dare they scare them like that and having to comfort them

• Character A and Character B were both injured, but Character A sneaks in and cuddles up next to them because they were lonely and both being afraid to hurt each other, settling for nose kisses and cheek pecks

Sheriff Stilinski had a friend who had a service dog that he raised and lived with and served with in wars and in the police force - let’s call him Achilles for this. But when his friend passes away the dog struggles to be rehoused and only seems to get along with the Stilinskis. 

Sheriff Stilinski takes Achilles in but his house isn’t good for a dog and he doesn’t know how to take care of Achilles. But Achilles has a soft spot for Stiles, sleeping at the end of his bed when he comes to visit and calming him down from nightmares and panic attacks when Derek or the Sheriff aren’t there to do so. 

So Stiles takes Achilles home with him and Derek is pensive at first, but Achilles loves them. He curls up at the foot of their bed, runs back and forth to check on them when Derek’s working in his office and Stiles is doing something else at the other end of the house, he brings them their keys and their phones when they lose them, and he’s overjoyed when Derek brings him home his very own bed - a cushion-like thing that he drags about the house. Derek also gives him a few toys and he’s very gentle with them. And when Stiles has a panic attack, Achilles keeps him calm or runs to get Derek and leads him over to Stiles so that he can take care of him.

Achilles guards them, growling at anyone who walks through the door that doesn’t have their scent in the house. So, Derek’s okay, Stiles is okay, Sheriff Stilinski takes him a second but he lets him pass, Scott is allowed to pass, but Peter is warned off.

And as much as Derek loves and trusts the dog, he’s pensive to let him near the child they bring home one day. Stiles wants to trust the dog and sits down on the ground with their adopted son in his lap.

Achilles is cautions and curious. He very carefully creeps forward and brings the child one of his toys. The baby very gently pats the dog, and from that moment on, Achilles becomes the perfect guardian for him: sleeping at the foot of his cot, sticking his head through the bars when he wakes form a night mare, keeping him calm until one of his daddies can come and get him, and when he grows up a little more he supports  the little boy and helps him walk, he brings him toys and guards him from Peter and anyone he perceives as threatening.

Okay, I’ve had my say. Do with that as you will. :)

The way that Anakin turns a battle into a game to keep Ahsoka calm and help her stay in the moment so she doesn’t get overwhelmed with the destruction and lives being lost around her is what makes Anakin such a good teacher. He is the only Jedi that we see that is gentle and playful with their padawan in that way. He knows what it’s like to be a kid in a war and he did his best to lighten that load for Ahsoka, it’s truly heart warming.

*climbs on soapbox*  Let’s all bring it down a notch guys!  There is a lot of anger flying around my favorite fandom over ships.  Let’s all just agree that Yuri On Ice is the best thing since sliced bread and ship and let ship ok?  *climbs off soapbox*

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((I didn’t draw the Makkachin, it’s from the official website))

The History of the RFA: Jumin’s Route

The History of the RFA

*Inspired by “The History of the whole world, I guess” and “The History of Japan.” I’m gonna put this on every one I do but guys you gotta mentally read this in the voice of Bill Wurtz; that means tone, jingles, sound effects, and all or it is not gonna be as entertaining.*

Welcome back, remember those people we were talking about? Yeah the ones who thought you were a hacker, those people.
Let’s say you started liking someone. Y’know like, like like them. What’s that called?

See that purple one? Wow that one looks appealing, let’s take that one. His name is Jumin Han and he’s a Christian

But that really doesn’t matter cause it only comes into play once.
Anyway, surprise! His dad wants to marry a woman. A rich woman. Actually a gold-digging woman. “Why does he want that?” you might ask. I don’t know, good question. Guess he thinks she loves him or something. 

Her name is Glam Choi.
But Jumin doesn’t like this, cause his dad’s with tons of women all the time and they always break up anyway.
“Wow this is stupid. And it sucks,” says Jumin to his cat. Did I mention he has a cat?

