keep calm and dab on

Not-so-Sweet Escape. Bucky x Reader

imagine done by @lostnerdouttime

word count: 2,531

The book in front of your face at this point was just a way to hide from the on going conversation that had started to escalate around you. Sam sat next to you on the couch, trying to keep calm while Steve and your boyfriend Bucky stood in the middle of the room.
“Buck, I don”t think you’re understanding just how dangerous this is. Stark is not going to just back down. He’s going to come after you and everything else that you care-“
“Enough, Steve!” You jumped in your seat at Bucky’s outburst. Sam glanced over to make sure you were okay. He gave you a nudge and you decided to drop the facade and set your book down onto your lap. Steve had his hand out to notion to you with his statement and Bucky was standing almost in a sparring pose, ready to jump to defense.  “Stark knows better than to go after anyone except for me. He knows that I’ll rip him to shreds if he even thinks about using her to get to me. He’d also have you going after him at that point!”

“So what do we do?” Sam stood up and stood toward the center of the other two. “How do we keep everyone involved safe?”
You sat like a monument as the men stood in silence as they thought. You may not have been an agent, but you weren’t an idiot. They were talking about you. You were the only “her” for these men right now. Steve introduced you to Bucky a year ago and you’ve been with him as a girlfriend for the last seven months. They understood how serious you guys were. You sat and waited for them to decide your fate.
“Maybe…” Steve rubbed the back of his neck, “we put her in a house, somewhere even we don’t know?” Bucky went still. He hated the idea and you could already tell. He probably wouldn’t be so upset about the safe house, but to not know where you were at all was a different story. He needed a small bit of control, of certainty, before he’d agree to that. You, on the other hand, was not willing to negotiate.


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