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Can you do Harry ( waking up with amnesia)

It was incredibly bright when you woke up. You remembered that scene from one of your favorite movies and recalled how blinding that light must have been to the actress. It felt like someone was holding the sun two inches from your eyes. “Can we please turn off the lights?” You asked squeezing your eyes shut (even though you had barely opened them). You heard a couple of light gasps and then you opened your eyes again peeking carefully just to see if the blinding light had disappeared.

It had, but instead there were two very attractive boys sitting in your room. Your eyebrows pinched together. “You’re not my mom or my dad,” you said knowingly. Surely, they would be here in a hospital if you were there.

“No, kitten, I’m not, but they’re on their way,” he said leaning over to kiss your forehead. “You’ve given them quite a scare. They’re going to be very relieved.”

Unfortunately, the heart monitor fluttered around quite a bit when the boy with a raspy deep voice and long fingers kissed your forehead. Despite the embarrassment of the heart monitor, the boys seemed very unfazed. Like they anticipated you to react such a way.

The other one had light brown hair and sparkling blue eyes. He was stepping out into the hall and must have gained the attention of someone. At the same time, the kissing boy was tapping away at his phone and then sighed, as he waited patiently.

Both the doctor and the nurse came in quickly and promptly administered approximately four hundred and ninety-seven tests to make sure you were okay. All of your physical tests seemed fine and the nurse noted some specifics for your doctor.

The boys watched on patiently and anxiously. When you were deemed not having a concussion, they practically cheered. “That’s great love,” said the blue-eyed one. Of course the other one nodded in agreement because it was good.

You didn’t really know how to ask why they were there. A bit confused, you brushed it off. The nurse asked if you needed to use the bathroom or if you had any questions you wanted to ask her personally. You supposed now, this was your chance. You nodded quickly and she asked the boys to excuse themselves. The curly-headed one came over to you again and kissed your cheek. “I’m very glad you’re okay, kitten,” and you put it together that this boy must be in love with you because you didn’t remember him but he really seemed to enjoy kissing you. You nodded sweetly because it looked as if he was staring into your soul.


The nurse went through a few more tests and asked you to use the bathroom since they took the catheter out of you. Over the course of three days, you had gotten in a pretty bad car accident, smacking your head against the window resulting in the concerning, but manageable gash on the side of your head. She then explained that you were out for a while because they were worried about head trauma and internal happenings—which then explained the reason your left arm was in a sling.

You waited until you were back in bed and you joked with her and smiled happily asking about her work and her family. She reminded you that your parents were coming just because last they heard, you were out cold.

It was then you finally asked. “What year is it?” You wondered.

Her head snapped up from fixing your blankets and she looked into your eyes with deep concern. “What year do you think it is?” She asked.

When she heard you say the date three years prior she called the nurses station asking for them to send the doctor in. As he entered, he looked at the nurse with worry and she murmured a bit to him at the end of your bed. You knew that something was wrong and dread pooled at the pit of your stomach. “Well, love. Looks like you bumped your head a little harder than we thought you did. You’re very calm and easy going, let’s hope we can keep it that way.”

You tilted your head at the doctor nervously and bit your lip. “Well…what’s the date then?” You wondered.

You felt like crying when he said the actual date and you bit your lip down to keep the tears from falling. “Do you know who those boys are?” You asked the nurse after a few minutes. The doctor explained this happened sometimes and you would be okay but it would take some adjustment.

She sighed sadly. “The one with curly hair I’m told is your boyfriend. He’s been very worried about you. The other one is his friend Louis. They’re very sweet and adore you.”

You nodded nervously. You wake up from a coma and you have amnesia and a boyfriend. What a life.


Your parents arrived a couple hours later and you felt more relieved and comfortable. So far, you managed to keep it to yourself that you were an amnesiac and you pieced together what you could from your profile on Facebook every time the boys went to the bathroom, looked away, or went to get you some food. Which was good because youwere really hungry.

Both your parents fawned over you and the boys gave you some more private time. Your parents told you how worried they were and they were sorry they weren’t here sooner. They were grateful that you were okay and asked if you wanted to come home.

After contemplating for a few moments you wanted to go home really badly, but you knew that that would be running away from the problem and you weren’t sure you could tell the boy who was looking at you so softly. As if you had put warmth into his life again.