“I also have a wife for you,” says Jumin’s dad who’s the chairman of the big company that they own. Yeah they own a big company that’s why gold diggers want him.
“oh shit,” Jumin says.
So now Jumin has a fiance that he doesn’t want and he’s already having trouble processing feelings because you make him feel nice inside. Real nice, y’know? 

oh by the way this is that fiance that he doesn’t want

So now Jumin and his dad are fighting. Well not like fighting fighting, they just..aren’t..on..good terms.
Jumin’s not only trying to juggle having a sudden fiance that he doesn’t like and having to fight with his dad because of this sudden fiance that he doesn’t like, but now he just realized he has feelings for you. Y’know. Feelings. For you: The

“Hey you,” says that albino guy who’s also in the group, “I had this crazy premonition, your cat is gonna disappear, you should be worried.”

“That’s stupid,” Jumin says, “that’s ridiculous, premonitions aren’t real, fuck this, I’m not listening to you,”

“Hey, you,” says that fiance that Jumin doesn’t want, “love me, aren’t I hot, I can buy my own bags, just marry me cause I’m great”

“Yeah she’s totally great, you should marry her,” says the gold digging woman Jumin’s dad is marrying.

”Yeah you gotta marry her because you’re my son and you need a wife,” says his dad. Yeah his dad basically calls him a lonely loser. 
Jumin is now completely paranoid that everything will go wrong and that his cat’s gonna get taken so he locks it in a cage.

“Woah,” says Jumin’s assistant, “Guys this is serious, he’s losing his mind, we gotta do something.” So after a not very long discussion they all decide that you need to go and see him. 

And so you go and see him-

“You’re not leaving,” Jumin says, “it’s for your safety. Also I like you. But it’s mainly for your safety because of that hacker guy who brought you to our group. So don’t leave. I’m forbidding you.”

You realize that you have to help him and tell him nice things to keep him calm. But then his cat escapes. 
Shit, now this is gonna get worse.
“I know what it is,” Jumin says, “I just couldn’t get over an unrequited love from the past and I was projecting it onto my cat. Now that my cat is gone, I can focus more on you. Now you’re never leaving. Also it’s for your safety.”

You still try to help, but everyone else is really worried about you.

By worried I mean they don’t trust your judgement of the current situation.
Jumin’s slowly becoming more obsessive but you’re doing your best to tell him that this shit is gonna smooth over. 

It is now the day of the party. Oh yeah did I mention you’re a party coordinator for this group now? Well you are.
The hacker issue has been resolved for the most part, the cat has been found, and Jumin’s no longer as obsessive. He’s realized that he just wants to be with you and plans to announce this right in front of everyone at the party.
Which consists of his dad and his dad’s new fiance and that fiance for him that he doesn’t want and also the news crew..y’know like the media?
There’s a lot of people there.

So he does that! Yay! Sarah, Glam, and Jumin’s dad are kinda pissed at him for that but whatever, now you guys can get married and live together.

Old Dog, New Tricks: Part Five

Summary: Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes were known to be your soldiers across the hall. Whenever you needed them, they were there. It never crossed your mind that one day, after coming to terms with just how inexperienced Bucky was with getting back in the groove of romance - you find yourself now helping him in a way you never expected. Sex.                                  

                                                 Part One

                                                 Part Two

                                                 Part Three

                                                 Part Four

Word Count: 2,789

Notes: Cursing, NSFW, 18+ (smut)

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Hold On, I’m Coming (Part 6)

Originally posted by torn-and-frayed

Summary: You hear news of the fire and decide to take action. Dean, injured and trapped, fights for his life. 

Pairing: Firefighter!Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,400

Warnings: angst, so much angst, language, house fire, being trapped, difficulty breathing, panic, fear, injuries…

Check out the Series Masterlist for previous parts and the schedule!

A/N: Okay, take a deep breath and please try not to kill me when you’ve finished reading…

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summary: you and shawn’s friends get mobbed when you go out for some food

“Hey, rockstar, you want anything from the shop down the block?” You asked, walking up to Shawn.

He looked up from where he was sitting on the dressing room floor, scribbling down some lyrics. The meet and greet was set to start in about an hour and half, but Shawn was struck with some good melodies and wanted them down before he forgot.

“Um, not particularly, but if you see something I like, you can get it. I’ll pay you back.”

“Don’t worry about it, babe.”

“Are you going alone?” Shawn asked, biting his lip. “There are a lot of fans outside, and I don’t want you to-”

Matt clapped Shawn on the shoulder, and smiled at him. “Don’t worry about it, bro. Brian, Ian, and I are going, too.”

