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Dear fanfiction writers

I love you. You are all awesome and amazing and talented in your own ways. It’s okay to doubt your skills but never let it stop you from being and doing what you want. If writing is what you love, that’s all that matters.

I just want to let you know that you inspire other fans and artists one way or another, even if they don’t usually say it. But I am inspired and will always support and mention you in my artworks.

Keep writing, friends! ♥

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*climbs on soapbox*  Let’s all bring it down a notch guys!  There is a lot of anger flying around my favorite fandom over ships.  Let’s all just agree that Yuri On Ice is the best thing since sliced bread and ship and let ship ok?  *climbs off soapbox*

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((I didn’t draw the Makkachin, it’s from the official website))

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I really love got7 cus they're like a real fam but honestly if Jackson's gonna receive so much unfounded hate jus cus he's got alot of individual activities from the rest of got7, I'd rather him go solo just to protect him from all the attacks from envious ppl impaired by their biases. Jackson's got so much worth + he's worked hard for his team, his parents and himself. People keep beefing, can we all just let him rest? He's already physically drained like do we hafta suck out his soul too

He can’t go solo because his contract is until 2021. If he went solo he would receive even more hate. Fans treat got7 as a family like you said, how can he leave this family? If people hate on him for doing solo work and skipping 1-2 fansign events during a comeback, they’re going to treat him worse if he skips more events. There’s no solution for this. We just have to get rid of the haters and try to keep calm. This fandom couldn’t handle Youngjae moving out, they wouldn’t handle a member leaving.

If monbebes turn rude and disgrace the fandom I’m leaving like if newer monbebes try to give us a bad name try to tell them to chill monbebe to monebebe


in which eren works in a burger van and is entranced by the boy working in the ice-cream stall opposite him.

860 words

from this prompt


His hair’s like a golden halo, glittering in the beating sun as he hands over an overflowing ice-cream cone to an anticipating child. He has a kind smile on his face, the kind of smile that radiates warmth through even the coldest of people and can light up a room instantly. As the kid walks away, licking the ice-cream jovially, he watches after him and his mother with a wistful sigh, resting his chin against his palm.

“Excuse me?” A teenage girl says, waving her hand in front of my face with an agitated expression on her face. I focus on her and stand up straight, not realising I was beginning to mirror his pose. She folds her arms across her chest and huffs out hot air. “I’d like two cheese burgers please. Hold the pickles on both.”

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Aww look how badass our little Sammy is 

I’ve been tortured by the devil himself. What can you do to me?”

Supernatural 12.01 - Keep Calm and Carry On

you know i can’t keep calm

fandom: got7
pairing: im jaebum/choi youngjae
rated: g
summary: And Jaebum, despite what his ‘bad boy’ image gave off or how he always tried to play cool, could not handle cute things, people, or animals.
wordcount: 574
note: title is from My Heart Explodes by the Dollyrots. Companion fic to they never pause from giving me some sweet attention.   

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At the End of ACOMAF

The Fandom when reading the end of ACOMAF:

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Sarah J Maas writing the end of ACOMAF:

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Sarah J Maas: Oh I’m so good! *to the Fandom* Keep calm! Read on…*evil smile*

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What time-travel fix-it fics are you reading?

ha, wellll, technically i was rereading an old time travel fix it AU from the Southern Vampire Mysteries fandom that is unfinished but still fun

bc i’m in the grind of finals again for law school, i’m basically binge reading fic when i’m not studying to keep myself calm which means that i’ve been revisiting old fandoms just to find stuff to read.

i could put together a list of my fav time travel fix-it fics, though, if that’s something people are interested in