“No…no, I’ll be alright. Harry will help me,” you said knowingly. You figured out their names once the nurse told you.

Your dad had to fly back immediately for business but your mother offered to stay a couple days for which you were grateful for.

In the meantime, she really needed to sleep—now that she knew you were okay she headed to her hotel and promised to check in with you in a bit. The boys must have gone elsewhere because you were totally alone for the next hour and with nothing to do you tried to put memories back into your head while you searched through your phone. Harry texted you a lot and he was very loving and clingy, but in the good sort of way. He really liked cuddling and you found hundreds of pictures of the two of you, doing everything together. Hiking, picnics, going to the beach, apple picking, and just a ton of different activities, but always together.

It made your heart heavy to not remember someone you were so very clearly happy with. You just wanted to keep it that way that you were fine, and you hoped you would remember him soon.


Your mom officially left and you were on your own with just Harry. Your job (which you were extremely grateful for—because you had no idea what you were doing) was letting you get some extended time off until you felt better.

Harry was very easy on you and cared for your every need. He was very concerned while you showered and getting new bandages for the gouge on your head every three hours. It was adorably sweet. It pained you to not remember him—he was the most lovely thing in the world.

But after a week or so, you couldn’t take it anymore. You needed to tell someone. Rubbing your neck while you were watching The Vow, Harry hummed along to the score music in the background of the movie. You bit your lip as you felt his gentle rubbing and you wanted to remember so very badly but you couldn’t and it was killing you not telling Harry about it. It wasn’t fair to him, and you could tell he adored you and you just had no idea. “Darling, are you alright? It’s got a happy ending—you’ve seen it before.”

But of course you don’t remember the stupid movie and you want to throw up you’re so frustrated. “Harry, I have to tell you something,” you mumble. “It’s really hard for me to say because…you’re so sweet and lovely.”

He looked on nervously. The way you sounded made it seem really devastating and he was very worried something was wrong. He knew you had been acting a little funny, but he chocked it up to discomfort from the accident. Not something he had done… “Sure, kitten,” he said softly. “I don’t have to go to work, you know,” he said quickly as if that was the reason. “If you just want to get better, we could go on vacation or—”

“I don’t remember you,” you sniffled and the tears you had been holding back for the last week and a half poured from your eyes. “When I woke up in the hospital I just saw these two boys and I think it’s three years ago and I don’t remember any sweet thing that we’ve done together, I just see how happy I was in those pictures and I can’t believe I can’t remember someone as perfect as—”

Harry pulled you close to his body and held you tightly. “I can’t believe you’ve been living with a stranger for over a week,” he said combing your hair down. “Jesus, kitten,” he sighed. “I’m so sorry. I wished you said something,” pulling back to gaze at your eyes he wiped away the tears that were soaking your cheeks. “I thought you fell in love with someone else,” he said with a relieved little smile.

You snorted and had a sad smile on your face as tears continued to fall. “I’m trying really hard to remember and you’re so lovely…hell my mom got along so well with you, you must be good.”

He grinned easily. “It’ll be okay, darling…you did tell the doctor, yes?” He wondered. You nodded.

“I’m so sorry, Harry,” you whispered. “I feel so stupid, and I’m so sorry.”

“Kitten, the only reason I’m not freaking out right now is because I know you’re you no matter what. And for you to  not tell me you don’t even remember me for a week…Baby, you’re not going anywhere. All this means is that I have to make you fall for me all over again,” he said gently pushing your hair out of your eyes. He kissed you lightly on the forehead. “And I’ll do that every day for the rest of my life if I have to,” he promised. “That’ll be my vow to you,” he said.

“I hope the part of me that remembers you knows that I don’t deserve you.”

“I’m starting to think you’re lying to me because that’s all you ever tell me, kitten,” he rolled his eyes.

Smiling you shook your head at him. “Well it’s certainly true.”

He chuckled again. “Well, let’s go through some pictures and I’ll tell you all about our crazy, lovely life,” he suggested. Nodding in agreement he pulled out his phone to discuss a hundred and some pictures. You hoped you remembered soon, but cheesy Harry would keep his promise, you were sure.

You would fall in love with him every day until you remembered him.