“Alright.” Shawn nodded, and you bent over to kiss his forehead before the four of you headed out of the venue, making sure you all had the all-access passes to get back inside.

Laughing at Ian, you jumped when someone tapped on your arm. “You’re dating Shawn Mendes, right?” She asked, popping her gum.

“Um, yeah.” You nodded, cautious.

“You two are so cute together! Do you mind if we take a selfie?” She asked, smiling brightly.

“Oh, sure!” You nodded, smiling into the girl’s camera. You made eye contact with Brian, who was standing back far enough that his head was between your’s and the girl’s, causing you to let out a snort.

“Thank you!” The girl skipped off, and you rolled your eyes at the redheaded boy.

The four of you ordered your food, and Matt was paying for his, when you felt your phone go off. You looked down, a text from Shawn. Hey, some girl tweeted out where you and guys are, just be careful getting back. Love you.

“Hey, the fans know where we are, so like, maybe we should head back a different way?” You looked at the guys, who all exchanged looks.

“I mean, if we head back now, we shouldn’t get too many girls coming up to us, right?” Ian asked, pocketing his phone.

Boy was he wrong. Girls had already begun to crowd the sidewalks, not nearly as many as when Shawn would be out, too, but there were many more girls than you were used to. “Guys, c’mon, just let us though.” Matt said, leading the way to the venue.

You kept a solid stare on his back, not really talking to anyone.

“Come on! We just want a photo! Please! We drove four hours for this show!”

“Y/N! Y/N! Can you give this to Shawn!?”

Things were thrusted towards you, and hands gripped your arms. You felt like everything was getting closer and closer together, like the fans wanted to be as close to you as possible.

“Hey, guys, back up!” Ian gently tugged the girls away from you.

All three boys knew you didn’t really do too well in crowds like this, so they were trying to keep everything calm and get back to the venue.

“Stop being such a bitch and take photos with us!”

“Hey!” Brian yelled, not caring if he seemed rude. “Shut the fuck up. You’re already invading our personal space, don’t fucking demand things like that.”

You were thankful for him, but you just wanted to get inside.

Finally, you four made it inside, where Shawn was waiting just behind the doors. You nearly collapsed into him, since you were out of the public eye and able to breakdown. “Hey, hey, it’s ok. You’re ok, it’s fine, shh.” Shawn rubbed your back, sitting on the floor with you in his lap.

He nodded to his friends, letting them know he could take it from here, and gently rocked you. “It’s ok, it’s over.”

After a few minutes, your cries lessened to the occasional sniffle and whimper, and your breathing had more or lesser evened out. “I’m sorry,” You looked at his shirt, which was now spotted with mascara.

“You have nothing to apologize for, honey.” Shawn whispered, tucking some hair behind your ear.

“It’s just- they got so close. And they kept asking for photos. And touching me, trying to get closer.” You felt your heart speed up, and Shawn shushed you, pressing a kiss to your temple.

“I know, hun. But you’re ok, you’re safe now, I got you.” He stood up, and helped you up after. “C’mon, why don’t you go freshen up, hmm?”

You nodded, and walked into the bathroom, and Shawn walked into the dressing room. “What the fuck happened?”

None of the boys had touched their food; they were all sitting on the couch, just looking at the cherry-colored table. “Is she ok?”

“Yeah, she’s gonna be fine. What happened?” Shawn repeated, sitting on the arm of the black leather couch.

“Um,” Matt sat back, looking at his friend. “We met some fan inside the café, and I guess she tweeted out where she met us. Didn’t expect that many girls to show up.”

Shawn hummed, pursing his lips. “Fuckin’ disrespectful.” He mumbled, texting someone. “Um,” He looked up, furrowing his brows when he saw you walk in. “You feelin’ better?”

“Yeah.” You nodded, voice weak. “Thanks for like, protecting me.” You smiled at Shawn’s friends, who all shrugged like it was nothing.

“Gotta protect the girl who makes him happy.” Ian jabbed a thumb at Shawn, who chortled.

The five of you ended up just joking with each other for the rest of the hour, wanting to get your mind off of small mob that had surrounded you earlier.

a/n: i’m not happy w this, but i restarted it three times so